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Stuttgart, Germany

Date: Sat, 03 May 1997 20:22:50 PDT

Spent almost two years there while in the military (tiny base usually
going un-noticed).  Stuttgart is the 3rd largest city in Germany &
lots to do, etc.  If you ask a cabby to take you "downtown" you're
home free.  There is one brothel, about 3-stories with many rooms &
prostitutes.  About 80% are absolute knockouts.  Feel free to bargain.
Full service usually runs approx 50-75 Marks (approx 40 to 50 US
dollars).  Make sure you tell them exactly what you're looking for
since alot of them will hold your dick the entire time (against their
inner thigh--you'd be stupid not to notice).  Tell 'em you want the
"real thing & no bullshit" and they'll get the message or otherwise
they'll pass up.

Now if you're looking for good service at much less the cost, go up a
few blocks near the Pubs/Restaurants & scope out the area for
street-walkers.  Incredibly enough, you'll find some real gorgeous
girls who will take you to a nearby room (all included) & won't give
you any bullshit (expect some house-wives, real turn on!)  Beware
though, one time I was about to butt-fuck one--she made me suspicious
'cause she wouldn't let me see her cunt.  I looked under 'there' as
she was getting into position for anal & discovered a cock!  Refused
to give me back my money.  If I got fooled (almost) anyone can!

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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