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Sherbrooke, Canada

Date: 27 Nov 1996 09:01:05 GMT

Review: Barby Club
Place:  Sherbrooke Canada
Hours of business: 3:00pm - 3:00am 7 days a week
WHAT IS IT?: The Barby Club is a rare type of establishment as it
is more than a conventional strip joint and not quite a brothel.
It's in between those definitions.

Review: The Barby Club is at first glance a small local bar and strip
joint. When you walk in a rather large gentleman greets you at the door
and escorts you to your table or to the stage whichever you prefer.
I prefer a table which sits back from the stage but not in the corner.
The cost of entry is $2 Canadian or US currency after I think 8:00pm
The gentleman escorting you to your seat is going to expect a tip about
$1 Canadian is acceptable $2 is better if you're with several people
more than that is too much. Once you sit down your eyes will adjust to
the dimly lit room with it's small center stage. As you look around you
will wonder why the stage is empty as it usually is. the Center stage
is not like in the USA, but you will notice booths with 1/4 curtains on
them there are 3-4 in the back and a double one in the front. There is a
jukebox on the wall, there are no DJ's here. This is how the girls select
the CD's that they will be playing for their stage work, it's a bit
different from what we have here in the USA but it seems to work for
them, also expect to hear their favorite songs quite a bit.
	By now you will be shelling out about $5 for a drink to one
of the nicest looking bartenders in the area. (the blond is very nice.)
There are usually 4-5 girls and on busier nights there are 7-8 or more
girls some sitting either at the bar or with customers. The looks range
from 4-9 I've never seen a 10 but a few 9's After you get settled in with
your drink you will notice that everyone is quite relaxed, no pressure,
after a while one of the girls might come over to talk with you. All of
these girls speak French and a few speak English the ones that do speak
English don't speak it very well, so you will have to speak slowly and
choose your words carefully, speaking some French is a plus.
	The girls will chat for a while, if no girls come over then you
can always walk up to one and ask her to come and sit at your table.
Most of the girls are really nice and will spend some time talking to
you chatting it up, tell them you are from the USA, they seem to like
that. One point tho, telling them you are rich would be pointless and
flashing lots of cash doesn't seem to impress them. These girls are
pretty laid back and seem to be more impressed with guys who are decent
rather than someone with money, that is my experience at least.
	After you've had a chance to chat for a while in some instances
they'll chat for quite a while but at some point they will ask you if
you want a dance, there are 2 kinds of dances although you will want
a $10 dance, some girls will do a $7 dance but that's similar to table
dances here in the USA. A $10 dance will get you into one of those
booths. A dance consists of one song played on the jukebox.
The best booth is the one up front with the bench seat, bear in
mind that you might be sharing it with someone else but it's a very big
booth and I had no problem with it.
	The Rules are pretty simple for the most part you can touch the
girl anywhere that you want except her crotch, I don't know why you can't
touch them there but that's the rules. You can suck on their tits, kiss
them all over, not on the lips tho, feel and fondle to your hearts
content, at least for the duration of the song. If a girl doesn't like
something she will tell you. If she doesn't let you suck on her titties
get another girl.
	Some of the girls will do work on the side and they will let you
know about it especially if it's later at night. I suppose you can ask
but some of the girls are engaged or involved and they will say no.
I don't think they would do much other than turn you down, but they
could get offended, best to ask them after your done playing with them.
Most of the girls have to work until 2:00am and cannot leave before that.
	This club is not for everyone, if you just want sex, use one of
the local papers, afterwards expect to pay as you would in the USA.
The beauty of this club is that usually one of the girls will be the
right one and really make you feel like you are someone really special.
The girls change clubs fairly regularly, so there is a good turnaround.
I've tried to be as exact as I could be, for more info read the Helpful
Hints section below.

HELPFUL HINTS: These are taken from my experiences and may or may not
help you out.
*) What is the best time of day to go? I'd say about 7pm no cover
   charge and you can get a good seat.
*) Learn some French, even a small amount will help you out.
*) What is the difference between a $5 club and a $10 Club?
   A $5 club is the same as Strip joints here, no touching at all.
   A $10 club allows you to touch the girl while she is dancing.
*) When you get to Sherbrooke go to a Bank and exchange your money.
   Why exchange my money? You want to exchange your money because the
   bank will give you a better percentage rate. I got a little over 30
   percent, so for every $100 US dollars I got a little over $130
   Canadian. The exchange rates vary so check first before you go,
   especially if money is a big issue.
*) RESIST the urge to call Canadian currency "Monopoly money" at least
   in public. Although one of the Studio Sex bouncers I tipped a $1 US
   bill to said to me "Real Money! WOW! It's been a while!"
*) Don't they accept American currency at the clubs? Yes they sure do
   and to a girl working at a club she hasn't time to fool around with
   making that kind of change. You'll end up wasting your money.
*) Should I tip on stage like in the USA? You can but their currency
   is different and throwing a $1 or $2 coin is a lot different than
   a bill and no one else tips on stage except Americans.
*) Can I ask the girls for sex? That's up to you, but I'd sure use a lot
   of tact asking, usually you can tell if a girl will or won't. I
   suggest an indirect approach. Something like Do you ever date
   the customers or something similar. They will be very cautious so if
   they don't trust you they'll say "No" regardless.
*) Where is a Good hotel that is cheap and decent? That's easy, the best
   place if you're just going for fun is the "Le President" it has the
   best rates in the area, there are cheaper places but I wouldn't trust
   what would come crawling out at night. The "Le President" is a
   Salesmans motel, Big, Clean, and Cheap with a nice indoor swimming
   pool. If someone knows of a better place that is cheaper let me know.
*) Fill up your Gas Tank in the USA for several reasons. Gas is about
   61 cents a litre in Canada there are 3.8 litres in a gallon!
   Second the gas they use is different somehow, and it can damage your
   catalytic converter, at least in new cars, a little won't be too bad
   but why ask for problems.
*) When is the Best time to go? I have only been during the week and I
   have heard that the weekends are really mobbed, so Wednesday and
   Thursday have always been good for me, Tuesday they don't have more
   than 4-5 girls max.
*) How can I contact the Hotel Le President?
   Hotel Le President
   3535 rue King Ouest
   Sherbrooke  (819)563-2941  (800)363-2941

Your best bet is to get a map, but I shall give instructions from
Massachusetts/New Hampshire.
	From Mass/NH: take Route 93 North all the way to Route 91 North
that will take you to Rock Island. This is where you cross the border.
I've used both a Passport and my drivers license, they ask a lot of
routine questions and they have the right to search your car. Most
people won't have a problem but they will want to know where you are
going to stay and for how long, how much money you have, etc...
Your best bet is to be honest, why lie? After you're cleared at Customs
Route 91 North has suddenly become Route 55, North being the only
direction that you can go. :) I think it's about 30 minutes or less
to Sherbrooke, speeding isn't a good idea. Be careful as the road splits
off to the left and to Montreal, remember to stay on Route 55 North.
Road Translations: North = Nord,  South = Sud,  East = Est,  West = Ouest
	You will see an exit for Sherbrooke Route 410 Est, Sud, follow
that for about 3 exits the one you want is Route 112 you want to go
either Nord or Est. I forget which. But the road is called rue King Ouest
it's quite long and I believe it's the second exit for 112 that you'll
see. The "Hotel Le President" on your left. It's up high on a hill and
easy to see. They always seem to have specials on room rates.
	The Barby club is located several kilometers away from the Hotel
Le President when you come out of the Hotel and head down the steep
incline that is their entrance go left it's a 10 minute ride or so into
the heart of the town. I do not remember the name of the street but it's
easy to find, you will stay on rue King Ouest and when you get to a steep
incline and I'm talking a steep, (Oh DAMN!! that's steep) incline at the
bottom take the street on the right. The Barby Club is on the left, go
past it and you will see Studio Sex on the left about a block away.
(Don't be fooled by the name Studio Sex it's a $5 club which is the same
as strip clubs here.) Take a left there and there is a free parking
garage behind Studio Sex. Go to the very top and park walk down the
stairs and walk right and the Barby Club is right there. Don't park in
the street unless you want to feed the meters all night. If you get lost
ask where Studio Sex is located, everyone will be able to tell you how to
get there, but it's a no touch club. The Barby Club is right next to
Studio Sex.
	I hope this review will be helpful to any that decide to try out
the Barby Club. This is my first review and I tried to give as much info
as I could. I hope to review another $10 club in Canada, but I am still
trying to find it.
	To whomever is in charge of the World Sex Guide, please feel
free to add this review to the WSG, but please strip my name and
address out first. Thank you...

Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 15:29:09 -0800 (PST) First of all, you'll have to correct my words and sentences because I'm french-speaking... March 12, 1997, the Canada's supreme court rules that "danse-contact" ( 10$ dance) is indecent and illegal. so the expect that anymore. If you want to go at the Barby Club, the name of the street is Wellington. In Sherbrooke area, most of the club are under Hell's Angels control. So just remember : don't make any trouble. Basic word in french to help you : No: non Yes: oui Thank : merci fuck : baiser, faire l'amour breast : sein If you don't want any ennemy, don't say anything about french language. Most of ( all ?) are quite susectible about that. Many girls understant english (some of them are at the local University and college ), but don't speak it. They are to shy. Spek slowly, and don't get angry if you have give your order 2 times. If that can help you

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