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These are updates for the North America/US/California/SF/Bay Area section

Update dated March 1, 1995

All "extra service" massage parlors in Los Altos are now out of business.
The city council had a crackdown on them: imposed stringent licensing
requirements, rules, police inspections and so on.   Actually, there is
one that is still to be busted: TJ's massage on Los Altos Avenue (in the
shopping center down by El Camino).  They've probably also been closed down
by the time you read this.

Parlors that have recently (Feb 1995) closed include: El Dorado, Liz's,
and Silky's (arrghh!).  Even the most discreet and subtle Lili's has been
obliged to shut up shop and melt away in the face of this.   In most cases
the ad signs are still up, so you can't tell except by calling or visiting
the premises.   Where are the staff working now?  The good news is that
you can travel 400 yards down the street to Mountain View, and take your
choice of Asian massage parlors.

Among parlors operating in Mtn View, I visited the "Pro Oriental" next to
Gary's video.  The charge is the routine $40 for half-hour rub.  I gave the
girl $60 for a hand job.  She said nobody there would do a fuck.  The
staff are all Asian, as you'd expect from the name.  My masseuse, Cindy,
had implants in her breasts to increase the size shape and firmness.  I
wonder if she wrote off the medical costs as a "business expense".
This is the first encounter I have had with "jest breast" or stunt tits -- I'm
not sure I like them, they look great but feel funny.

Can anyone offer any information on finding American Caucasian hookers
in the South Bay area?  There are large numbers of Asians, but I'd like
to go with a partner that matches my own background more.

From: Date: Thu, 13 Apr 1995 07:38:11 UTC A few weeks ago someone posted a review of some Bay Area massage parlors. I thought I'd share some of my experiences. The three places I've been to are all in the Mountain View area. All are very clean. All have oriental staffs. VISAGE RELAXATION, 1062 Castro St., Mt. View (415) 988-8887. I've been there several times. Cost is $40 for the room and the girls accept tips. "Full Service" is available for a $100 tip. I have never been disappointed. Natalie is very sexy and will take great care of you. Mindy and Ole are also nice. All the girls are oriental. NIAGARA MASSAGE is located half a block north of Castro on El Camino in Mt. View It doesn't have an address on the sign out front, but probably is 910 or 912 El Camino. Despite what has been posted before, I have been a regular customer here. Same $40 for the room and $100 tip will get you "Full Service." They are very paranoid with new customers but once they know you are a regular they will take great care of you. Connie, Mary, Coco, and Sandy are all very capable. All the girls are either Korean or Chinese. It is a nice facility, good showers. PRO ORIENTAL, 1398 El Camino, Mt. View. Again, $40 for the room. Another $40 for a hand job. $100 tip for full service. After only getting "manual stimulation" the first two times visiting there, I finally got with a girl named Machelle who provides full service. Machelle is very nice, attractive, and takes good care of you. Not a very good facility, however. MV Spa, 1620 El Camino, Mt. View. A waste of time. I went once and only got hand action for $80. Ugly woman with an attitude. Avoid. JUNE'S SPA, located at 1495B El Camino Another waste. Ugly, older woman gives hand job for $60. Not worth it. Bad attitude. Avoid. Anyone have any other places they want to share experiences about? Please post. I would like to try an in-call service but don't know where to start, any recommendations, please e-mail.
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 1995 15:43:32 UTC Subject: Bay Area Review Well, it's been awhile since I posted any reviews. What can I it's been tougher to find the time and money for it. Anyway, here's a review for the Ginza Sauna. The Ginza is located in Fremont, on the east side of the San Francisco Bay. The building itself is located on Grimmer St., right off Fremont Blvd. From what I gather from talking to a few people, this business used to be located in Oakland, but moved (maybe a year ago) south to Fremont. Judging by the name, you can safely assume that most, if not all, of the staff is oriental. This was true on the day of my visit, though I only saw a few of the workers there. For those wishing for a discreet location, this is certainly not it. Located in a small business area, it's bound on either side by a food place (Togo's, I think) and a medical/dental office. Not to mention a McDonald's drive-thru close by. The store front, like most massage parlors, sports the ubiquitous door buzzer and heavily curtained/blinded door and windows. As usual, press the buzzer, and someone will let you in. The place itself is very clean, very pleasant. Prices are posted at the reception desk ($40 for the half hour, $60 for the hour). Shower is included in the price (if you wish to take one), a sauna is offered at an additional charge ($10 I believe). Posted all over the lobby are signs stating that if a client wishes to tip his masseuse, to do so at the front desk. Yeah, right. After signing in and paying the room fee (remember, always have a bogus name and address ready, or, as someone said, just copy the one ahead of you), you are escorted back through a sliding partition by your masseuse. After you're led to your room, a shower is offered (you have to bathe yourself, folks). Then you go back and wait for your masseuse. The massage is passable, not outstanding. Along with it, you get the normal amount of chit-chat/prying/interrogation ("Have you been here before?" "What do you do for a living?"). Each room has individual light controls, and a small radio sets the mood. After the back portion, you're asked to turn over. The masseuse will start on your front, concentrating a lot on your thighs and near your balls (a few "accidental" brushes are expected). As you near the end, all negotiations for additional services are done in mime. Prices start at $40 for the basic hand finish, which would lead me to believe that $100 gets you full service, if prices are on par with everyplace else around here. Overall, the place is a repeat parlor. The staff is attractive (mid-20 to mid-30, slender orientals), the prices are average (for the SF area). The main drawback is the location (both geographically and relative to other businesses). The masseuse I had was named Kim, a slim Vietnamese-Chinese woman, very petite.
Subject: Review for Visage Spa in Mt. View CA Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 18:32:44 UTC OK, on my latest trip to the Bay Area (San Jose) I decided to check out the local action. After consulting the web pages at I decided on the Visage Relaxation Spa on Castro Street in Mt. View CA. There is not much to be said either for or against it. It is a typical Asian establishment. $40 to the house for a 1/2 hour room rental with no pick of girls. I got Candy who was a cute Korean with a slightly pudgy body. Nice tits and a "well rounded" ass. We started with a massage and I asked her if she took tips. She hushed me up an mumbled something about mama-san. After about 5-10 minutes she rolled me on my back and started playing with me and then asked me if I wanted more. Full service cost another $100. She crawled up and sucked me off for a few minutes (69 style) then rolled over on her back. I slipped in and had a pretty good time. I must have taken too long to cum because about 10 minutes into it she started in with some very serious vaginal muscle action. It felt like someone stuck a hand in there and started jerking me off. I didn't last very long after that. All in all it was handled in a very professional manner. I caught a glimpse of some of the other ladies and they were all reasonably good looking and I am sure that they all would have acted more or less the same. No real enthusiasm but a reasonably good fuck. I think these oriental places are sort of like McDonalds. The food isn't haute cuisine but it is always of consistent quality no matter where you go. On a lighter note, some of you other horny Net geeks must have gotten there before me because when Candy asked me how I found out about the place I told her that I heard of it in the Internet. She then told me that she had a few other guys that said the same thing. This was followed by a barrage of questions on how I used a computer to find out all this info. Next time I think I'll charge her $200 / hour for consulting fees ;)
Subject: Review: South Bay Area, CA Date: 7 Sep 1995 23:50:55 -0400 Based on the recommendation of previous posts in this newsgroup. I visited Visage Spa & Pro Oriental in Mountain View. Sorry to report both were disappointing. Girl at Visage was named Cathy, she insisted that she only did massage, no extra services. $40 bucks down the drain. Pro Oriental girl was Tina. Same thing no luck at extra services. Just a $40 massage. Has anyone had any better luck at these places, or want to recommend another place? If so please share some secrets. I usually don't have any trouble with extra services. One good place to go is Asian Gardens in Burlingame. Ask for Cathy!
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 1995 06:49:33 UTC I wanted to send my comments on some of the massage joints in the Bay Area. My personal favorite is Pro Oriental, and I have been going their since they opened. Pro Oriental Most of the reports are accurate; however, one needs to become a regular and get to know the girls. Some will do "full service" - Michelle and Susan, others will not - Amy and Karen. Karen gives the best massage and a super hand job. Susan is absolutely beautiful and is tiny; she'll give you a real good time. Amy is great looking too( the youngest one there) , but very shy. She gives a good massage and so-so hand job. Vistage Massage I've been to Vistage Massage only once and had Helen. She is probably in her late 30's, but has an outstanding body. I got "full service" my first time there. Helen was the most exciting lady I've ever had in Bay Area. When I go back I'll ask for Helen again. Royal Spa I've only been there once. The have a gym style shower which I didn't like. I had Stacy who was a very pretty asian lady, however, she was not very friendly or out going. She may have been that way since she didn't know me. She would not do full service and was hard pressed to do a hand job. I would go back a few more times to see if it changes, but I'd rather see Karen at Pro Oriental (she is the one with the breast implants) or Helen at Vistage. Asian Gardens I was there only once 3 years ago and had a pretty asian lady named Darlene. She gave a poor massage, but made up for it with by laying on me and massaging me with her bare body. She finished that up with oral and vaginal sex. It was a good expereince, but I never went back. Good Luck - Keep the comments coming - I like to know where the hot places are.
Subject: Parlor hopping Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 14:51:50 UTC Recently, I had a rare opportunity of doing some parlor hopping in the Bay Area and here is a report. Visage Mountain View. I had Natalie who sometimes go by Tammy or some other name. She is good looking with very well done augmented breasts and eyes, can't see the scars. She likes being finger fucked in the ass and will do the same to you while giving you a blow job. If she is horny enough she will even lick your ass and that is an experience not to be missed. A very different sensation. There are certain things that separate the oriental girls with the caucasian ones. The orientals will make an effort to show some enthusiasm even when you know they don't mean it, but at least there is an effort to induce or to fake an orgasm. I have had caucasians and they is usually little or no effort to show you that they are enjoying the experience, in short strictly business-pay me now, slam, bang and get the hell out. Plenty of girls and all looked pretty good too. Pro-Oriental Mountain View. I saw a caucasian called Jackie. She looks good and the sex was good too. She has a real turn on voice and has a nice way of stroking and fondling. All in all a good experience. There are at least 4 girls at any one time and they all looked good. Niagara Mountain View. I saw a Korean girl. I think her name is Sunyi or something. She will do anything, from sucking you raw and licking ass. She provides good vaginal action also. Very interesting. It seems all the Korean girls will do that. There are some good looking ones and some dog ugly, but definitely worth checking out to see what kinds of special sex tricks they will give you.
Subject: Niagara Massage in Mountain View 12/95 Date: Wed, 22 May 1996 15:24:54 UTC Hello, Regarding the article that was posted on 12/95 about a visit to the Niagara Massage parlor in Mountain View. You had mentioned a person named "Sunyi". I went there recently and nobody knew a "Sunyi". Maybe if you could describe her physical attributes that would help. eg. height, age, slender/medium/fat, attitude/no attitude, busty/small tits............Thanks!!!!!!
Subject: visage moutain view california Date: Sat, 3 Feb 1996 06:32:19 UTC Been to Visage Massage and never been disapointed. Anna is good has a great body and not to bad to look at. After some mime and sign language we got over the questions and answers and on the first time we got it on half and half. Good girl, eager to please for $100 full service.
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 21:01:54 UTC A few years ago I lived in the Bay area and went to several massage parlors. Some of the ones posted in the FAQ for San Francisco I can vouch for, at least up until I left in early '93. Blue Sky is a very good place. The girls seem to be Vietnamese and are very skilled at what they do. To get through the door was $40 for a half-hour. You can expect a hand job at least, but a blow job will be at least another $40 or $50. I never asked for straight sex or anal, because I usually go just for a good blow job. There is another on Sutter Street, don't remember the name but I believe it is in the 800 block. Mostly Vietnamese there too, but worth a visit. In Berkeley, there is one I believe on Telegraph. The staff was all white girls, and you could take your pick from about 5 or 6 girls. After a shower, a reasonably good massage then it's down to business. I think I paid $60 for a blow job and finished it by coming on the girl's tits. Wasn't bad. I meant to go back and try some of the others but never did. The one I had seemed to have a lot of miles on her.
Subject: visage Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 02:56:59 UTC Things haven't changed at Visage... they continue to be pricey for the service... but at least the service is there..
Mountain View: NIAGARA MASSAGE 910 El Camino in Mt. View. Went twice last week with different results each time. Went on a Sunday evening when they weren't busy. Had no problem getting inside and paying the $40 for the room. Chose a sweet girl named Penny (or at least that's what she told me). After the regular interrogation (what do you do, etc.) she asked me what I had the "last time" I was there. I told her full service for $100. She giggled, removed her dress and proceeded to rub her breasts up and down my naked back. She then slipped a condom on me, and proceeded to give me the BJ of my life. She then straddled me and made me see stars. After several positions, we climaxed and the tip was paid. This was the first time I've been to a place that didn't ask for the tip up front! I went again on a Wednesday night. The lady behind the see-thru mirror asked me to come back 40 minutes later. I did, and they said they had just closed. They seem to be very paranoid here. VISAGE RELAXATION 1062 Castro St. Mt View Full service first time. Jennifer is great, has a cute little figure, with big tits. Quite a treat. Showers are clean. Definitely a repeat place.
Subject: San Francisco trip report Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 06:56:21 UTC Yesterday I visited SF's Tenderloin district and (based on a recommendation in the FAQ) visited the FUJI massage parlor on Eddy St. There were two girls on duty (This was early afternoon, not surprising) and both were Viet, both young and cute. When I had picked one, Mama-San took my $40 house fee and I was invited to shower. The girl came back in a few minutes and began the massage. I think this girl was new to the place, since what happened next was (in my experience at least) quite unusual... After she had been massaging me for 10 minutes or so, I asked her if she'd like to take off her clothes too. She got a little wide-eyed and excused herself, saying she had to ask Mama-San. Shortly, the Mama-San came in to the room (without the girl) and, whispering, asked me what I wanted. When I told her, she did a good imitation of looking surprised, and asked what I wanted to pay. I suggested $80 which was accepted without any attempt at haggling (maybe that was too much). Mama-San took the money and left, the girl came back in and disrobed, and the rest you can probably guess. She was very sweet and I would definitely visit her again. This was unusual, since tips for extra services are usually between the customer and the girl and it is the girl who wants to whisper to keep it a secret from Mama-San. Oh well, the result was the same and I'll be back for another visit.
Subject: update massage parlors mountaln view ca Date: Wed, 17 Jul 1996 15:45:22 UTC I am a regular at niagara and have been with several girls. Connie is good but [censored] is my favorite. Last time after we got our clothes off we warmed up by dancing with me in her. We like to play before we get down to the good stuff. [censored] likes 69 and we start this way then she mounts me for awhile. When I get warmed up I go to doggy or missionary and finish it. She has good vagina action and knows how to please. When i cum she washes me down and helps me to dress. All in all a pleasent time with not a lot of clock watching. $100 gets full service and $40 to the house for 1/2 hr. Never been disapointed
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 1997 16:29:34 +0000 Subject: some info A great place for liasons when outcall is necessary is Great Western Sauna and Hot Tub Company in San Jose on Saratoga between highway 280 and Stevens Creek Blvd. $20 per hour, no questions. You might have to prove you (or girl) are over 18, if either of you look young. Clean, towels provided. Room has hot tub to seat 4, table/bed, sauna, shower. Nice. Very strong chlorine smell, though (too strong). Shawna has told me that San Jose and surrounding areas have police actively trying to stop all incall places. She told me all about their entrapment tactics and methods of harrassment. Help the ladies out and don't harrass them!
Subject: [ASP] Escort Report for Mountain View / San Jose / South Bay Area (California) Date: 24 Jan 1997 08:10:13 -0000 Escort Report for Mountain View / San Jose / South Bay Area (California) Cities in the south bay area such as Mountain View and San Jose, California seem to have limited escort availability compared to San Francisco. Most SF agencies I called didn't extend their services here. The few agencies that did either charged a premium ($300) or sent biker type women with tattoos. So far, I've found two reliable choices for good sex. If I've missed something better, let me know - Independent Escort: Lisa is a slender blonde in her thirties. She advertises in this name under "Escorts" in the Palo Alto Yellow pages (and a couple of other phone directories). She charges $200 for an hour of unhurried, enjoyable sex. She is the only escort I know who coats the condom with KY jelly after she slips it on you. She once had a bath with me afterwards where we soaked in the tub and soaped each other. Oriental Massage Parlor: It's called Hot Tub Springs (or something similar) (408) 732-XXX5 and is on Sunnyvale St at Evelyn near the Murphy Square restaurant. They charge $40 at the counter and show you to a room with a massage table where you strip and wait for your masseuse. You negotiate the service you want from her silently, using hand signals: Pointing to her hand then to your dick and then holding up 4 fingers means hand job for $40. Pointing to her mouth, to your sex organ, then to her crotch and back to yours and then showing 10 fingers means half and half for $100. These seem to be standard rates that they won't budge from. My favorite was Selene, a petite Thai around 25. She did a 69 with her on top, then straddled me sitting with my dick inside her and bounced till I came. It was all her initiative - I could have never come up with hand signals for this!
Subject: Re: Visage Massage & Bibi Date: 5 Mar 1997 17:07:56 -0500 > I'm looking for information about the closing of the Visage massage parlor > in Mt. View. Can anyone tell me what happened? It had been a while since > I'd been there, and one night I decided to visit it and it was closed > down. They no longer advertise in the local weekly paper, and I'd like to > know where the girls went. I'm interested in finding out where one girl > named Bibi is now... she was my favorite. If anyone can let me know how > to contact her, I'd really appreciate it. I, unfortunately, do not know what happened at the Visage. But something a little strange has happened in a couple of the South Bay 'spas' and maybe it relates to what happened at Visage. Two new places opened in Sunnyvale. I stopped by both, to confirm my suspicion that they would be fun places to visit. Upon entering, I found that they charge $40 per half hour and $60 per hour for 'relaxation'. Their names are Venuseyes Tanning and Spa, and Elite Tanning Spa. There was also the strong odor of incense mixed with paint. Both had very attractive ladies in long dresses at their respective front counters. The thought 'traditional Asian massage joint' flashed through my mind. Since Elite is 200 feet from the local POLICE HQ, I decided to try Venuseyes which is a more discreet 700 feet away. (Why the same owner but two places like that within a five to ten minute walk of each other and with the police station halfway between, I will never know.) Needless to say, I found Venuseyes to be a fairly pleasant place to visit. In fact, I did so on two separate occasions. On my third occasion, I was very surprised to see an all new staff! I inquired about what happened and I my 'hot towel wrap' person would say is that they all went on vacation at the same time. The conversation went something like this. "Oh one went to Thailand, she went to Laos, two went to Vietnam and another went to Minnesota." The other strange thing (or should I say another) is that the hot tubs in Venuseyes can no longer be used, by order of the City! Very curious! Back to you, I would suggest that you might checking out the other local establishments. Check the Metro. At least four places advertise in the Metro. And, of course, there are others as well. If I come across Bibi, I will let you know.
Date: 10 Mar 1997 04:56:52 GMT Heard Venus Eyes Sux , unsure why, used to Like Visage myself! I cant remember the name but by the mall off Stevens Creek- always run large ad with pix of 4 babes faces in back of Metro. Question are they more than massage? I went there about a year ago, fine babe but no locking door just a curtain and seemed if other than massage everyone would hear. Offered nothing else either...... ----- I went to VenusEyes once, and found it to be a very strange experience. I went in around 10:00 pm on a sunday night, and was ushered into a room with a very attractive woman. The usual $40 was collected, and she went off to get the steam towels (since this is a relaxation spot - no masssage). she came back, and by this time, I had placed my tip on the counter where she would clearly see it. She went over to it, and asked me "what is this?" I was kind of surprised to hear this, and almost thought I had made some sort of gross error. When I explained that it was a "tip", she quietly took the money, and shuffled out the door. I wasn't sure what was going on, but she eventually came back and said that all she'd do was a nude handjob for $60. I wasn't thrilled, but decided that it was okay considering the fact that I did find her attractive. After we were done, she tried to get me to write down a number for another place she works at, but since I didn't have a pen or loose scrap of paper, I had to try and memorize the number (I guess she didn't want to let the owners know she had another job). Turns out that the number was for another place in Cupertino called Rosabella. I haven't gone to try it out yet since I haven't heard ANYTHING about it here... Can anyone fill us in on some details?
Subject: [ASP] South Bay Reviews Date: 12 Mar 1997 15:12:16 -0500 Hello ASPers, There has been some expressed interest in first hand accounts of South Bay establishments. Here is my mini-review: Springs Hot Tub and Sauna: Located in Sunnyvale, at the corner of Evelyn and Sunnyvale roads, this place charges the typical $40 per half hour and $60 for an hour. Inside you will be lead to a room. If there is no hot tub in it, you will end up with a hot towel wrap. Full service is available, but you must make the first move. In September of 96, it cost $100 in cash. In spite of the otherwise friendly service, I found the premises to be a bit lacking and will probably not try there again. Rosabella: Located in Cupertino, at the corner of Pastoria and Homestead. This place used to be called Figure Shapers. It to no longer offers massages. Just a dip in a hot tub or a hot towel wrap. Gone are the lab coats of the staff. Instead they wear very flattering dresses. Prices at the door are the same as anywhere else. Full service ranges from $120 to $140. The staff is generally friendly and sometimes stunning in looks. This used to be my favorite place. Last visited in November 1996. Recommended Venuseyes Tanning and Spa: Located in Sunnyvale, on El Camino between Mary and Pastoria. Same prices at the door. This is a brand new place and the owners also own Rosabella. The staff has gone through some turnover lately. Full service has ranged in price from $100 to $140. This is my favorite place. They had hot tubs, but the City has ordered that the hot tubs not be used. Same comments concerning staff at Rosabella apply here. If there is a dark side to it, it is the fact that the police station is a short half block away. If the hot tubs stay closed, this may drop to second on my list. Last visited in late January 1997. Recommended Elite Tanning Spa: Located in Sunnyvale, located on Pastoria, near El Camino. No first hand knowledge. I know that the at the door prices are the same and the owners are suspected of being the same owners of Venuseyes and Rosabella. They are even closer to the Police station. One last word, the names of the ladies at the various spas was omitted because I do not have their permission and because I do not want to see them hassled by Big Brother in anyway. Your experiences may differ from mine. But, if you do not come across like a cop and/or a jerk, and if you become clientele, you will be rewarded for your efforts.
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 22:42:36 -0800 Subject: [ASP] S. F. Bay Area Pleasure Review 3/24/97 Since the updates at the World Sex Guide are a bit out of date, I've decided to write my own little review. Perhaps, this will encourage others to do the same ! PRO ORIENTAL, 1398 El Camino, Mt. View. -------------------------------------------------- Room: $40 for 1/2 hour, $60 for 1 hour Service: $40 hand job, $100 full Service Went there twice. The girls appear to rotate, typically the one who greats you will service you. The showers are a very clean, the rooms somewhat clean, quiet, with a light that can be dimmed and a clock radio for music and time. Second time I was there I was asked to wait in a small waiting room with a TV (bad reception). Another guy who came right after me was also asked to wait. He was quite embarrassed when he saw me waiting already ! First time I saw "Jacki", an older (late 30) oriental woman. She had nice bobs, and overall a nice personality. Nice body for her age, I didn't care to much for her face and kept my eyes closed, while my hands did the walking ;*) After an optional shower, she started the massage. It was obvious she didn't know anything about massages. So I decided not to waste any time and asked her to join me in bed. I asked how much, she said she didn't know. I offer $100, she agreed and asked for the $$$ in advance. She gave me a lousy BJ, than came on top, I finished dogy style. I took my time, made her work for her money ! She didn't rush me (which I really appreciated), I definitely took more than 30 minute, my guess at least 45. My ratings (on a scale 0 to 10, 10 being best): Girls Attitude: 7 [*******...] Girls Appearance: 3 [***.......] Service: 4 [****......] Second time I walked in, Jacki greeted me again. I asked her if I could be with another girl, since I've been with her before. She said no problem and got another girl. This girls name was "Titi". She was very petite and had a really nice hard body, with big bobs. However, her attitude was pretty bad. She gave a pretty well BJ, then got on top of me (my favorite). She did really well, but stopped after 3 minutes. She insisted we change position "You can't expect the girl to do all the work". That was a real turn off. She insisted on missionary style. After all the talking, I was totally turned off. She must have felt sorry, and offered to finish me with a hand job. I agreed. This $100 where wasted in my opinion. I could have done that myself ;*) She might be a good choice if you like to be on top ! Girls Attitude: 7 [**........] Girls Appearance: 3 [********..] Service: 4 [***.......] Overall, I would probably go back when I get desperate enough with an somewhat empty wallet. NIAGARA MASSAGE half a block north of Castro on El Camino in Mt. View probably 910 or 912 El Camino. -------------------------------------------------- Came here twice. Walking in to the hall way where they screen you, I could hardly breath because of heavy smoking in that place. I was asked to come back in an hour. because of previous reviews I decided to do exactly that. I waited in my car on the street. After I come back after an hour, they asked what I want. I said a massage, I was told they don't do that anymore, they do only hair now. I asked if I can get my hair done, and was told to go away. While I was waiting I saw several other customers walk in and out. I also saw several of the girls come out for a smoke. They all appeared quite a bit overweight. Second time I came, exactly the same thing happened. Don't know what their problem is but I'm not going back. MV Spa, 1620 El Camino, Mt. View. ---------------------------------- This place is 1-2 blocks north of PRO ORIENTAL. Anyone been there lately ? The previous review was pretty lousy. So I avoided it so far. Independent Escorts Felt really lonely last week end. Called at least a dozen of girls advertising in Spectator mainly. Several actually called back. Decided on a "Colege Student - Needs Help with Homework" After giving her directions, she said she would come at 10PM. She asked for $250, since she had a long drive. She was coming from Berkley to Fremont. She called me at 10:15PM told me she is running late. I waited until 11:30pm she never showed up. I called her next day, asked her what happened. She said something came up and she couldn't make it. Said she would make it up to me. We scheduled another date, will let you know how that goes ! Called "Four Co-Eds". Appears to be a studio. I asked for outcall again. The girl said she would have to take BART ! I agreed to pick her up from the station. She was supposed to leave at 8pm, and be at the local BART station at 9PM. She called me at 8:45, telling me that she was running late but that she was leaving now. Well, never showed up. Called her again, another girl told me that she tripped and hurt her ankle. She took my name and number and promised a call back. Well see ! Finally a good experience ! My inspiration for todays report ! Blond, blue eyes, about 5'6. About 30 years old. Quoted $200, asked for additional $50 after finding out she had to come to Fremont. She lives somewhere south San Jose/Los Gatos Mountains. I asked her to call when she'd be half way here (didn't want to spend another evening waiting). She did, and finally arrived. When she came in she gave me a very nice warm hug. I should mention that we spend quite some time on the phone talking. I guess we really hit off well. We spend quite some time talking she was very interesting to talk to, was quite funny and very nice personality ! I asked her to take a shower, she did. After she came out, she helped me out of my cloth, than, just sitting and lying on the bed we spend almost an hour just talking. Finally we got in to it, she was very considerate, gave good feedback, and appeared to enjoy herself. Started with a BJ, came on top, did dogy style, some missionary, than she rode me in to heaven ! One of the better lays I had ! Afterwards, we hugged and talked for another 30 minutes. What a girl! Her body was OK, she is white, tanned not a hard body good size bobs, slightly sagging. But what a personality! She's my sweetheart ;*) Definitely will see her again ! Want her number ? Sent me a report of you favorite girl in SF Bay Area and how to contact her. Girls Attitude: 7 [*********.] Girls Appearance: 3 [********..] Service: 4 [*********.] That's it for tonight ! Good Luck and lots of great sex to all of you fun loving people !!!
Subject: [ASP] Mtn. View Review - SF Bay Area Date: 1997/11/06 .CHINESE ANGELS, 1870 East El Camino Real (in the Southpark Apts.), Apt. #18, Mtn. View Review of Anna, early twenties Chinese girl. little bit on the heavy side. Gives good FS and 1/2 & 1/2 but at $160 in addition to the $60 ticket is expensive for this area -Chinese girls of comparable quality are available for $100 everything at El Dorado, just 4 minutes drive on El Camino. Will come back and try the other girls.
Subject: [ASP] SF, So. Bay: Where NOT to go Date: 1997/12/12 Some of you have been kind enough to email me the names of locations that pull the kind of shit that I got at the Rose earlier in the week (see posting of 12/9). The places to avoid are: The Rose on Bascom in SJ (408-292-7700) Victorian on Union at Bascom in SJ (377-8800) Soothing Touch near Valley Fair in SJ (241-2811) All advertise in the Metro. They all feature great looking women that will let you believe that you're going to get some special treatment until after you've paid your $60 for a mediocre massage. After that, no look, no touch, no service. I'm a big advocate of true theraputic massage as it's great for your physical and mental health. If that's what you want, be sure they advertise "CMT" which I believe stands for Certified Massage Therapist. At least you'll get a massage worth your money (probably less expensive too). If you can find some one who gives a great massage and more, please do us all a favor and post! If you find any similar locations, send me an email, and I'll post an updated list. Likewise, if you've had great service at any of these locations, please let me know so I can post a retraction. Phone numbers are included because I don't care if the cops know it without any extra work. If you're trying to send me an email, be sure to remove "nospam" from the address. -Strong Lead
Subject: [ASP] Reviews: SF, So. Bay: who does and does not suck :-) Date: 1997/12/17 South Bay: A frequent visitor to 'Unforgettable oriental massage" on Camden ave in San jose. Most of the folks offer hand job and I strongly suspect you can win full service if you are visit 2 or 3 times. Nice babes except for Karen who is old. Kim is a nice babe. Try Wanda, noel, coco and nichi too. Have visited 'M&A' massage in cupertino. Ok babes. No full service but can get handjob for $40. Have visited 'la joie salon' behind garden city. I dont know about full service but a sure handjob for $40. Not that good babes. Have visited 'Salon Ellada' in saratoga. They have some fine babes. But I was able to get handjob from one lady there who is oriental. All others are white babes.Nice and clean rooms and good massage too. Let me know if you manage to get extra from any other babes other than the oriental babe there.
Subject: Massage Parlor Update Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 03:38:10 PST I've enjoyed reading all the information posted by everyone regarding the Massage Parlor scene in the Bay Area. I'd like to give my take on the South Bay area. 1) VenusEyes in Sunnyvale, CA Your typical massage parlor with a wide selection of girls eager to please. They accept plastic for all services but charge a 10% fee, so take cash. If you can get Mikye (Mee-Kii) take her. She gives great head and will let you cum on her face. Shes young with a great body. Another young one (19) Tina is very cute and worth the money. Another one I'd recommend is Loni. She's older, but has a nice ass and big tits. She'll do everything inc. anal for $150. All other girls are the usual $100. 2) Zi Tan & Spa in San Jose Another typical Asian place. I've only been there once, the rooms weren't that great and the walls were paper thin. I could here conversation in the next room. I didn't get the girls name, but she was young with long black curly hair. She had a shaved snatch which is a turn on for me. She had a good body and looks, but she was unenthusiastic for the price, $120. and complained that I was taking too long (which made me pump harder and longer). She didn't give good head. 3) Rosabella in Cupertino Once again typical with typical prices - $100 for full service. You'll get to look at a few girls if you ask and shouldn't be disappointed. Places to avoid: 1) The Rose 2) Victorian 3) Unforgettable These places are all advertised in the Metro. Most of these places advertise "Relaxation" which usually means sex if you play your cards right.
Subject: [ASP] SF Massage parlor Fuji - big woman Date: 1998/02/11 Hello, I visited the massage parlor called Fuji at midnight of last Monday. It is the one of the most often I go when I am in San Francisco. I am a regular customer of Lena, a French Viet, but I was told that she is on the vacation. There was only one girl there. No choice. So, I chose Amy (or Emy) instead of Lena. Amy is Viet, too. I paid 50 dollars for the charge and printed my name on the registration sheet. Her massage was very good, however, every part of her body is a little bit big for my taste. She tried every action she could but I could not come. The conclusion is, big woman is not my type. If someone loves big Asian woman, try her.
Subject: (ASP)SF Bay Area masssage parlors Date: 1998/03/26 Here's a report on some girls I visted during the past couple of months at massage parlors in the SF bay area (5 stars being the best,price includes cover price) KISSING AFFECTION EAT PUSSY PRICE LOOKS TIT SIZE SUSAN (MAIS) YES YES YES $150 **** **** THUY (MAIS) YES YES YES $150 *** ** TAMMY(FUJI) NO NO NO $120 **** *****(implant) JADE(GOLDEN GYPSY) NO YES NO $170 **** *****(implant) CINDY(SOPHIE) NO NO NO $160 ***** **** YOKO(BLUESKY) YES YES YES $140 *** *** SUSAN(BLUESKY) YES YES YES $120 ** **** ANN(SPRINGTIME) NO NO NO $160 *** ***
Subject: ASP: Review-Mountain View - Niagra Spa Date: 1998/04/14 I had been a lurker for about two years now. Finally got to post this first review. I had been to Niagra Spa at Mountain View Last Sunday. Known to be a full service establishment, but a paranoid one. Had a shower and waited in the exercise room. Mama San kept asking me if I want to do exercise or sauna. Is it some sort of a code? I told sauna and then said exercise and asked if a girl will be with me. Mama San went out, walked up and down at then in about five minutes a girl peeped into the room and gave me the $40 and asked me to go telling me that I had come to the wrong place. When I was coming out there were two chinese/asian gentlemen sitting in the reception. Gave me a wierd look. Don't know what the deal is. After the recent busts at other establishments maybe they are extra cautious. Any ideas anyone? More reviews to come.
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 21:38:19 -0700 Subject: SF massage parlors Visited Moonlight Spa on Bush St. twice over the last couple of months. The first time saw a Chinese woman named Lisa, late twenties, fairly attractive. Gave a very good straight maassage, then asked if I wanted a hand job. She did not negotiate a fee, but rather went about her business, letting me come on her tits. I tipped her $50 for this. Second time I saw a youngish Cambodian named Rose, who said she had only been working about a week. She was somewhat shy, so this may have been true. She kept a towel on me the entirety of the massage. When over, she asked what I wanted, again with no mention of tip. Her services were good, and I tipped accordingly. Merlin
Subject: [asp] Review: San Franciso Massage Parlors Date: 1998/04/24 In San Francisco, the day after a local tv station ran a couple of big stories about busts at a couple of local massage parlors, I visited a couple of them (why 2? read on). After reviewing this NG for tips, and driving around downtown SF for 15 minutes or so, I decided to go to Golden Flower, on 2nd street, based on the reviews in this NG, as well as it being a little off the beaten path and perhaps a little more discreet. Similar drill as reported previously, buzzed in by the Mamasan, presented with a lineup of 5-6 girls. All but 1 were either old, fat, ugly, or a combination of the 3. But, one was a real knockout, Christine, mid-20's, big breasts, slim waist, and very pretty in a classic Asian sort of way. So I selected her. Based on previous posts in this NG,I was really looking forward to nailing her. She didn't ask for money until we got to a downstairs room, typical of what you'd expect, small, with a bed, small chest of drawers, and a shower. She told me it was $50 for a 1/2 hour, $60 for a full hour. Since this place had good reviews, and she was a knockout, I went for the full hour. Put the money on top of the chest, she picked it up, told me to take a shower, and left. She returned while I was in the shower, wearing the same tight black dress. When I got out of the shower, she told me to lie down on the bed, face down. She asked me if I had been there before, stupid me, said no. She then proceeded with a very good massage. But she was careful to keep the towel over my ass. After a while she told me to turn over, which I did, and again, she was good at keeping me covered with the towel. So after about 15 minutes of the massaging, she asked me if I wanted to go to the steam sauna. I told her no, and asked her, in not so many words, for full service. She tried to act surprised, but she wasn't a good actress. But I couldn't get her to give in. I also didn't try to hard, since the recent busts had me a little worried too. So I left, disappointed, but, at least I'd had a decent massage and wasn't going to jail or show up on the news! And $60 wasn't too bad, I didn't consider it a total waste of money. So I drove around downtown some more, looking for other places mentioned in this NG. I noticed a real lack of streetwalkers, which was pretty surprising, based on previous visits to this town. I saw Fuji, but there were a bunch of teenagers skateboarding right in front of it. I saw a couple guys going into Moonlight Spa, figuring they would get the best looking girls in there, I drove around some more, but eventually stopped there. The Mamasan wouldn't even let me in the door, saying something about "no good, only two girls working tonight." By now, I'm feeling pretty disappointed, and ready to give up. But then I saw Empire massage and decided to give it a try. Buzzed in by the Mamasan, there were 5-6 girls waiting inside, and at least 4 of them were 8+. I chose Tiffany, a Chinese girl, very pretty, with large (fake, I later found out, but who cares?) breasts, and very slim. She was wearing a long, see-through dress, with no bra, and a thong. She took me downstairs to a room, which could have been the same room as Golden Flower. She asked me if I had been there before, this time I lied and said yes. She didn't ask for money, told me to take a shower and said she'd be right back. So I took a quick shower, not wanting to ruin their routine (but it was my 2nd shower in about an hour and a half), and waited for her to return. She came back shortly, now wearing a red silk teddy. Same drill, told me to lie down face down, and started on a decent massage, which I really didn't need. She wasn't too shy about keeping the towel on me, or brushing against my balls with her hands, so I knew this would be just what I needed. After I turned over, she continued massaging me, so I started fondling her perfect, slim ass. After about a minute of this, she asked me if I wanted "something else." Of course I said yes, so she got up, dimmed the lights in the room, and proceeded to get naked. She looked great naked, and I told her so. She removed the towel from me, and starting licking me all over my legs, and rubbing her breasts all over me. She licked my balls for a while, then started licking my dick. Just before she put it in her mouth, she slid a rubber over it. She was very skilled at sucking cock, which she did for a few minutes. Then she moved up and I slid my dick right into her pussy. She really seemed to enjoy it, but after only a couple minutes (I'd been waiting for this all night), I shot my load. She wiped me up, told me to take a shower (again!) and left the room. She still had not asked for any money! I was thinking it might be my lucky night! When she came back, I was getting dressed, and she asked me if I wanted her to continue the massage! Of course, since this was my 2nd massage of the night, I passed. We sat around and made small talk for a couple minutes, then I told her I was tired and ready to leave. She then told me I should pay her. I asked her how much she wanted, she asked me what I had paid the last time I had been there. Based on the info in this NG, I said $160, total. She agreed, and I paid her and she walked me out. She was well worth the $160. If I'd had any more cash, I probably would have tipped her some more. On the way out, I noticed again that most of the girls waiting were all hot. If I hadn't been through so much, I probably would have selected another and gone back downstairs! I can't wait for my next trip there.

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