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> I'm planning a trip to Korea in late December and wondering if
> anyone has visited any massage parlours...etc in Korea... I
> need some tips and prices.....

Korea IS a massage parlor. Being a hooker in Korea is
referred to as being a "business woman". Not a respected
profession, but not disrespected either. You will have
an unlimited number of choices, but be forewarned:
most of the women their eat a type of salad called
"kimchee". The sauce used is garlic based, and somewhat
strong for Western palates.

Date: Mon, 20 Mar 95 05:11:46 GMT - In Korea, sexual services are clandestine. As a legal - nicety, you cannot buy a woman's sexual services, but - you can rent her room for the night. The prices these - days are more expensive than the US, but the services - are available *anywhere*. Expect to spend $50 to $100 - for a "short-time" and $300 for overnight. Could you kindly tell in detail about the places of those services as many as possible ? I know a place, the name is Chongliangni, I want know some other places, especially want know the biggest place in Seoul.
Date: 28 Oct 1995 15:28:11 -0400 $60 for a Korean hooker??!!?? My god have prices gone up since I was there in 1988 and in the service there in '84-85. Back then It was $10 short time/$20 overnite in GI clubs outside of Seoul (Ouijongbu). Even Short times in Itaewon were about $20, and the "korean" (non-tourist redlight areas) were cheaper.
Subject: a tip on korean prostitutes Date: 16 Dec 1995 21:00:07 GMT How much does it cost to have sex with a korean prostitute once? expensive - modest - the girls you can find at inns 13000won for room(three hour stay) 30000won for the girl (one sex- it will take about 15-20 minutes) cheap - From Seoul
Subject: Korean Update Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 20:50:07 UTC Capital Hotel - Seoul KAL Hotel - Sogwipo (Cheju Island) Both have Turkish baths and accept Westerners. Cost is about US $100 and includes an excellent bath, steam if desired, and a complete body-to-body rub with oil and a nice hand job. Another bath follows. Tipping: about US $20 is plenty. Both places are clean and private.
Subject: korean prostitution Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 01:20:36 UTC I read your web page on Korean prostitution. Very interesting I must say. I am an expert in Korean studies in southern CA and have done alot of research in Korea. I read the section on Massage parlors and although those are great places to go they aren't considered prostitutes. For a real prostitute you can ask for oh-pal-pal translated 588 which is the bus number and slang word for the red light district of Seoul. A 14 square block area set aside by the government of Korea for legalized prostitution. Same price as the massage.
Subject: Korea Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 17:53:33 UTC A growing trend in Seoul and Taegu is to deny Westerners access to Glass Houses and Room Salons -- two formerly desirable venues for clean, inexpensive sex. All is not lost, however, since there are a growing number of Turkey Baths (Turkish until someone at the Turkish Embassy complained) where for about $100 you'll get a great bath, a good-to-very good massage, and a skillful hand job. All the women I've seen in four Turkey Baths (2 in each city) have been above average to world-class foxes. Give 'em a try if you're in the market.
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 1997 22:54:19 -0600 Subject: korean sex for money While i lived in korea it was very common to receive offers of oral sex at barber shops for only a few extra USDs.
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 17:21:02 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Korea The rates in Korea vary depending on location. Having lived there for a combined total of four and a half years this became very clear. Anyone having the courage to venture into the north of South Korea near the DMZ where the 2nd Infantry Division is located you will find the prices very cheap. Warning though...this area is mainly "villes" around military bases and the soldiers do not like civilians much. They are pumped full of testosterone after being in the "field" for up to three months at a time and only want to drink, screw, and fight when they hit town in force. Tongduchon is one of the largest villes North of Seoul (About an hour) and can get really crazy. I was an MP frequently assigned to "Ville Patrol" to constantly break up fights. The bars don't close, everynite is "Saturday Night", and the mamasans keep a tight reign on the working girls. Seoul however is a very different animal. As told by others on your page the prices are higher but everything is negotiable in Korea. If you know where to look and who to ask you can still get laid for about $50.00 US in Seoul. As opposed to $30.00 for an "all night" in the Northern Villes. Also knowing a few key phrases will help to keep the prices down.
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 01:29:02 -0400 (EDT) Seoul and Kwangyang, Korea Overall, I found Korea the most disappointing country in Asia. I am particularly sorry to say this, because in my opinion, Korean women are amongst the most beautiful in the world. I had three women in Korea, all of which were so-so. One was a call girl that I found through an English language yellow pages ad in my hotel room. Believe it or not, she cost $270 (plus a $30 tip)! This may have been because I was staying in one of the most expensive hotels in town and the agency may have been charging according to what they thought I could pay. But in any case, it was the most I paid for a girl anywhere in the world. The girl was early 20s, nice body, but only marginally attractive face and dress. Someone has since told me that Seoul is one of the most expensive cities in the world. I'm not surprised. The second girl I met on the street in a smaller city called Kwangyang. (I think thats how you say it). I was out carousing with a bunch of Korean guys, and we all had way too much to drink. We started off at a "hostess bar". The girls were nice, refilled your drink, and sang Kareoke. About the closest we got was a few slow dances, with not much more contact than you'd get on a first date in high school. Around 11 or so we moved on to another place, where we all piled into a private room with a couch around a table, like a big booth in a restaurant. A bunch of bar girls suddenly appeared to keep us company. I don't even think they were at the bar when we arrived. Word must have gotten out that a bunch of free spending guys had just showed up. This time instead of Kareoke, there was a somewhat racy video on the TV of a striptease contest in the United States. These bar girls were more touchy than the first group, but it still didn't go much past a hand on the knee or an arm around the shoulder. But, they were looking hot to me though, and I was getting drunk and horny. I asked one of the Korean guys if any of the girls "worked on the side". He said no, but he would see what he could find for me. We left about 1 AM and started looking around the darker, late night places in town. On the way from one place to another my friend went up to a girl in the street and asked her if she'd be interested in taking care of his American friend. She said she'd take me home for the night for $200. He told me to pass it up, (too much money) - but I was ready - and besides the idea of going home with a girl to her place sounded interesting. I'd sure never done that before. Well, we got to her place: a little hovel, but clean and cared for. I paid, and for about 20 minutes it was a lot of fun. She showed me her Buddhist knick knacks, and carried on a conversation in broken English. She seemed sweet and I was really looking forward to the night ahead. Then her cellular phone started to ring -- and ring , and ring, and ring. We'd have five minutes together and then she was off yacking and arguing in Korean with someone on the other end of the line. After more than an hour of this, she insisted she only had time for a quickie and then afterwards raced out the door. I fell asleep for a while and then took a cab home. Bummer. Third time was better, but not exactly a charm. This time I was with a Korean guy in Seoul who worked for the same company I did. After a night of hanging out together, I asked him if he knew of any good places. He said he knew a place and a girl with whom he had fixed up other visitors before. He even offered to negotiate the price. We went to a place in the basement of one of the Korean businessman's hotels. A sign on the door announced "Turkey Bath" and there was a also barbershop poll at the entrance. The place was very basic (think linoleum) and threadbare, but clean. The girls were waiting in a room off the entrance. I wish now that I had picked my own from the lot, because the one he got for me was not the most attractive, to me at least. The service was typical for Asia - a shower and a rubdown, but, get this, only included a "body to body" massage, not full service, and cost $170, expensive by Asian standards. I'm sure others have done better, but unless you really have the time to learn your way around or have really good guidance (better than I had) - stick with the Korean girls in the United States. Or here is a really novel idea - if you have a few weeks or more in Korea (I didn't) head to the part of Seoul where the Americans and other foreigners hang out, and try to meet someone. Korean guys won't even look at a Korean girl over 28, and they are still knockouts at that age. I heard many fabulous stories from guys stationed in Korea who had Korean girlfriends.
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 1997 23:22:47 -0400 (EDT) I'm an American GI who got back from over a year long tour in Korea, and I got to know the hot spots pretty well while I was there. Firstly, be prepared to pay more than you would expect, as Korea is much more expensive these days. Seoul still has plenty of women to offer, and the best area for any foreigner to go would be the "hooker hill" area of Itaewon, about a mile from the US army post in Seoul. There are little old ladies (ajimas) that hang out front of some of the bars and try to lure the GIs in, mostly to get them to buy overpriced beers. The girls can be had for about $100 for a short time. There are also more upscale bars such as the Caddilac Club, the upstairs portion of the Hollywood Club, and the Cowboy Club, all in Itaewon which have nicer girls available for more money ($200-$300 for a night). Be discreet when bringing up the subject, as many Korean women are just naturally curious about westerners and may just be killing time talking to one. The discos and clubs in the area have so much pussy running around there that you may not want to bother with whores anyway, as it's not hard to pick up a regular girl. Most of the girls who go to Itaewon are after a foreigner in the first place. Some of the higher priced hotels, like the Lotte by City Hall and the Silla, near Namsan park, have women working the lobbies and lounges, although discreetly. They should be easy to spot, and will welcome your conversation. They cost around $180 for a short time. Expect to pay about $40 bucks for a budget hotel (yogwan) in Seoul. You may wish to ask a cabbie to take you to Mi-ahh-rhee. Although this fine cornucopia of silky skinned sextresses is usually off limits to foreigners, it's possible to get into one of the store-windowed brothels if you speak Korean or go there with someone who does, preferably a native. The fear of AIDS has many a prostitute paranoid of non-Koreans, despite the number of Korean businessmen who have contributed to the spread while on their "business" trips. Nevertheless, I found one with a friend that took us in and proceeded to win the hearts and minds and intimacies of my native hosts- at least a couple of them. There are very high class night clubs, such as JJ Mahoneys, with $20 covers and $10 beers with genuine models in attendance. Their price is stratospheric ($300-$500 a night), but I hear they will make you a believer. The massage parlors (Turkish bath or an-ma) are less plentiful and a waste of money, if you ask me. One shouldn't have to go half way around the planet for a hand job. Beware of Korean men who approach you with the offers of women for you to meet, as they are either trying to lure you into a mugging, or they're gay- not uncommon in Seoul. Don't be afraid to get up in their face if they get aggressive with you - most of these pussies will back down - but watch for groups of them. There is another place worth checking out if you don't mind a train ride north to Tongduchon. It's the home of Camp Casey and the US army's Second Infantry Division, and it has a bit to offer in the way of women, but do not judge it by the appearances. First of all, forget the immediate area right outside of the Camp Casey main gate. It's a collection of bars and tourist shops dedicated to the military, and the women there are cheap ($40 for a short time, $100 for a long time), but not so hot looking. Get a cab and go to the back gate of the post, in a town called Toku-Ri. It's only about 3 miles away, but the women in the bar/brothels are usualy better looking. Again, try to ignore how this place looks and go to all of the ten or so places and check out the wares. The best times to go are on the 12th-14th of each month or right before the end of the month, as this is right before the GIs get paid, and the ajimas will be much more likely to negotiate the prices. Count on $60 for a shortie and $150 for a long time. Try the New Seoul Club for starters, as you can even charge it to your credit card there! The girls will likely not leave until closing and then take you back to their place, little more than a room in a hostel arrangement. They are down to earth, and speak decent English because of the GI factor. Ignore all the american MPs, as they can't mess with you as a civilian. Happy humping!
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 17:23:30 +0900 Subject: Korean Prostitutes Hi, I've read some of the stories posted about prices of ass in the R.O.K. and i've got to say those fellas are paying to much jack for a night of pleasure. Outside Osan Air Base is a "ville" named "Songtan-Si" and a short time in a mamasan sponsored whore house will run you around $50. An all nighter isn't availible from those girls, but the "jucies" (Juicy Girls are bar girls that get revenue from the non alcoholic fruit juice drinks your're pressured to buy just to talk to her) will hook you up for a night for anything between $60 (not too pretty and the rent is due) to $200 (stone cold fine with nice titties). Now, let's get one thing straight: MOST Korean bar girls are all about business when it comes to sex; eyes closed, little involvement, and if you pump too long (by her standards) you'll get the predictable "You come! You come!" It doesn't make for the most memorable night. This is in no way a derogatory commentary on Korean women, some of the most wonderful women I have ever met were from Songtan-Si. On the bright side (not for them, but for us horny guys) the Philipino invasion has hit Songtan hard and these ladies; while for approximately the same prices for sex as their Korean counterparts, are a breath of fresh air for fellas seeking entertainment. They seem to be less inhibited and (to me) more sensuous than the Koreans. Well, if you're coming to the R.O.K. and plan on being in my "neck of the woods" drop me a line - and bring plenty of won!
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 00:58:34 -0800 I spent some time in Korea, Oct 96 and April 97. I was there alone for seveal weeks without the benefit of anyone's previous experience, so I adventured a bit. Increidble place with beautiful girls all around. And most of them off limits due to the Korean outlook on sex (good girls don't). Anyway, my first adventure was at the Westin Chosun. I was actually outside the hotel looking at a historical sign (really!) when one of the regulars invited me to enjoy her company. There are a couple of different women who frequent the parking lot. At any rate, she and I went into the hotel bar for a drink and then up to my room. We enjoyed a great time on the bed then she got all teary and wanted me to pay for a call to her old husband who had dumped her. And he lived in Germany! Well, I had had too much to drink and let her call. No answer. I was expecting some sort of cost to me, but the only thing was a $2.00 room charge for a LD call. Then she wanted to call her friend and have her come join us. I resisited as well as any drunk, so she made her call, but her friend was out. All the while she was sitting in a chair naked allowing me to play with her furry bits with my foot. Then she decided she wanted another round, but I was temporarily out of order. I had to almost push her out but it was a fascinating night. She was a 7 with a great drive and willing to do as requested. Oh, and after she begged for "sauna" money so she could go relax. A local told me this was just because she thought I was a sucker. Tried the bar scene in Itaewon. Here is the deal. Bring lots of money and expect to leave it there. Don't expect sex, however. I tried the Cowboy Club, the Cadillac Club, and the My Office, among others. Tip number one. Unlesss you are VERY good at pool don't play for drinks with the girls. I saw a guy I figured was the best pool player I had met get wiped by these girls. But if you are not betting I have seen these girls miss the most basic shots, just to keep you there. Actually got one of the girls to go out after hours to an illegal club, but she eventually let me know she wasn't a hooker and left me...anxious. There is lots of touching, but that is about it. Pusan is a different story. Near the waterfront is an area called Texas Town, the Pusan version of Itaewon. Or it was. Now it caters almost exclusively to Russian sailors. The signs are in Korean and Russian. I wandered a bit about 9-11 PM and was befriended by Russian sailors. Beware, they can be a nasty bunch and leave you on the pavement bleeding. But these guys liked me and showed me around. There are various topless bars and they are all fronts for working girls. I was led into one that I never saw the name of. A moderately plump girl attached herself to me (my preference if you must know) and she made it clear she wanted to play. We negotiated at the table and agreed on about $100 for a full service. She led me out of the bar and down the alley to a dark place. I was getting worried when she unlocked a gate and took me to small apartment. It was very clean and nice, the floor was heated in traditional Korean style, and she put on some music and led me to the bed. Half an hour later, she led me to the bathroom, a large open room with a shower head and a toilet. While she relieved herself I showered in the middle of this room. I was fascinated. Then she took me outside helped me find a cab, and kissed me goodnight. Back in Seoul, I bumped into a Caucasian lady in the bar at the Westin Chosun (O'Kims). She made eye contact and I thought I had found a freebie. Well, actually she was a Russian working her way to Hawaii. She spent the night with me for $120. She had a beautiful body, nice face and was the most depressing person I met in that town when she wasn't "involved" or sleeping. Called me the day after to arrange a second performance, but she was just too depressing. I am told that there are a lot of soviet girls working thier way through town. She was definitely worth one night however. Good Luck!
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 19:53:36 -0500 Subject: Korea i spent a year in korea 96_97 this country has some of the most beauties i have ever seen. for some hot action and low prices, go to tongduchon. it's 2 hrs from seoul. link up with a GI and he will guide you to the red part of town.

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