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Date: Thu, 03 Apr 1997 17:43:40 -0800

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[Editors Note: Pleasure Guide is mailed out every 2-4 weeks.
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 -Sugar Dady]

[Last Reviewed: 4/3/97 ANON] *** NEW *** Fuji Oriental Massage (585 Eddy St). ----------------------------------- My favorite is Fuji Oriental Massage. The girls are generally very cute. If you ask nice, they will wash you all over (I do mean ALL over) before the massage. Typical $40 for room. $100 for full service. I have had only good experiances there (4 times). The turnover in these places is pretty high, so I really can't recomend names. The entry in the WSG about this place is accurate, so read it first and then go for it. The important thing is to act like you have done it may times before.
[Last Reviewed: 4/3/97 ANON] *** NEW *** Hot Tub Springs (or something similar) (408) 732-4435 Sunnyvale St at Evelyn near the Murphy Square restaurant. --------------------------------------------------------- They charge $40 at the counter and show you to a room with a massage table where you strip and wait for your masseuse. You negotiate the service you want from her silently, using hand signals: Pointing to her hand then to your dick and then holding up 4 fingers means hand job for $40. Pointing to her mouth, to your sex organ, then to her crotch and back to yours and then showing 10 fingers means half and half for $100. These seem to be standard rates that they won't budge from. My favorite was Selene, a petite Thai around 25. She did a 69 with her on top, then straddled me sitting with my dick inside her and bounced till I came. It was all her initiative - I could have never come up with hand signals for this!
[Last Reviewd: 3/24/97 SD] PRO ORIENTAL, 1398 El Camino, Mt. View. -------------------------------------------------- Room: $40 for 1/2 hour, $60 for 1 hour Service: $40 hand job, $100 full Service Went there twice. The girls appear to rotate, typically the one who greats you will service you. The showers are a very clean, the rooms somewhat clean, quiet, with a light that can be dimmed and a clock radio for music and time. Second time I was there I was asked to wait in a small waiting room with a TV (bad reception). Another guy who came right after me was also asked to wait. He was quite embarrassed when he saw me waiting already ! First time I saw "Jacki", an older (late 30) oriental woman. She had nice bobs, and overall a nice personality. Nice body for her age, I didn't care to much for her face and kept my eyes closed, while my hands did the walking ;*) After an optional shower, she started the massage. It was obvious she didn't know anything about massages. So I decided not to waste any time and asked her to join me in bed. I asked how much, she said she didn't know. I offer $100, she agreed and asked for the $$$ in advance. She gave me a lousy BJ, than came on top, I finished dogy style. I took my time, made her work for her money ! She didn't rush me (which I really appreciated), I definitely took more than 30 minute, my guess at least 45. My ratings (on a scale 0 to 10, 10 being best): Girls Attitude: 7 [*******...] Girls Appearance: 3 [***.......] Service: 4 [****......] Second time I walked in, Jacki greeted me again. I asked her if I could be with another girl, since I've been with her before. She said no problem and got another girl. This girls name was "Titi". She was very petite and had a really nice hard body, with big bobs. However, her attitude was pretty bad. She gave a pretty well BJ, then got on top of me (my favorite). She did really well, but stopped after 3 minutes. She insisted we change position "You can't expect the girl to do all the work". That was a real turn off. She insisted on missionary style. After all the talking, I was totally turned off. She must have felt sorry, and offered to finish me with a hand job. I agreed. This $100 where wasted in my opinion. I could have done that myself ;*) She might be a good choice if you like to be on top ! Girls Attitude: 2 [**........] Girls Appearance: 8 [********..] Service: 3 [***.......] Overall, I would probably go back when I get desperate enough with an somewhat empty wallet.
[Last Reviewd: 3/24/97 SD] NIAGARA MASSAGE half a block north of Castro on El Camino in Mt. View probably 910 or 912 El Camino. -------------------------------------------------- Came here twice. Walking in to the hall way where they screen you, I could hardly breath because of heavy smoking in that place. I was asked to come back in an hour. because of previous reviews I decided to do exactly that. I waited in my car on the street. After I come back after an hour, they asked what I want. I said a massage, I was told they don't do that anymore, they do only hair now. I asked if I can get my hair done, and was told to go away. While I was waiting I saw several other customers walk in and out. I also saw several of the girls come out for a smoke. They all appeared quite a bit overweight. Second time I came, exactly the same thing happened. Don't know what their problem is, but I'm not going back.
[Last Reviewd: No Recent Review] MV Spa, 1620 El Camino, Mt. View. ---------------------------------- This place is 1-2 blocks north of PRO ORIENTAL. Anyone been there lately ? The previous review was pretty lousy. So I avoided it so far.
A-List Escort Services (415) 292-2400 ------------------------------------- This Escort Service is paranoid. I usually give out only my cell-phone number. They insisted on my home number. After the girl arrived, she called in, that she made it. Exactly after one hour her pager whent off, and she had to call back in. What a turn off. Appears they charge $200 for the girl and $60 for the agancy. Candice 20 yo, 36C-26-36 120# 1/2Peru,1/2Mexican True collage girl. Very cute, Not very experienced, waited for me to start with all action. Gave an so-so BJ. Not a hard body, has some baby-fat. Overall satisfactory, nice smile. $260 Girls Attitude: 7 [*******...] Girls Appearance: 7 [*******...] Service: 5 [*****.....]
[Last Reviewed: 4/3/97 ANON] *** NEW *** Ingrid [Phone #] Here is my current favorite. She advertises in the Spectator with an ad that is about 3" square with the name Ingrid & a vague picture. She is very paranoid of the net, so if you contact her tell her that you saw her ad in the Spectator and not that you heard about her here . She is located in Danville. I have always done incall at her place, which is a reasonably nice appartment in a safe location. She is as her ad describes: Beautiful, sexy, natural blonde 5'6" 117lb 36C-24-35. Her breasts are beautiful. Firm (but not rock hard like some implants) and as large a "C cup" as I have seen. She gives the best long slow BJ that I have had (w/o condom if desired) inc. licking your balls. She is a little more expensive (around $250) than many, but worth it. Her ad says she does outcall, but I have always gone to her place. She will put you through a few security checks the first time (including a day delay - so call her the day before you want to see her), so don't think that she isn't friendly, once she is comfortable with you, she is real nice. [ Sorry to report that I had a very bad experience with Ingrid. after receiving the above recommendation, I called her and made arrangements for her to come to my place. Ingrid is way older than I expected (I saw her add, and would have thought she is in her late 20. Anyway, I offered her a glass of whine, talked for a while, and then we got in to it. Before I was done, she got up told me that the hour was over and left. The hour was over - exactly. But never before had I a girl walk out on me like that. She charged me $300 for outcall. What a waste ! - Sugar Dady] Girls Attitude: 2 [**........] Girls Appearance: 7 [*******...] Service: 0 [..........]
[Last Reviewed: 4/3/97 ANON] *** NEW *** Heather [Phone #] Slender strawberry blond with *huge* DD's. She is great looking and has a great personality. She is located in the south bay area. I dont know if she does outcalls. Heather is great. She has a great personality and never rushes you in any way. She is definately not a clock watcher. I would efinately reccomend her for that reason. [I talked to Heather a while back. When I mentioned to her getting in to a Hot Tub, she said sche couldn't do that because she might get a seizure. That was a turn off for me. - Sugar Dady]
[Last Reviewed: 4/3/97 ANON] *** NEW *** Lisa [Phone #] Lisa is a slender blonde in her thirties. She advertises in this name under "Escorts" in the Palo Alto Yellow pages (and a couple of other phone directories). She charges $200 for an hour of unhurried, enjoyable sex. She is the only escort I know who coats the condom with KY jelly after she slips it on you. She once had a bath with me afterwards where we soaked in the tub and soaped each other.
[Last Reviewd 3/24/97 SD] Four Co-Eds [Phone #] Appears to be a studio. I asked for outcall. The girl said she would have to take BART ! I agreed to pick her up from the station. She was supposed to leave at 8pm, and be at the local BART station at 9PM. She called me at 8:45, telling me that she was running late but that she was leaving now. Well, never showed up. Called her again, another girl told me that she tripped and hurt her ankle. She took my name and number and promised a call back. Was quoted $200. We'll see ! [Update 4/3/97 SD] Never heared back from them.
[Last Reviewd 3/24/97 SD] Sage [Phone #] Blond, blue eyes, about 5'6. About 30 years old. Quoted $200, asked for additional $50 after finding out she had to come to Fremont. She lives somewhere south San Jose/Los Gatos Mountains. I asked her to call when she'd be half way here (didn't want to spend another evening waiting). She did, and finally arrived. When she came in she gave me a very nice warm hug. I should mention that we spend quite some time on the phone talking. I guess we really hit off well. We spend quite some time talking she was very interesting to talk to, was quite funny and very nice personality ! I asked her to take a shower, she did. After she came out, she helped me out of my cloth, than, just sitting and lying on the bed we spend almost an hour just talking. Finally we got in to it, she was very considerate, gave good feedback, and appeared to enjoy herself. Started with a BJ, came on top, did dogy style, some missionary, than she rode me in to heaven ! One of the better lays I had ! Afterwards, we hugged and talked for another 30 minutes. What a girl! Her body was OK, she is white, tanned not a hard body good size bobs, slightly sagging. But what a personality! She's my sweetheart ;*) Definitely will see her again ! Want her number ? Sent me a report of you favorite girl in SF Bay Area and how to contact her. Girls Attitude: 9 [*********.] Girls Appearance: 8 [********..] Service: 9 [*********.]
[Last Reviewd 3/24/97 SD] *** NEW *** Honey in the Raw [Spectator] [Phone #] [Called her pager. She called back. Sounded like an older lady/fucked up voice. Wanted my full name and home phone no. I hassiated for a second. She just called me a few names and hung up the phone. What a bich ! Avoid her ! - Sugar Dady]
[Last Reviewd: Not Reviewed] *** NEW *** Lynn - Sweet Slut [Phone #] Lynn is copper haired, smooth shaven and 36-26-36 with sparkling blue eyes. Ask Lynn about her ring. Outcalls ONLY to homes, hotels and hot tubs in the greater South Bay. [Called her. She's 37yo ! Sounded kind of cute on the phone. Anybody wants to try her ? I'v had my share of old chicks thanks, but - no thanks ! - Sugar Dady]
That's it for tonight ! Good Luck and lots of great sex to all of you fun loving people !!! Sugar Dady
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 1997 05:39:57 -0800 Subject: sf review SF review I am going to share an experience I had with A-List in SF last night. --12/4/97 I read the sections at about SF and decided to call A-List (415) 292-2400, since there was a pretty good review about a girl named Candice. When I phoned, they said $270, which is $10 more than in the review. I said ok. I wanted a young and thin girl. Hair color and others didn't matter. So Tracy called me back and described herself as 5'7", 120lb, 21yr, and big breasted. She was coming from pretty far away, so it took her 1hr to get to downtown SF. (I later found out that the agency was short on girls.) She came in, took the money and call the agency. To start off the night, she gave me a back massage. Then I turned over and removed my underwear. She put a condom on me and started to give me a BJ. I moved from bed to sitting in a chair, then moved back to the bed. In between when she didn't have her mouth full, she asked about how I knew the agency and if I had used the agency before. I wasn't thinking quite well, so I told her no. When we got back on the bed, she said the $270 only included a massage and a BJ. Sex was another $100. I knew I should have said yes I have used the agency before and bs'ed her with the stuff I read on the web... Anyway, I gave her another $100. We continued, then I came after 10 or 15 minutes. By this time, it was only 30min. She got dress, and looked like she was ready to go. So I asked her to massage my back so more. She did. We talked for a while. I was pretty tired from traveling, and was kinda sleepy. So we finished. It was about 45min total. In the end, she called her dealer to buy some weed, then took off. Total cost, $370. Total time, 45 min. Came once. Tracy didn't look 21, more like mid or late 20's. She had a nice face, but more like 155lb than 120lb. Big breasts though. Nice attitude. Won't call her or the agency again though. I don't like bait and switch very much.

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