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Sfax, Tunisia

Date: 02-02-1998

Sfax, an industrial city 270 km south of the capital Tunis - Tunisia - a Mediterranian but Arabic countries in the North part of Africa. Here you can find an old (very old - over 2000 years old - built in the era of Barbarian time - probably before the Roman came) establishment called Medina. In one of the entrances at the corner facing the Railway, you find a place called Moulin Rouge - a red light district. Between 40-50 girls/woman from 20's till late 40's spread over dozen of houses, not too nice, no English at all except for some word and money. Some of them speak French. Short time charge is 20 US$ in local currency. You come straight to inside a very small room, straight oral/bj/full service. No drink offered, no massage. Just straight sex. Sometime they are rude especially if you don't understand Arabic. A tradition that probably had been on and on for over 2000 years on the very same spot. Just like back in the past ...

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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