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This is in response to the poster who recently asked about Singapore. True,
you can't chew gum here, and you're liable to be caned if caught vandalizing.
On the other hand, Singapore is in the small minority of countries where
prostitution is LEGAL!

Legalized prostitution is within a small red-light area known as Geylang. Most
of the workers are foreign, and are required by law to go for regular health
checkups. Prostitution also exists in the rest of the island, on an illegal
basis. As anywhere else in the world, the escort services in the yellow pages
are a good place to start.

Practical advice to the requester: once you're here, walk into any bookshop
and get a copy of "No Money, No Honey" by David Brazil. This book, supposedly
a factual account of local prostitution, is really a detailed guide, with
descriptions of actual locations, prices, services provided etc. Suffice
to say it's been top of the local bestseller list for months ;-) A
good place to start is the bookshop in Changi Airport itself...

David Brazil's book "No Money, No Honey" is published by Angsana Books and has ISBN 981-00-5129-8. Don't confuse it with the book "Street smart Singapore", also by David Brazil. The latter book contains almost no information about prostitution. Atta
Subject: Singapore Prostitution Update Date: Fri, 26 May 1995 17:12:18 UTC Please note that David Brazil did write "No Money, No Honey" widely available in Singapore. However, it is generally outdated. If you arrive in Singapore and want to get lucky quick...go directly to Orchard Towers on Orchard Road. This shopping center, referred to locally as "four floors of whores", houses four or five clubs that offer everything from Thai prostitutes (Club 392, ground floor, $100-$400 Sing dollars) to local girls on the make (Top Ten, 4th floor, buy 'em a drink and smile). Forget about the legal prostitution in Geylang. Frankly speaking, if you are looking to get served, you are much better off going to Thailand or Indonesia. The prices in Singapore are way too high, the service is pathetic, and the selection can be downright embarrassing. Having lived in Singapore for the past six years I really do not recommend it.
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 1995 23:05:54 UTC >Looking for information on services (incall/outcall/parlors etc) in Singapore. >Thank you. Go to Orchard Road. Walk up and down the street. Someone will come up to you and ask if you want a date, a girl, etc. This really only works if you are not oriental. Otherwise, call a "massage" place. They will offer you a choice of ethnicities, but it doesn't really matter what you say. You'll get a Filipina. She will go down on you and fuck you, the cost being about 150 USD or so. You don't have to use a rubber, but you can judge the wisdom of that. No anal that I know of, but if you offer enough to a Filipina, she just might. It's common enough to boof a Filipina girlfriend, so a pro might do it for enough money.
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 22:05:13 UTC Dec 1995 Singapore Singapore is quite straight. Prostitution is legal, so when you call an escort agency, the price they quote you is for full service. It costs about S$300 (US$215) for a foreigner (US, Australian, British, European) and about S$250 (US$179) for a local Singaporean Chinese. (Exchange rate: US$1 = S$1.4) This is the difference with HK. In HK, Asians and Westerners cost the same. I got the services of an Australian for S$300 (no credit cards, at least not in this one). She was very friendly, very caring, not very rushed. She knew what she was there for. When she got there, we chatted for about 30 seconds, then she took off her coat, then slowly, everything else. I was surprised at the straighforwardness. In HK, they give you a massage fully clothed, then after that, they ask you if you want anything extra. Here in Singapore, they go right down to business. She was very nice and accommodating. It was a great feeling since you know that the girl knows what she is there for, unlike HK. Another place you can go to are the massage parlors. Some are run by Indians, others by Chinese. It goes without saying that Indian-run ones have Indian girls while Chinese-run ones have Chinese girls. Costs are about S$35-40 for a massage, and another S$100 for full service. Don't pay any higher than that.
Subject: Massage Parlours in Singapore Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 08:04:15 UTC I have some update on the Trend of Massage Parlours in Singapore. Basically, 98% of masseuses do entertaint sexual intercourse transaction. Price usually range from S$100 - S$150. For budget contraint, hand or oral sex will charge at range of S$50 and S$80 for the later. With these pricing, prior to sexual pleasure you'll get a good treatment of massage for relaxation - I find this a very good 'ROI'.
Subject: areas for girls to meet Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 14:42:36 UTC you forgot to mention such areas as Boogie Street and the market area where you can meet philipina girls who are willing to service your needs for a short time for about 100.00 Singapore. Or go up north to the country side to Zambwamg and meet some girls for small money.
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 15:29:36 -0500 Subject: Singapore update Singapore: Bar-girls going rate is S$ 200/night for foreigners. Mostly Thai girls but some locals too. Location: Orchard Road Bars + Orchard Towers. January 1997 rates. Low key - one must start to chat with them.
Date: Sun, 04 May 1997 05:39:54 GMT Singapore: (10/96) I had a weird experience in Singapore. I did not even look for services. I was resting in my hotel room when someone knocked on my door. A gorgeous blonde, with a Scandanavian accent, called me by a different name and told me I was the girl she ordered. After a few minutes, we figured out that she had the wrong room and she called her agency. Anyway, the rates for a European girl was $400 SG. She went to her client, but I mentioned to her that I might be interested in her services another time. I set up a time the next night for $300 SG (off agency time) and she was a really good fuck. The agencies are listed in the phone book. A collegue also took me to a night club in one of the party districts and the place was full of Phillipino women. All were selling services and were knockouts.
Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 21:49:56 -0700 Subject: Guys & Dolls Singapore I was interested to see that Guys and Dolls made your pages and thought I'd drop you my experience with them. I went in and selected a girl (I wanted one who spoke some Japanese as I was learning at the time). The lady (who is the sister in law of the owner) assured me she'd be there on time (19:00), but - she didn't check the girl's availability. This is definately something you should do beforehand. When i turned up the girl I'd chosen wasn't available and another had been selected for me. Although this was probably not a bait-and-switch, I wasn't particularly happy, but as I'd already made dinner arrangements I had little choice. The girl turned up in very elegant dress - not casual - but luckily she had a change of clothes. It was then I found out why - she'd only just had time to get out (she was 30 minutes late) and had already eaten - so the dinner was somewhat one sided! On top of that she wasn't a great conversationalist and obviously had a one track mind - to earn top dollar (she asked for 1500!). All in all I was not impressed at all with the service offered by Guys and Dolls - the girl was pleasant enough, but the arrangements were botched up. If you use them, I suggest you insist they check the availability of the girl you select before leaving and let them know if you'll accept a replacement.
Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 01:05:39 -0400 Singapore Massage Places All (including in the Hyatt!) of these places will offer a special (hand-relief) for about $45US. Full service, when offered, was bad hurried and incredibly fake. It also cost about $130 US.
Subject: [ASP] singapore brothel report Date: 20 May 1997 05:00:18 -0400 During a Singapore visit in summer 1996, I found some of the redlight apartments referred to in World Sex Guide, but they looked distinctly uninviting to non-Chinese, so I stayed out. I did try several massage parlors in the office complexes along Orchard Road--mostly got good therapeutic (non-sexual) massages for S$35, plus very nice hand-release for S$50. Not worth it in my book. Never did find any hookers in the bars referred to in WSG--but at least they were across the street from a cybercafe, so I could waste my time online instead of in the sack :-).
Subject: Singapore Update Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 06:34:36 PDT After reading the latest Singapore update I feel compelled to update with more reasonable prices... Orchard Towers is definitely a good place to go. Club 392 (Thai), Ginivy (Thai) and Top Ten (all kinds, most under 25) are fantastic places. So is the basement Filipina bar whose name escapes me. The prices should generally go up as you head to the 4th floor and Top Ten. Club 392 and Ginivy should be S$150-$200 for all night after you negotiate. If you go for one of the 'Siren Girls' in Top Ten maybe S$200-$250 after negotiating otherwise the same price as the others. Don't ever pay over that as you are ruining it for the rest of us! There are a lot of women, most of them don't get taken home on a given night so be picky and negotiate well. Most hotels in town allow you to bring back guests to the room. Just walk through the lobby like you own the place and no one generally says a thing. Also, there is a great massage parlor in Parkway Parade shopping center on the East Coast. It is on the 4th floor and costs S$38 for a one hour massage. Almost all of the women are attractive with Jasmine being particularly awesome. Extra costs are between S$50 and S$100 for full service depending on time of day and other factors. Most of the other places in town Golden Mile, etc. have older women and in the Civic Center or Orchard Road area usually a rip-off.
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 97 02:05:16 EDT Subject: Singapore Massage parlors Hi Atta, here's a few brief snippets from Lee Kuan Yew Island, AKA, Singapore. Orchard Executive Health Centre, 4th floor Orchard Towers (The infamous 4 floors of whores!). Janet gives a nice blowjob without for S$100. Nice Health Centre, 5th floor Far East Plaza, Katherine gives a GREAT Handjob and excellent massage for S$60 (+S$50 admission). Her handjob is far better than fucking most of these Singapore girls, who, by and large, fuck like a wet mop. They just lie there. Back at Orchard Towers, the famous Club 392 on the 1st floor used to get abssolutely mobbed with gorgeous girls form Thailand, Indonesia and the Phillipines. BUt not anymore. A handful of Thai girls show up now, but the quality is not that high, and they are not very compettive anymore, either. Just outside of Orchard Towers, you can find a couple of really bad looking Traansvestites and transexuals. It may not be your style, but some of these give absolutely outstanding head!!! After a wasted night getting wasted at Club 392 and Ginivys (A C&W bar at Orchard Towers, with girls!) I payed a TS S$100 for an hour. The blowjob was the best I ever had!! "Her" pussy was VERY tight (Excellent surgeons here in Singapore). Plus, we had some great HOT assfucking, all without a rubber. Caveat Emptor! It may not be your cup of tea, but he cumming was good.
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 97 03:26:44 EDT Subject: Singapore - DOLLY Hello again, fellow fuckers! Hears a tidbit, or as they say here in Singapore, a TITbit about a particular girl in Singapore. As you may have read in my previous postings, most Singapore girls just plain don't know how to fuck and suck. IMHO that's because most Singaporeans are Chinese, and uptight. They're far more concerned with getting a cell phone and Luis Vitton luggage than fucking and sucking. It's a shame, because many of them are damn beautiful! The best fucks, professional and otherwise, in Singapore are the Malay girls. They tend to be really passionate. They love to kiss, fuck, and sometimes even suck. One particular Singapore girl who really knows how to fuck, suck, kiss, and everything else is Dolly. Dolly is Eurasian girl. I first met her at the ORchard Executive Massage parlor (S$35 entrance fee). She's about a 6 on the looks scale. About 5'3", and a bit chubby. But don't let the looks deceive you. This girls was born to FUCK! For S$150 (about US$100) she promptly started kissing me, sucking my nipples, sucking my cock and balls and stuck her strong tongue in my asshole for what seemed like an eternity! She then mounted me 69 style and proceeded to suck every drop of cum out of my cock, while I lapped at her sweet,, nearly harless pussy for all I was worth. I couldn't fucking believe it when she SWALLOWED EVERY DROP! Then, she came buck up to my face, kissing and cuddling, and after a few minutes rest asked me if I was ready for more! Of course I said yes! So she went back down and stuck her talented tongue in my asshole once again, and then sucked me up to extra stiff. She got on top of my cock, without a rubber (I HATE RUBBERS! AND HAVE NEVER HAD AN STD IN OVER 15 years of fucking pros and amateurs.) and fucked me cowgirl style, while alternately grinding her clit into my pubic bone. She came (REALLY!) and then I came. After another few minutes rest, I took a shower, and she helped me get dressed, with my cock in her mouth much of the time. She kept telling me how much she loves sex, and my cock, and asking me if I would come back. I said I would, left her another S$20 tip and was outta there. About two weeks later, I went back to Orchard Executive massage parlor and asked for Dolly. The lady behind the parlor said Dolly didn't work there any more. MAJOR BUMMER! After about a year of fucking and sucking my way accros SE Asia, I went to Nice Helath Centere in Singapore, and guessed who walked into the room as I got out of the shower with my stiff cock, Dolly! Oooh Rah! I re-introduced myself to her. She didn't remember me, but when I told her I couldn't wait to stick my tongue in her pussy and feel HER tongue in my asshole, she practically JUMPED out of her clothes. She didn't even bother ask how much I was paying. I layed on my stomach and she licked my asshole extra clean whil e massging my cock and balls. Then we got into a 69 with me on top. She said she liked to have her mouth fucked just like a pussy. I was in heaven! She came (REALLY!) on my tongue and I lapped up here cunt juices. Then she pulled my cock into here hot and VERY wet pussy and we fucked for a long time. I told her I wanted to come on her face (I had never done that before and she seemed to liek just about everything) SHe said, "No, this cum is for my pussy. Later, I'll suck you and you can cum on my face if you want." It just doesnt' get any better than that fellow fuckers! Obviously, I shot my load deep into her hot cunt, wouldn't you? She then started the kissing and cuddling bit, and got some vaseline out of her purse and started to put her finger in my asshole and massaged my prostate. My cock was hard again in no time! Then I told here I wanted to do that to her. What I really wanted to do was stick my cock in her bunghole. She was enjoying one, tow, then three fingers deep n her ass. I told her I wanted to stick my cock in there. She said she was afraid of the pain. I told here I'd be slow and gentle. She kept quiet, and I took this as the go-ahead. I got behind her and put my cockhead up agains her asshole, butas I started to puch it in s l o w l y, she asked me to stop. So I stopped immediately. She said she was really afraid it would hurt. I said, no problem, because I wanted her to have a good time too. Then, as a way of making it up, I went down on her hot little pussy again and brought her off with my tongue. She then went back to my cock and asked me to fuck her mouth! She layed on her back and I stuck my cock in her mouth and slowly started to move it in and out. All the while, here tongue was spinning loops and figure 8s on my cock. When I told her I was gonna cum, she pulled my cock out her mouth and jerked me off on here face. At that moment in time, with my cum all over her face, and her licking it off her fingers, Dolly was a PERFECT 10! I went back to see Dolly many times after that, then, one day when I asked for her I was told Dolly didn't work there anymore. Fuck! I am now looking for her and if anyone knows where she is working, pleas post it here. Happy fucking, STRYKER
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 21:03:31 +0200 Subject: World Sex Guide contribution I visited Singapore in August 1997 and I tried the Orchard towers area. I walked up and down the road in front of Orchard Towers, and after a short while I figured who the men were I had to talk to. They are hanging around in the area, but they will usually not approach someone unless it is really obvious what he wants. I approached one myself, and after a friendly handshake he went straight to business and asked me if I wanted a girl. I affirmed, and he offered me one for S$300 for the whole night. He made a phone call and after some time the girl appeared. She was very young (around 19) and quite pretty. I handed over the money to the man and took the girl to my hotel. So far for the procedure of getting a girl. The service itself was not very satisfactory. The girl did not do very much by herself, and it was obvious that she didn't like it. No blow job, no massage, she only allowed me to fuck her with condom. After 2 hours she said she had to go, although she was promised for the whole night. I let her go anyway, because even though she was cute, there was not really in the mood to fuck her again. So be careful with those guys hanging around near orchard Towers. I guess you'd be bettor off picking up a girl in one of the bars.
Subject: Singapore Report (please remove email address) Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 14:16:49 PDT Walked the alley behind Desker Rd but only saw skanky old whores in the open doors. Thought I'd try the Geyland area next, but didn't bring the addresses from the WSG with me. Without them it was a waste of time, since it is not obvious which places are brothels and which are not. There are two massage spas on the top floor of Far East Plaza (near the Hyatt). I tried the one toward the front. Massage fee is S$35. Got the best massage of my life followed by full-service for S$150 tip. Girl I had was cute, with medium build, and probably about 30-35 y.o.
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997 03:52:10 +0000 Subject: Singapore I'd like to share my experiences with world travellers in search of fun in Singapore. Besides the brothels, you can find women at massage centres(ie-health centres). The trick is to go there, chill out at the bar/lounge(good health centres all have one) & then choose your girl. The one I normally frequent is known as Paradiz de Sauna(tacky name!) located at Paradiz Centre just off the Dhoby Ghaut train station. The last time I went, the going rate was S$38 for massage with a handjob costing S$50 & full intercourse at S$120. Go for the chinese ones as they've got nicer figures. Hope that helps
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 17:47:08 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Singapore Report Having read your report published in these pages, I am of the opinion that it was written either by an American or an Englishman that was out of touch with the scene in Singapore. There has been no mention of the "Thailand Connection". Thai girls are using clubs as there base, such as Bar Ten, Top Ten, 392, etc, etc. At the Bar Ten there is a chinese looking manager with a waitress that pushes Tequilla, her name is Antilla and she loooks like an overweight Hindu woman.(The bitch gives me goose bumps uhhh!). The truth of the matter is that all these girls come down from the Best Friend Bar Pattaya,the Madam is a petite looking girl called Nok Noi,(who is a Baht millionaire). She basically uses the girls and promises them untold money in Singapore, when this doesn't materialise, the girls pass the cost of what they owe for their air fare , lodgings etc. on to JOE PUNTER and you had better be prepared to be ripped off!, PISSED OR NOT!. Best thing do not entertain these bitches, do not offer anymore than $10 or $16 and if some other MUG promises them the Earth, just say "Be my guest sucker" and take a trip to Thailand where you can pay 500Baht for 24 hrs.
Subject: [ASP] Singapore Update 12/97 Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 22:06:33 PST Orchard Towers seems to be action central for tourists/expats and Geylang for the locals. Did not check out the other DRAs. I stopped by what probably is Club 392, some how I thought I saw a different name, on a week day night around 10pm. The mostly girls band was playing something like classic rocks type of music but it is nothing to write home about. One of the girls had an expression on her face that reminds me of the not-smiling face when my news/article search does not return a single match. She looked like she did not realize what the place is for and got stuck there. Looks like all girls there are in the game. Mamason said that the market rate is S$200 for all night even though the opening asking price is usuall S$300 and up. She was looking for S$20 for that information and may be also to keep things on pricing somewhat under control. It was definitely a buyers' market with twice as many girls as there were potential takers. Mostly Thai girls but there was one Korean girls who looked somewhat out-of-place. Moved on to Ginivy's, what a difference! The place was packed and the band was playing some very decent C&W songs. It is very likely not all the girls there are in the game but they are fully aware of what's going on. It is somewhat relaxed and the girls usually don't make the first move. They all looked like Thai to me. You could mingle around and try to feel out who may be the most fun for the night! Again most of the opening asking price is S$300+, but they all realize that more than half of the girls won't be picked up for the night. One fairly decent girl quickly offered S$150 for the night. I settled for one who came with a bunch of her friends, including a husband and a wife couple. Took her back to my hotel which is a business hotel and no one there seemed to raise an eye brow. Had a nice time together before falling asleep together. I got the sense that time is what you pay for and you could enjoy the girls as many times as your mind and body desire. She was definitely very receptive to my requests! Didn't think I was quite up to the task but managed to get some more ROI before she left in the morning. I ran out of local currency and gave her US$150 which is about S$240 and a few more for taxi. She seemed to be fairly happy with that. It was good that she speaks enough English to take care of the basic communications and conversations. She had a visa which would allow her to stay for 30 days. She was a little bit heavier than I thought but all and all a very nice experience. Checked out the fish-bowls in Geylang and it seems like a very good value and ROI. It is 25 minutes and full service. You get to choose from a bunch of girls. I only had time for one session and for S$40 (US$25) I would have gone for more if I did not have to leave the next day. These are Thai girls who are very good looking. Their skin tones seem to be a bit darker compared to other Thai's I had before but it did, for whatever reason , gave me a very warm and cozy Thai feel that I did not appreciate before. Excellent value and experience. A must in Singapore. The Chinese Malays come in three categories, S$200, S$150 and S$100. You don't get to choose from a pool and I don't know if it is acceptable to turn down one if you don't like her. Anyway tired one at the S$200 category. It was not bad but I have a hang up with enhanced breasts, which detracted from the experience quite a bit. She did have excellent skin complexion and jet black long hair. She is a house girl and I actually asked for her because I saw her walking in the hall way. With the high slit gown, she was really looking like a irresistable China doll. I probably should not complain too much. One more note, Singapore is a fairly small place. Just ask the taxi driver to take you there. Taxi fares are fairly reasonable in Singapore. I got off at Lavender MRT station and it was a very very long walk to Geylang! Another note, if you don't have your laptop with you when you travel, to get access to WSG, try cyber cafes and the business centers in your hotel. So long, terref
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 1906 11:17:42 +0000 Subject: Singapore As I am a lover of sex, I find that your articles are both informative and amusing at times. Here, I would like to contribute a little to the current trend in SIN-gapore regarding the level of service you can get here. Let's do it by category from the lowest pricing to top class services. For the lowest paying jobs required, check out Desker Road. This place is usually swarmed by the lower income group of the society here consisting of even Bangladesh and Thai Construction workers. Girls here range from early twenties to late forties and you get the occasional transvi. The whole set-up here is rather dingy and price range from US$15.00 to US $35.00 depending on the girl's popularity. The popularity of the girl can easily be judged by the que formed outside the small little room they are each allocated. Negotiation is done directly with the girls themselves. Agree on pricing before you start. Service provided inludes BJ, Intercourse and Body massage. You are expected to complete your task within 45 minutes. Now for the mid range everyday man's paradise Geylang. Hop onto a cab and ask the taxi driver for directions. There is altogether two level of service you can obtain here. Firstly, let's check out the Thai girls here. This type is safer as you can choose your pick from an array of girls presented to you through a living room environment behind a clear glass. Each girl come attached with a number. Sound off your pick to the in- house pimp. You are spoiled for choice. If you still can't decide, ask the pimp for recommendations. Each girl are a pocketfull of tricks. The calling price here is S$40.00 nett (Paid to the pimp). Pay the girl a small tip if you like her service. Service includes a nice shower, the usual BJ and finally intercourse. You can sit back and let her do the job and involve in active participation. Girls age range from 19 to 25. For the second type of service, go to the units that looks exactly like the units with the Thai girls but does not have any girls inside except the "manager". Tell the "manager" that you want a girl by the price that you are willing to pay. S$150, S$250 or S$350.00. (Rooms rental charges included) You will be asked to sit on a sofa and sip tea. The girls will usually arrive in a chauffer driven car. Service level is slighty better than the Thai girls but generally the same. The difference is that these girls are usually Chinese girls from Malaysia. Finally, for the real Singapore girls, check out Boat Quay where all the new Pubs, Disco and nightspots are. Here, you may be able to find some girls that are called "Sarong Party Girls". These girls are normally slighty different from the average Singapore girls. You can identify them by their extremely tight dressing , tanned complexion and normally long hair. Try making conversation (make sure tha no boyfriends are attached) and you might be lucky as all of them have a preference for European men. Service may be free. Happy hunting! (My next update will be Karaoke lounges here. Keep posted)
Subject: asp: Singapore Date: 1998/03/07 when in Singapore there are literally hundreds of extremely attractive women for hire. Brannagan's, a bar in the basement of the Hyatt has many hot women for a going rate of 300 $singapore (or about $180 US). Just down the road at the Orachard Towers the number of really attractive women drops, but if selective you can still find a very hot woman for 150$singapore. The unique thing about the action in Sinapore is that the women will stay with you all night and do you as many times as you want them to for the inital price. Most are Thai and extremely talented. Have fun

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