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Spartanburg, South Carolina

Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 09:51:09 -0600

a review of two places in Spartanburg

Models off of sisgbe rd (close to new cut rd) been there twice about 3-7
girls to choose from all above 5 , $75 for 30 min $150 for 1hr.  they
keep the front gate locked either blow horn or go down to the quick shop
and call it is one block away.	once inside you will be patted down leave
pocket nife and beeper in the car. if you do not you will have to leave
it up front. they will introduce all the girls to you as they are sitting
on a couch, they will lead you back to one of the rooms which are nice
with couches. they will ask which girl you would like to see and for how
long. like you can really remember thier names, just discribe them. once
the girl comes in she will say go ahead and get comfy and she will go
behind a see thru curtain to change into some lingerie. when she comes
out she might ask if you have ever been here before say yes, if she pulls
her top down be sure and feel her breasts and nipples, also reach down
and rub her crouch,  if she ask if you would like to feel the material af
her lingerie do the above as mentioned or pull her top down exposing her
breasts kiss her nipple i think this is the way they screen out cops.
once she is naked she will ask what you like to do tell her what it is. i
have received real good blow jobs also good fucks i do not know if any of
the girls do anal as i am not into that, all will do half and half  it is
a nice place and the girls are unhurried if you take control and tell
them to slow down,

they adverties in vivid magazine and greenville creative loafing

the next place is on the north side of town called Unique Models you have
to call and get directions, be sure and call first and ask you is
working, what do the look like each time they did describe the girls
correctly. sometimes the girls are not what you are looking for that way
it saves you the embarissment of walking out when you do not see
something you like, if you do not like any of the girls describe over the
phone, go to models on sisgbe rd there will be something there.

it is a little 4 room house out in the country, kind of dumpy looking not
as nice as models but what they hell i like this place better $75 for
30min $100 for 45min $150 for 1hr  the girls here really have a high turn
over rate never seen the same girl twice last time i saw a girl she was a
good solid 8  the do all the same things listed above (feel the material)
i wached her play with herself until i got hard and then she ask if i was
ready for her to suck me sure am she put the raincoat on and started
licking my balls rubbing my shaft i told her i like nice real slow
blowjobs and she looked up at me and smile she would get me right at the
point then back off grab her breasts and squeeze them around my shaft
after awhile of this she asked if i was ready to do something else i said
no i want to keep on with the blowjob she had me so hard and so excited
the way she was working it i asked her if i could take the rubber of to
cum she said yes but not on her  when i was about to shoot i told her she
took me out of her mouth pulled the rubber off and jacked me off while
using her other and to squeeze and pinch her nipple,it was a good CUM the
have baby wiped to clean up with. good by have a nice day and CUM back
and see me

Subject: [ASP] Rveiw on G-Spot in Spartanburg SC Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 15:21:30 -0600 Well I went Back to the G-Spot lingerie place today 7/11 at about 1:00pm the main thing about this place is they sell/make dance wear for the local strippers. and lingerie/nude model on the side --------------------------------------- there was only one other customer at the time some girl buying some shoes and a outfit. she was having them gift rapped. she was not much to look at. I over heard her say to her friend(pregnent) which box should I give him first. ---------------------------------------- onto the review well sign in the place say's ask for Lisa or Sydney well lisa was working in back sewing costumes, she came out and explained what a session would be. she took me back to a small room painted all black, some mirrors on the way and door, had a wicker love seat in there. she said no touching her and she could not touch me and no sex would be envoled, $30 goes for the room (no time limit) tipping starts out at $20 I said ok lets go for it, Lisa is about a 6-7 on the scale. some reason she did not have any makeup on. she was ok looking in the face had about a 7-8 body, Big ass for as small as she was very nice from the front. took care of the room charge and went back to the room she shut the door and turned on the boom box, the lighting was vey poor. to dark for me damn if you pay to look at something then let me see it!! she started out dancing reall close rubbing her hair all over me pretty much like a table dance at a strip club, I tipped her$20 she pulled down her top nice tan breasts,nice hard nipples she squeezed them kind of on the small side but thats how I like them, tipped another $20 and off came the dress she had on a white thong thats when I could really tell she had a big ass, I tipped another $10 and off came the thong to reveal a shaved pussy, she was very nice to look at from the front flat stomach firm tits, oh yeah forgot to say after she pulled her top down is when I pulled out myself, she did not make any moves to grab me and I did not sense anything from her that she was so I had to jack myself, she put one foot on the arm of the love seat to expose her pussy she spread it open rubbed it up and down played with her clit(to dark I could not Really see that good) I was real hard the whole time she would alternate between her tits and pussy. I asked her if that was about right for the tip she said no almost so I dug out another $40 total of $120 $90 tip & $30 room fee she said thats mire like it, the funny thing is she did not do anything diffrent after that after a few more min. of watching her play with that shaved pussy and me jacking off my hard cock, she reached over and grabed a couple of tissues and gave them to me. I guess this was the hint to hurry up and finish, she was atractive and the pussy playing was making me horny, she just did not seem into it kept her eyes closed all the time or her long blonde hair was over her face, well I finished what I needed to do and thanked her pulled up my pants and left wishing that I went on over to Models or Unique Models - shit for $30 more I could have got 1hr of good sucking and fucking pluss watch the girl play with herself, well we all know how it is to try something new especially when it comes to thinking with our dicks!! right?? over all place was o.k. for lingerie place I might go back but not tip as much I did like the no time limit part. They advertise in Greenville Creative Loafing and Vivid Magazine it showed a picture of a girl and had lisa's name on I think they screwed up it must of be Sydney
Subject: [ASP] Review Unique Models Spartanburg SC Date: 1997/07/16 Stopped by Unique Models today 7/17/97 at about 3pm they had 3 girls to choose from all about 6-7 or below i chose the better one Traci not to good in the face she was the slimest one out of the 3. paid my $100 for 45 min, went back to the room, she came back and i was sitting on the couch she look 6 foot tall she had on 5" heels, the normal touch the naterial shit then off came the lingerie, she wanted to know what i wanted to do first I said oral she got between my legs and started sucking she had real good technique(sp) massaged my balls while she sucked no jacking me off while she sucked she was in no hurry we changed positions i stood up and she sat she sucked my dick so good that my legs were about to give out, i said i need to lay down, she got between my legs again and sucked some more damn it felt good she licked my balls and massaged them she looked up and asked if i wanted to do something else i said hell no this is the best blow job i have gotten in a long time she kept it up i asked her to slow down a couple of times and she did she sucked me for a good 25-30 min then i told her i was going to cum she just kept on sucking real slow i finally shot off in her mouth she swallowed every drop no rubbber sucking is the best if i was going to fuck her the rubber was right there over all looks were ok body was skinny breasts small and saggie but she made up for it in her mouth action, she also had a shved pussy that did look good it was pretty tight feeling with one finger, good luck out there guys clt34
Subject: [ASP] Review - Utopia Spa in Spartanburg Date: 1998/02/27 Not too much said about this place except for a few requests. It's an Oriental Massage place, according to the ad in Charlotte's Creative Loafing. It's located on Chesnee Highway, also known as Rt. 220. You get off I-85 to 220 North, around Exit 79 or 77 in SC. It's in a little strip mall on the right side, about a mile or so up 220. Decided to give it a try. What the heck, Oriental massage places are usually okay. Was greeted by a leggy blonde, older but attractive, heavy makeup. You pay $50.00 just to go in. Sadly, she only worked the front, not the rooms. She showed me to a room with a massage table where I undressed. She gave me a towel to use as a wrap and led me to a sauna. Sauna had X-Rated magazines, which is usually a good sign. About 5 minutes later, a cute Oriental girl came in and asked if I wanted a body shampoo. She had a pretty face, but was a bit overweight, though curvy. That's the problem with these places, you don't have a choice. Don't remember her name...Kim(?) that's what it usually is. Went through a great body shampoo, lots of attention to the little guy. Then went back to the room and started the massage. It was a good massage and lasted about 15 or so minutes. She asked me to roll over and asked if I wanted oil "down there". I said sure and she asked, "What do you want?" I said, everything. She laughed and said, "$150.00?" I said I didn't have that much (which I didn't, anyway, not really knowing what to expect and not wanting to get tempted by an outrageous offer because I was horny). I offered her $80.00 and she counter-offered with $100.00. I said okay, because that's what I had and I really don't like negotiating. They work hard, you know? What was surprising was, when I took the money out of the wallet, she saw that I didn't have any left and she gave me the $20.00 back and said, "Money for gas, just in case, okay?" I was really surprised and felt really guilty. She went out, I think for a condom, and came back and we got down to business. She had great oral technique. Got me hard with her mouth before slipping the condom on, then climbed on top. We shifted positions a few times, but this is really awkward on a massage table. I had a hard time getting there because of the condom and she noticed. She told me to lay back and relax, climbed down, took the condom off and used her mouth and hand to finish me off. Enjoyed it...and I did give her the twenty back. Wished I had come in with more. I never had that happen to me before, being given money back. She was a really nice girl. Drove by there the other day and it looked closed. I hope they stay in business, not too many places like them in the Spartanburg area.

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