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St. John, Canada

Date:         1996/08/29

I had an unsatisfactory experience in St. John, Canada.  I called Elite
Escort on Yellow Page.  Only three agencies were listed, and one of
them was already out of business.  So, it is pretty much a monopoly
situation, which tends to bode ill under any circumstances.

They quoted CA$120 per hour.  When I asked whether it's full service,
the lady refused to be specific.  They asked me how much I could spend,
and I said $150.  (I said so, because I had also called the other
agency, where the guy said "CA$150, full service, no hidden charge.")
She said "that should be no problem."

A girl called Casey came to my motel.  She was just an o-kay Caucasian
girl, aged around 24.  A little overweight, nice pointed tits..  She
was very businesslike, since the agency lady had told her what I
wanted.  "O.K.  I do some blow job, and then fuck you.  O.K?", she
said.  Her blow job was rough.  I did not like it very much.  Then, she
moved on to humping.  But she did not either let me get on top of her
or do doggy on her.  She said that it would easily break the condom.
So,  I just kept lying on my back, and she came down on me repeatedly.
Also, it seemed that she minded my touching her a lot.  She was
determined to be in control.  That was very awkward and clumsy.  Every
time she pushed her butt down onto me, I felt like being pressed with a
heavy piece of rock.  It was so non-sensual that I did not come.
What's more, she was using a cheap non-lubricated condom.  Finally, my
dick got worn down.  Casey started blowing again, but it didn't help at
all.  Then, she kept blowing and blowing with her mouth and hand.  That
was some effort.  Unfortunately, my cock then reached a point of
complete numbness.  I complained that she and her condom were too
rough.  Fortunately, I had a lubricated condom, and finished in it
while she was doing a hand job.  My ratings (on 1~5) - body: 3,
character: 2, technique: 1.  Overall: 1.5.  Not worth the money.  I
would say worth only CA$60 at most.

She said that they also do incall.  So, to reduce risk, you should
visit the place.  That way, you may at least choose from among some
girls.  However, since this town has only a couple of agencies, I don't
think you can expect much in the first place.

Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 19:06:05 PST Noticed the problems reported by a gentleman who encountered Elite Escorts in Saint John NB and thought I should pass on the experiences of my friends and I with this rip-off operation. Elite Escorts operate out of Moncton, Fredericton and Saint John NB. Their poor performance was so well known to regular visitors that they recently CHANGED THEIR NAME to Moonlighters. The name may be different but the poor service remains. The quoted fee is $100 and you are told that this is full service. Be prepared for the girl to come to the room and then tell you that all she does for $100 is talk. If you hope to get much out of her you should expect to pay a minimum of $300. Their girls have been known to beat up customers, steal wallets and send boyfriends back to hotel rooms after their calls to harass customers. Apparently no one calls the police or else the police choose to ignore the matter. Be prepared for the fact that every girl they send is at least 5-10 years older than quoted and has at least 25 more pounds that quoted. They must eat pizza on their way in the cab because a gentleman named Nicky informed me that the girl weighed 120 pounds when she left the office. All is not lost, however. I'm not often in Saint John but I visit Moncton and Fredericton regularly. In Moncton, call Dream Weavers, ask for Bobby and tell her exactly what you want the girl to do. She'll give you honest descriptions of the girls and the $100 fee is indeed full service. Girls accept tips but do not expect them unless you want anal or some other extra. The girls are also gorgeous without fail and if one does not meet your expectations you can simply send her back and they will send another. Enjoy. In Fredericton you should call Classique Escorts. Ask for Lara. She's a gorgeous black haired girl (they told my friend she was local) and she has got to the sexiest and friendliest girl you'll ever meet. Will keep you posted on new developments next time I'm in NB.
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 22:06:30 -0300 Subject: Saint John, NB, Canada Hi, as a amateur researcher in the prostitution industry, the street prostitution in particular, I spent a few months renting a flat in Saint John, NB, Canada to conduct a kind of so called field-study. The sex sector in this oldest city of Canada can be divided into Four parts, and each part will be discussed herebelow: 1. Exotic dancer's Club Since it was legalized in 1997, the only one in this city opened its door to the public by placing a placard outside its door on Prince William street. Although it received strong opposition from the public, the business however grows bigger and better. Girls working in the club are from Montreal, New York, Halifax and even Alberta. Some of the girls are local residents with families from the south side of the city. Generally, they are dedicated to the club, kindly to customers and beautiful. Their ages range from 18 to 36. The club offers no entry charge before 8pm and $5 after that. You just sit in the nice room with your drink ($4.00/Budweiser) watching girls dancing with G-string on a small stage. About every 15 minutes they change the girl. You also can choose the girl you like to dance for you in a private room naked completely for $10. The club opens from 5pm to 2am, and exercises a strong policy: no touch between dancers and customer. 2. Escort Agency As you have read in the previous report about this city, this service is poor in both quality and quantity. I never tried though I called all the agencies listed to obtain the information. One agency operated by a female quoted $100 per hour for a outcall but she was reluctant to give any more information about girls' age, phisical sizes and numbers. Another one was closed for business. The third one answered the call but said no girls available and he has to call and make arrangement. The price is $150 per hour regardless what you are doing with the girl (??). But he asked too many questions about me - a potential client. 3. Night Clubs This is a pretty boring city with Sunday closed everywhere to shoppers. Thanks to God, they opened the dancing clubs, sports clubs and social drink clubs in a few places all seven days night. You can find some boring women sitting in bars looking for somebody to talk to. You may end up with one of those, if you are luck and social enough, and bring her back to your place. I found myself it is not an easy job to convince them to go with you but buy them free drinks. 4. Street Hooker Unlike any other big cities where you can easily find street hookers, this city has a very limited number of street prostitutes to choose from. In 1997, one prostitute said there usually had only 7 girls working in this city and most of them had been to prison once at least. This year (1998) the number changed with weather. One day you will find around you a few of them asking you for a job. The prices range from $20 for a BJ and $40 for a full sex. However, it is notoriously known to many people the drugs play an important role in this city's prostitution, one must be very carefull with the street girls - once on drug, they asked for as little as $5 for a BJ but you may, very likely, end up with nothing. Gangs and rings, girls protectors and grils themselves, police and informant, all these fancy words and their "performance" will scare you off with paying them more than they asked for. The way to find those girls: streets around Fundy Cable Communication. As a last remainder, girls linked with drugs are DANGEROUS, so are policeman and plain-clothes policewoman. That is all about what I have searched for and I may stay here a bit longer to dig deeper, I will update this info if there is anything new.

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