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Date: 07-01-2001

Most of the high quality girls, or at least the ones that dress that way, are currently hanging out around Geary and Post in the tenderloin district of San Fran. When driving by these girls they immediately say $100 minimum before getting into your car. Now on the street these girls look good, but usually dress and wear make-up to cover up flaws (stretch marks, scars, etc.) I picked up a 24 year old girl that looked good on the street, but only so so when we got back to the room. She had had three kids and some serious stretch marks. She was reasonably attractive and the service was good for a half and half. She failed to mention she was on her period and it was a HEAVY day so there was blood everywhere, including on me. I was sure glad we didn't have a car date, that wouldn't have been good. But seriously, she shouldn't have been out that night for her flow. She charged me $120 for half and half plus $40 for the room. This took place around May 5, 2001.

Now other girls who are not quite dressed as well are also around in the tenderloin. They usually hang around in the six or nine blocks from post and Geary toward market street and toward the financial district. Car dates for straight sex can usually be had for about $50. Although finding those girls might take some driving around.



Date: Unknown

I've never patronized any of these, but have asked about them. They tend to fall into two classes: honest establishments where there are constant worries about being busted, which means that you'll have to visit several times to build up trust before being offered sex, or, on the other hand, dishonest rip-off shops that use bait-and-switch tactics.

These tend to be run by various Asian mafias, and their modus operandi is to get a john in a room, with clothes off, at which point the "masseuse" will suddenly demand more money. If he refuses, thugs break in and throw him out in the street. This is one of the easier ways to get burned while buying sex. I've never patronized such joints, but have heard numerous complaints.

Option (b) are expensive professional cathouses. These tend to be in good neighborhoods, very costly, and very discreet. Good luck finding one if you're not a friend of a friend. These are the places that cater to the city's economic and political elite, in brief.

The third option is to visit the streetwalkers' quarter, in the Jones/Leavenworth/Sutter triangle. I was a patron there several times a few years back, and was rarely disappointed. One can generally find an attractive friend for a half-hour for about $75 (the price may have gone up since then). Most have their own rooms in the local residence hotels.

I had several very pleasant experiences here, after carefully choosing who to patronize. The hookers here are, or were, generally a sweet, pleasant, intelligent bunch, and they give value for money with little game-playing or hassle.

Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule, but you can figure that out on the spot based on a minute's conversation. (Try actually _talking_ to hookers - you may well be pleasantly surprised at the intellectual verve of some. There are a number of working girls with liberal arts degrees who've figured out that turning tricks certainly beats typing and pouring coffee for lousy hourly wages.)

Are there risks in this? Assuredly. You probably don't have to worry about HIV if you patronize one of the expensive professionals who isn't a junkie, and who uses condoms regularly. Proper condom use really does cut HIV transmission rates to about zero. There are some things you can transmit, like herpes, even if a condom is properly used, though. Your choice, your consequences.

Do ripoffs happen? I've never had it occur. Some of the working girls warned me about the local black prostitutes, who are apparently notorious for taking johns to alleyways where they have male friends lying in wait. This is a great way to get beaten up and robbed...

Can you get busted? Certainly. Mayor Jordan is no friend of the sex industry, and his cops are regularly out rousting hookers and writing up johns. There are police decoys who look just like regular working girls lying in wait. (Note: you can generally spot these with a bit of care, since other, genuine hookers shun them like the plague.)

Note that virtually all of these problems would vanish if the city were simply to legalize and tolerate the trade, as many European cities do. That, though, would be logical. As well as highly offensive to the all-too-numerous moralists and hypocrites among us... (One very nice hooker I got a chance to talk with told me that she has a large number of professional customers, including several judges and at least one priest :-)

Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995

>When do the vice get around the San Francisco Tenderloin Area?

Well, it can, of course, happen any time. Gals have told me Tuesday and Thursday were the days of choice by the squad (heard this about a year ago) and there were a few vice cops who are of Asian descent. This took a lot of girls by surprise, and resulted in lots of busts.

Also, tourist seasons (like xmas and summer) they want to "keep the streets clean."

Friday and Saturday is crowded and competitive, but I would think the cops have more urgent matters to deal with on weekends.

Another post gave an area to find them, but I would extend that a little: Mason and Post the NE corner of the "zone," Larkin and Ellis the SW. Be aware, though, as you approach the extremes (the nearer you get to Polk Street), the more gender-benders you'll encounter. (Hey, this is San Francisco!) But I've seen TVs and such as far "in" as Geary and Leavenworth (caveat emptor).

One street with lots of she-males is Ellis between Hyde and Larkin, but I've encountered gals who worked this block because (they say) the cops don't hassle the TVs. Wonder why. (used to live in this neighbor. One night I'm out walking with a buddy, and we're walking down the above-mentioned block. It was pretty empty. Up ahead of us, against a building, we see a piece of discarded furniture, like an old living-room television, and I see somebody hiding behind it. Uh-oh, we says, danger ahead. When we could finally see, we saw a she-male the size of a football player, reminiscent of Roberta Muldoon from "World According to Garp," trying to give a blowjob to a fat, short and drunk Mexican guy with a limp dick. We held it in till we turned the corner, then we busted our guts laughing!)

By the way, as you cruise this neighborhood, you'll see some corners where two young guys are hanging out together: these are probably small-time drug dealers. Wish the cops would concentrate on these creeps instead of the girls.

If (and that's a big _if_) you have the street smarts and are comfortable enough in the area, I'd think the least likely way to get busted when trying to pick up a girl is to park your car and get out and walk (do not do this south of Ellis St!). If you're going to the Century theatre or Mitchell Bros, you're already there. You also get a better look at what you're getting this way. I've done this, and I had the impression the crack dealers made me for a cop. If a girl does, though, you'll probably be able to convince her otherwise.

Can anybody comment on the threat that the SFPD was going to start busting the johns? If so, please post, as I haven't heard what became of that idea.

Date: Mon, 29 May 1995 Subject: SF,CA trip report

For a change of pace, a posting of some real experiences ...

Here's a trip report on the streetwalker scene on San Francisco. Just spent most of a week in there , something I haven't managed to do for a few years.

As far as I know, the Tenderloin area has the most active streetwalker scene in the US, maybe with the exception of Honolulu and NY, though I never checked out NY in person. What is increbidle is that it is concentrated on about a ten square block area. Post, Powell, O'Farrell, and Larkin streets. On a good night, say Thursday night after 11pm, there are a least three or four dozen, of all sizes and shapes.

Avoid going south past O'Farrell, its pretty rough and you'll know immediately. Avoid the girls west past Larkin, most are TVs or crossdressers. Hot corners are Geary x Leavenworth and Taylor x O'Farrell. The single or couple Mexican-looking men loitering on some of the corners are the crack dealers.

As far as my experience, the streetwalkers come in two classes. The "pimped" variety, which are usually white, late teens or early twenties. Some of these girls are gorgeous and dressed very well. One in particular, Chelsea, had legs up to her neck, blonde, nineteen and very cute, somehting out of the cover of Sixteen magazine. These girls tend to be expensive, usually minimum of $60 for a blow job in the car. At $100 for a half-and-half at a nearby sleazy hotel, which will cost you another $20 to $25. Watch out, some will want to get away with just a blow job or a hand job once you are in the room. A full hour will run you $200-$300, negotiate up front whether that's one or more climaxes. You may be able to get longer times but remember, they have to account for their time and money to someone so its not going to be cheap. For the shorter times, they will hit you up for more once you get there as well, especially if you are not sober.

The other kind you find there are the various coke whores or druggies. They are easy to tell apart because of the way they are dressed, cheaper clothes,etc. It's buyer beware for them but its cheaper, anywhere from a $20 rock to $50 for half-and-half. No recommended unless you like the real sleazy type. To avoid junkies, always check their legs !!! If they are wearing pants, its a sure sign.

From one of the girls, I understand Tues and Thurs are vice-nights though it was hard to tell on Thurs night. Apparently there are two female decoys, though they mostly concentrate on the girls. 9 out of 10 times. When stopped, cops will run the 'john's license and let him go after a stern warning. A few years ago, after I picked up a girl, an unmarked car pulled aside. The girl and the guy in the car talked, she got out, the guy warned me to "leave the prostitutes alone" and that was it. I drove off and came back an hour later and picked up the same girl.

A recommendation is to go there during the mid to late afternoon around 4pm. They choice is smaller but it's more relaxed. A let less traffic, you can actually take a better look at the girls in daylight before they get in the car, and they are not in as big of a hurry and more willing to negotiate for a lower price. You can also walk around, its quite safe there, grab a bite to eat and a brew. Walking around meeting the girls first is also good since it gives you a chance to chat before you are committed to a business deal. Besides, if you get stopped or ticketed, its a lot easier to explain to the judge/spouse/cop why you are there in the afternoon versus midnight.

Use the HotTub place instead of their choice of apartment, its closeby, costs $25 but you don't feel that you or your car is going to get ripped off while you are in there. Its on Fell St, all the girls know where it is, and they don't ask for ID.

As far as avoiding vice, first once you've seen the girl of interest, circle around a couple times, try to make eye contact. They will acknowledge and wave or something. Stop and let them in, make sure they get in, don't negotiate with them leaning in. Don't stop on the middle of the street, pull over to a parking place or a driveway. Circle again if you have to. Once they get in, make some talk, usually they will ask if you are a cop. If they do, reply "No, are you ?" If they don't say "You look like a female cop I met once". Either way, when they say no, ask if you can touch their breasts or the crotch area. Believe me, ALL hookers will let you do that. Once that happens, you then finally bring up the subject of money. If that doesn't happen, make an excuse, and ask her to leave, immediately.

Other tibits of adivce: - Carry only the cash you want to spend and you license. Leave your credit cards hidden in the trunk or your room. I've heard of at least one girl who is a smooth pickpocket. - If you take them into your hotel room, be discrete. Most doorman will take a small tip to look the other way. - Try being real nice to the girl. Ask her name, tell her she's pretty, ask what her favorite radio station is (bet you its FM 107.7). One girl, Myka, on the second night stayed two hours because she wanted to rest for awhile and felt comfortable with me at no extra charge. They see dozens of asshole men a week and they appreciate this. - If you don't see anyone you like, drive around for awhile, they may be busy, the more popular ones are. Or grab a bite or visit one of the lap-dancing places and then come back. Don't feel too conspicious driving around checking things out, you will notice a lot of other single men in cars doing the same. - I don't like massage parlors because of the atmosphere and I prefer the non-Oriental type, but there are a many parlors out there. Grab the Spectator, a local sex rag, for $1.25 or ask the doorman or a cab driver for a recommendation. - The Spectator has a list of escorts as well. They tend to run $150-$250/hour. Their services tend to be better but you don't know who you get until you or they step into that door, regardless of what they say on the phone. Add 20 lbs and five years to what they tell you.

Happy Hunter

Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996

San Francisco TENDERLOIN Area: Went on a Sunday afternoon (Big mistake). Mitchell Brothers was closed. Drove around to see what the street was offering, and found that there were many girls out, but almost as many police officers. Decided not to take the chance.

Date: Fri, 3 May 1996

Having been in Northern California for over 8 years I have found a few places to visit and some to avoid.

Street Walkers : In Oakland, esp. in the summer, you can see young fairly attractive women along San Pablo Ave. near 40th - 20th. These women are obviosly there to please but are definitely in a hurry. BJ's are for $30-40 I have never tried Full service with these women but it can be had for ~$70. Also some women can be seen further north on San Pablo in Berkely at all time of the day. Once I picked up a lady there and we proceeded to an abandoned shell of a house. This was after stopping at a storefor me to buy her condoms and she also picked up some food! We got down to business with a condom in place I got a lousey BJ and proceeded to have an equally unneventful fuck. Shortly I asked to get between her tits w/o the rubber (I had my plans). After a while of this I grabbed my own dick and stroked. At just the right moment I leaned way forward and shot my load on her face! Good amount on her lips,cheeks and an eye shot as well! She was suprised and shocked, this got me more exited than the act. I left her there with nothing to wipe the cum off with and her exclaiming to get something, Yeah right! That was my first and only facial. I know they can be had in S.F. for the right price but that is to much. This not some thing a pursue any more to many diseases and to big of a risk of mugging.

Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 Subject: San Francisco

I was recently in SF on business for a couple of days and decided to check out some of the references in the WSG. First off, hat's off to the gentle-folk that gave the fantastic descriptions of the Mitchell Bros. O'Farrell Theatre. I read your posts and had a picture in my mind of what to expect, and they are dead on! This is clearly a professional operation and an incredible cash machine. I knew the score when I walked in, passed the gift shop, paid my $35 entrance fee, received a $10 discount coupon for my next visit, passed by the bowl of free condoms, and saw some of the most beautiful naked women I've seen in a while. The NY Live stage dances are hot, the Green Room is a great side show, but for those who don't want to spend a fortune, you can't go wrong in the Cine-Stage. They have some of the hottest XXX movies, and you get $20 lap dances from some of the sexiest women you will find. This was more than enough to get me off on more than one instance. Often, I found that these would lead me to the Wall Dancing booths where things got a bit more advanced (naked touching all parts but no sex).

I must say, however, with regards to the SF street scene, I experienced something that really pissed me off. Since I was staying down on Market St., I walked to the O'Farrell - a good walk, but not unmanageable. Along the way, I passed the main streetwalker areas as described in earlier posts. However, both on Tues. night and Wed. night, I couldn't even get a hooker to talk to me. I am a professional African-American, late 20s, over 6' and 200 lbs., pretty good looking and well spoken. However, each time I even made eye contact with a woman, she turned her back, and not even 1 acknowledged my presence when asking if they were going out.

I've had extensive experience with the street scene, so I'm pretty sensitive to not trying to look or act like vice, and not coming off like a pimp. I've even had women in some cities tell me straight up, "I don't date black men". Most of them have told me they have had bad experiences with them, and refuse to take a chance. While I think it sucks that they put me in the same category as some assholes who treated them poorly, I can at least appreciate where they're coming from. But in SF, there must have been over 20 very attractive street walkers I saw on Tues. and different ones on Wed. (trying to stay away from Thurs. as others have advised it's vice-night), and not 1 even spoke to me. While this could be an aberration, it seemed pretty clear to me that black men were not going to be served. I saw women coming out of hotels still fixing themselves, I saw white men walk up to the same women and take them to hotels, I saw their pimps exchanging conversation with them, and there is not doubt in my mind that this was a classic case of racial prejudice.

I know WSG is not about these types of issues, but I think it's important for other African-Americans to know the deal before you head out in SF. In 1996 in arguably the most liberal city in arguably the most liberal state in arguably the world's most liberal country, it might as well have been the 1950s in Alabama, and I might as well have been asking Gov. Wallace for a college scholarship. I'm used to dealing with this type of stereotypical prejudice in every other aspect of daily life, but this was shocking.

Subject: [ASP] San Francisco street scene and... Date: 11 Jan 1997

I had a chance to stay in San Francisco.

On Friday midnight (last night), I saw a man was arrested on the street of O'Farrell. It was near the San Francisco Hilton. Two police cars and several cops were there. In addition, two women with hooker-like dresses were there. They must have been police woman.

I saw these women in the evening on the street. They looked different. First, they walked faster than other hookers. Second, their hooker style dress is like one used for the drama.

Be careful not to pick up the ugly woman who has very nice body.

Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 Subject: San Francisco Vice

I was cruising Capp Street in SF today and approached a very attractive brunette, 5-9, 130lbs, long brown hair 30-35 years old. She opened the passenger door and said, "Do you want a date?" I replied "Yes." She then asked how much I wanted to spend. Since she didn't get into my car I told her, "Don't worry about that, get in." She then said, "Look, I just don't want to make $20.00. Most of these guys are only willing to spend $10.00-$20.00, I charge $40.00." I again said, "Just get in." She then stated, "So you want to have sex for $40.00?" I then told her to close the door, and I drove off.

I also noticed that during our conversation, she held her purse and a small cosmetic bag on the seat of my car. I'm certain it was either a listening or recording device.

I later found a girl who I recognized before. After our "business," I told her the story. She requested that I drive by the girl, so she could see who she was. She recognized the woman as a SF Vice cop who often works the area on "vice days." (Tues. & Thurs.) As with other posts, don't say anything until AFTER the date gets in your car...and even then be careful!

The area the vice use decoys is generally between 17th and 18th on Capp street in the Mission.

Subject: Re: [ASP] REQ: City of San Francisco Streetwalkers Recommendations Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 14:01:28 -0600

> >Anyone have any recommendations or recent experiences with any of the > >gals in San Francisco especially at the Tenderloin district? > > As a "veteran" of the S.F. street scene, I finally gave up for the > following reasons: > > 1. Police action too heavy and consequences too severe. > 2. All the good parking places are gone. All that are left are > patrolled. (See #1 above) > 3. The really good looking ones know it and are out there, for the > most part, to "Churn" as much business as they can. Although a > "diamond in the rough" can be found occasionally, they are few and far > between. > 4. Local flea bag hotels have become way too dangerous. > 5. For what you'd pay for a 7+ on the street, you could have a nice, > lower risk session with an incall or outcall gal. > > My summary: If a cramped, rushed, $25 BJ in a car while you have to > watch the rear view mirror for cops or a $100 rushed 1/2 and 1/2 in a > welfare hotel are your idea of a good time, it's a great place to go. > I have decided to concentrate on quality instead of quantity. > > All contradictory opinions are welcome.

I couldn't agree more with DaiLun.

Despite 1) formal recommendations by the San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution that the city repeal all laws against prostitution and 2) Mayor Brown's appointment of a liberal district attorney who opposes anti-prostitution laws, police action against street prostitution has not subsided and the girls and their clients are prosecuted. For a first-time offense, you will "get-off" by paying a large fine and attending a "prostitution awareness" class. Second-time offenders face jail time and public embarrassment.

Why take the risk for an experience that might turn out to be wholly dissatisfying? For instance, you could pay $100 for 20 minutes in a dilapidated hotel room, shared with other girls, one of whom might start knocking on the door with her client 5 minutes after you've started, and not stop until the 20 minutes are up. Or, you could spend $200 and take the girl back to your hotel room, only to find out that her breasts are too sensitive to touch, no kissing is allowed anywhere and that you represent all the men who have mistreated her in the 22 short years of her life. Both of those encounters happened with me. For a cheap blow job in your car--which I never tried nor would I ever consider--you will need to drive deep into the tenderloin and seek out a wasted addict who might have a boy friend with a knife who needs the drugs more than she does. And, the police you were trying to avoid on Geary Street won't be there to help.

As DaiLun wrote, if that's "...your idea of a good time", go for it. If not, then consider these alternatives. As you circle the streets looking for the perfect street hooker, notice all the Asian massage parlors. There are probably 15 such places in a five square-block area. A typical entry price is $40 for 1/2 hour and $60 for an hour. Extras usually run $60 for hand job, $80 for blow job (both nude and with touching allowed) and $100 for full-service. My favorites are Sophia's (on Geary between Polk and Van Ness, ask for Cindy), Sun Spa (corner of Geary and Hyde, try Amy or Nana) and Fuji's (on Eddy between Larkin and Hyde, see Jennifer or Tammy).

Or, check out the fabulous San Francisco incall scene. The going rate is $200 for a full-service hour ($140-$160 for half-hour) in a very nice place, with no tipping required. (With the competition, these places wouldn't survive if they operated out of dumps.) Every incall date I've had has been warm and friendly and seemingly into enjoying the experience herself. Intimacies, like kissing and oral on her, are possible unless you come across like a jerk. Pick up a copy of the San Francisco Weekly or the Bay Guardian and look for ads promising a selection of girls. I prefer establishments with a selection because physical attractiveness is variable and I'm rather particular. Many will allow you to choose after you've met the girls available. Ads which mention a girl by name are not necessarily individuals. You can often tell by noticing that the same phone number is in other ads. Also look in the adjacent employment section for recruitments. I've found that many young college students respond to these ads.

Most incall places are located away from the downtown area. My personal favorites are International Variety in the Sunset District (415-665-4780 or 415-731-6999, try Annabelle) and an Asian place off Golden Gate Park, near the ocean (415-386-1494 or 415-751-4017, all of the girls are young and petite).

Unlike police scrutiny of street hustling, massage parlors and incall places seem to be left alone in San Francisco. (This isn't necessarily true in other parts of the Bay Area.) So the risk of being nabbed by the cops is virtually nil. I've actually become thankful for all the attention police feel compelled to place on the streets. Perhaps it occupies so much of their efforts that they have no time left over for parlors and houses.

I, like DaiLun, would appreciate other opinions on the subject. Also, there haven't been many threads around here lately--so maybe this one will generate some interest.


Subject: RIPOFF: SF CA Streetwalker name Barbie Date: 10 Jun 1997


She's about 5'6" tall, very slender build about 95-100 lbs, dirty blonde hair, gives very nice smile (somewhat has a wide mouth) and waves as you pass her by, sweet looking, 18 yrs old, lives at the East Bay.

Mostly seen on Thurs thru Saturday from 10:30 - ??? at O'Farrel and Leavenworth and on O'Farrell and Jones. She requests $100 for picking her up. Asks for another $100 more for full hour which, to her, is 10 min. Asks for $40 more to become fully nude (i.e. to take her bra off, but she's FLAT, (has bra stuffer)). No pussy fingering or tit sucking. She gives you a bit of an attitude while negotiating. She sort of wierd because after every attitude she gives you, she follows it up with a smile.

She goes suck, suck, suck, fuck, fuck, suck, suck, suck, and then goodbye! I almost asked, "What the hell is that?" but I didnt. So I let it go and drove her back. My loss! Not all girls are like that! Any feedback appreciated if you have gone out with her.

BTW, this happened eary last month. Because of the crackdown, San Francisco is still a ghost town for awhile.

Remember-- Be nice to the girls!


Subject: San Francisco:Report Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997

Was in SF last weekend. Loved the sites. Many younger girls on Geary near Polk. These girls looked hot. I was out at 5pm and 2am good selection both times. Also for the best TS selection in California go to the Motherlode Bar on the corner of Post and Larkin. Some of these "girls" will blow you away. Also check the streets around the bar for some beautiful TS's. For other Fetishes pickup a copy of the "Spectator" newspaper (vending machines or adult book stores). Tons of B&D ads. Sorry no specific report on a girl only had time to look.

Subject: San Fran. Yes, they are back Date: 15 Jul 1997

Contrary to another posting replying to me, some of the streetwalkers that frequented the Leavenworth / Geary area a few months back have returned. And yes, they are hanging out on Larkin between O'Farrell and Geary (across from the adult theatre) the usual hang of the TV's and TS's.

No, these are not the TV's and TS's that hang out at and around the Motherlode a block to the north. These are females, some of the same ones that were a few blocks east a couple of months ago.

I know some of them professionally, as I drive a limo part time and have frequently seen them without their bottoms. For those that don't believe, drive by on a Saturday night. Personally, I'm glad they're back, as it raises my potential for bigger tips. The short, long hair asian girl waving at you in the some times white, some times black spandex pants has been in the back of my limo twice, once in the Tommy's Joynt parking lot for almost an hour. I'm not blind, my friend.

Driver's opinion: I think they are trying to work that area, as the cops usually leave the "boys that would be girls" alone. So, check their hands, but don't be shy.

Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 Subject: Street prostitution in San Francisco

I'm from San Francisco and have been active in street prostution for about 6 years weekly. Activity takes place primarily at the "track", Tenderloin areas bordered by Post St. from Hyde to Jones down to Geary. South of Geary, Ellis and lower is seedier and to be avoided. It's crack and heroin land. Around the track, the later it gets the more girls are around. This has to be divided between Willie Brown's recent Conference of Mayors where Clinton and Gore showed up-and the streets were perfectly clean-everybody got busted, prior and after.

The usual scene is during the day hookers stand around at bus stops, around the phones or at the corners. Not hard to spot. They smile at you. If your not sure, smile at them, if they smile back bingo. Some of the girls are with guys. If they smile back, might be ok. Usually friends (pimps, brother protectors). Area is rife with black pimps, an ugly sort. It's a little wierd to pick a girl up with a lot of guys around. Make sure the guys look like low-life pimps. Smile and see what happens. Happen is: When you see something you like, down the passenger window. She might ask you if you want as date, or want to go. Thats your invitation. Tell her, hop in, lets go around the block. She wants to know if your a cop. You want to know if she is? Ask her casually and directly. If she says no, reach over and slip your hand under her bra and feel her breast. She may want to not only feel your cock but have you take it out while your driving. Do so. After that, someone starts the negotiating. I usually ask "what the best price I can get on eating you, a blow job without a rubber, sex with?" Her wheels turn. She either says "I don't do anything without a condom" or gives you a price. If I can't negotiate (Sorry Robert Heinlein "never negotiate with a prostitute" - always negotiate with one for what you want. There is a lot out there and you can always get what you want.

The girls. Some are nubile, young and delightful. You can establish, knowing the art of conversation, extended relationships and negotiated prices. Some are cute and bedevilled by drugs and numerous kids and pregnancies since 14. The range is awsome. Cruise until you see what you like. Ask questions. How may kids do you have. How many tatoos do you have? You can get awsomelly cute girls and you can get shit.

Where to go: Most of the girls have hotel rooms near by, hourly, run by East Indians. Costs you $10 key charge. Sleaziest recommend parking lots. There are a lot of them. Keep the doors locked. Most want to go to two hot tubs. They're ok. Grand Central is about $20, anonymous, and close by. Van Ness Hot Tubs wants and takes data from I.D. It's Ok. I always put on the car alarm around Grand Central, never around Van Ness. Usually I tell girls, I've got a place not to far from here. Explain and tell distance, and assure them I'm safe. They have a lot to be worried about in the car of a stranger. Once safe, I bring 'em home.

Prices: Usually $100. They ask "what can you spent" I ask "what's the best price I can get for a blow job no rubber, and sex with? driving around the block, testing their personality. Hostile chicks, control frieks, etc. I drop off. If their cute and young enough I ask how much without a rubber? If you get the answer you want, go from there.

Where: I like to take them home. I'm more comfortable there. Whereever they recommend might be Ok. They're business people!

Cops: Stay away from women who might be cops at street corners who are alone and look the age of cops. Ho's tend to group and chat. Ho's wont go around a cop. YOu have to be carefull.

Recent cop activity: After Willie Browns Mayors Conference (June '97) cops just busted everybody who looked like they were interested in this activity. Things are just beginning to relax. You can find hookers from 8 am onward on the track. Population gets fantastic, with beautiful and young, everything you want after 10 pm.

Massage parlors: As an alternative to street action, theres the massage parlors. You can get everything on the street here, often with more beautiful girls. As they work for an a moma-san, pak or boss lady, they're really much nicer, more compliant, and infiniantly prettier. No tatoos. No street bitch shit. All asian and very controlled. Chinese, Tahi, Korean, Malaysian. And more expensive. Sometimes Fillipina. $40 to 60 to get in. Then negotiate, Usually $120 for the girl. Some suck and fuck without, some don't.

I've had some of the most fabulous sex, in every form, with both scenes. I'm sorry. I won't tell you the massage names. I prefer to have the 15 girls waiting for me. Stay away from Tenderloin parlors. Tell them what you want in advance. Agree on a price. Since you are in their domicile you will have to pay them. If you pay them in advance for promised services, and I never do, you might in 90% times, find the agreement changed when they already have your money.

The sex scene here is fabulour You can get the youngest, most fabulous bodies, and nicest girls, and often the most incredible thing that every happend to you, here. Often, weekly and daily.

Precautions with cops and bitches noted.

Subject: SF: A couple of lessons from the street scene Date: 1997/12/17

After disappointing experiences with two gals who advertise on the net (see postings of 12/14), I was still not satisfied. I decided to head over to Sophia for a sure thing.

It was after midnight, and the place was hopping. Parking up there was a double son of a bitch. I wound up going two three blocks past Geary and hit pay dirt. Sutter, between Hyde and Polk, is full of ladies of the evening. They must know that gold was first discovered at Sutter Mill and are looking for some of their own (the gold rush is in full session over on Sutter).

While walking down to Sophia, I saw a vision of beauty that clenched my gut. Being a bit paranoid about getting busted, I wouldn't discuss prices until we got into my car. We agreed on $100 plus $30 for the room.

On the way over to her temporary quarters, she explained that SF has two decoys. She said a sure way to tell the decoy is working is the lack of other working girls around them. If you see more than 3 girls working, chances are good that none of them is a decoy.

The second lesson was after we got to the room. The $100 was just for a HJ, and prices went up from there. I was so hot to get into her pants that my negotiations were pretty dismal. I got her down from $300 to $200. Unfortunately, she had a very bad scar from an old C-section. She must have gone to a public hospital that cheaped out on the stiches because her whole stomache had a large vertical line that bunched together, forming an ass-like crease. Other than that, she was mouth watering.

She's been working the street for a decade and a half and is rather wise to the ways of the street. She lost both kids when thrown in jail for a parole violation. Although she looks great, you can tell she's lived a hard life. So much for the notion that incredible looks can pave the way to an incredible life!

So, the two lessons are:

1. Don't buy a working girl that's working alone. There should be at least 3 in the area.

2. Be sure you negotiate exactly what services will be performed for what price before you pay for the room.

Good hunting!

Subject: Review of Lori, Capp Street SF Date: 1998/01/13

Cruised Capp Street last Friday night, and came across Lori. Lori is bi-racial (black/white) about 5'6", 145# 36b, 29, 37 (guessing here!). She's very talkative and although she admits to drug use (crack) she's VERY well groomed and well dressed. She was wearing a short black dress with black low heeled shoes, her hair was up, but it seems to be shoulder length.

Anywayz, the price was $30 for full-service with no rushing (car date). We drove away from the Mission to a residential area. She was talking along the way and meantioned that someone has been killing streetwalkers lately, so she colored her hair brown since all the women had been blondes. (There were ALOT of patrol cars out I noticed) BTW, there were a few 8's on S.Van Ness!

If you catch Lori, you're lucky I've been able to date her for $20 full-service if it's a slow night.

looks: 6 technique: 7 attitude: 7

Happy Hunting!

Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 Subject: San Francisco Street Girls

Please keep this anonymous. San Francisco Streets, January 1998 I just wanted to let everyone know that it is true that prices are certainly negotiable with the street walkers. I was just out last night to drive around and window shop but after an hour and a half found myself pulling over and unlocking the door for this older 30ish blonde lady calling herself Tiffany. It was hella cold out and approaching 3 am so i guess she was just looking to get whatever she could in addition to a half hour in a warm car. I also found out later that she didn't have a pimp and therefore didn't have to fork over a percentage of her earnings. Anyways, i sure wasn't looking to spend much money and i asked her how much it would be if she would give me a blowjob with a condom. She responded by asking how much i wanted to spend. I said 15 and she said allright. Anyways, I was thoroughly surprised because i have spoken to one other lady who wanted 40 for head. In any case, i picked a random spot to park at and she got down to her business. I have to say that if you dont mind an older lady that is not as good looking as some of that other cute ass hanging out around sutter, bush, larkin, and hyde, then you might want to stop for tiffany. i think she was a drug user and i had to get her on Ellis because police presence was too great near the abovementioned streets, but she was real nice, pretty high i think, but great with her mouth and cheap as hell. Look around Ellis near Hyde. And yes, she was a lady. I know because I gave her 5 extra bucks to play with her titties, grab her ass, and finger her pussy while she blew me. In any case, good hunting and watch out for the damn cops. Tuesday and Thursday are supposed to be vice nights, but the marked cars are busy every night from what I have seen.

Subject: Oakland Street Info Date: 1998/03/04

>Might skip Oakland I hear they also confiscate your car if you are >busted......anyone know if they give it back?

But if you're willing to risk it -

35th between Peralta & San Pablo San Pablo between 35th & Grand (some areas more than others) Brush between San Pablo & Grand 37th between San Pablo & Market MacArthur between Market & West (occasionally further up) Some parts of E14th St, particularly in the 20s.

Some nice-looking girls, sometimes nothing but ugly or really fat ones. Some ripoffs. Cops know the girls, so if they see one in your car, expect to be pulled over.

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