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Sousa, Dominican Republic

Date: 06-27-2001

Hi, Jackson,

Congratulations for the new look of the website. I used to visit this site quite frequently in the past, but due to the age of the reports, I found many of the entries to be outdated. Now there are some updates coming in, which is perfect to keep the site interesting.

This is the reason I'd like to offer an update on the prostitution scene in Sosua, Dominican Republic. Since your last report many things have changed in Sosua. After the closing of the bars in the fall of 1996, there was still quite some street prostitution around, mostly by girls with very long fingers, always operating in pairs, so that more often than not, after an encounter with them something more was missing than what you intended to get rid of.

Since about two years this kind of action has also completely disappeared, due to the crackdowns of the local police.

The situation at this moment in time is the following: some bars are open again and it is possible to find girls at some of them. These girls are mostly pros, who will see dollar signs dancing before their eyes at the sight of a white face. The asking price usually will be US$ 100, which is outrageous, this being about half of an average monthly wage. Never mind what you would pay elsewhere, eg the US, barter, barter, barter ... You should be able to get the price down to US$ 50, which still is more than double what locals pay, but somewhat reasonable. You probably will be expected to pay a bar fine of 200 pesos (US$ 12) and the room at one of the hotels which cater to this kind of business (US$ 20). It's very hard to guess what kind of treatment you're going to get. Some girls are very nice and sensual and then, when you're alone with them, they turn to extremely businesslike pros, who will ask extra for everything more than a simple handjob. Others will be hot and enjoy what they're doing and give you the time of your life.

Another way to pick up a woman is to simply go to a bar in the afternoon and have a drink. Chances are some girl will walk in or be there already. Start to talk with her, offer her a drink and maybe dinner if you like her, and then take her with you. Probably this will be a more fulfilling experience than with a professional prostitute.

As far as I know, one disco remains open, it's called Willy's, but I don't know anything about the action there.

Some tips:

1. If you come to Sosua, you will be able to meet a woman and have sex with her for a reasonable price, but don't come here just for that, there's better places around.

2. Do not carry more money than you intend to spend and carry a copy of your passport, not the real thing - do not drink more than you should to keep a clear head (it ruins sex anyway). If you're drunk you WILL BE RIPPED OFF.

3. Never agree to the asking price from the start, get it down as low as possible, the girl will still make more than an average worker. Speaking Spanish helps a lot !

Subject: Sosua, DomRep

I read your incredible sex-sites on the web for more than a year and now I think it's time to make a contribution to these reports. I would be happy if you like to publish it, after checking out for mistakes 'cause my english is not the best one ;-). But please don't publish my e-mail-adress. I will send you soon another E-Mail report of a german brothel I've visited. I think this club is worth to be presented to everyone !

Theme: A great trip to Sosua, Dominican Republic

On my winter holiday in january I spend 2 weeks in Sosua, Dominican Republic (DomRep). I live in the Netherlands and nowadays the DomRep is the cheapest carribean country for europeans. Cause it was my first trip to DomRep I booked a complete trip with flight, transfer and hotel which was totally about 1.700 gulden (nearly 1.000 $).

Before I start to tell you about the interesting things ;-) here are some general informations about Sosua:

Sosua is on the noth coast of the DomRep with a small sandy bay that is not too overpopulated. There are several other small beaches only a few kilometers away. Or you can go to Cabarete, a famous place with surfers from all over the world. The best time to stay your holiday is from Oktober to May: temperature rises up to 32 degrees centigrade. The rest of the year it gets too hot there.

Sosua was founded by some yewish settlers in the early 50's, but during the last 10 years it grows more and more because of tourism. Most of the tourists come from germany so you will find several german pubs, restaurants, beers, etc.

My hotel was a little bit outside of Sosua, so I had to take a cab every night if I decided to enjoy "nightlife". You can choose between the regular taxis (the most expensive choise, about 40 Pesos for a trip insite Sosua), busses (they normally don't drive at night) or the so-called motoconchos, young guys with motorbikes who will drive you for 10 Pesos everywhere in Sosua. But be sure to haggle about the price before you take one of them !!! Normally they start with twice as much as the regular price (sometimes even more) !!! If they don't accept your first offer: turn around and walk away. Be sure they will follow you.

But now, as promised, information about the girls there : When I arrived and went the first evening into town I heard about an enormous raid the police made in december 1996. They closed many of the discos and pubs and arrested a lot of hookers. When I heard it I thought it will now be difficult to find some girls but it was no problem.

You can find the hookers everywhere: on the beach, on the streets, in the bars and the two discos that have still permission to open. Most girls approach you, start talking (offering themselves) and normally touch you everywhere. Some do it in a very aggressive way: they start to stroke your dick directly and refuse to keep their hands away. Sometimes it took several minutes to explain to her that I was not interested. But they really don't care, they will follow you sometimes 30 or 40 meters and reduce their price for an hour. But keep away from them, I heard of some robberies.

The best way to get a girl is to go to the discos at night. The 2 discos that are still open are the "copacabana" in the heart of the town and the "OX2" (called Oxi-dos). Ask your cab driver or the motoconcho, they will bring you there within a few minutes. The entrance fee is 25 pesos, and a beer or coke is the same. Cuba libres or coctails are about 35 pesos. In front of the "OX2" there are a lot of girls waiting for tourists, because they are not allowed to enter the disco alone, only couples and single man are allowed to come in. Don't take one of them with you insite, she will run after you the whole evening !!!

When you enter the disco you will feel like you're in heaven ! A tremendous number of cute girls and something for everyone's taste (if you like colored girls like me !). I didn't see any girl I would call "ugly". Most of them are ok, but some look really like models. You only have to sit down at the bar or start to dance, everything will happen without any activity of you. Everytime I was there and sat down several minutes later 6 or 7, sometimes 10 girls come in my nearness, start dancing in a very stimulating way and stare at me. But there is no need to take a girl directly; you can take a lot of time to make your decision. Some girls will talk to you and ask for a cigarette or a drink, but if you don't like her tell her (friendly) that you are not interested and, if necessary, turn around. Most of the girls in the discos accept this without discussion.

If you have chosen a girl just offer her a drink or give her a smile an she will come to you. The girls do not earn any money if you buy them a drink, but mostly you are expected to invite them or they ask you directly. Just do it and the girls will treat you much better. Some guys from my hotel told me they were disappointed in the girls but some of them treated the girls not much better than animals so they deserve nothing better... I was always friendly and all the girls I had didn't treat me like client and I had a lot of fun with them (in bed, too !!!)

If your girls sits besite you there is still no need of hurrying. Most girls will take you to the backyard of the disco, where are several chairs and tables. She will sit beside you (or even on your lap) and you can talk to her for hours, kiss her (real french kissing !) and touch her tits, pussy or anywhere else. Before you decide to go, don't forget to haggle about the price. Most girls start about 500 pesos for one hour but this is definitly too much. If she refuses to reduce the price just say "No" and walk away. She will surely follow you and offer you a better price. If not, just take another girl ! I never paid more than 300 pesos for one hour and in my opinion this is the regular price. If it's very late you can luckily pay only 200 pesos. Don`t have pity on the girls: a normal hotel worker earns about 2.300 pesos a month so the girls only need one client every second day to spend a good life !!! A funny thing: most girls will tell you the same story. They are 20 years old, are married (but their husband left them) and they have one or two children to feed.

After you've made the price and decided to go they will take you to a motel where you have to pay another 200 pesos for the room. Most of them are quiet ok. There will be a bed and a bathroom and the quilt-cover will be changed every hour. Sometimes you'll have to wait for a free room, but it's no problem. Every motel has it's own bar, where several girls get a drink with her clients afterwards.

During your hour with the girl you can do whatever you want. Kissing, stroking, sucking, fucking or everything else you are intersted in. But take enough condoms with you, some of the girls do not have one and some girls even do not expect you to use one. For oral sex it's realy great but for fucking...please use one !!!

Afterwards you can still get some drinks with the girl if you (and she) like(s), or you can leave her directly and go to your hotel. Important: the bigger hotels (mostly all-inclusive-ones) have security services at night and they will refuse to let girls insite, even if you offer them money. One guy tried to smuggle a girl to his room but he was caught and the next day he had to leave the hotel !

A last advice: If you are interested in drugs or child prostitution (I don't hope so !): forget about it !!! I saw some girls that look a little bit younger than 18 but there are no real childs. The youngest one was about 16 or 17 years old. Police don't like both. If you are caught with drugs or children you will be arrested for a very long time and have no chance to get free by bail or bribery !

Have a lot of fun there !!! The big T

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