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St. Maarten, The Caribbean

Hi atta,

I have a new listing for you, in the caribbean. it's the island of
st. maarten. i have been here for about six years. on st. maarten,
there are quite a few brothels. let me give you a run down on
them. they are mostly situated close to philipsburg, which is the main
town on the dutch side. the island is divided in two (dutch / french).

La petit chateau... here you will find a mixture of women from
jamaica, trinidad, surinam, dominican republic. it has a bar, and pool
tables, and the girls do shows on top of the bar counter. they have
about 10 / 12 rooms in the back that u can use. the girls charge from
$30 to $45, for sex. you can also take them home for the nite, and
that will cost u extra. that u negotiate with the girl, and pay the
bouncer for taking her out.

Seamans club... mostly women from colombia, venezuela. It has a bar,
and dance floor, also with rooms in the back, where the girls
live. here it will cost you about $35 for anything, and the women can
also be taken out. whole new meaning to the word "take-out" the women
here are very attractive, and u could get freebies, if you take these
women out to the beach, or lunch. they never rush anything , and in
fact love talking to you. most only speak spanish here, but try in
their broken english. local residents, do manage to get cheaper rates
from all these girls, fucking cheap skates...

Cats... here the women are from jamaica, trinidad, and all speak
english.  This club, only starts late, about 2/3 in the morning, the
women can be taken to their rooms for sex, but beware, they think
their fanny's are gold, they try and charge $100 or more. they have a
"peep-booth", bondage booth, and anything goes booth, where you can
have sex with two women. they have shows, and also dance on top of the
bar counter. not too bad girls, depending on the intake for that
time. most girls only work a couple of months then move to other

Border bar... women from dominican republic, jamaica. rooms upstairs
and down stairs. here the women charge about $40. nothing spectacular
to write about. location a little shabby. a rougher type of resident
frequents this site, so be careful.

THEY SPEAK MAINLY ENGLISH. they have a dance floor where the girls do
their show. most of these shows they strip down to nothing, and even
have lesbian acts. i once saw a women, take a man's beer bottle, stick
it up her cunt, and gave it back to the guy, to finish his beer, which
he did. they have a pool table, and rooms down stairs. the charge is
about $35, and they can only be taken out after the clubs close. most
of these places, you are better off getting there at about 11/12

There are a few more smaller ones on the island, as well as massage
parlours, with extra services, but I will leave that, until you
visit. i have a colleague, who specialises in finding and trying out
all new locations. we could probably, write a book on all the islands
in the caribbean, having been to all.

Keep up the good work.................

Subject: St. Martin, W.I. Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 10:39:57 -0700 Your guide lacks a contribution about St. Martin . Here is my review to try and repay all of the other contributers. St. Martin is a fairly small Island in the Caribbean...half French & half Dutch. I rode a mo-ped around the entire Island in only 2 hours. The black residents are by far the friendliest I've ever encountered in this region. Their motto is "The Friendly Island", and it's true! If you've ever experienced terrible service in some of the other countries like Jamaica, or The will be very much surprised with St. Martin's people. Okay for information about sex. There is a brothel in Phillipsburg on the Dutch side called "The Seaman's Club" it was originally founded many years ago to service fishermen who spent a long time out at sea.....they catered to the Japanese mostly then. Today it's foreign tourists that they cater to. The girls there range from 5-8`s and come from other Spanish speaking islands like Santo Domingo (most everyone speaks English on St. Martin)......they are mostly brown ....not too many light skinned. The Seaman's Club has an outdoor pavillion with a bar and the girls hang around there. They have their own little private rooms decorated to their taste where they will fuck you with a condom and/or blow you without a condom. The price is $50 at most, short time. I never saw a girl there that was hot enough that I wanted to take her back to my hotel. There were about a dozen to choose from. I met two brothers at my hotel's outdoor bar who came from New Hampshire....each had a mission to get laid 100 times in two weeks....I thought that was awfully ambitious..just do the math! They came damn close to it kidding! One of these guys even did a chamber maid for $10.00......I believe him. These guys never woke up before 3:00 or 4:00PM.....preferring to spend the entire evening and early morning hours whoring. They went back to New Hamshire just as pasty white as they arrived. We hit it off immediately...these horny bastards were worse than me. We had made friends with the uniformed security guards at our hotel who told us that there are much better brothels, cheaper, with more and better looking ladies....but they are not easy to find. So we rented a car & the five of us (two security guards, two brothers and me) headed up into the backroad hills. The ladies were more attractive than the Seamen's club, more plentiful & cheaper . We went to three different whorehouses and had a girl at each for $20. The New Hamshire boys & I decided to see if we could bring one each back to the hotel at a reasonable cost. I selected a light brown skinned girl with a great body from Santo Domingo...she was probably 18 or 19 years old. I paid the madam $50 & agreed to pay this girl $50 in the morning. We fucked and sucked until the sun came up....I am not exaggerating ....I came 6 or 7 times in the course of 6 hours. She could not speak or understand a word of English but man....what body language! My advice for men on the prowl who are not familiar with St. Martin is to make friends with the young security can trust them & they are a hell of alot of fun. They'll steer you in the right direction and if your lucky....go on the prowl with you ...providing protection and advice in the process.

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