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Subject:       Report on Singapore
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 19:03:40 UTC

Update on Singapore, October 1995

This report has three parts:-
  1. The Desker Road Area
  2. Feelie Bars
  3. Orchard Towers

1. The Desker Road Area.

This is the classic low-end red light district.  If you
don't know where to go you might see no action, because
it all takes place in the back alley between Desker Road
and Rowell Road.  Here you will find a teeming mass of
humanity milling along the alley, looking in at all the
doorways.  Inside the doorways you will see 1 to 6 women
sitting around looking bored and contemptuous in a bare
room with cane chairs.  Posters on the wall advise the
use of condoms.  For 20 to 50 Singapore dollars (15 to
40 US dollars) you will get hasty sex in a small bare
and uncomfortable room.  Don't try it unless you are
desperate.  The women here are indeed desperate, being
has-beens, ugly or otherwise not able to operate in more
salubrious areas.

Late evening you may find street girls in Desker Road
itself.  I was there during the Hindu festival of
Deepavali, which brought the whole of the area to life
in a festive mood, and the street girls matched this.
They were also a *lot* better looking than those in the
rooms off the back alley.  For 60 Sing dollars (plus 10
"for the room") I was shown up the stairs into a dark
room with a mattress on the floor and little else.  I
stripped, she removed her clothing below the waist.  I
had a reasonable blow job followed by sex (her on top,
condom used).  OK for the experience, once!

2. The Feelie Bars.

A Singapore special is the so-called "Feelie Bars",
the like of which I have not met anywhere else.
Take the MRT to Aljuniad and walk to the Geylang Road
(central section around Lorong 19 and up); also in Sims
Avenue and some of the Lorongs connecting to Geylang
Road.  Look for establishments called, variously, Music
Lounge, Brandy Lounge, Midnight Lounge and other such
names.  They usually advertise a Happy Hour up to
6.00pm during which Anchor Beer will cost you about
20 Singapore Dollars (9 pounds sterling or 15 US
dollars), or Brandy at 80 Sing dollars a half bottle
or 150 a full bottle (it's not available by the glass).
After 6.00pm much higher prices apply, it's a bit of a

For your money you get not just the booze, but a session
with a Chinese (usually) girl in very dark seat with a
high back in a very dark room.  The only light is over
the bar, and that's not a bright one.  If you just
bought a beer, she will feel you and make sure you get
a raging erection, but more than this requires the
purchase of brandy at the above prices.  Her task is
to part you from your money by purchases of hooch, in
return for which you *may* get a nice sexual experience.

I thought the price was too high, so after the beer I
left and went to Orchard Towers, which must be the best
pick-up joint in S.E. Asia.

3. Orchard Towers.

The current run-down on this place:-

1st Floor (i.e., up the stairs straight off the
street, end of a corridor to the right): Club 392.

This is a bar in a room with a dance floor and
chairs/tables around it.  Every girl in here is either
on the game, or has made a terrible mistake by being
here at all.  Unless you are the hunchback of Notre
Dame (and maybe even if you are) you are likely to
be approached quite soon; the problem may well be
fighting them off.  The form is to take the girl back
to your hotel, for which the going rate is 150 Sing
dollars for about half an hour (suck 'n fuck with a
condom) or more than this, say 250 Sing dollars, to
stay all night, especially if it is late and the
prospect of other business is slight.  Some girls
ask more than these prices; negotiate, it's a
competitive market and they know it.

2nd Floor: Club 777.  Apparently similar to Club 392,
I haven't been in there in person.

2nd Floor of the rear building (linked by a bridge
from the main building): Ginivy's.

Ginivy's is a Country and Western joint with pretty
good music and a pleasant ambience, worth going to for
its own sake.  It has the added value of at least half
the girls there being available for pick-up as per Club
392, only it is likely that you will have to make the
first move.  Eye contact followed by conversation
followed by .... whatever you agree with her.
Going rates as above.

3rd Floor (main building): FB's Pub.  This is the
nearest you'll get in this part of the world to an
English Pub.  A bar, seats, company, conversation ...
It was a Monday when I visited and the custom was
thin at 8.00pm; no score there.

4th Floor: "Utopia" Karaoke TV Bar - self-explanatory.
I'm not one for loud noise, so I didn't try it.
"Top Ten" club: Admission charges vary from 17 Sing
dollars to 30 or so, depending on the day of the week.
Informal inside, like Ginivy's without the C & W.

How to find it: Orchard Towers is on the Orchard
Road, almost at the Tanglin Road end, just past the
Royal Thai Embassy on the right.  Why go anywhere

Pegasus (

Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 23:08:53 +0800 (SST) Subject: Singapore trip I would like to share my Singapore experiences from a recent trip. My main source in the country was David Brazil's "No Money, No Honey", readily available in bookstores [I saw a huge stack at the airport!]. 1. Desker Rd. / Flanders Sq. I walked here from the Indian Quarter, which has many genuine tourist attractions. These two areas contain legal brothels at the low end of the scale. The women sit in spartanly furnished cubicles. It's easy to spot the few decent looking ones - there'll be a crowd of men drooling at the doorway. The general surroundings weren't too enticing, so I did not indulge. 2. Geylang The most popular legal red-light district. Geylang is truly a remarkable place. You will find many legitimate families living right next to a brothel. The area also has many cheap living quarters for imported laborers, mainly Indian, many shops and restaurants etc. Yet, there is no problem in finding the brothels - they all have large numberplates, muted red lighting, and often old Chinese men welcoming you in. I get the impression that although prostitution is legal in Geylang, soliciting is not. Once, I peeked in a brothel and saw a few girls on display but this is the exception. More commonly, the waiting rooms are empty as the girls don't work at a fixed location. You tell the manager what you want, he'll call for a girl. Her pimp or whatever drives her to the brothel in a car. After she's finished, he'll pick her up and off they go to the next customer. Because of this, the whole atmosphere is rather sanitized - you can walk around the streets and barely catch a glimpse of any girls, because they are either working or in a car. I also saw police patrolling and I think the area is very safe and as crime-free as the rest of Singapore. All the brothels look the same from the outside, so I randomly chose one numbered "69" [there's probably one in each lane]. The owner offered me two grades of service, I took the cheaper option as I didn't have too much money. Now, I cannot remember the price - it was either S$100 or S$200. He gave me a Coke and I sat down to wait, together with a few other customers. My girl arrived about twenty minutes later. Chinese, medium height, decent breasts, slightly on the chubby side but quite attractive on the whole. We went into a clean, reasonably furnished air-conditioned room. First, we both took a shower together where she paid some attention to my cock and got it rock-hard. Once towelled dry, it was back to the bed where she made me lie down. She gave me a light massage, then proceeded to blow me without a condom. During this, I got to play with her tits and pussy. After a while, she rolled off, put a condom on and lay back on the bed, legs apart and raised her knees. I proceeeded to fuck her which was pleasant but a bit mechanical. Later, I told her to get on top and that was better. I sucked her tits while she bounced up and down and had a satisfying orgasm. After wiping me dry, she gave me another massage, then we showered and I left. Whole thing took about half an hour, I don't know if what I paid entitled me for more. From my limited observation, the majority of the girls are Chinese but not necessarily local - mine said she was from Malaysia. They dress either in long dresses with thigh-high slits or short skirts. In terms of looks, they range from average to good-looking. If you like Asian women, you will not be disappointed. One complaint I have with the process is the lack of choice, at least the way I did it. Maybe you can give specific instructions to the brothel owner and I'd be interested to hear feedback from others. The girl I was with spoke English but not too fluently. 3. Orchard Towers In the downtown area, this building was recommended by David Brazil for its bars frequented by girls on the make. I went to one on the first floor which seemed to be the main hotspot. Here, you can order overpriced drinks and watch the action. It took me a while to orient to my surroundings - the bar is dimly lit and there is constant rock music blasting from the speakers. Caucasians are the heavy majority of customers here [whereas Geylang is frequented by the locals]. The girls are mainly Thai or Indonesian. There are plenty of them, although it's not easy to gauge their looks in the poor lighting. If you are alone, they will come and sit next to you or make eye contact. Just smile if you are interested. I am pretty sure every woman here is available. They don't seem to be in a hurry, though. I saw many chatting for hours with potential customers. After observing the scene for a few hours, I approached a few women. Since there are so many, you can negotiate the price/duration. As it was after midnight, I was looking for someone who could stay the night. I settled on a petite Thai who had been dancing vigorously earlier. Once again, I cannot remember the price we settled on- S$250 or 300. First part of the action was the same as in Geylang. We both took a shower. Maybe this is common Singapore practice. Afterwards, she insisted we keep the lights off. We had an excellent foreplay session - French kissing, sucking on her hard nipples, fingering her wet cunt. Then some vigorous fucking, followed by a pause while I played with her clit. She pushed my face into her pubes, but I did not use my mouth, just my fingers [safer]. She was very wet by now and I don't think it was faked. She either had an orgasm or was very close to one, I could her muttering in Thai most contentedly. Then I pushed her on all fours and fucked her long and hard doggie-style before finally coming. By now, it was the wee hours of the morning and we both collapsed immediately. In the morning, she got up early. I am not sure of the protocol with these all-night sessions and whether I should have tried to fuck her again. I waved her goodbye with a tip - it was one of the best experiences I've had with a prostitute. Overall, I liked this better than Geylang- you get to choose the woman beforehand. But Geylang is cheaper and has a better variety of Chinese girls.
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 15:33:17 +0900 Subject: Fun In Singapore Fun In Singapore During the course of several trips to Singapore I've tried to cover as much ground as possible. 1. A recent (my first) visit to Club 392 in Orchard Towers proved worthwhile. When I first walked in, it wasn't quite as wild as the scenes described in the WSG and the 1996 edition of David Brazil's "No Money, No Honey." However, within five minutes of scanning the joint, I locked eyes with a cutie pie from Thailand. After exchanging smiles, I started buying her drinks and one thing lead to another. The going rate for take-outs at 392 is now S$300. I was not in the mood to bargain. Also, she was worth it. She looked even better with her clothes off. A definite 9. She was also highly talented. A veritable tiger. I know I'll drop by there again in the future. 2. Geylang. After reading the WSG postings, I felt I had to test this place myself. My first time, I dropped by Lorong 16, Number 58. As per some of the other postings, I provided a description and eventually a Singaporean girl showed up. She looked okay, about an 8, so I gave my approval. Unfortunately, she looked better in her evening gown than with her clothes off, but she still passable. In terms of service, it was a workman-like performance and she didn't seem thrilled that I took her right up to the time limit. Her mid-session complaints detracted from the experience. On another visit, I went to Lorong 16, Number 8. Once again, I provided the important details to the reception people and a girl arrived. Once again, this girl (Malaysian/Chinese) looked better in her evening gown. However, this second girl had an extremely sweet disposition and great techniques. This was a much better experience -- a world of difference. Both places charged S$200. The third time was the charm in terms of my Geylang field trips. After reading the latest version of David Brazil's "No Money, No Honey," I decided to visit Lorong 4. The book mentioned the growth of "Thai-style" viewing salons in Lorongs 4 & 6. After walking up and down Lorong 4, and poking my head into a few places, Number 46 seemed to have the most girls on duty. After further review, this shop had both quality and quantity. After about three minutes of serious contemplation, my choice fell down to two girls: a petite girl with a great body who was jumping up-and-down pointing at the number on her gown. "Number five, number five," she shouted. Another tallish girl, who took the soft-sell approach, turned up the heat with a great smile. I picked the latter -- good move. In our room, she disrobed revealing a great, athletic body as she maintained her radiant smile. She also had all the right moves and a great personality. The entire experience -- from the shower to the massage afterwards, and everything else in between, was top-notch. She told me she was from Laos. The new trend toward viewing rooms in Geylang addresses an aspect to service that was sorely absent previously -- choice. I prefer choice over the reception area telephone routine on the other Lorongs. Once again the standard charge seems to be S$200. Make sure you tell them that you want one hour -- not a half-hour -- and that the houses on other Lorongs charge the same for one hour. 3. Prior to discovering the WSG, I visited several massage places in Singapore, all of which I found in the yellow pages. "Nice Massage" in the Far East Plaza and another one in a shopping center on Coleman Street, next to the Peninsula Hotel. None were spectacular until I visited the Balmoral Park Inn Health Centre, Balmoral Plaza, 271 Bukit Timah Road. It's close to Newton Circus. Most of the girls are fairly good looking. Most give outstanding massages and hand relief. Admission fee for massage is S$42; add another S$80 for the extra service -- hand relief. Some girls offer other additional services (about S$120 or more), but that's a 50-50 bet in terms of availability and quality. A lot of girls at this shop specialize in hand jobs, so it's good to choose their line of expertise. There are some draw backs to this place: the location is slightly hard to find, the phone number is no longer listed in the consumer yellow pages (only in the business pages as of July 1996); and you don't have the option of choice. Tell the women at the reception area what you have in mind and they'll try to accommodate you. They also offer outcall to hotels, but I wouldn't recommend it. 4. One of my best experiences in Singapore, and in Asia, involved an escort service called Guys & Dolls. They're located in Orchard Towers (listed in the Yellow Pages too). If you have time, stop by and flip through their photo book. Tell the receptionist exactly what you have in mind. I decided to give Guys & Dolls a try because they had the best-looking girls in the photo collection. I picked one Singaporean girl out of their book only to find that she was much better looking in person and even better with her clothes off.. The cost was S$200 for three hours of escorting -- we had dinner at a great local place -- and another S$300 for full service which occurred during the third hour. The girl was pleasant to spend time with, made a good restaurant choice, a good conversationalist and fantastic in the sack. She was fairly classy. In terms of looks, she was a 9.5 -- like a lot of the young Singaporean beauties one sees wandering around the Boat Quay at night. I heartily recommend purchase of the latest (updated) version of David Brazil's "No Money, No Honey" as it provided me with some good information.

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