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Suriname General Information

I just want to add some information about the South American country
of Surinam.

Prostitution appears to be legal. There are no streetwalkers.  There
are several whorehouses in the capital, Paramaribo, including one
located across from the main tourist hotel, the Torarica.

The girls are mostly from Venezuela, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic, though
some are from Guyana (these last speak fluent English, the rest don't
necessarily, though most speak Spanish).  They vary from ugly to outstanding
with everything in between.  Prices range from 1-3 thousand Surinam guilders

Date: 21-AUG-97 Diamonds is a brothel in Paramaribo with about 100 girls from all over South America. It's located near the Suriname River. No cover charge. Many people speak Dutch in Paramaribo. Some girls from here are sent to Amsterdam.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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