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Subject: Report about Switzerland

Hi Atta,

I think it is not necessary, once more, to thank you very much for
maintaining this fantastic site up to date !!

There is very few information about sex in Switzerland and I think the
following information could be interesting for business men travelling
into our country. Please find below some general remarks concerning
Switzerland, it is not a sex paradise, comparing with other European

** In the German part of Switzerland:
There is almost no street prostitution except maybe in Zuerich in the area
of Langstrasse (behind the main station). Be careful it is plenty of
women taking drugs !
The best way to find a professional, is to buy in kiosk the "SAZ = Sex
AnZeiger" revue (costs $ 12.-), you will find plenty of pictures and
addresses of prostitutes. Most of the girls speak a bit English. It is
written in German but you should understand the context. Expect to pay
$ 120.- for a blow-job and $ 170.- to fuck, limited to 30 minutes time.

** In the French part of Switzerland:
Once more, except Geneva in the area "Les Pequis", in front of the main
station, towards the lake, there is no street prostitution in most of
the biggest swiss french cities.
Buy a local newspaper, for e.g. "Le Matin", you will find a full page
with advertisements, most of the girls speak a bit English, German and
Once more expect to pay $ 120.- for a blow-job and $ 170.- to fuck,
limited to 30 minutes time.
An other alternative, if you like rip-off, is to enter a cabaret. There,
expect to pay more than $ 300.- for Champagne and $ 150.- to get a
blow-job (not everywhere). I have some experiences with cabarets in
canton Wallis, for e.g. in Martigny, Sion and Sierre. In some cabarets,
I do not like to give names, just have a look in the telephone book or
ask a cab, you could buy a half bottle of Champagne for $ 110.- and go
to a "separe", it is a corner  where you can make some exercises with
the girl. The girl will ask you about $ 100.- to have a blow-job and
maybe for this amount of money you will also be able to make a bit more
! Mostly girls come from Marocco or south America.
Tip: Make an appointment with the girl and go to her studio during the
day, every girl do it.

Have a nice evening

Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 14:14:20 -0700 Subject: (pas d'objet) French speaking Switzerland: a good resource is the daily paper called LE MATIN with several phone numbers and sometimes addresses all over this pat of Switzerland. I had good service in Payerne from Sylvie at 39 rue de Lusanne 3d floor (150, straight). She was cute, friendly and patient. Also,in most newsstands (especially in railway stations) you will find among revues for men a little booklet that leaves no doubt as to its content (titlesomething like " guide des plaisirs ... ", price about 18 frs): lists of places, addresses, phones etc.
Date: 17 Jan 1998 14:57:36 -0000 Here in switzerland are much more as you write in the swiss section ! For example: Club Live near the Airport in 8600 Duebendorf, Neugutstr. 60, Tel 01-8222990, this is a real hot Place, very nice Girls (7-12) and nice Locations very big ! ca. 300 - 400qm you must go by your next Visit to this place. High prices: one hour big room with jacuzzi: sFr 420, includes blow job without and sex with condom. Forget the "Niederdorf", that's not good!
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 09:19:24 CST A newspaper article reports that about half of all sex workers in Bern are Thai. It is technically illegal for foreigners to engage in prostitution, but this is not vigorously enforced. In fact, the government funds a Thai social worker to help those women. Many of them can't speak German and are take advantage of. They work so that they can send money home.

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