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Legal Situation:

Prostitution Status: Prostitution is legal, prostitutes have to be registered with health authorities and have to get regular health checks. They charge 6.5% VAT to clients. Local authorities tend to battle prostitution by banning street prostitution from certain areas or by fining car drivers who drive repeatedly around the same block. Brothels are legal.
The age of consent: 16.

Finding Women:

Magazines with information: Sex magazines such as "OSA", "Okay", "Sex-Anzeiger (SAZ)", and "Treffpunkt".
Newspaper/Phonebook Keywords: unknown

In addition to street prostitution and call girls, there are a large number of massage parlours and "studios"; there are pages and pages of small ads in daily newspapers ("Blick" being the national "yellow press" one, its ads' main focus is mostly on Zurich however), and even serious ones like "TagesAnzeiger" (Zurich) have them. Look for the "Services" section, either under "Massage" or "Salons".

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