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Swansea, United Kingdom

Subject: Massage Parlours: Swansea, UK

Studio 95
Address, Mansel Street, Swansea

Decor: First Class, very clean and private, rooms very comfortable
Services price range: #25 +
Ladies: 4 per shift,
Opening Hours: very late closing
Specials: Pisces, Gemini, double decker, 2 girl show

Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1997 07:35:21 +0000 Hi, I'm from Swansea which is a city in Wales (U.k). I have visited most of the 'Health Clubs' in the City and I thought your readers may be interested in a quick summery. Please withold my E-Mail address because I dont want any nasty replies from people. There are no streetwalkers in the city due to crack-down by the police in recent years. However, the police ignore the many massage parlors in the city, prefering to keep women off the street. All the addresses and Phone numbers of these clubs can be found in the back pages of the Evening Post. By far the best place to visit is STUDIO 95 on Walters Road. The rooms are clean and tidy and the girls are pretty. Prices start at #30 for hand releif, Oral-#40, Sex #50, the girls on the whole are very friendly. I reccommend Susie for her sparkling sense of humour and nice tits. THE PARK LANE CLUB is the second largest club in the city. It can be found next to the train station. I have been to this club several times and have been dissapointed. The girls,-although sometimes pretty, are sullen and disinterested. If you do find it neccissary to visit ask for Laura who, although middle aged, is friendly, funny and really knows her stuff. Ones to avoid at all costs are Jan (the madame) who, without wanting to be nasty, is useless and smells pretty bad and Jane (her daughter) who will make you feel very unwelcome and gives bad oral. Prices start at #80 for 1/2 hr (rip off!) THE MANNHATTEN can be found on Walters Rd. A reasonably large club but very friendly and fairly smart. I reccommend Lucy (19yrs, slim brunnette) Prices-#35+ THE EXECUTIVE can be found on the far end of the Kingsway. Good choice of attractive young women (Siobhan is a stunner!). 5 rooms in all and a dungeon for S&M lovers. A good friendly service. #25+ DENISES PARADISE - This is found outside of the city in Britton Ferry. The club itself is clean and smart but prices are more expensive than in Swansea. Not a great choice of girls, and they all seem to be very overweight. The Madame herself is a very nasty piece of work with a foul mouth. Be warned she will try to con you (#150 pounds for hand releif, I think not!!). Prices supposedly start at #30 and there is a door fee of #10. RIOS Whatever the woman says on the phone, dont believe! RIO's can be found in the Marina and is staffed by one woman who changes her name and description every day on the phone just to confuse you. The flat itself is dirty and the hostess looks like she is about 60. What she lacks in the looks and class department she makes up for in enthusiasm by hurling herself around the room and laughing manically. Worth a visit just for the amusement factor! Prices range depending on her mood. BLACK SATIN This is a relatively new club which can be found near the Quadrant. Nothing very special inside and a very average service. Prices #25+ These are just a few of the clubs in the city they tend to change quite frequently so ill keep you posted.
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 1997 00:44:25 +0100 Swansea - Tried out the Park Lane Health Club (mid March 97)as mentioned = in your FAQ/Guide. Current prices 45 gbp massage and straight sex. 5 gbp = extra for oral (30 mins for either). This seems to be a big place but = when I was there only three girls working. Took a friend to loosen him = up a little - he got the receptionist - best looking girl there. (She = chose) other two girls OK. Nice enough place fairly clean and = shower/bath in the rooms - plus proper beds. A nice move as the Cardiff = Health Studio last time I was there they had these damned awful trolley = type devices - like being in a hospital and boy did they squeak....A = note on Park Lane - they have a big sign saying they take cheques with a = cheque card. Not seen many places that advertise this before. Only disconcerting thing is that they bundle you into the rooms get you = undressed and then various members of staff wander in and out having = conversations with you for 5-10 mins (their time not yours). = Disconcerting but not a problem.
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 18:50:13 -0400 Update for Wales, UK Best and cleanest place to visit is Studio 95 in Swansea. It is a clean and spacious establishment and treats its customers well. The girls are generally above average and prices range from =A325 for a trip massage and wank to #70 for a double decker, ie 2 girls, 30 min with each one.
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 17:01:35 -0400 Subject: Massage Parlours in Wales Anyone wanting to try out massage parlours in Swansea, don't go to the Executive Club. The women are grossly flabby. Whatever you do, don't try Debbie. Not only is she old and fat, she also has the most smelliest breath which puts you right off the place. Overall, I give the place 2/10. Even the receptionist is ugly, a very fat slapper.
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 17:33:19 0000 Subject: Massage Parlours: Swansea, UK Studio 95 (5 star recommendation) Address, Mansel Street, Swansea Price: UKP40 full sex (half hour), UKP80 (full hour) This is an excellent club, not surprisingly voted no.1 in wales by the McCoy's Guide. Service is really friendly and there are a wide range of girls to suit all tastes. I would recommend the following two ladies: Gabrielle: Description; black, large chested, aged about 30. Prepared to do; anything except anal. Paris: Description; black, firm figure, aged about 25. Prepared to do; anything. Both these ladies are really friendly and excellent at putting you at ease, well worth UKP40 an hour. The club has a wide range of uniforms to suit most people ie. nurse, school-girl, pvc, etc. The UKP40 may seem like a lot of money, however, you get what you pay for. I made the mistake of being a cheapskate and looking at the really cheap end of the market. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed, I would recommend at all costs to avoid ' Dream 18's ' like the plague. This is a small club that offers a special price of UKP20 for half an hour (full service). I made the stupid mistake of handing over the money before seeing the lady, she tuerned out to be going on for 40 years old, dirty, smelly, blind in one eye and badly scarred (consequently she wouldn't get undressed for sex). I would warn anyone to steer clear of 'Dream 18's' and spend a little bit more at Studio 95, it is worth it.
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 1998 00:32:25 GMT0BST Subject: Swansea massage parlours SWANSEA MASSAGE PARLOURS UPDATE All advertisements and phone numbers for massage in Swansea can still be found in the South Wales Evening Post. Here are some of the larger parlours in Swansea. THE PARK LANE CLUB (opposite the train station) The Park Lane Club has recently been refurbished but, unfortunately it's still as tacky as ever. Park Lane have, over the past year or so lost all of their best girls to the nearby Studio 95. There are usually about three girls working per shift but they are usually of an inferior quality. Jan (the madam) is still working (and still smells!). On my first (and last) visit to Park Lane I chose the Jan's daughter Leslie (Jane?), who is a very attractive young lady unfortunately she gave me a nasty attack of the clap. The moral of this story is the stlg5 extra fee for going bareback is just not worth it! During the course of my massage I was informed that Jan and her husband Phil would happily join in for an extra stlg20- sick or what!!!! Seriously dodgy place methinks. Prices start at stlg20 Overall- very bad value for money. (unless your into kinky sex with enthusiastic fat blokes called Phil in PVC!!) uch STUDIO 95 (Walters Road Swansea) The interior of this club is immaculate, if I didn't know better I would have sworn I was in a hotel. There are approximately 7 girls working per shift and never have I seen an ugly one there. I couldn't recommend a girl because they are all beautiful. Even the Madam (Jackie) is stunning but, unfortunately she does'nt work. The girls I have spoken to put down the success of this club to the fact that all the working girls there are happy and contented. Smashing Place! Smashing girls! Prices start at stlg40 Excellent value for money. CAMEO CLUB (St. Helens Road, Swansea) This is a fairly new club with a pleasant interior. Unfortunately the girls on shift during my visit although friendly enough,-were not up to scratch . Maybe I just called on an 'off' day. Prices Start at stlg40 TOP CAT (just off Walters Road Swansea) Horrid poky little place which has seen better days. There are only one or two girls working and I would not recommend them. Prices start at stlg25 THE PARADISE CLUB (Britton Ferry) Didn't think much of this place it's full of Fat Birds. "Denise, gives mind-blowing oral" I think not!! The rooms are small and a bit dirty and contain those horrid hospital trollies. Prices start at stlg50 and there is a stlg10 door fee. All in all, the only parlour of note in Swansea is Studio 95, otherwise give Swansea a miss and go to Cardiff.

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