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Spokane, Washington

Date: 06-10-01

I spent a week in Spokane at these two motels and found the two hottest places were the lounges at the Red Lion Inn on Sullivan road/I-90 and The Shilo Inn downtown. These lounges start heating up around 9 in the evening and you can find swingers (single women, married women (alone) and women out looking (with hubbies), and pro's almost every night but mid week is alittle slow. Looks ranged from below average and overweight to very hot and sexy. More married swingers than pro but I got laid every night I was there (whew!!). One older redheaded gal, named Cher was a swinging housewife/pro and although a tiny bit overweight was very sexy, attractive, clean (as were most) and was a hot enthusiastic (read real) fuck and charged 35 for bj and 100 for room fuck (well worth it and about right for her class) as she didnt have that hardcore edge and was classy. Saw some of the same people at both lounges and fucked pro (average $85) when good swingers not available.Generally, better class of gals, but if you go pro...highr price. Pros keep very discreet prescence and usually sit at the bars.

Date: Thu, 31 Aug 1995

I have experience in Spokane wash. Blow jobs are $30.00. The girls work east Sprague, west of Frea. There are also some massgae parlors in teh same area. The get $150.00 for straight sex. The girls here are older, and not especially attractive. The girls on the street are sometimes very nice.

The cops patrol regularly, but seldom arrest. I think their main interest is to keep the girls on the move, to show presence (for the neighborhood) and to protect the girls from weirdos.

Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 Subject: Spokane, WA

I visited Spokane in Oct., 1994. I found a licensed massage therapyst from the yellow pages. Will give out the name and address if anyone is interested. Lucy was in her late 40's , a bit overweight but not too bad. Game me a topless massage (nice breasts) and hand job for $78 plus tax. Her office was in a crappy part of town and had a cheap massage sign in the window. Still very non threatening for a first timer. She let me touch and suck her breast which I know she enjoyed. I think she wanted me to fuck her and was disapointed when I didn't want to. If you just want a first class hot oil handjob and a good massage I would recommend her.

Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 Subject: Spokane, Washington

On E. Sprague between Helena and Freya in the early evening there were street hookers on wed. nite. the going price was $30 for a blow job and $59 for sex..they were a little less than average in the morning there were girls woorkig Trent east of down town as well as Sprauge and also in the negihborhood south of Sprague in the same area. They were better looking and there was also Police coverage so be careful.

Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998

Hi there and thank you.

I've been reading your guide for quite some time. I'm in the Chicago area and wanted to contribute a warning regarding an agency in Spokane, Washington--I had used this in Jan. 1998 while on vacation.

The name of the agency is "Always Available Escorts"

I called and requested two bisexual women who would interact with myself and one another as a one-hour threesome. I was promised that this would be provided and they would be the "most wild experience of my life". I should have taken that as a warning--for it seems that ripping me off was their definition of wild! $500.00 found these 2 ugly hags (one was the owner) come into the room, only partially disrobe, and ignore the hell out of each other. They were both extremely self-conscious--with good reason as both were extremely worn and haggard. I wanted the 2 girls in order to stimulate me visually after my first orgasm, so that I might get my hour's worth. It didn't happen. 20 minutes was wasted on their incessant smoking and refusal to not answer their cellular phone.

Avoid these losers at all costs unless you're into haggard, self-conscious, drug-addicted has-beens!

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