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Shenzhen, China

Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 23:55:51 UTC

Here's a little contribution to the China section of your guide. This
deals specifically with the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) called
Shenzhen (about 1 hour from Hong Kong).

Currently (June 1996) it is dangerous to find prostitutes in Shenzhen
because the local government is cracking down on many crimes.
However, it's quite easy to find girls.  Some recommendations:

o There is a movie theater in a shopping centre in Shenzhen called Nan
Gwoh Ju Yuen.  Here you can easily find a girl.  You have two options,
one is to buy a movie ticket for you and the girl then she will take
you to the theater (very small room) and will give you a blow job or
hand job while you watch a movie! Or you can ask her to do it in a
taxi.  Be sure to pay her after, my friends and I were cheated by
these girls one time.  The girl will costs about $300 Hong Kong
(US$40), the movie (US$10 for you and the girl), and the taxi ride
(US$10 for a 30 minute taxi ride).

o Check out an area called GuangSha.  It is full of 'barbershops'
where you can get your hair washed and get a girl for overnight sex
for about US$65 (you have to provide a place to stay).

I will have more updates later as the situation changes.

Have fun!

Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 10:43:09 +0800 AP reports that police in Shenzhen arrested 30 people who were involved in trading in women. They drove buses on roads linking southern Chinese cities and picked up migrant women. If they resisted, they were beaten and raped. The women were sold as prostitutes or house wifes in remote villages for US$ 160-240 each.
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 11:26:38 EST Subject: China - Schenzhen Schenzhen is just over the border from Hong Kong. Arrival is by Train from Hong Kong, then purchase a 5 day visa for 100 HK$. After exiting immigration and customs, you will see a street going straight away from the immigration/customs building and the Shangri-La Hotel will be in the distance. Walk up this street. After you pass the overhead walkway, you will begin to see shops with barber poles, they are multicolored and some have squares instead of stripes. They will also have pretty girls sitting outside, and they will motion for you to come in if you are obviously foreign. These are barber shops/hair dressers/massage/ and more. If you walk near the big hotels, you will also be approached by persons saying "Miss! Miss!" These are hustlers who will take you to apartments where there are working girls. General notes, the hustlers near the big hotels will take you to apartments where overnight costs will be in the HK$ 1000 and up range. This is about $US 125 for starters. The barber shops are expensive near the big hotels, same as with the hustlers. If you walk a couple blocks past the second big hotel (Century Plaza) and go down the side streets, prices are lower. HK$ 600 for room and girl or less. Quality of the girls does not seem different. Few people speak English, only Chinese. Take a Chinese phrase book and pencil and use them for negotiation for negotiation. Negotiation is a bit tedious, but it can be done. Each barber shop has about 6 girls. At the barber shops, there is a charge for the room (HK$ 200-300) and a separate charge for the girl (HK$ 250-400). You can negotiate price. Make sure that everybody understands before ending negotiations. Insist on paying the girl in the room. Since prostitution is illegal (though very visible), a man will take you to an apartment, which is definitely not first class accommodations. The apartment is the dormitory for the girls and you will have the bedroom, the rest of the place is filled with beds for the other girls. Give him a few dollars to get you some coke or beer- you do not want to drink the water or use the glasses. Insist on clean sheets if the bed is not obviously just done. Use a condom, the girls have industrial strength- so bring your own. About 15 minutes later, the girl will come up. She will take you into the bathroom and bathe both of you- but don't try to make it a long bath because hot water is in short supply. Then you will go to the room. In general, Chinese girls do not French Kiss, do oral or anal. They are, however, friendly and fun if you want to be playful. Be careful of girls who want to learn to speak English, they will monopolize your time with English lessons. If you are staying in Hong Kong, it is about 1-1/2 hours from Wanchai on the subway and train. 1/2 hours is immigration. The prices in Hong Kong, however, are 4-5 times as high. If you find a girl you like, and she likes you, when you return for another visit give her some money to buy food and drink to bring to the apartment- HK$ 100 can purchase a feast. She will bring it to the apartment and will probably reward you with some tentative open mouth kissing and oral at your request. If you have some spirit of adventure, it can be a very nice place. A girl that I arranged to see a third night insisted on washing my underwear and shirt during the day, since I was working and I would be back in the evening. It allowed me to stay in Schenzhen without returning to Hong Kong for clothes and gave us from about 5:00 in the evening to 10:00 the next morning on my last day.

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