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South Korea Travel Reports

Date: Wed, 23 Aug 1995 00:54:24 UTC

Here is a report of a recent trip to Korea.  I was there on business
and had a few days to prowl.  Not speaking the language, nor having a
native escort, I'm sure I missed many highlights, but I hope the
following will provide some insight for any potenti al sex searchers.

I stayed at a deluxe hotel in Seoul.  Seoul is an attractive city.  It
is very clean and has an interesting mix of modern high-tech and 1100
year old tradition. The people are very friendly and accommodating.
The hotel disco was crowded with people, and a very high
female-to-male ratio.  I'm sure there were pro's there, but I'm also
sure they were VERY expensive.  Also, the environment of the club was
aimed at an age group of which this writer only has vague memories.

I knew the Asian "code" of the barbershop sign, (Seoul is CRAWLING
with them) but had been previously informed that the massage parlors
were much nicer.  After shopping in the It'aewon district (great
post-barter prices on luggage, shoes and suits!)  I hailed a cab and
asked for a massage parlor.  The cabby didn't understand, so he asked
a gent on the street to translate (how embarrassing!)  The gent asked
if I wanted a "service girl" (remember this code word) and told the
cabby to take me for a "mess-ah -gee".  He understood and took me
across town to a lovely looking place.

(At this point, I must apologize for not remembering the name of the
establishment, but if you go the YMCA, facing the entrance, go to your
left to the first street.  Make a right and go to the first street on
your left.  It is about a half a block up on your left, next to the
Garden Sauna Hotel....and they're not kidding about the sauna...Seoul
is VERY humid)

I was greeted at the door by two extremely attractive girls.  There
were half a dozen pairs of men's shoes at the door, so I assumed they
were very busy.  If these girls were the left-overs, I can only
imagine what the first-draft picks looked like.

After donning a pair of shower shoes, I chose the younger of the two
and was led to a room.  The room was spare with a mat on the floor, a
mirror on the wall and a closet in the corner.  The girl sat on the
floor and pulled out a pad of paper to begin neg otiations.  The flat
rate for the massage (the room charge) is 36,000W (47US$) The
"girlfriend" charge began negotiations at 150US$ (!!)

I attempted to get the price down to what I usually pay at US/Korean
massage parlors ($60 - 80 including room), but she was insistent on no
less than $100.  I enjoy female companionship, but I also know when
I'm getting ripped off.  I thanked her and beat a hasty
retreat. (pardon the cliche)

I left and walked toward the main street to hail another cab.  On the
way, I passed several "barbershops" and figured "what the hell" I
entered one called "Panda".  It (and several other business's) was one
or two floors below street level.  I was greete d by a cute girl/woman
and asked if I wanted a haircut or "mess-ah-gee".  I indicated the
latter and was directed to a standard barber chair in an alcove of the

She gave me a pair of loose fitting shorts to change into and went to
get a bucket of hot towels.  I hopped up in the chair and she placed a
towel over my eyes and washed my feet with cold water.  This was a
treat considering how hot and sweaty I had gott en in the few blocks I
walked.  She then indicated that the service would be 50,000W (65UD$).
I assumed this would be all-inclusive, and was treated to by far the
BEST massage I have ever had in my life!  Hot towels layered on my
back, an then she climbe d up and walked on it.  Fingers, toes, neck
and brow....nothing was ignored.

She then turned me over and began on my chest.  Smiling all the while,
she gave my crotch a playful squeeze.  I smiled in agreement, and she
pulled down my shorts and grabbed a bit of hand cream.  (I indicated
that I would have preferred a BJ, but I guess AIDS awareness has come
to the Orient.)  She then gave me what I can only describe as an
excellent, professional hand-job.  She laid across my chest and licked
my nipples while eagerly stroking me.  It was as good as a hand-job
can be.

Afterwards, another hot towel was used.  This girl was loving, gentle,
and kind.  I can't rave enough about her.  (and I assume that this is
only typical service) She helped me dress and led me back to the
entrance.  At this point she asked for 80,000W ( 105US$!!)  I reminded
her that she had indicated 50,000 before, but I guess the "extra
service" was extra.  A small language problem ensued, but we finally
settled on 60,000 (80US$).  I was a bit perturbed, but considering the
quality of the service and t he fact that I got a KILLER
"mess-ah-gee", I'm not going to complain.

I will go back.   I WILL go back!

Happy Hunting!

Subject: Prostitution in Korea Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 19:41:14 UTC I have a few questions and comments on the current situation in Korea. Some background info: I was stationed in Seoul in the Army in both 1980 and 1989. As one reader mentioned, the price for a "short time" in the early 1980's was $10, an overnight $20. In 1989 it was $30 for a "short time." This was in Itaewon, the foreigners' shopping and party area of Seoul near the Army base. In 1989, I tried a few Korean red light districts, the biggest of which is pronounced "Mee-ah-lee," located in eastern Seoul. Even with my warm smile and decent, but limited Korean speaking ability, I was more or less shunned by the prostitutes. I was surprised at that, but after talking with a long time Korean friend, I learned that the AIDS scare was the reason. However, the next time I went there with a Korean friend, I had no problem. Apparently, I was considered "safe" since I was with a Korean. For those of you who are wondering what this place is like, I'll describe it to the best of my ability. Picture a few square blocks of one-story showroom-like storefronts all connected together. Each showroom has large, wide glass doors which are always open during business hours. Each showroom is lavishly decorated and the girls are wearing identical, very colorful traditional Korean costumes and seated on the floor or on chairs in rows facing the "storefront" as if on display for the customers. Each showroom is decorated differently and each set of girls is wearing a different Korean costume that those at the next showroom. Its almost as if walking into a fantasyland when compared to the surrounding dingy Korean neighborhood. I should mention we walked past a very big and mean looking Korean standing guard near the entrance area of the red-light district. (Probably part of the thriving and prosperous Korean mafia who run these places). After eyeballing dozens of girls, my friend and I settled on a couple of gorgeous (to say the least) young ladies. We paid the rough equivalent of US $40 each in Korean currency to the Korean "mamasan" (madam to those who've never been there) and the girls led us by the hand to one of the back rooms. These rooms had the typical linoleum floors and few furniture items. Very plain looking when compared to the so-called showrooms. The showrooms are really just beautiful facades to entice customers. One of the girls left and came back with a tray of snacks which consisted of dried fish, fresh fruit and maybe some peanuts. After nibbling on the goodies and fondling the girls, we got down to serious business. The girl I was with wouldn't do anal, but we must have done almost everything else known to man. This place is truly amazing. You really must see it to believe it. Seoul has other red-light districts which cater to mostly Koreans, but none I've seen come close to Mee-ah-lee. In Itaewon, where most Americans look for prostitutes, the quality of girls can't come close to those in Mee-ah-lee. The Korean guys save the best for themselves, I guess. If you're willing to venture out of Seoul, the port city of Inchon just southwest of Seoul has a good red-light district commonly referred to as "Yellow House." It also has glass storefronts with girls on display and was a little cheaper than prices in Seoul. Best advice is to go with a couple of Korean friends so you won't get hassled by any mafia types and won't be shunned by the girls. Seems its a Korean mindset that all Americans are AIDS carriers. The girls are cautious and use condoms and are probably safer in the Korean red-light districts. Foreigners have brought AIDS to Korea, but the Korean government keeps a watchful eye on those with that are HIV positive. Barbershops can be an interesting alternative worth checking out. The good ones have individual booths with a curtain that can be drawn for privacy. An "ahn-ma" or massage was US $30 in 1989 and for that you reclined in the barber chair (clothed) and the girl removed your shoes and washed your feet in a sink. Then she proceded to massage you all over with the finale being she grabbed your crotch and with your nod of approval used some lotion and gave a hand job. Some girls wouldn't let me do more than fondle their ass, others would let me fondle them under their clothes. Some places offer sex, but are more scarce now due to crackdowns in recent years. I'm planning a trip to Korea around Christmas and was hoping a recent visitor could fill me in on the current situation in Korea. Does anyone know the current going prices for hookers in the Korean red-light districts in Seoul? How about in Itaewon? Would also love to hear any recent stories about the red-light district in Songtan, outside of Osan Air Force Base.
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997 11:44:09 -0500 Subject: Seoul Korea Trip Report 12/96 Trip Report - Seoul, Korea 12/96 I was in Seoul for the second week of December 1996 and had the following experience(s). Let me start by telling you that this is not my first time traveling in Korea, however, with the exception of a two stay in August, this was my first extended visit since 1983. As with everything in life, change in inevitable. So I had no misconceptions about the situation being the same as in 1983 and basically started from square one. I was staying at the Shilla Hotel, (a five-star hotel my company pays for) that is located less than a 4-5 minute taxi ride from Itaewon. For those of you not familiar with Korea, Itaewon, or Itaewon Dong is the name of a street located about ? mile from the Yong-son Army base. It is basically the same as it was in 1983, hundreds of small stores and street vendors selling everything that can be sold at reasonable (cheap) prices. The one thing that has changed are the clubs. In 83, there were numerous clubs filled with women. They would literally drag you into the club to have you examine the 'goods'. Now there are still a number of clubs, although these clubs are 'real' bars instead of fronts for whorehouses. Since I'm not one for massage parlors or whorehouses, I was really hoping that Seoul would have the same type of places that Taiwan offers. That is, Taipei has 'hostess clubs', where you go to meet the girl of your dreams, (for that night), have a drink, pay mama-son and return to the hotel with your newly found love to fuck her until your dick is ready to fall off. After making a number of inquires, I sadly came to the conclusion that Seoul does not offer 'hostess clubs' in the same tradition as Taiwan. HOWEVER, I did find what I consider to be an acceptable (and somewhat expensive) alternative. Because of the cost, what I consider acceptable, may not be for everyone. But I will tell you that it was worth it to me and it was the best Asian fuck(s) I ever had. I use the term 'fuck(s)' because, unlike Taiwan, the girl was not tied to a mamasan, she was free to see me away from the club. We say each other several times during the week I was in Seoul. Because she saw me away from the club, I'm not going to be so naive to think, 'Oh, she must like me for myself'. That's bullshit, even though she only asked for money once after the first night, I still paid her the other times I was with her. OK, so here's what happened. After stopping in several Itewon clubs and finding them empty, I finally found one just off the main street that had a very attractive young lady working behind the bar. The name of the bar was the Cowboy Club, or something like that and is located on the third street down from Younson that crosses Itewon Dong. There was a Korean guy, Sam, working there that had lived near where I live in California. He was hired by the bar to be a bouncer/translator/gopher/etc. There were two girls in the club and from what I observed, their job was basically to sell drinks by having the customer buy drinks for them. I invited one of the girls (the best looking one) to have a drink with me. Her English was good enough to carry on a basic conversation, so we sat there for a few minutes and discussed the state of world affairs. I'm not good at making small talk with people who speak English well, so you can imagine how difficult it is for me to try to converse at this level with someone who barely speaks the language. Also, I have never been accused of having a lot of patience, so after the second drink, I asked the girl if she wanted to come back to my room for some dancing in the dark. Her answer was very vague. She didn't say no, yet she didn't say yes. OK, time to consult with Sam. He told me in no uncertain terms, that she would go with me, if I purchased a bottle of booze from the bar. I said no problem, I figured a bottle couldn't cost too much. I was right if you consider $300.00 a fair amount for a bottle of Jack Daniels. That's where the bar makes their money, (pay mamasan). As it turned out, I also paid the girl $100.00. This may not be the way to go for most people because it is costly. But I will say, 'you get what you pay for'. I had one of the best times if ever had in Asia. The young lady was not an experienced pro, either that, or she was one hell of an actress. Her inexperience made it even more exciting. She started off a little timid at first, but then as we progressed, she actually became very passionate and started to make love to me instead of just fucking me. Again, maybe a nomination for an Academy Award would be applicable, but frankly I couldn't care less if she was acting. During the week, she came to see me two more times. Both times, the sex was great and, as I said before, I paid her about $100.00 each time. I have her personal number, and plan on calling when I return to Korea next time. Hope this information is useful.

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