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Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 22:30:31 UTC

Singapore is not as puritan as it is made out to be. Local adventurers
know where to locate action. Go to Geyland for best value for the
Singapore dollar. Top establishment is Ah Hua's Brothell, Geylang -
Lorong 16, No. 17. Prices are $200 (Singapore) for best quality. Girls
are between 22-27 and rate 7-10. Most have flawless pristine complexion
and remarkable Oriental faces. Girls dressed in evening gowns with high
slits or provocative miniskirts.

Best service includes sensuous, erotic bath, followed by tougue
massage and bath. Blow jobs with rimmimg , slurping, intercourse in any
position with vaginal pulsion and fake or real orgasms. Excellent
service. Comdoms compulsory and guaranteed to be free of social
diseases due to the strict Singapore Health requlations. Only drawback
is that English is not spoken. sign language will work but best to go
with local friends. Ladies are very obliging, sweet tempered and treat
you really well. One of the best services in the World.

Subject: Goodtime in Geylang Date: Sun, 19 May 1996 21:17:55 UTC Hi! I do have to agree with the articles "Good time in Singapore". Their service is good, ladies are pretty and sweet. As a singaporean I'm proud of them. *Salute* I've a hard time finding No.17 in Lorong 16. Where is it ? Anyway, i've a good time at No.58 Lorong 16. It cost me $150 for an hr session serivce. It included erotic bath, tongue massage, chatting a while, sucking and of course sex. (She's on top). It's terrific! Well, any more place to introduce for a good time elsewhere in singapore ? Also any contact no. for the escort agency ? Thanks.
Subject: [ASP] Report Singapore Date: 22 May 1997 21:00:04 -0700 I was down in Singapore for a three day business trip a few weeks ago. I took the TWSG advice and tried the brothel in Geylang Lorong 16 No. 17. It was so good I went back twice in one day and 4 times in all. These girls were expert at what they were doing. A little pricy at S$200 a pop but hey, you get what you pay for. At this particular house speaking Mandarin helps alot. There were a few other places in Geylang that have "fish bowl" rooms with Thai girls. I understand the going rate for Thais is S$70. I've been to Bangkok many times so I wasn't too interested. Conclusion: Singapore does have some serious outlets for sex. Happy whoring!
Date: Sat, 08 Feb 1997 23:36:15 -0800 Subject: Singapore Please anonymise this. How Geylang works is something like this. THe girls can be divided into 2 categories: the Thais and the Chinese. The Thais predominiantly are on tourist visas which last for 3 months. Prostitution is the easiest source of work they can find. The price is quite standard, SIN$40.00. They save up as much money as they can before heading back. The Chinese are mostly from Malaysia. These girls are around for much longer periods as it is easier to get their visas done. The price are SIN$200.00, $150.00 and $100.00. The price are go according the how long the girl has been on the job. 1st year, they will charge $200.00. 2nd year girls for $150.00 and $100.00 are the 3rd year girls and beyond. I hope this has been helpful.
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 17:13:56 +0100 Subject: Singapore Dear Atta, I would like to provide some information about Singapore scene at Geylang. Please do not disclose my e-mail address. Geyland is a heaven providing countless pleasurable hours to many. The brothels are discretely blended into the ordinary looking estates. Geyland area is made up of Lorongs (or lane on Malay). Along main Geyland road are fruit stalls, eating houses, and normal shops. Some of the best tasting local foods can be found in these eating houses. The Lorong with even numbers (Lor 8, 10, 12, to Lor 24) made up the main area for pleasure seekers. The brothels are labelled by their house number e.g. 18-12, means lorong 18 number 12. An alphabet at indicates the shop level, e.g. 20-1A means Lorong 20, House number 1A at (A is at first storey, B second storey, etc). Girls: It is estimated that at any time there will be no less than 300 girls working. Many of these girls are drop dead gorgeous. I am a very choosy guy, and yet there are always no lack of beautiful girls to satisfy me. There are broadly speaking girls from two countries - Malaysia and Thailand. Malaysian Girls: These girls are my favourite, there are fair, shapely, and know how to please a man. The Malaysian girls are of different quality, reflected by the prices they charge. $200 list price gets you the best girls, $150 a slightly lower grade, and $100 the lowest grade. All currency quoted are Singapore dollars, 1 US$ approx = 1.6 S$, 1 Sterling Pound approx = 2.3 S$. If you are not foreigner, or if you are regular, a discount will normally be given. Ask for the discount, it is normal practice. For $200 girls you pay $150, for $150 girls you pay $120, and for $100 girls you pay $80. These prices are all inclusive of room rental and full service. You may want to tip the girls, but it is entirely up to you. You may want to get the pleasure of two girls, it is always possible, and you pay the girls the same rate, and they will happily serve you. Most of the girls in Geylang are from Malaysia. Many of them speak English. Thai Girls: These are normally at a few houses, 18-24 (I am not very sure about the house number, but it is in Lor 18) is one of them. The price is $40 for full service. $120 gets you an overnight stay in the brothel. These Thai girls are not allowed to serve clients outside the brothels. The service provided is generally of lower quality than those of Malaysian girls. Visiting the brothel (Malaysian Girls): Go into any house, and you will be offered a drink, it is free of charge, and you do not have to worry being ripped off. Some of the houses are nicely decorated. The system works this way, many houses would have their own house girls, you can choose the one you like. You may or may not see them as they may be serving other clients. You can also ask the owner to "order" girls from other houses by telling him your preferences. These girls will arrive within a short time, and you can turn her down if you are not happy with the look. If you are happy with your girl, then the rest is straight forward. Pay the money, get in and get laid. The service include shower, BJ, and full service. I like many of these girls, and I could make many of them climax (real climax, not fake) a few time within the one hour time. Most girls would then massage for you, and wash you up in the shower, and relunctantly you say good bye to her. You would be telling yourself "I will be back for more". The rooms are normally fitted with mirrors to create a very erotic atmosphere. All rooms are fitted with shower room, and air conditioned. Clean towels are provided for each client. Visiting Thai brothel: The girls available are house girls only. They will sit in rows and you take your pick. Pay the money and get the service. The room you get is the girl's room. This is the room where she lives, and it is a lot less erotic. Health Check: Believe it or not, the Anti-Vice squad of the criminal Investigation Divison of the Singapore police is behind all this. The girls special permit (yellow card) and a fortnightly compulsory health check by qualified medical doctor means that VD and AIDs are under control. All girls are required to use condoms on their clients. To visit these borthels, simply tell any taxi driver to get you to Geylang. Hope the above is helpful, happy hunting. Cheers

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