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Date: Mon, 6 Jan 1997

Thanks for your great site, I' m Spanish and my English is not very good so be free to modify my text as you like if you publish it.

In Spain the most popular prostitution sites are in so called "CLUB" located in the main roads, so if you see a big label "CLUB" with color light in a route, it's not a golf club.

In these places, normally very clean, you can find a lot of girls, mainly from Southamerica, Portugal, and East countries, and some also from Spain, the price is about 600 Pts. for one drink and 5000 or 6000 Pts. (40-50$) for half hour complete sex.

If it is possible I would like to ask other people to send a list with the clubs which they know, probably there are more than 2000.

In the road from Barcelona to Valencia there are at least 20, you can find good ones in Cambrils, Amposta, San Carlos de la Rapita, Vinaroz, Benicasim, Moncofar. Close to Valencia in two small villages Romani and Algemesi there are two Clubs very popular.

So I hope to see here soon the complete list of all Spanish road clubs.

Date: 30 Dec 1997

Spain in general:

You will find, driving in Spain, more than 30 places that were old motels and have been purchased by a prostitution organization. The girls are goodlooking, they change places every 3 weeks, so you will find new personnel every time. Prices range from 10000 pts near Madrid to 6000 in other provinces. You will recognise the places by the blue and red neon lights outside and old "Hostal" signs. You will enter a big bar were you can have drinks and start talking to girls. Never invite to drinks in these places, go to the point. These places are never beside a motorway, but close to secondary roads.

Some of the locations: Village (Province)

San Agustin de Guadalix (Madrid) Tordesillas (Valladolid) Benavente (Zamora) La Carlota (Cordoba)

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