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South Bend, Indiana

Subject: South Bend, Indiana

I read a previous posting on South Bend regarding Michigan Avenue.  Lots of
nudy bars but didn't see any street action.  I had good luck on Lincolnway
West near the intersection with Chapin Street.  Found plenty of nice looking
teenage black girls who were very enthusicastic.  It was the end of the month
and the streets were busy on a Saturday morning.

Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 04:22:30 -0500 Subject: [ASP] NEW DETAILED REPORT ON NORTHERN INDIANA AND SOUTHWEST LOWER MICHIGAN (South Bend Metro area) Atta & M, I've taken the time (and money and effort) to give you a FULL DETAILED report on the South Bend Metro area covering the last couple years I've been in this area (up to November 1997). The reason I'm doing this is becuase the South Bend Metro area has become a hotbed of activitiy for travelling corporate businessmen, passer-bys on the Indiana Toll Road, and travelling college-age students. Please note that I have included the following locales in this area: In Indiana - South Bend, Mishawaka, Elkhart, North Webster, and Michigan City. In Michigan - Niles, Edwardsburg, and White Pigeon. The following reports are detailed by types of activity - Strip Clubs, Adult Shops, Escort Services, Massage Parlors, Streetwalkers, Incall services, and Miscellaneous Types. Please note that Police activity in the South Bend and Michigan City areas is VERY high. STRIP CLUBS - This is a major area of activity. Much of the sex action in the area can be found here. In South Bend the major clubs are The Torch and Peaches (next door to each other, and under the same ownership), The Kitty Kat, Ace-Hi and The Glo-worm (also next door to each other, and under the same ownership), Caparell's, and Knocker's. All of the clubs are on S. Michigan St., except Caparell's, which is on Sample St. (quite a ways away from the other clubs), and Knocker's, which is on South St. These clubs can range from VERY friendly to not too great. The Torch, Peaches, and The Kitty Kat have very attractive dancers (8-9 on a ten scale), and each has a drink price ranging from $10-$20, depending on the dancer. Most of the dancers will not give you the time of day, but a select few will. You will need to keep the drinks coming to find out which is which. The few who will generally want you to meet them after they get off work, and will charge around $140-$200 plus hotel room for Full Service (straight sex only, some half and half, no kissing, or greek). Ace-Hi and The Glo-worm you will have better luck at. The girls range from a 6-8 on a ten scale, but at least half will provide more than just dancing. Those who do will charge $120-$150 typically, plus hotel costs. Caparell's you can forget about. Good-looking dancers, comparable to The Torch, but not a single one does any work off to the side, that I found. Knocker's is the best bet of all of them. The girls here average around a 7, but almost all are involved in extra-curricular activity of the horizontal type (or vertical, if you prefer). But, these girls are the MOST saavy. The will DEFINATELY charge you based upon your look (more for businessmen, less for students). The costs involved here are $10-$20 for a drink, at which point they will either ask you for a dance or limo ride. The dance costs about $50, and you usually get a hand job at least, sometimes a blow job. The limo ride is $150-$400. The reason it is so much is that the more you pay, the more girls you get. For $400, I had 3 girls, and one of the best times of my sexual life. There was nothing (and I mean nothing) that these girls didn't do, to me and each other. The ride lasted 2 hours, and it was unbelievable. In Edwardsburg, you will find a club called Paradise Lake Resort. The girls are nasty (ugly and more), but about half will put out. Average price - $120, straight sex, and half and half. Use this club if you are a travelling trucker, or a virgin college student. In North Webster, there is a club called Cruiser's Penthouse Club. Very nice place, wonderful dancers, all are attractive (8-9 on a ten scale). However, I only found one that is interested in anything other than dancing. But, she was worth it! (See the Incall Services portion for more info). ADULT SHOPS - This section is thrown in because of the Adult Emporium in South Bend. BE VERY CAREFUL!!! Two types of women frequent this place, especially in the parking lot: Drugged and diseased (and very old) street hookers, and female police officers posing as hookers. Best bet is to avoid any come-ons here. You'll either be arrested, or in AIDS treatment, or both. If you do decide to take the chance, the costs are typically $10-$20 for a blow-job, and $40 for full service. BE CAREFUL OF TWO WOMEN TOGETHER! They are almost always cops! ESCORT SERVICES - There are some EXCELLENT possibilities here! About half of the girls working at the Escort Services in the South Bend-Mishawaka area are strippers from the various clubs (including a few from The Torch and Peaches), and the other half are college students from Notre Dame, Indiana University at South Bend, and Bethel College. The two main ones are Beautiful To The Extreme, and Discrete & Confidentail Endeavors. Both charge $120-$140 per hour, in which you are offered lingere or nude modeling, or dancing. After the girl gets to your location, extra tipping generally produces the best results. For an additional $60 you can usually get a blow job. Almost all of the girls that I experienced offered this. For an additional $80-$150 (depending on the girl) some of the girls will offer full service. A couple of them refused to do full service, but gave GREAT head. All the girls were attractive, and all were worth the money. One cost me $140 initially + $150 for full service, and it was one of THE best I ever had. She was a perfect TEN, and a college student! By the way, Discrete & Confidential Encounters also operates as Discrete & Confidential Endeavors, if you look in the phone book under "Massage". There is one other service listed in the phone book, Abby's Escort Service, where the number appears to be disconnected. I was informed from an aquaintance of mine that the Police seized this once legitimage service, and now use it periodically for stings. While I cannot get a confirmation on this, it's best to avoid it, to be safe. MASSAGE PARLORS - Forget about Michigan City. The great ones that used to be up there are all done for. Even Osaka Oriental Spa is now closed. The best bet is to go into Michigan. The V.I.P. Health Spa in Niles, just across the state line from South Bend, is a good bet. $40 for a half-hour will get you a massage only, without any offers. $60 for a full hour will get you the massage, followed by an offer, if you're subtle and discreet enough about what you REALLY want. After that, it's about $40 for a hand job, $80 for a blowjob, and a MINIMUM of $100 for full service. Obviously, the more you tip, the better the service. In White Pigeon, there is a new place called Gold's Spa. Their very existance is an irony. They are only 2 doors down from the Michigan State Police post on U.S. 131 in White Pigeon, so this is either a slap in the face to the State Police, or the State Police don't give a damn about the Spa. Either way, it's a GREAT place to visit. Same basic prices for a massage ($40 for a half-hour, $60 for an hour), but the extra's cost quite a bit more. When I went, I was charged $60 for one-hour (which actually turned into two hours), plus $300 for full service. The girl was very attractive (a 9 on a ten scale), and a MASTER at negotiation, but it was worth EVERY penny. Even with the use of condoms, she gave me a blow job, followed by a great screwing session with a huge orgasm, followed by ANOTHER massage, then a hand job (with her finger up my ass) resulting in yet another huge orgasm. We wore each other out! No kissing allowed, but WHO CARES?!? Two thumbs up on Gold's Spa. Just the opposite for Oriental Spa in Elkhart, IN. The girls are butt ugly, terrible at massages, and you get nothing after that (as if you really want anything after that). I've been to this place about 8 times just to be fair about it. They had one girl working there very briefly, that offered a handjob and a feel of her tits. I only had her one time, and it was the only enjoyable visit I had. The other seven times I had one of the two regulars that worked there, and they are both terrible. Forget about this place, unless you feel like wasting $60. I also heard about a new place that was open briefly in South Bend. Don't know if it is still open or not, since I can't seem to locate it. STREETWALKERS - This is only for the brave at heart, and stupid in mind. For the last 5 years, the Police in South Bend have cracked down EXTREMELY hard on the streetwalkers AND the johns. It USED to be that your best bet was on S. Michigan St. (from Ewing St. down to the viaduct), one block over on S. Main St. (also from Ewing St. down to the viaduct), Western Ave. (from the viaduct there to Little Denmark Adult Store), and Lincoln Way West (from downtown all the way to the Airport). Now you can forget about almost ALL of it, at just about any time of the day or week. The Police have more cars than ever patrolling that area, and they also operate "sting" units to nail the johns. They send out single female officers, or dual female officers, and they will nail anyone that makes them an offer. From time to time you may still find a true streetwalker on off-streets near the above listed areas. But, they tend to be extremely ugly, extremely diseased, usually very old, and even they will be busted by the Police within a matter of minutes. You don't want to be anywhere around them when the Police start asking questions. You may periodically still find some safer action on Miami St. The rates average $10 for a hand job, $20-40 for either a blow job or a full lay. None of these girls are the same ones that go to the Adult Emporium, from what I saw (those are much more nastier). In Elkhart, you will find an occasional streetwalker on either S. Main St. (from the traintracks down to Indiana Ave.) or in the neighborhoods surrounding the corner of Benham Ave. and Indiana Ave., that is if you don't get mugged or shot first. S. Main St. is the safer bet of the two, and I do mean safer. INCALL SERVICES - In South Bend, there was an actual Lingerie Parlor fronting as a brothel on South Bend Ave., just off of Eddy St. But this place has been closed for some time. The best one is located in North Webster. One of the dancers at Cruiser's Penthouse Club operates this Incall service. You need to pick up a copy of S.L.A.M. Magazine at Cruiser's or at any one of a number of nightclubs in the South Bend-Elkhart area to find information on it. She charges in the neighborhood of $150-$250 for full service, but you get your money's worth. She ranks high off the scale on a ten scale (we're talking better looking than most supermodels), and she absolutely loves her work! MISCELLANEOUS TYPES - In Niles, there is a report of two women who are operating a small brothel out of a home rented by one of them, but I cannot seem to locate it. I received my first lead on it from a professor at Indiana University at South Bend. I'm sure that if someone tries hard enough, they extract information from one of the bars in Niles. In Elkhart, there is a woman who operates from her own home at $50 a pop. She's large and heavyset, but not a bad lay. She does it all (half and half, greek, kissing, etc.), and is very experienced. She's located off of the corner of Middlebury St. and Toledo Rd., but contacting her is a pain. You have to find her in a chat room on America Online, and you have to search hard for her, or you have to contact someone who is close to her. Once you contact her, and she feels you're safe, then she will give you instructions on meeting her. Also in Elkhart (for truckers only), you can find occasional lot lizards (hookers who frequent truck stops), at both plazas on the Indiana Toll Road, near Exit 92.

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