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Date: Fri,  2 Dec 1994 10:37:03 UTC
Update: Tue,  7 Feb 1995 05:24:07 UTC

OK, here's the list of contacts I have.  Some have been sent to me via
email, others have been from my own experiences.  The ones sent to me may
be sketchy at times, but I cannot provide more detail than was given to

[I have edited out all the phone numbers; interested people can look
them up in the respective magazines - Atta]

Name : Sindy, advertises as "sweet & sexy geisha"
Source : Spectator ad
Where : Small apartment, Mission Dist., SF

Petite Asian, 100#, average face, hard body, 4'11", small breasts,
long brunette hair down her back.  Unshaven armpits were distracting.
From decor, seemed to have an obsession with death (dead flowers,
books on death, etc.).  $225 for 1 hour incall, full service, no
massage. Out call available.  Good muscle control.  Not rushed/pushy.
Said he felt like he was with a 15 year old.  Overall pleasant, but
not outstanding.

Name : was not given
Source : Spectator ad
Where : outcall only

5'4", mid-30s, tanned and muscular (claimed to workout often).  VERY firm
butt, nice breasts.  $250 per session, did not clock-watch, was very casual
and relaxed.  A definite repeater, finances permitting.

Name : Alexis Edwards
Source : Spectator ad
Where : Private apartment, Oakland near Lake Merritt

About 5'6", mid-30s, short brunette hair.  Very nice body, sensual voice
and manner.  Mind you, this one is a Mistress, a definite top (dominant).
$140 for 1 hour, $80 for 30 minutes.  Absolutely no sex involved, though
she does get you off.  Respects all your bounds, limits, likes, dislikes.
Will talk to you (off the clock) first about your experience, will take
novices (most will not).  A good introduction into D&S for novices, as she
does not really get into the S&M (pain) scene.

Name : Sirena
Source : Spectator ad
Where : Private apartment, near Lake Merritt

VERY petite (5'2", 100#, 34-22-33) strawberry blonde hair down to her
butt.  Nice hard body, but breasts sagged a bit.  Had the vague look of
someone who either doesn't sleep enough, or partied too hard.  $200 for
1.5 hours, full service, no massage.  Very distracting in that she kept
answering the phone during the session.  Felt like I was with a 16 year
old schoolgirl.  Good oral.  While blowing me, she was giving me quite a
show (practically fisting herself).  Still, I was rushed along and out
before my time was up.  One to stay away from!

Name : Goldie
Source : Hayward Daily Review
Where : Private apartment in San Lorenzo, near Lewelling

Slightly overweight, cute face, medium blonde hair, extremely pleasant
personality.  Mid-to-late 30s.  $70 for 1 hour (or there abouts), gives
good massage.  Finishes off with some oral, and a facial cumshot.  Nice!
One of my favorites, mainly because of the quality of service, and the
ease with which you can converse (not merely talk) with her.  It's like
talking to an old friend, even for a first time visit.

Name : cannot remember (for a good reason!)
Source : Hayward Daily Review
Where : House off of High St. in Oakland

A definite loser from the start.  Slightly overweight, nice breasts,
mid-30s, blonde short hair.  $85 for an hour, $70 for a half, sensuous
massage, though not a good one.  Wore those panties like armor, which is
sometimes understandable.  Absolutely nothing stands out from this
person, except she said she was getting out of the business.  With her
attitude (very irritable), I can understand why.

Name : Gloria
Source : Daily review, spectator, phone book (!!)
Where : Maria's Bodyworks, in San Lorenzo/Hayward off of Lewelling

Nice slim black woman, early 30s.  Very strong hands, excellent massage
($45 for 30 minutes, full body for $40 more, topless for $60, full
service for $100).  A nice, nasty talker too.  I definitely had images
of her mouth on me, but, alas, I had not the funds.  My shoulders (a
constant problem area) felt real good after leaving her.  A good repeat
masseuse in a parlor with a (deservedly) bad reputation.  She does not work
on Sundays.

Name : Spicy
Source : Spectator ad
Where : Private apartment in Oakland, near lake Merritt.

Supposedly a hispanic, she looked more black.  Very tall (near 6'), long
curly hair, slim build.  Works for a service called Treasures (aka Spanish
Fly Escorts).  $150 for 1 hour, in call (outcall is available).  Not a very
good place, though.  Massage was mediocre at best, very rushed.  For the
price, one would expect full service, but not here.  Not recommended.

Name : Jordan & Kelly
Source : referral
Where : Silky's, in downtown Los Altos

Both are american (as opposed to the oriental majority), Jordan looks
arabic, muscular and solid.  Kelly looks like a slutty blonde, slightly
"grunged-out".  Both give very good massages, followed by a hand job.
Kelly will give full service (price was not mentioned), Jordan will not.
He said that Jordan may have gone independent, but he does not know at
the moment.  No prices were mentioned.

Name : Simone
Source : referral
Where : Private apartment, behind Tower records in Mt. View

Late 30s-early 40s, brown hair, slightly chubby, but still a nice
looker.  Very active in the swinger community, even published a newsletter
for such.  Offers full service, but, again, price was not mentioned.

Name : Kristal
Source : referral
Where : Private apartment in San Jose

Stunning, Penthouse-like beauty, 5'8", 37c-24-36, dark blonde.  $200
per hour, massage only (an absolute).  Very relaxed, never rushed.  Does
not advertise any more, and may be unapproachable by new clients.  An
absolute find for steady clients.

Name : Susan
Source : referral, but used to advertise in the Spectator as "busty"
Where : not mentioned

$60 for 30 minutes, full service.  Doesn't like to screw, but gives
excellent head.  but worth the price.  Note : The guy who sent me this
says that the advertised a couple of years ago, so may be out of the
business.  I did not bother chasing this lead down.

Name : Karen
Source : referral, but supposedly advertised in the Metro
Where : Not specified, but probably south bay

No prices, no description.  Only thing mentioned was that she does not
do penetration, but is very caring and friendly.  Reason she doesn't
screw is that she is married.  Comes highly recommended by this source.

Name:	Celeste
Source:	Spectator
Where:	Private apartment in Oakland, Lake Merrit area

Late 30's, slender, 5'5", shoulder length brown hair, very nice personality,
seems quite intelligent.  Rates run $100-$200.  Unhurried.  Would see again.

Name:	Ariana
Source:	Spectator
Where:	Private house adjacent to North Berkeley BART station

Slender black woman, 5'8", large (if somewhat pendulous) breasts.  Offers a
sensuous massage for $80.  She seems to be professionally trained in massage
therapy.  Indicated that she would be more sensuous after the first visit.
She was (used her breasts on the second visit).  Would see again.

Name:	Juliet
Source:	Spectator
Where:	Berkeley apartment

This is THE Juliet Anderson (Aunt Peg) of 70's X-rated movie fame!  Offers a
sensuous massage for about $150.  Very intelligent woman in her late 40's with
short blond/gray hair.  I really enjoyed talking with her about alternative

Name:	Marianne
Source:	Old Spectator Ad
Where:	Private apartment in Oakland off of Oakland Ave. near 580

Very attractive strawberry blond.  Softspoken with medium/large
breasts.  Slender.  Early 30's.  Offers sensuous massage for about
$160.  I have seen her for a couple of years at previous locations.
She has been at the current location for over a year.

Name:	Tanya, Elise, Kim, & others
Source:	Marin I/J
Where:	House in Greenbrae

Tanya is a very slender Philipino girl with long black hair and small
breasts.  Elise is a busty Hispanic girl with should length hair.  Kim
is a petite blonde who is softspoken and cute.
Sessions run $140 for a sensuous massage.  I have seen Tanya since she
worked at another location.  She is very friendly and gives a good
massage.  Elise is also very friendly and gives a good quality and
very satisfying massage.  I'm less enthusiastic about Kim.  She's
cute, but less enthusiastic.

Name:	Yolita
Source:	Old Spectator Ad
Where:	House in San Leandro

Used to work with Marianne, but is now working alone.  She is a medium build
Hispanic woman with short blonde hair.  She is busty and has a very attractive
face.  Offers a good sensuous massage for $140.

Name:	Pamela (Marin Sauna)
Source:	Marin I/J
Where:	Studio in Downtown San Rafael

Very petite and slender Indonesian woman in her 30's.  Quite
intelligent and very nice.  I've been seeing her for years since she
was at another location in Berkeley.  I believe she is only there on
Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The Marin Sauna facilities
are spotless, but the entrance is on busy 4th St.  and does not offer
much discretion. Update: Pamela doesn't work in the Marin Sauna

Name:	Mona, Sherry
Source:	SF Chronicle
Where:	Albany apartment

Mona is a slender woman in her late 30's with long brown hair.  Very
much into new age mysticism.  Offered a nice session, but was a bit
weird for my taste.  Not sure I'd see her again.  Has a co-worker
named Sherry who has shorter light brown hair and is about 35.  She
was very nice!  I would see her again.

Name:	Christine
Source:	Old Spectator
Where:	Albany apartment

Medium build black woman in her 30's.  Quite busty.  Offers sensuous
massage for about $80.  Have not seen her in a while, so I'm not sure
she is still available.

Name:	Sandy (Faces Salon)
Source:	Spectator
Where:	Studio just off University Ave. in Berkeley

Sandy was a very shapely Thai girl in her early 20's.  She is no
longer there, but they offer a selection of asian and caucasian girls.
Rates are about $120 or so.  Have not been there in a while.

Name:	Goldie
Source:	Hayward Daily Review
Where:	San Lorenzo

VERY nice!  Saw her based on the information in the FAQ and realized I
had seen her years ago in Albany.  Great to see her again.  The FAQ
information is quite accurate.  Will definitely see again!

Name:	Tracy
Source:	Marin I/J
Where:	Greenbrae

Petite, mid 30's with medium length light brown hair.  Offers full
session for about $200.  Would see again.

Name:	Annie
Source:	Spectator
Where:	Berkeley, near University and San Pablo Ave.

VERY petite middle eastern woman with long curly black hair.  Offers
massage at $120/hour.  Phone rang constantly during the session which was
distracting.  Will consider seeing again.

Please forward by Email any others you might know of.  I will try to
update this list and provide several more.

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