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Southampton, United Kingdom

Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 10:40:13 GMT

Sue is 25-28 years old,small, slim and reasonably attractive with nice
tits and neat firm body. She works in Southampton's red light district
from 7.30pm to 10pm most nights. She has a good sense of humour and is
very chatty. Sue charges (to me anyway) are 20ukp for oral with a
condom and 35ukp for oral and intercourse, all taking place in the car
unless she trust you and then you can go to a room you supply. Her
oral technique is reasonable and rythmic taking your cock in a fair
way. She doesn't stimulate you by playing with your balls or anything
which is a shame. Sue don't mind you playing with her tits of
fingering her pussy as long as you ask and she doesn't charge me extra
for this. I usually have oral in the car with her as I think her price
is fair bareing in mind she lets you touch her for no extra. I have
only had intercourse with her once where we met in a room I have. She
wore a small black dress and high heels with stockings. She stripped
except for her stockings and let me suck her nipples and explore her
pussy, then gave me good head and then lay on the floor for
intercourse. She would not go on top which is again a shame. The
intercourse was a bit cold (she had her eyes shut) but her pussy was
nice and tight but could have done with a bit of lubrication. Sue
didn't show any emotion but was pleasent enough whilst I was screwing
her. For this service I gave her 45ukp (which she didn't demand) and I
felt satisfied.

If anybody has ANY information on Southampton, Winchester,
Bournemouth, Portsmouth etc. please drop me a line


Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 18:18:20 GMT Subject: Info on Southampton, UK Street Prostitution in Southampton, UK The Red Light district in Southampton is based in the Newtown area. Years ago all the action was pretty much concentrated around Derby Road, with scantilly clad ladies offering themselves from bay windows of the many terraced houses, usually with a red bulb lit in the window. Cars would drive up and down Derby Road with the drivers looking to see what was on offer. The residents (I guess) got fed up with this and traffic controlling measures were added. It is now not possible to drive the length of Derby Road without going though vehicle prohibition areas. The effect of this has been to move the ladies up the hill towards St Mary's Road. The are no red lights and the ladies are all on the streets. Derby Road and St Mary's Road are joined by several roads: Cranbury Ave, Lyon Road, Graham Road, Clovelly Road, Oxford Road and Argyle Road. Frederick Street joins Cranbury Ave and Lyon Street, Raven Road joins Lyon and Graham, Exmoor Rd joins Graham and Clovelly and then Clovelly and Oxford. Ladies can be found in almost every street mentioned, but in the early evening you will usually find ladies out near the junctions of Frederick and Lyon and Raven and Lyon. Later on in the evening more ladies come out around the junctions of Clovelly and Graham with St Mary's. There is a pub at one end of St MAry's called "The Oxford". I have know ladies to frequent the bar on particularly cold or wet evenings. Outside and on Brintons Road you can often find ladies. Prices are #25 pounds inside or #20 in your car. This is usually for either sex or oral, both is more as is her taking her top off etc. Inside usually means that the lady pays #5 to a local house owner who lets you use a box bedroom for 15 minutes. In you car means that you drive off to a reasonably secluded place where you park and do the business. On a recent visit I met a very actractive black girl called Sandra. She asked me if I was looking and I asked her to give me some details. She offered sex and oral for 25 inside or 20 in the car. This sounded good to me and I chose the 20 option. We walked back to the car and drove to a car park, parked some where dark and I gave her the cash. We got the relevant bits of clothing off - she had very nice tits, a little small, but very nice erect nipples. Like little sticks of chalk. She put a condom on me and went straight down on me. It was a very nice blow-job, but didn't last too long. She then told me to move the seat back further as she was going to get on me. She moved herself around so that she sat on my lap, facing forward out of the car and held on to the sterring wheel. Then she bounced up and down on me with me inside her. I hardly had to do anything. She did this for some minutes, the car was rocking from side to side, until I came. It was very nice. We chatted for a short while and I drove her back to Argyle Road where I had met her. If I see her again, I will definitely have another go. This time inside and for longer. Regards,

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