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Snow Hill, North Carolina

Snow Hill, North Carolina 9/22/97

Playmates Massage

This is a place that I highly recommend!

Playmates is located on Hwy 13 just about a mile south of the little town of
Snow Hill about 1 and 1/2 hrs east of  Raleigh, or about 15 miles north of
Goldsboro (not to be confused with Greensboro for those of you not that
familiar with the state)

There are usually 4 girls working there at any given time ( you have your
choice of ladies) and they are generally between the ages of 19 and 27ish,
some are College girls at nearby East Carolina University trying to pick up a
few extra dollars for college expenses..... I have never seen less than a 7
at this place.. the girls are generally very friendly, clean and
intelligent... the facility itself, even tho it does not look like more than
an old cinder block building from the outside, is very clean, neat and
comfortable on the inside.

There is a $10.00 one time membership fee and prices for a session tops out
at $120.00 for a full hour nude mutual which they run specials on quite
frequently for $100.00.... This price includes an excellant HJ, touching the
lady and that is it.... don't bother or waste you time asking for anything
more as you will not be getting it for any amount of money!! With the
exception of no sex or BJ's pretty much anything else goes!

The ladies do appreciate tips and i have never run across one there that did
not deserve a tip!  I have always had very plesant experiences at
playmates..NEVER a surprise once!

They also take credit cards and the business name that apperas on your credit
card statement is one that does not reflect back to this establishment so you
do not have to worry so much about your wife getting hold of the credit card
statement befor you do!

They are open 7 days.... Monday thru Saturday from 9AM til Midnight and
Sundays from 1PM til 9PM...

It's just a bit off the beaten path but well worth the trip!

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