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Re: The Glass is up in the Ultra Room - A Report on Recent
Developments in San Francisco

While the rest of the nation and the media focuses on the national
elections set for later this year, a more recent election here in San
Francisco will have greater importance to the perusers of this web site.
Last month Willie Brown was elected Mayor and Terence Hallinan was elected
District Attorney.  When he was on San Francisco's board of supervisors,
Terry not only proposed that San Francisco legalize prostitution, he also
wanted to establish City run brothels to keep the hookers off the street,
prevent the transmission of HIV and generally increase the quality of San
Francisco's commercial sex industry.  Conventions are important to the
City's economy.

There are no City run brothels yet, but there are noticeable changes.  And
those changes are most noticeable in San Francisco's sexertainment clubs.
Since the recent election, the line between strip club and brothel has
blurred.  There are changes in the City's many massage parlors (most of
which are defacto brothels, although not yet run by the City), but the
changes are less obvious since the massage parlors have always been
*relatively* safe from police interference.  More about that later.

The City now has at least four sexertainment clubs; more are expected. They
are located near or in the Tenderloin area.  They vary significantly in
quality and price.  The infamous Mitchell Brothers is the best.  It is also
the most expensive.

The Mitchell Brothers is located on O'Farrel between Polk and Larkin.  Its
on the edge of the Tenderloin and therefore relatively safe.  The entrance
fee is $25 in the afternoon and $30 in the evening.  In its current
configuration, it has seven (7) rooms.

NY Live Room - This room is most like the strip clubs you are probably
familiar with.  It is located in the rear of Mitchell Brothers. There is a
center stage surrounded on three sides by several rows of seats.  The
dancers strip down to nothing, and generally engage in a bit of on-stage
masturbation (themselves, not members of the audience - this isn't Japan.)
The girls range in quality from about 7 to 10; most are Caucasians (unlike
the massage parlors), with a smattering of African Americans and Asians.
(The quality at the Mitchell Bros. is generally higher than at the other
clubs.)   When they are not dancing, the girls (clothed, albeit scantily)
circulate through the audience and are available for lap dancing.  For a
basic tip of $5 (they will ask for a second five dollar bill, but you can
generally defer), they sit on your lap and grind away for several minutes.
Depending upon the skills of the specific lap dancer, this usually
generates a raging hard-on, which, in turn, leads to another tip.  You
cannot touch their breasts or genitals (at least not in this room, and
certainly not for $5), but for extra tips ($20 ++), some of them will rub
your dick through your pants.  If you tip enough, they will grind or rub
you off until you orgasm in your pants while watching the strip show or
whatever.  In the old days (before the other rooms were set up) this was
about as far as it went with even the most adventurous girls.  Customers
would, and still do, "dress for success" by wearing loose-fitting running
pants and even shorts (although admission will sometimes be denied if the
shorts are too skimpy) to maximize contact and help ensure a successful
conclusion to the session.

The Green Room - This room is named after a famous Mitchell Brothers movie
which I have never seen.  It is a favorite among Japanese customers (in the
evening you will sometimes see tour buses for Japanese male tourists parked
in front of the Mitchell Brothers.)  The show usually starts with about 4-6
naked women frolicking under an elaborate shower system set on the central
stage; this is usually followed by a lesbian love act on the central stage.
 Following the stage act, the women are available at tables in the green
room.  The rule here is look, but don't touch.  For a tip of about $60 -
$100, two women will perform lesbian love acts at your table.  69 - up
close and personal.  Your face is about four inches from the face of
another girl licking the clit of her companion.  This is usually something
that a group of guys will chip in for; since the tip needs to be
replenished every ten minutes or so, this can get quite expensive.  Its
perfect for bachelor parties and Japanese tourists, but probably not good
for solos.

The Theater Room - This room probably has another name, but Theater Room is
a good description because that is exactly what it is, and I don't know the
real name.  It is basically the New York Live Room, but darker and with
porno movies instead of strippers.  Because it is darker, the lap dancers
are often more aggressive.  In here, most of the girls will face you while
they grind, rubbing their tits across your chest.  The lap dancers are more
willing to rub your dick to ejaculation, although this will be done with
her hand outside your pants.  Its a clean shot from the Theater Room to the
Mitchell Bros' bathroom.  The tips here run about the same as the New York
Live Room.

Private Room - The Private Room is directly across from the Theater.
Admission to this locked room requires another $10 for 10 minutes.  The
private room consists of two parts - separated by a moat, solid barrier and
an electric eyes - and never the twain shall meet.  On one side sits a
girl, who for a generous tip (usually at least $20) will masturbate herself
for your private viewing pleasure.  On the other side (where you sit) is a
chair, a place to hang your pants and a box of Kleenex.  You get the idea.

Wall Dancing Room - This is where you go if you enjoy vertical friction
dancing.  Its a bit nastier than the Theater Room and the New York Live
Room.  There are generally no dancers available in the Wall Dancing Room;
the protocol is to ask a dancer from the Theater Room or the New York Live
Room to accompany you to the Wall Dancing Room.  You lean up against the
wall and the dancers lean up against you.  The girl will raise one of her
legs between your legs so that you can grind on her thigh.  If you are not
fit, this can be quite exhausting.  The requested tip runs about $15 to $20
for a five minute session.  Everyone keeps their clothes on in this room.
These days many, but not all, of the dancers will rub your dick through
your pants for an additional $20 tip; some include this service in the
first $20 tip.  A few of the more bolder dancers have been known to reach
into a customer's pants (especially when the patron has dressed for
success) and masturbate the customer directly, although this is rare (but
perhaps less rare in the post-election environment) and costs more.

The Copenhagen Room - This used to be the wildest room; in some ways it
still is, although the Ultra Room is now a close rival in post election
era.  It is a small room off to the left as you enter the Mitchell
Brothers.  For some odd reason, there is a curtain at the entrance of this
room.  A continuous coach goes around the interior of the room.  There are
flashlights on the couch, and even though the room is much darker than it
was before, it is now considered rude to use those flashlights for anything
other than verifying the amount of your tip.  The Copenhagen Room has
progressed from something more than a place to watch a lesbian love act
(join the Japanese tourists in the Green Room for that) to a pseudo
brothel.  The show usually starts with a lesbian love act, and the
progresses to lap dancing.  But in the Copenhagen Room - unlike the rooms
described above - the lap dancers are nude.  They bump and grind on your
crotch in the buff.  Pseudo tit-fucking is a favorite; the girls push their
tits together and rub them up and down on your dick through your clothes.
It is now fairly standard for the girls to rub your dick through your pants
during the session. Many now will shove their tits in your face, allowing
you to suck and fondle their breasts while they rub you to orgasm. The
requested tip seems to be $40.  You can give them a $20, but they
invariably ask for another twenty dollar bill.  The more you pay the
nastier it gets - particularly in recent months, now that some of the old
limits apparently no longer apply.  Many, but probably not most, of the
girls will take it out, and jerk you off, if the tip is large enough.  They
usually wet their hands from their cunts or with their mouths before the
fun begins.  In the last month (and this is really new), several have
started giving head.  Plan on spending at least $100 for these more
elaborate services.

The Ultra Room - The Ultra Room used to be built like many porno places
around the country: small private booths surrounding a stage where girls
strip, play with themselves and perform lesbian love acts.  In most places
the booths are separate from the stage by glass.  Not anymore at the
Mitchell Brothers.  And now that the glass is up at the Ultra Room, the
girls can lean in and, in some cases, come all the way into to your own
private booth for more intimate activities.  For about $20, the girls will
lean into your booth and let you fondle and suck their tits while you jack
off.  Some girls will come all the way into your booth so that you can
fondle their whole body while you are jacking off, although they usually
take great pains to make sure your dick is pointed in the right direction
(away from them) when the moment of truth arrives.  You can expect to pay
about $40 for this service.  And for about $100 (although it may be
possible to negotiate a lower rate), some (but again not all) some of the
girls will come into your booth and masturbate you directly while you
fondle their naked body.  The key advantage of the Ultra Room over the
Copenhagen Room is privacy.

If you are getting the idea that Mitchell Brothers is not the place to go
for *cheap* thrills, you are right.  There are cheaper sexertainment
places, although they are less adventurous and the girls are generally not
as attractive.  There are also massage parlors where for about what you
would spend to get a quick hand job at the Mitchell Brothers you could fuck
an Asian girl.  One option is to start the night at Mitchell Brothers, and
then head over to one massage parlors that are in easy walking distance.
If you limit your spending at Mitchell Brothers to about $60, you can do
this for under $200.  Some of the local massage parlors will be covered in
the next report.

Randy Farang.

Date: June 1996 Subject: Some additional Mitchell Brothers remarks First of all, it's still called the "Mitchell Brothers' O'Farrel Theatre" even though there's only one of the Mitchell Brothers left -- the other one sadly passed away, having been shot by his dear brother while his girlfriend hid in the closet. The poor guy apparently drank a little bit too much for bro's taste. No more. Police chief and mayor were good friends of the Mitchells, lots of people wrote to the judge during sentencing, and so bro got away with only 6 years and should be out by now. I don't know if he still owns the place. I disagree with the assessment that the O'Farrel is expensive; if you're content with watching and quietly jerking off, it's much cheaper than your average strip club. This is because no tipping is required at the New York stage and you don't have to buy drinks. The girls are the most beautiful I've ever seen in a strip club, and there are lots of them. Come in early at 11:30am and buy your discounted day pass (you can then leave and reenter later). Later in the day it's $25 and at night they charge $35. You can easily spend 6 hours there. Overprized handjobs are still available in the Ultra room. I saw a guy spend $100 before the friendly performer proceeded to put on the house-provided rubber (in a "golden dollar") and started the handjob. Not recommended. Instead, go behind the Ultra room where you can watch the action through the one-way mirror with no tipping required. Don't miss the Copenhagen and Shower shows. Even without tipping, you get to see a lot. Make sure you know when the next shower show starts so that you get a seat in the front row. I just love to see the twelve bare feet appearing under the curtain before the show starts! After the girls are done with the show, they walk or stand around nude trying to get people to buy their private masturbation shows. As mentioned, it's too expensive, but haggling a little bit with a beautiful nude girl can be fun too :-) Plus, you can get a great free view of the masturbation show from the windows at the left side of the New York room. After a while, they'll chase you away though. Atta
Date: June 1996 The best peep show I've ever seen (well, maybe excluding the ones in Amsterdam which feature actual fucking) is Lusty Lady in San Francisco, on Kearny and Broadway. Single booths, furnished with paper towels, give you a view on the stage, where about 4-6 completely nude girls are constantly dancing. The one-way mirrored windows have disappeared, now all windows are two-way see-through. The girls will come really close to your window and show everything -- no additional tipping required, or even possible. They also like watching you jerk off. 25 cents gets you maybe some 15 seconds of fun. The women change constantly and most of them are very good looking. There's also a single booth with one-on-one service which is tip-based. I haven't tried it. Plus a lot of garden-variety video booths. From what I read in the Spectator, this club is owned by women and very popular with the dancers because of good benefits and a pleasant working atmosphere. Another Lusty Lady is located in downtown Seattle, on first Avenue. I don't understand that they don't open more of them. They sure have a winner with the concept. Atta
Subject: MB O'Farrell Theatre FAQ 1.1 Date: 10 May 1996 17:07:57 -0400 Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre Frequently Asked Questions version 1.1 by Word Smith ( May 10, 1996 0. What's new? - No more dancers in your booth in the Ultra Room. (1.2, 2.1) - Purpose of mysterious "footrests" in Green Door is revealed. (2.3) 1. Basic Information 2. The Rooms 3. Logistics 4. Strategies 5. Map 1. Basic Information 1.1 What is the O'Farrell Theatre? The Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre is a world-famous strip club and sex-show emporium in San Francisco, California, USA. Generally known simply as "the O'Farrell", the theatre features seven different rooms, each with its own show. Every room is open every day. Although you can buy snacks and sodas from a service window in the theatre, the O'Farrell's main product is not food or drink -- it's titillation. 1.2 So it's a strip joint? Well, women do take their clothes off while you watch. But this is not a standard strip club. At the O'Farrell, you can: - Get a lap dance in a theatre-style seat while watching a pornographic movie. - Sit in a restaurant-style booth and watch two women have sex with a dildo on the table in front of you. - Stand against a padded wall while while a bikini-clad woman rubs her body against yours. - Get a lap dance from a nude woman who is playing with another nude woman. - Stand in a peep-style private booth and watch a nude woman who performs for you -- and then leans into the booth with you! - Go into a room for 10 minutes with a woman who performs to your commands while you masturbate. All this and so much more await you at the O'Farrell, as long as you bring lots of money. 1.3 How much do the women touch me? How much can I touch them? They touch you a lot, and you can touch them a lot. In general, you have to tip in order to touch or be touched. Exactly how much touching there is depends on the room you're in, the amount of the tip, and the whim of the woman you're with. Energetic lap dances from women in bikinis, lingerie, and Frederick's-style dresses are readily available. Nude lap dances are available in one room, the Kopenhagen Lounge. See The Rooms section for details of each room's protocols. 1.4 How much does it cost? What about tips? Admission to the O'Farrell is expensive ($20 to $30, depending on the time of day), but that's a drop in the bucket compared to what you're likely to put out in tips. You can easily spend $100 an hour or more having fun at the O'Farrell. You can also get by without spending anything more than the admission fee, but you'll have a lot less fun. For this FAQ's tipping discussion, the services available at the O'Farrell can be grouped into three general categories: stage dancing, lap dancing, and personal shows. 1.4.1 Stage dancing tips Stage dancing tips are as in any conventional club: $1 or $5 shows appreciation for the dancer, and usually get you a smile or a few moments attention from the stage. This kind of tipping happens mainly in the New York Live room. 1.4.2 Lap dancing tips Lap dancing tips are also similar to those in other clubs, although cheaper than in many other cities. The typical lap dance tip is $5 to $10 (daytime) or $10 to $20 (at night) for an indeterminate length of time, usually 2 to 3 minutes. The length of time per tip depends on the dancer and the room. Tips aren't timed to songs as in many other clubs mainly because several rooms don't have music playing. 1.4.3 Personal shows The real specialties at the O'Farrell are the various personal shows available in each room. The tips for these are high, ranging from $5 for basics to $40 or more. See the descriptions of the rooms for more details on tipping practices. 1.5 Are there lesbian sex shows? Several of the rooms feature sex acts between women, including kissing, licking fun parts, fingering interesting places, and penetration with dildos. Some of these acts are enthusiastic, realistic, and sensual, while others are cursory and phony, a half-hearted lick or a disinterested stroke. Some of the O'Farrell women are lesbian or bisexual exhibitionists who really get off by having sex while being closely watched by paying customers. Most, however, are in it chiefly for the money, and some of those are good actors. 1.6 How attractive are the women? Very, and with some variety. There are big breasts, little breasts, and boob jobs. Most have hard, firm, smooth bodies. Most are medium height or taller. Most have very pretty faces (or at least good enough for theatre lighting). Haircuts are various and stylish, although not as punky as you might expect for San Francisco. Ethnic types are mostly white, including California Blonde and European, with a few Asians and African-Americans. 1.7 What are the attitudes and personalities of the women? Most of the women are a pleasure to talk to. Maybe the most refreshing aspect of the O'Farrell atmosphere vs. standard strip clubs is that there is no pretense that you're there to think about anything except sex. You don't have to talk to the women about baseball, real estate, or the weather. Instead, you can tell her how her ass feels, joke about how aroused you are, or ask her how she likes to have sex. And she won't pretend to be offended when you do. Many of the O'Farrell women are intelligent, and some are even intellectual (or at least hip). Most of them understand the power that their sexuality provides them and are strong and fun to be with. You'll find very few victim types or women who feel out of control of their lives, although they have the same sets of problems as other folks in the world, including other strip club dancers. Some O'Farrell women have a "princess" attitude. These women have already decided that you are only there to worship them, that you're barely worthy of that privilege, and that you should give them money without getting much in return. You'll know these women by their attitude when you meet them. Luckily, they comprise a minority at the O'Farrell -- maybe 15%, depending on the group you encounter on your lucky day. 1.8 Will I get ripped off or pressured to spend money? The O'Farrell features seven (count 'em) different rooms, each with its own show. See The Rooms section for delicious details. In various of the O'Farrell showrooms, women will approach you and say "Do you want some company?" or some variant thereof, which is a secret-code way to ask if you want to buy a lap dance from them. You can turn them down with a simple "no, thanks" and a smile, and they'll go away. A few minutes later, another will come by. So, you will get frequent polite offers for lap dances, but you will not be pressured. If you provide a tip and the woman wants more, she'll usually say something like "Do you have another one of those?" or "Do you have a bigger present for me?" If you want to give more, give more. If you don't, don't. Some O'Farrell rooms offer fancier treats, such as two-women sex shows on a table in front of you. When you get one of these, you negotiate the price and the activities to be performed. Some women take advantage of the complexity of the negotiations and your inability to think rationally while talking to beautiful, naked women about sex, and they keep asking for more money in order to do what you thought you already paid for. The way to avoid this is to be sure to agree on exactly what you're paying for before you fork over the bucks. Yes, this does require that you reactivate your brain for a few minutes before returning control to your crotch. Usually, you'll get what you paid for, and everybody will be happy. If you get asked for more money before you've seen what you expected to see, remind your friendly independent contractor of your prior agreement. If there's a dispute at this point, just walk away: do not give up more money (sucker), do not start a scene (you'll get yelled at or even tossed out), and do not patronize that woman again. 1.9 Is the O'Farrell legal? Evidently, because it has rarely been raided and it's been open for approximately 20 years. The O'Farrell is not "anything goes." There are limits, both officially and actually, to what services you can obtain inside. These limits change and vary over the years, depending on the tolerance (or ineptitude) of the current city administration and the attitude and whim of the women and theatre management. If you observe the limits, you won't get ejected, arrested, or killed, and you'll probably still get to have fun. For details, see the limits specified in The Rooms section. 1.10 Do the women there also work as prostitutes? No, with very rare exceptions. Theatre management instantly dismisses any woman who hints that she is available for outside illegal nookie. This policy and the fact that working at the O'Farrell is a lucrative and safe gig combine to keep the women out of hooking. 1.11 Are there other places like this? There are similar clubs in San Francisco. The New Century Theatre, only a block away from the O'Farrell, has several similar features and showrooms. The Market Street Cinema a mile or two away also has theatre-style seating for lap dancing, specialized shows, and a crackling sexual energy. These clubs have generally been recognized as the Big Three of San Francisco lap dancing fun, although the Chez Paree is now the official home of the formidable San Francisco contingent of ASS-C, led by net.deity ALS, while the New Century has slipped lately. A newer club, the Crazy Horse, located near the Market Street Cinema, has its own unique features as well as O'Farrell-like shows. Of course, each club is unique and has its own personality that makes it attractive to some and a turn-off to others. The O'Farrell is known for being the first club of its kind, for having the greatest assortment of shows, for being a tourist attraction, and for having the largest attendance. Its detractors say that the women are often arrogant and greedy, and that the O'Farrell is so big and popular that it's unfriendly. 1.12 Are there women in the audiences? Occasionally. They are usually accompanied by their male dates. Many O'Farrell women take a particular liking to women patrons and provide free lap dances for them. You might like to watch. Although the O'Farrell features live sex between women, the theatre is a bit too mainstream and male-oriented to attract much of a lesbian clientele. 1.13 When I get a <lap dance|show>, can I <do|touch> <[action]|[body part]>? Ask her. If you're wondering about a particular woman's limit, ask. She won't slap you or walk away. She'll tell you what you need to know. A slightly more risky way to find out is to actually try what you want to do. This is not recommended, though. 2.0 The Rooms When you enter the O'Farrell, you pay an admission charge and get a ticket and a hand stamp. You can then proceed to enjoy the shows in any of the theatre's seven rooms, except one room, the Private Show room, that requires an additional $10 charge for admission. You can move freely among the shows. Some of them run continuously, while others happen once every 90 minutes. There is no additional admission charge for the other six rooms. Each room features its own show. The shows include conventional stripping and bikini-clad lap dances (the New York Live room), a private peep show where masturbation (yours) is encouraged (the Private Show room), a small, dark room with two-woman sex shows and nude lap dances (the Kopenhagen Lounge), and four others that offer various other intriguing teases (see below for details). 2.1 Ultra Room: Nude Peep Show with Contact The Ultra Room is a brightly-lit, oval-shaped enclosure ringed with small peep-style booths (about 20 of them). Each thrill-seeker enter his small private booth and closes the phone-booth folding door behind him. The front of each booth is a black mesh curtain, split down the middle, reaching from about waist-level up. Below the curtain is a solid partition. As the show begins, two slightly dressed women enter the room and perform a sex show with each other. After a few minutes of this, the performers are nude. One or both are available for personal shows for tips. Usual tips: $5 to dance in front of you for about 1 minute; $20 to dance and let you touch non-naughty areas, $40 to lean into the booth with you for about 5 minutes and let you touch. The dancers used to climb into the booth with you for $40, but a house rule almost always prevents that now. This show runs once every 90 minutes and lasts about half an hour. 2.2 New York Live: Stripping and Lapping The New York Live is a stage surrounded on three sides by theatre-style seats. The room seats about 100 people. Dancers perform three-song sets on the stage, one performer at a time. They strip from short dresses, lingerie, or costumes to full nudity. While they dance, other (clothed) women prowl the seats and offer lap dances. Usual tips: $1 to $5 for stage performers, $5 to $10 (daytime) or $10 to $20 (night) for lap dancers for 2-3 minutes. Lap dances cost more during busy times and at night. The general rule for lap dances in New York Live is that you can touch anything that isn't covered up. That will get you legs, bellies, backs, but no naughty stuff. Some women allow more. To find out if yours does, ask her or, more dangerously, just try it. If the answer is no, she'll say so or guide your hands away. It's a good idea to respect her limits once they're established. This show runs continuously. 2.3 Green Door Room: Personal Sex Shows The Green Door Room features a three-part show. The action begins on a small curtained stage that actually rises several feet in the air. The customer seating consists of padded stools surrounding several padded tables. The show begins with 4 to 6 women, usually nude (or soon-to-be), playing with each other on the stage for a few minutes. The women then leave the stage and visit the tables in pairs. Upon arriving at the tables, they spend a few minutes playing with each other, inches from your face, for tips of $1 to $5. With rare exceptions, you can't touch the women in this room at any time. This act is just a tease for part 3 of the show. After the table sessions, the women invite you to purchase a personal show at one of the four restaurant-booth-style tables at the side of the room. You can get one or more women to perform for you, but the specialty of this room is two-women sex shows. Each pair is thoughtfully equipped with a full complement of dildos, vibrators, and other toys for your viewing pleasure. Once again, with rare exceptions, you can't touch the women in this room at any time. These shows are expensive. Usual tips are $20 per woman for a basic nasty licking show, $40 per woman or more if you want to see penetration or toys. Warning: this is the easiest place to get less than you paid for. Before forking over the bucks, make sure you and she (and she, and she, and...) know exactly what you're paying for. Don't be vague up front, then find yourself confronted with a demand for more money to complete what you thought you were already getting. By the way, those things next to the stage that look like padded footrests are actually stools that rise from the ground. No kidding. This show runs once every 90 minutes and lasts about half an hour. 2.4 Private Show: Behind Closed Doors The Private Show is just you and her behind a locked door. You're separated from her by an optical sensor, so there's no touching. She's got a shower, a bidet, and sex toys, and you get to tell her what to do to herself and what to say. She'll encourage you to masturbate, and there's even tissue to clean yourself up. How thoughtful. You have to buy an extra $10 ticket to get 10 minutes in this room. Once inside, you negotiate a tip with the woman. The usual tips are $20 for a basic nude show, $40 for her to use a toy, or even bigger tips for more complex requests. All prices include your self-satisfaction. This room is open all the time. 2.5 Cine-Stage: Movies and Lap Dances The Cine-Stage is a movie theatre with a stage in front of the screen. Careful when you walk in -- it's dark in there, and you'll trip on the steps if you don't wait a few minutes for your eyes to adjust! The screen shows porn movies, often the latest releases. O'Farrell women provide convenient lap dances while you watch. Touching and tipping protocols are the same as in New York Live. Usual tips: $5 to $10 (daytime) or $10 to $20 (night) for lap dancers for 2-3 minutes. Lap dances cost more during busy times and at night. The general rule for lap dances in the Cine-Stage is that you can touch anything that isn't covered up. That will get you legs, bellies, backs, but no naughty stuff. Some women allow more. To find out if yours does, ask her or, more dangerously, just try it. If the answer is no, she'll say so or guide your hands away. It's a good idea to respect her limits once they're established. This room is open all the time. Sometimes, the stage part of the Cine-Stage hosts a special show, such as the recent appearances by Divine Brown in which she "re-enacted" her encounter with Hugh Grant, or the legendary Summer and Bambi shows of years gone by (write and ask me about those). These shows feature creative role-playing, costumes, and inventive, raunchy sex. Catch one if you can. 2.6 Wall Dancing: Vertical Lap Dancing If you've become a happy lap-dance customer, your O'Farrell woman will probably offer to take you wall dancing. This means going to the Wall Dancing room, a place that looks like it was designed by David Lynch. The walls are padded in red and white vertical stripes, and odd lights spin overhead. In this room, you basically get a standing-up lap dance, usually for double the tip you paid in the Cine-Stage or New York Live. Many dancers will lure you to this room with the promise that she can "get more nasty" in there, but this promise is often unfulfilled. If you relish the idea of standing up while you grope and rub, wall dancing is for you, but otherwise you can get equivalent thrills sitting down for smaller tips. If she offers to "get more nasty" in Wall Dancing, ask her how. If the answer isn't good enough for you, just say no. This room is open all the time. 2.7 Kopenhagen Lounge: Nude Laps The Kopenhagen (or "Kope" to dancers and knowledgeable theatre denizens) is a small, dark room ringed on all sides by red couches. When you enter, you'll find a muted flashlight on each seat. As the show begins, music fills the room and two women enter. They proceed to perform a show which may consist of them stripping in front of patrons, sitting on laps, or taking off their clothes and playing with each other briefly. After that part is done, the real business of the Kopenhagen show begins: nude lap dances. For $20, you can get a nude lap from either of the performers. Some women allow you to play with their breasts during these laps, and others don't. Some will get friskier with you for a larger tip. As always: ask. This show runs once every 90 minutes and lasts about half an hour. 2.8 Does every room operate every day? Yes, all seven are open every day. The New York Live, Cine-Stage, Private Show, and Wall Dancing rooms start up as soon as the theatre opens or within a few minutes thereafter, and continue until closing time. The Ultra Room, Green Door Room, and Kopenhagen Lounge each start every 90 minutes and last for about 20 to 30 minutes. The start times are staggered for your prurient convenience so that one of the three starts on the half hour, every half hour. Schedules for these shows are posted at the front of the theatre and inside the snack window in New York Live. 2.9 Do the women move from room to room? Yes. Women can move freely between New York Live, Cine-Stage, and Wall Dancing, the main lap dancing venues. The other shows have designated performers each day, and only those performers can be in those rooms. Sometimes the women just stand around between rooms. You can approach them for lap dances. 3. Logistics 3.1 Where is the O'Farrell? Is the neighborhood safe? The O'Farrell is located at 895 O'Farrell Street (at Polk) in San Francisco, on the edge of the seedy Tenderloin district, but only one block from tourist-friendly Van Ness Avenue. The location is pretty safe, day or night, but deteriorates rapidly nearby, especially to the west and south (into the Tenderloin). Even if you are city-phobic, you should be able to deal with parking nearby and walking to and from the O'Farrell, especially during daylight hours. See the How do I get there? section for more details. Coincidentally (no, really!), the O'Farrell is just a few blocks from the heart of San Francisco's bustling street prostitution business. By traveling west on O'Farrell Street toward the financial district (driving if you're city-phobic), you can see some of San Francisco's most attractive street hookers at most hours of the day or night, dressed just the way Hollywood says they do. The largest concentration is usually around Leavenworth, Jones, and Taylor streets at their intersections with O'Farrell, with more to be found a block or two north on Geary and Post streets, with less attractive women and transvestites a block south on poorly lit Ellis. Even if you're not interested in hiring an illegal sex buddy, just watching and hanging out with the hookers can liven up your visit to San Francisco. On a Saturday night at 10 PM, you'll find 40 (count 'em) hookers within a block of Jones and O'Farrell. It's ground zero at zero hour. Remember, unlike the O'Farrell Theatre, prostitution is illegal in San Francisco at this time, so be careful. More information on San Francisco's street hookers is beyond the scope of this document. 3.2 What are the hours and admission charges? The O'Farrell is open from 11:30 AM to 2:00 AM Monday through Saturday, and from 4:30 PM to 1:00 AM Sunday. It's $20 to get in before noon, $25 from noon to 6:00 PM, and $30 after 6:00 PM. To make sure you have the latest information, call the O'Farrell at 415-776-6686 on the day you want to go, or check the web site at 3.3 How do I get to the O'Farrell? Practice, practice, practice! From downtown San Francisco: drive to O'Farrell and Polk (one block east of Van Ness) or take a cab. If you can afford to visit the O'Farrell, you can afford to avoid San Francisco's mass transit system. Every cab driver knows the way, of course, and it's a quick ride from anywhere downtown. If you're particularly adventurous, you can walk from your downtown hotel. From points south (the peninsula, San Jose, San Mateo, Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, and other places): take U.S. 101 north to San Francisco. Once in the city, take the Mission Street exit. Turn right onto Mission. Turn left very soon onto South Van Ness (at the Coca-Cola clock). Continue on Van Ness for a couple of miles to O'Farrell Street. Turn right onto O'Farrell (just past the car dealership where Herbie the Volkswagen came from in "The Love Bug".) Go one block and look for the marquee on your right. From points north (Sausalito, the rest of Marin County, San Rafael, Sonoma County, and other places): take U.S. 101 south across the Golden Gate bridge. Avoid head-on collisions. Continue following the signs for 101 south after the freeway ends. You'll eventually end up on Van Ness Avenue. Turn left at O'Farrell Street, just past the Cathedral Hill Hotel. Go one block and look for the marquee on your right. From points east (Oakland, Berkeley, the rest of Alameda County, Walnut Creek, the rest of Contra Costa County, and Philadelphia): take I-80 across the Bay Bridge into San Francisco. Pay the outrageous bridge toll (this will help prepare you for tipping at the O'Farrell). Follow the signs to U.S. 101 north. Once on 101 north, take the Mission Street exit. Turn right onto Mission. Turn left very soon onto South Van Ness (at the Coca-Cola clock). Continue on Van Ness for a couple of miles to O'Farrell Street. Turn right onto O'Farrell (just past the car dealership where Herbie the Volkswagen came from in "The Love Bug".) Go one block and look for the marquee on your right. From points west: sail through the Golden Gate into San Francisco Bay. Avoid suicide leapers. Dock at St. Francis Yacht Club. Elude security. Take a cab to O'Farrell and Polk. 3.3.1 Where can I park? You can look for on-street parking all around the theatre. You have to return to your car every hour to feed the meter. If you prefer a lot, there are several nearby, mainly on Van Ness. Recommended, but expensive: the Cathedral Hill parking garage is indoors and safe, but it will cost you about $4/hour. Cheap, but not indoors: there's a lot on Van Ness just north of O'Farrell where you can park all day for $5. Other possibilities: garage above The Good Guys on Van Ness at Geary (also expensive). 3.4 Once inside, is the theatre safe? The O'Farrell Theatre is very safe. The clientele are upscale enough to have coughed up a big cover charge and aren't going to cause any trouble. No alcohol is served, so nobody gets drunk and stupid. Security is subtle, but it's there, and bad things almost never happen. It's safer than your average ordinary strip club. 3.5 What should I wear? This is San Francisco. Wear whatever you want. Dress up or down, or in drag. A recently removed sign in the O'Farrell lobby read "Federal law prohibits the selling of tickets to any patron wearing shorts." Don't you be fooled, friend. Go ahead and wear those shorts. There is certainly no such law, and the sign was not an attempt to make you comply with some club policy. Patrons in shorts have equal rights at the O'Farrell, although some have reported being told to be sure to wear long pants "next time". 4. Strategies Before you go, figure out how much you're going to spend and what you really want to do. Take all the money you intend to spend and leave the rest, including your wallet, at home. Bring the money in the denominations you will use: $5 bills are most versatile, $20s most beloved by the women. Decide what you prefer: lap dances, two-woman shows, lots of contact, or whatever. If you want occasional lap dances, you can probably get by on $20 to $40 an hour, or more if you're there at night or at a busy time, when prices tend to go up. If you want some of everything, you can have a great time for about $100 per hour. It's your money -- you decide. 4.1 More information For more information, call the O'Farrell at 415-776-6686 and get their information-packed recording. Read Visit the web site at Check out The Spectator, San Francisco's excellent sex newspaper, for news and features. If you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections, write to me at . All e-mail is cheerfully answered. 5. Map Here's an ASCII map of the O'Farrell that somebody posted a long time ago and I updated (best viewed in monospace font): _____________________________________________________ | | b | | | | | stage / O o | | | | | / o | | New York | | | / O t | | Live | | | / O h | |o o| | |_/ Green Door s | |___________| | |(tables) Room | | | O | seating area | | | | snacks/drinks | |__________________ ___ ____________________| | | |___________| | | Cine-Stage | _o_o_ | | __________ o/ \ | | s s| |mens| o| | | | seating t c| |Private| | o|Ultra| | | a r| | |room| o| | | | g e| | Show | | o|Room | | | area e e| |_______|____| o| | | | / n| | | o\_____/ | | | | ooooo | |__________________| |____________|______________| | Wall | | | Dancing Room | |__________________| __________ | |o o o o o o o o o | | tickets | | |o Kopenhagen o | |__________| | |o Lounge | |o | |o couch seats o | souvenirs | |o o o o o o o o o |___| entrance |___________| 6. About the Author Word Smith <> is the author of this document. Copyright 1996. All rights reserved. Mr. Smith's only financial relationship with the O'Farrell Theatre is that he has spent large amounts of cash there.
Subject: Re: [ASP] San Francisco & strip-club dancers/prostitutes Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 13:33:53 -0700 > >Does anyone know of any girls at the San Francisco strip-clubs, > >especially Mitchell Bros., who are looking to turn tricks. I'm not a > >cop I just have a weakness for dancers, especially ones at Mitchell > >Bros. > > I still think that nothing beats the Market Street Theater! Granted, > it's not the prettiest one and not in the nicest neighbourhood, but > it's the hottest stripclub in the US that I've seen so far and > pretty much everything goes. It starts with them dragging you on > stage for a generous tip and rubbing their sweaty tits all over you > (incl. face), letting you touch them pretty much everywhere during a > lap dance and yes, I've heard of girls who are willing to do the > rest, including letting you eat their pussy side-by-side with > another "lap" dance couple. Of course, not all of them do > everything, so start slow and get a feeling for what you get > backstage. > > As the name says: it's on Market Street and they specialize in > famous (porn-) big-tit guests, who perform one week at a time and > whose tits you can get in your face if you sit in the front row and > tip. I don't think that you can get any of THEM to go backstage, > though. On the other hand: I never tried... Don't expect any widespread prostitution in these clubs. There is just too much to lose for the club mgmt, particularly at Mitchell Brothers. That said, there are certain acts of prostitution that can and do occur at Mitchell Brothers. I have had a hand job and has also received head by dancers. Both occurred in the Kopenhagen room, but your lookng at an $80- $100 tip---ther3e are better values out there. I have also heard of patrons striking up a conversation with a dancer during a lap dance and then making arrangements to meet elsewhere. This is everthing I know at present. Good luck and keep us posted.
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 1997 17:23:23 -0600 Mitchell Bros was fun, but much less crowded on the 3 nights I was there. If you go, make sure you print the coupon from You'll save 10 bucks on admission. The farthest I got was hand jobs, but from gorgeous chicks... The cabana rooms are fun, but there is something exciting about getting your dick stroked by a gorgeous girl in public. (Copenhagen room). Have fun guys.
Subject: [ASP] Report SF Strippers/Hookers Date: Wed, 04 Jun 1997 16:05:45 -0700 A recent post inquired whether dancers at local clubs might be available for a sexual encounter, either at the club or elsewhere. I found this intriguing and decided the matter was deserving of further investigation. During the past week I visited the Market Street cinema three times and the nearby Crazyhorse strip club once. I can report that pussy is readily available at the Market Street club. Forms of sexual entertainment that may be found here are handjobs, blowjobs (French) and at least on one occasion intercourse. The club has established a two tier pricing system. General admission to the club is $15. This covers entry and the main stage to view the dancers ( I use the term lightly). The real action occurs in four backstage rooms for which there is an additional 10 buck charge. There is a mini theater showing continuous porno flicks featuring big bust women. In fact, big busted women appears to be a central theme of this place. The feature performer this week was "Minka", a lady with 60GG tits and billed as the biggest busted women of Hawaiian/Vietnamese decent in the world! A claim that is hard to dispute. The other backstage rooms offer a more private atmosphere to do what needs to be done. There are several cabanas in each area which are very dimly lit. The "workstations" include a chair, box of Kleenex and a trash can for used condoms. The mini theater also has open cabanas along the rear wall making it possible to watch the porno whilst being serviced. Now to details of my experiences. First, I suggest you arrive "dressed for success" with very loose fitting athletic pants or shorts and no underwear. This type of fashion statement signals to the girl pretty much what your interested in. The next step is to stand in the darkened wall-dancing area in the main room. The girls will come up to you and ask if you would like company. At that point I would screen the lady by bringing her close to me and start fingering her ass, pussy and tits. The really hot ones will respond agreeably and grab ahold of your cock. At that point you can proceed to one of the aforementioned backstage rooms. I found prices to be all over the place. The first encounter took place in the "sin" room and including a hand job with the dancer in the nude. The session included fingering her pussy, tit sucking and kissing. Total charge was $20 complete. The girl stated she would suck me off for $40 but needed to get a condom from her locker. I neglected to get her name but she was a very attractive blonde. The second session of the afternoon was with Taylor, another blonde with several piercings and a hot body. Taylor did me against the wall in the Cine' theater. Extent of the action was similar but Taylor didn't remove her top and G-string. In fact she was dumbfounded that I got the "sin" room session for $20, insisting that service starts at $60. I returned to market street a couple of days later and had a memorable experience with a light skinned black girl named Sensuous. Sensuous had just gotten off stage and during my initial screening in the wall dance area, I felt her pussy was really wet. We adjoined to the backstage area for the one full service session during the course of my visits. This time I brought my condoms. We began with the usual feely-touchy and suddenly she sits on my very erect penis. As we're pumping I could feel her pussy was just soaking, an indication her moans were not faked. Several minutes later I shot my load and used the conveniently located Kleenex dispenser to wash up. The most unusual aspect of this encounter is that Sensuous didn't ask for money up front which is a first for a place of this type. I tipped her $60. The next day I had a dancer named Tess against the wall in the cine' theater. The going rate at this location is $20 but Tess negotiated $40. After our session had cum to its final resolution we continued talking and I learned she will do outcalls, but in her own words, they don't come cheap. She quoted $300 for oral climax and $500 for fucking. She adds that oral is her specialty and that most clients tell her it is the best blowjob ever. Check the dancer schedule if you would like to pursue this further with Tess. I passed on the opportunity. Thinking back on my experiences I would say Market street is a good place for a horny guy to spend a few hours. The entertainment is pretty good and it is possible to cum twice for between $65 & $85. These clubs are certainly no Patpong but do deliver good bang for this side of the Pacific.
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 20:31:52 -0400 (EDT) Subject: unusual experience I recently had an unusual experience at The New Century in San Francisco. I was in town for the night from the south bay. I was going to check out the massage parlors in the tenderloin area. I was there early (6pm) so I decided to go to The O'Farrell theater to get in the mood so to speak. I was surprised to find they have raised the admission to 40 bucks!!!! No way! once I was done with a few dances I would have been out 80-100 bucks without so much as a hand job! So, I decided to check out the Century around the corner. I had never been there before and it was only 15 bucks so I went for it. Upon entering I understood why it was only 15 bucks. It was a dump! An old theater with torn orange curtains as a back drop, no air and a huge old fan blowing the odor of the girls and smelly customers around. I didn't even get to sit down before I was propositioned to go upstairs and "be alone" with a tall German blond for 40 bucks. I said I wanted to sit and get a feel for the place. I sat down near the runway and watched a woman doing a sex show with a dildo. I stayed for a while and tipped a few dollars to keep the show going at my side of the runway. A beautiful black woman came and sat next to me. She introduced her self and asked about me and we chit chatted for a while. Then she asked me if I wanted a free tour of the place. What a salesperson! I said sure and we were off. It was the shortest tour in the history of tours and we ended up in the back of the stage area, small booths with curtains over the entrance. My black beauty invites me in to talk about all the fun we can have "What a sales person!". As soon as i get in she starts rubbing my Dick through my pants and putting my hands on her breasts. She described the things we could do and starts unbuckling my pants What a salesperson! 40 gets a lap dance and for 80 we can play doctor! She slips on a rubber glove and greases me up and starts in on my cock! it was great she has her top off and I'm fingering her pussy. She is going nice and slow. If i didn't know any better I would have thought she was enjoying the work I was doing on her. We kept playing for around 10 minutes. then she really picked up the pace and so did I . It was heaven! I came so fucking hard and she didn't let up. I finally had to stop her hand. What a great hand job. I never did get that massage, maybe next time.
Subject: [ASP] SF chez paree Date: 1997/12/20 found myself down in the tenderloin for a christmas party so i decided to check out the chez paree. i'd heard that it was totally nude dancing in private curtained booths. i'd heard the dancers kept the curtains a little open so management could see what was going on. i just went with my christmas bonus in my pocket-- $20 at the door (friday night), $4 coke, semi-beautiful girls on stage. then a beautiful young dancer (don't remember the name) asked me if i wanted to go to the back for a private dance. i said yes and we headed back to the curtained area. she kept the curtain open a little. i went with the $60 for a totally nude dance and she writhed on me, letting me touch everything on her but her titties and her pussy. i went $60 again on the next song because she was so hot and she got a little bolder with her moves but nothing at all extreme. i said thanks and bye. she was cute as hell. i got back out and a siliconed old bimbo (but pretty fine) hit on me. i waited for her to tell me the story and she said, "skin to skin, whatever you want...". i was curious to see if that would change in the back. we started in one of the front booths but the curtains wouldn't close all the way so she had me wait, all the while kissing and holding her, until a back booth opened. we switched to the back and she knotted the curtains closed. she was serious. for $100 i got a totally nude dance (two songs-- not one) with complete inhibition. i was fingering her while she rubbed my cock through my pants. by the end of the second song i asked her if i could take it out. she gave me new rules, for $40 i could take it out, for $80 i could fuck her siliconed titties and come on her. i paid $80, whipped it out and came all over her chest. she gave me her card. slightly older but fine if you want results. she kissed me on the mouth, even a little tongue. it was cute. there is sex going on at chez paree. ask for cassie.

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