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Sheffield, United Kingdom

Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1996 22:35:13 GMT

>I'm going to be spending some time in the Shefield, Doncaster, Rotherham
>area of South Yorkshire, UK. Could somebody please let me know where I
>can find street girls in these areas.

There are several massage parlours on Attercliffe Road heading out of
Sheffield towards Rotherham.  There are also some near West Bar and
West Street to the west of the city centre .  Street girls near
Jessops Hospital off West Street.
Have fun and tell me how you get on!

Date: Sun, 16 Feb 1997 00:12:35 -0800 Here are details of the saunas and massage parlours in Sheffield (U.K.) as of February 1997. There are a group of sauna/massage parlours in a suburb of Sheffield named Attercliffe (towards the Meadowhall Shopping Centre from the city centre) near the junction of Attercliffe Rd and Staniforth Rd. They are : Omega, Fantasia and Doves. Also the Dog and Partridge pub has strippers on some evenings and lunchtimes. There is also the Elysium which is towards the city centre at the Attercliffe Rd/Leveson Street junction (the area is known as Norfolk Bridge). The Mirage is next to junction 34 of the M1 motorway on Sheffield Rd (the road to Rotherham), not far from the Meadowhall shopping complex. To the west of the city centre is the Red Light area with street girls. It seems to cover a large area around Broomhall/Jessops Hospital, off West Street. In this area is the Ambassador (which has a small swimming pool as well) on Gell Street (off West Street). Not too far from here, near West Bar, is Caesars (actually on Corporation Street). Out of the city centre to the south is the Athena at the Abbeydale Rd/Wolseley Rd junction. Prices are (very generally) PS(Pounds Sterling)5 entrance and services PS25 (hand-job) to PS40 (full sex).
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 06:25:54 PDT Sheffield, England Best place is Attercliffe Rd. I have been to a few massage places, but Omega is my favourite. Good atmosphere, pretty women and good facilities. INMH best place to go....
Date: 4 Nov 1997 15:00:46 -0000 In other towns. Sheffield has some good places up on Attercliffe Rd. Omega is worth a try. Had a rally good handjob from a beautiful girl there a couple of years ago. Haven?t been to Sheffield since.
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 11:56:03 EST Subject: Re: sheffield Okay where shall I start???? I visited my first Sheffield massage establishment at the age of 15!!! Almost 16!!! It was the Athena on Wolsely road- London Road area. I have a been a few times since. The Athena is not a sparkling place, in fact- I'd say it was mediocre -nothing more and nothing less. If you just want a quick rub and a 5 minute "bang"- nothing wrong with it. The atmosphere isn't particularly friendly, but it isn't intimidating either- It's just NOT personal. My second visit was to Caesars... Corporation street. I saw a big black girl by the name of Maria- she's still there now. She was my first for full blown sex at the age of 16. Again- nothing special in terms of whats on offer, but the premises are about as good as you get in Sheffield. Both these places specialise in a quick rub with oil or talc and down to business -nothing special. #15 for a wank, #25 for full sex. Really, I wouldn't recommend. At the moment there are some top notch private houses on the go.. As well as one of my all time favourites- FIRST CLASS.. A first class service in second rate premises. All inclusive Body to Body massages- very special- big turn on stuff!!! All inclusive for #25. The girls are average but they really do give a good service. I particularly recommend Helen who has been there some time. My current favourite is a woman by the name of Ingrid. She works from her own flat in the Pitsmoor / Spital hill area of Sheffield. She's in her 30s, she's not particularly attractive, although her voice is sexy! She charges #25to #30. She gives a full hour for this. You can take her any way you like as many times as you can. She's not a clock watcher either. She gives a bit of a massage and some body to body. She doesn't offer it to everybody, and in fact she didn't offer it to me, she just did it to me- but she gives oral without and allows you to come in her mouth. I then usually take her missionary and doggy style- She's "Had some Hammer" so to speak, but you can't beat her for value for money - Highly Recommended.
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 1997 23:19:50 +0000 SHEFFIELD, UK (INFO) -------------------- The best streetwalkers are to be found near the Jessop Hospital, and around Trippet Lane in the City Centre. Best times are from about 8pm until 12 or so, later at weekends. Don't expect to see anyone if it's raining! In these areas most of the girls are youngish (say 16-20) and although not more than 3 or 4 are usually around at any one time, if you come back later it will be a totally different set. So take your time choosing, there are a lot of good pubs on nearby West St if you want to take a break! From what I understand pimps are rare, the girls mostly work for themselves and usually charge around 20ukp for oral and/or sex in your car (or if you are on foot they will take you into a dark corner), going up to 30ukp to go back to their flat/room. You can usually get it without condom for 5-10 extra if you want to take the risk - of course I don't recommend it. Other services such as anal are probably possible but rare. I have never heard of any police 'stings' although they do sweep the area quite frequently - that can often lead to a temporary lack of girls. Beware however - not all the girls are as they seem. Their favourite trick is to get money from you as soon as they get in the car, then ask to be let out to use the phone - "to check their boyfriend isn't home"....I still can't believe I fell for that one! Other areas to try are in Broomhill (mainly around Park Lane) and I have been told that Attercliffe is good but I have never seen streetwalkers there, only sauna places. The girls in Broomhill are generally older, and rougher. For some reason they are also more expensive - unless you are really desperate and Trippet lane is empty avoid this area. Stick to the cheap cute ones :) As a final note - if you find a cuteish (maybe a 8 in my book) looking young girl (about 18 yrs) with short light brown hair called Jane - tell her Adam from London sent you :)
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 18:44:41 EST Subject: ASP Sheffield UK Reference your archive on Sheffield. The information is broadly accurate though the prices quoted are not. The Omega is probably the current market leader but prices start at admission and sauna / massage UKP10 then UKP30 up for service [with UKP5 added for every addition from the basic hand job]. Ceasars still started at UKP25 last September. The Athena does a UKP30 all in but is a dump. However none of your previous correspondents mention Sheffield's 'best kept secret', The City Sauna on Chesterfield Road [The A61 heading south from the town centre}. The atmosphere is relaxed and 'club like' especially on Sundays when it helps to have an intro to get in. The Sauna part actually stacks up against Scandinavian saunas and the fee is covered within the 'service' part [UKP30 inclusive: more if you want rooms with special effects]. Basically the place is currently fun, laid back, relaxed, and good value for money for the kind of client who is ready to respect the professionalism of the girls who run it, especially Tamara, who is a natural in the South Yorkshire Sex Worker Scene. If you are after standard stuff just drop in. If you want to meet somone special ring (44) 114 258 1103, treat them like you'd treat any other professional, and ask for, if possible, a Sunday Appointment. This place is currently the best value in Sheffield, if you can get in. Prices must go up soon. BTW this is a genuine 'john's' message. Over the last 30 years I have hung out in [among others] Hay Street, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia; San Fransisco, New Orleans and Pat-Pong Road. City Sauna Sheffield hangs right on in there as a fun place to be [yes this is a genuine post].

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