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the SF cops appear to only hassle the streetwalkers, and even seem to stop
by the massage parlors to make sure they are not being hassled by the
vietnamese gangs... i will assume that you are not a cop, and if you are,
then this information will not be interesting because it is in SF proper.

best services around here are tenderloin massage parlors. the ones closest
to the big hotels are best, the further ones often have older women. most
women viet, but also HK, some lao, thai, etc..

my recommendation is Springtime, i think its on o'farrel close to union
square, yellow sign. the deal there is the same as every other place,..
buzz the buzzer, someone asks "you want massage?" you say yes and they let
you in.

when you walk in, there is one girl standing there, they take turns. dont
choose her. just sit down and ask who else is there. they may try to say
no-one else is there,.. at this point, all the other girls are hiding behind
a small curtain next to the front entrance. you can see them there giggling
if you look.

anyway, if you are stubborn and do not move... the other girls will come
out and you can sit and check them out as long as you like. i think it is
even ok to sit there for an hour to wait for the other girls that come out.

anyway,... in case you are wondering... the guys working there are just
flunkies,.. the places are all owned by vietnamese women, who you never see
because they'd get hassled by the vietnamese gangs if the gangs knew.

SO,... once you have chosen the chick of your dreams,.. it will be like
$35-45 for a "massage". this money goes to the house, and you have to sign
in. have a fake name and address ready. if you forget to invent one, copy
the one of the guy before you, nobody cares.

then you take a shower and the girl comes back after a while.

NOW,.. you negotiate the tip. this will be anywhere from $80 to $200 for
"full service". it will cost extra if you want to kiss her, but it is
possible if she likes you.

the girl keeps the entire tip.

full service means a suck and a fuck, and you get to come once.

of course, the prettier, younger girls will ask for more, ... and if you
make the mistake of wearing a swiss watch and carrying a cellular phone,
they will charge more. if you look poor they will let you get away with

these are astute women when it comes to money.

and very nice as well. they will bring you tea and show you pictures their
big house in vietnam they bought with their money, etc... these women can
make $70k to $200k a year, so dont think you are a bigshot. be nice to them
and it will come back to you.

anyway, thats my story. havent been there in a while... but its the best
choice i've found.


streetwalkers are not safe, either for your health or legal standing,.. and
are ugly anyway. escort services are generally not good because you cant
see the girl first.

massage parlors let you choose,.. and you can always walk out if you dont
like what you see.

i dont know where to find attractive caucasian women in this area. probably
have to go with an escort service, and it will probably be expensive and
hard to choose the one you like. my only advice is to be specific when you
ask on the phone ("thin, blonde, tall, big coconuts" or whatever your thing
is), and dont feel guilty to say "this is not what i asked for" and close
the door when she arrives 50 pounds too heavy.

and i suggest this: western prostitutes treat customers like lepers,...
eastern ones will not. i am not talking about media images or stereotypes,
i am talking about personal experience. if you are treated poorly by a
caucasian hooker, dont for a second think it has a thing to do with you,...
its that way for everyone.

which is yet another reason to try both kinds. a masseuse i knew well (we
were friends, i wasn't a customer) always says that occasionally american
women would work in the massage parlor,.. and guys would try them out
because they were curious, but the girls would never get regular customers
and they wouldn't last long.

this is of course NOT a race difference but a cultural one,.. there are no
asian-american girls working in the massage parlors either.

anyway, good luck, be careful, and have a nice time.

(fyi, if you decide to drive around geary/o'farrell between union square
and van ness you will see where the streetwalkers are. this is interesting,
and you will occasionally see an attractive woman,... but my advice is to
steer clear of them, because most of them REALLY DO have a drug problem,
and there is a very good chance of getting caught by the cops and having
your car impounded if you stop and talk with them. a lot of the cops are
dykes and especially like to arrest men soliciting hookers. another note is
that when you are in the vicinity of polk street, all those women you see
are really men.)

my opinion...

really,.. be careful... and remember the big rule is that the SF cops dont
care about prostitution, they just dont want anything that will disturb the
tourists... which means that if its indoors, they wont touch it in a
million years. but on the street, you are playing with fire and will be

this is different in any other city in the area, where the cops actively
enforce it everywhere.

Date: 31 Mar 1996 22:25:10 GMT Go to Mountain View. Sure scores in Visage, Niagara, MV Spa. Korean Girls in Niagara, Vietnamese in Visage and MV Spa.
Subject: San Francisco Massage Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 15:46:35 UTC I was recently in San Francisco and tried several of the massage parlors downtown. This is in the area near the Mitchell brothers theater and other sex related businesses (the Tenderloin I think). The parlors were a mixed bag. Since I hate to be negative I'll just report on my favourite. FUJI is the name and it has large sign out front even though the windows are curtained and barred. Here is the deal for those of you not familiar with such places. You go up to the front gate/door and ring the bell. A women will open the door and ask if you want a massage. Of course you say yes or they will slam the door in your face. Usually the woman who meets you at the door will want to be your massuese. If you are pushy and you see someone you like better hanging out in the front lobby, you can request a different woman. The one you blew off will be grumpy but the one you chose will be happy, and after all she is the one you want to make happy. At the FUJI all the women I saw appeared to be young (18-25) petite (5' or so), vietnamese and pretty (I would say none worse than a 7, mostly 8s and one or two 9s). The woman of your choice will take you to a room with a bathtub and a mattress with mirrors around it (don't want to miss the view). Clean and comfortable but not fancy. They will ask for a $40 house fee (they don't seem to go by time as far as I can tell, some places charge by the hour or half hour, I prefer not to have my eye on the clock). Then you have to sign in. I have no idea why, must be a law or something. Feel free to make up a name and address. They will then ask you to get comfortable and go off for a few minutes. First you get a nice bath, they do all the work. They clean your privates and seem to check you over pretty good. I think this is nice, makes me feel like they are very health concious. Then she dries you off and takes you to the bed. She may ask if you want tea or a drink. I usually say yes. Lets me relax a little. Then she will give you a good massage. I actually like massages myself so I enjoy this a great deal. After getting you nice and loose she will ask if you want anything more. I imagine you could say no and leave at this point. At FUJI all the girls seem to offer full service for a $100 tip. This seems to be a little less than the going rate in the area. They don't seem to do anything kinky but they are pretty good at the basic sexual activities (with a condom of course). Feel free to take your time ( I like to) but let the woman know you are happy and taking your time on purpose. She may feel she is not turning you on if you don't cum right away. In general I found the women at the FUJI very nice and younger and cheaper than at nearby places. On more tip, go at off hours (2 in the afternoon on a weekday for instance) they do get busy. I hope your visit is as pleasent as mine!
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 1996 11:31:02 UTC You asked me to re-send the report on San Francisco massage parlors. This is sort of a companion article to the earlier article on the Mitchell Bros. Here is the article: Within easy walking distance of the Mitchell Brothers theater you can find several fine oriental massage parlors. Sophie's is one of the best. When you exit Mitchell Brothers, go to the corner of O'Farrell and Polk, and head north on Polk one block until you reach Geary. Turn left on Geary (to the west) and on the right-hand (north) side of Geary - about a third of the way up the block is Sophies. Its right next to an adult bookstore. Unlike most massage parlors in San Francisco you do not have to stand on the street in plain view of your neighbors and friends waiting to get "buzzed in" to the building. Sophie's is on the second floor; the entrance is just to the left of the adult bookstore. You walk down a short, well lit corridor to metal gate, ring the bell, and you will be buzzed in from there (off the street.) Ignore the panhandlers; don't encourage them. When you reach the second floor, they may ask if you have been there before. You may also be asked who you saw before; particularly if you are not recognized or you are not Asian. When you enter the parlor, you will be asked to sign-in by a Vietnamese gentlemen. I would suggest using a pseudonym. My favorite is Fred Flinstone, although I sometimes use Randy Farang. In the front lobby you will probably be approached by a girl. You may get the impression that she is the only one available. This is almost always untrue. Proceed to the rear of the parlor where there is a second waiting room. As a general rule, the less attractive women are more aggressive, and they intend to hang out in the front waiting room waiting to prey on more gullible customers. In the rear waiting room there are usually several girls lounging about watching a giant screen T.V. Unlike other parlors where one ethnic group tends to dominate (e.g. Thais, Koreans, Vietnamese), the T.V. is usually tuned to an English speaking station. I guess this is a compromise since Sophies has a real mix of girls: Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hispanic, Caucasian, etc. Its also nice for the customer; particularly if you decide to wait for the girl of your choice, unless, of course, you want to practice your pasa Thai, etc., for your next trip to the magic kingdom. There may also be girls back in the dressing room/kitchen just behind the rear waiting room. As a general rule, girls who have just finished with a customer and the more attractive girls (these two categories seem to over-lap for obvious reasons) will hang in the this area. It seems to be a professional courtesy intended to increase the odds for the less attractive members of the sorority. But it doesn't do much for the customer. Go back a take a peek if you don't like what you see in the waiting rooms. Depending upon the time of day, etc., there are generally 4 to 12 girls in the parlor. The quality ranges from 4 to 9. The better looking girls are often busy. Indeed, they'll go from one session to the next with a hardly a wait while the less attractive girls go hours without a customer. Hence, some of the more predatory practices of the front waiting room. Also, the less attractive girls sometimes, but not always, do things that the more attractive girls would not even consider doing. And with some, there are definite attitude problems. Once you are in the room, you pay $40 for the massage. Extras are, of course, extra. Sophie's current line-up includes the following girls: - Dora is one of the favorites; many regulars ask for her by name. She is young, cute Thai girl. Terrific body. If she is convinced you're not a cop (less of a problem these days), she will ask for her tip up front - $100. Dora seems to have a set routine, and that routine seems to be designed to get customers as hot as possible so that they come the moment they are their inside Dora. She strips, rubs oil across her breasts and then rubs her body across your back. When you're good and hard, she'll turn you over, and rub her breasts across your front. She'll handle your penis, massaging it against her tits while commenting about how hot it feels in her hands. Its great to watch her in the mirror; and it feels even better. After a few minutes, she slips a condom on, gives mediocre head, while she fondles your balls. She won't 69. When you're sufficiently hard, she'll climb on top and begin fucking fast. Unless you have great control, expect to come fast. If you want, she'll let you take the condom off, and then massage her tits against your dick, letting you come across her chest. She won't let you spray on, or anywhere, near her face. Dora's sexy, but she has definite limits, and anything remotely unsafe or unseemly is off limits; don't even ask. - Tracy is a taller Asian women; very attractive and very popular. Recognizing her own popularity and that more customers means more money, she is quick. On a busy night count on no more than twenty minutes of her time. And expect to pay $120 ++ for full service. - Kaye is a less attractive Lao girl, but she'll venture into dangerous zones. Unlike the other girls here, she will jump into the bath with you, and give head, sans condom. For the right tip (more than $100), she'll let you conclude a session by spraying her face. - Sara is a large breasted girl from Panama. She is friendly, and speaks English very well. She is a great gossip, and an even better tit fuck. But until she knows your range, she'll take precautions to ensure that you don't spackle her face. - Lucky is a beautiful Thai girl who is sometimes available on weekends. Gorgeous, but sometimes has a bad attitude, particularly with farangs. Count on a quick session. These are only a few of the demonides available. Happy Hunting, Randy Farang
Date: June 1996 Stay away from the Caucasian places, especially "The Green Door" at 441 Stockton and "Paris Studios" at 518 Taylor Street. Both establishments try everything to create the impression that full service is available, but you can't even get a hand job. And you have to pay a lot to find that out. Atta
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 22:16:18 -0500 (EST) You might try Visage Relaxation, in Mountain View, on Castro Street. Generic Asian Massage Parlor. Your review would work for this place.
Subject: Re: [ASP] Review, Silicon Valley Date: 26 Nov 1996 21:45:53 GMT Just tried Beautiful Spa in Milpitas. Full service, but not too involving.
Date: Wed, 01 Jan 1997 01:39:39 -0800 i have a couple of recent experiences that you may want to include in your next reviews update for california. please do not use my email address if you publish these. around october 1996 i visited a massage parlor in san francisco. i cannot remember the name, but it is almost directly across the street from empire massage which has been previously reviewed. the girl's name was candy and she was attractive enough, but personally i do prefer the older asian women, and candy was no older than 27-28. $40 for basic massage and candy wanted $150 for full service but she settled for $100. the experience was satisfactory but not outstanding. she did spread herself quite wide and encouraged me to bang her as hard as i could, so that was a plus. i may go back. i also tried blue sky in november of 1996 as it had received good reviews for san francisco. my experience was unsatisfactory. i do not remember the girl's name, but she took up way too much time on the regular massage. she put on a great "hot to trot" act while negotiating the fee ($120) but after she got her money, she was passive and disinterested. lousy head, and a lousy lay. i know that blue sky has received good reviews elsewhere. i guess it just depends on the girl. i am currently seeing on a regular basis a vietnamese woman that i first met at oakland's oriental health spa. this place is now closed, which is too bad because it was my favorite place. this woman works under the name of tammi. she gave me her home phone number so i now see her there. she says that she now works in san francisco. if i can find out where, i will pass the info on. tammi is not everyone's cup of tea. i would guess that she is 45-50 years old and while she does have a decent body for a 50 year-old, it is definitely not a 10. however she provides the best most enthusiastic service i've ever had. great head without a rubber, and spreads wide to let you fuck her hard. since i see her at her home, i pay only $100 for full service. recently, she has been offering french kissing as well. i would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for great sex with an asian woman and does not care so much about looks. again, she is an attractive 50 year-old, but if you want 20-somethings you should look elsewhere. i respect her too much to publish her home phone, but if i can find out where in san francisco she currently works, i will let you know.
San Francisco California Blue Sky. 40 tip. no mention of extras. boring massage. terrible attitude. will not return.
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 05:03:08 -0800 Subject: [ASP] San Francisco I ended this tragic trip with a trip to Fuji massage parlor. After being greeted by a beautiful woman at the door, I was met immediately by another woman who led me to a back room with a mat, small table and bath tub. I spent a 1/2 hr. with Michelle, a very pretty young Viet woman who gave me full service for $100 + $40 for room/massage. She offered me tea when I entered, told me to get undressed and ready for the shower, and left to get the tea. When she came back she gave me a quick wash (not erotic at all). The massage was very mediocre, and then she asked if I wanted anything else. I told her full service, and she said $100. I paid, she left, came back, then undressed and proceeded to give me a very nice blow job (sans condom). She started kissing my chest, slyly put on the condom and then got on her back for me to do her missionary style. Although she gave the appropriate sound effects, it was clearly unattached sex. After asking and switching to doggie style, I noticed that her asshole had that slightly open, 'just been fucked' look. I asked her if I could put it in there, but she said no. At that time, I noticed what I have seen with almost all Asian women - scars on her back that had the look of healed knife marks. Someone may know more about this than I do, but it looked like the mark of whatever gang or mafia that was responsible for her being there. This almost instantly turned my mood sour. I was not angry at her, but felt this humanistic twinge that made me empathetic and realize how many of these women suffer. Under these circumstances, I could not cum. She put some lotion on her hands and tried to jerk me off, even blow me a bit more, but I told her I wanted her to stop. She seemed to feel self conscious, but I told her it was ok that I hadn't cum and that it was not her fault, but rather I was just too distracted. I asked if she could give me another massage, but the mamasan gave the proverbial knock on the door, and that was it.
Date: 11 Jan 1997 12:32:45 GMT Regarding the massage parlor, I went to Fuji first. There were no caucasians at this time. She quitted. All are Asians. Last September, there was one caucasian. I went to Sophia. One black and one caucasian and two Latin girs. Others are Asians. In addition, I went to International Variety. I spent wonderful time. This incall house was as good as Mens Club of NY for me. Girls don't look great but sexy and good natured. I don't tell you any recommendations here, because I am a Japanese and my taste might be a little different from yours.
Subject: [ASP] SF Report Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 05:52:21 -0800 Oriental Massage: Nikki Massage (Polk/Sutter) $40 for massage plus $100 additional for full service. See Kay if you go to this place. She's in her late 20's and is from Taiwan. She starts you off with a light finger massage, followed by fucking with French kissing. The real pleasure in the Shiastu style massage that begins after you cum. She is a very good masseuse and has been able to get all the kinks out. Haven't tried anyone else here and don't think I will. Sophia Massage (Polk/Geary) Pricing same as Nikki. Tel: 776-2900. Mostly Asian with two hot Latin's. Ask for Amy or Sarah. Amy is Brazilian with big tits and a hot body. She will grind you dry. Sarah is from Panama and more petite, but has a great ass and good technique. Located over frenchy's bookstore, it is a relaxed atmosphere where the girls sit on sofa's lining the room generally reading or watching the big screen TV. This place is a little seedy but you can get a good whirlpool bath and fuck for your money.
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 21:46:06 -0800 Subject: San Francisco massage parlors I would like to correct some earlier reports about the Asian women working in San Francisco massage. I have had the unusual experience of getting to know very well a woman who has worked in several of the massage parlors in San Francisco, and is more educated and Westernized than her peers. As many readers will know, most massage parlors in San Francisco feature exclusively Asian women. There have been misleading reports that many of the women working at these places are very wealthy and have nice homes in Vietnam or other parts of Asia. While this may be true of a few of them, it is rarely the case. The majority of the women working in massage parlors are from Asia (Vietnam, Korea, China, and other countries), but that is the only accurate generalization. Many of the women have are not conversant in English and have suffered abusive treatment from their Asian husbands or boyfriends. Many of them are drug addicts and are either users or sellers or both. Most of them work 6 and 7 days a week shifts and work 12 to 15 hours a day. They prefer Asian customers because they are quick and easy while Caucasian clients are more demanding and require more time. There is also more danger that they may be police. Massage parlors in San Francisco rarely get busted, but when they do it is because of suspected narcotic sales or illegal immigration, and there is plenty of both at many of the parlors. Most of the massage parlors are "protected" by Asian gangs, who extort money from the owners and workers. The Korean owned massage parlors tend to be better run: they are cleaner and the girls are on a fixed schedule. Two of the best Korean owned massage parlors are Sun Spa and Golder Flower. You can find some beautiful women working at these establishments, but keep in mind, they are all doing this out of severe economic need. The message here is try to treat them with care and respect; most of them have been abused in the past, and they are trapped in a system that is very difficult to get out of. It is true that the more pretty and hard working women can make a tremendous amount of money. At Golden Flower, the average is over $500 a day which works out to $120,000 a year working just 20 days a month. But most of the time, this money goes towards their families, or drugs. And three or four years of screwing can ravage your body, no matter how safe the sex is. Makes you think twice, next time you go to a massage parlor.
Date: 18 Feb 1997 05:33:22 GMT Seeker: I don't know what nationality you're looking for but I've got one hot little Vietnamese babe for you. Go to Springtime Oriental Massage in dwntown San Francisco (451 O'Farrell St. - nearest cross street is Jones st.). I go there on Sundays, after 1:00 pm. because Mary works then. She's got nice, firm tits, a pretty smile, and a sweet ass. A session goes like this: Mama-san buzzes you in, you pay the $40 door fee, she asks you if you've "been there before" (say yes) & tell her you want to see Mary. What you'll get is a very sexy massage. Then she'll turn you over and ask you what you want. Expect to pay $100 for everything - blowjob, tongue bath, french kisses, eating her pussy, the works. This is one of the best girls I've ever visited because she really gets into the lovemaking. I can't recommend this cutie enough. The last time I was there, she introduced me to her co-worker, I'm going to try her, soon. Go there and tell her Eric from San Jose sent you. All I ask is that you let me know how it went. Have fun!
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 21:02:22 -0800 Subject: massage scene in san francisco Here is my review of various massage parlors in san francisco. Sophia's Spa: located on Geary Blvd. between Polk and Van Ness. Most of the women are from the Southeast Asia countries (Vietnam, Laos, Thailand). There are also two Hispanics and one Russian. Interestingly, they also have a Black girl who speaks Vietnamese, probably a Nam war-child. This place is very popular because, unlike other parlors, they will almost let anyone in, whether you're Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, or whatever. I would say 1 out of 10 girls here are worth the $140 for full service. The accommodations are satisfactory but you might see a cockroach crawling on the wall in some rooms. Like almost all other massage parlors in San Francisco, $100 to the girl for full service and $40 to the House for the 45 to 60 minute session. Girls to look for: Dora (Thai); Sarah (Hispanic); Yoko (Vietnamese). Mai's: located in an alley off Grant Ave. between Bush and Sutter. Most of the girls here are Korean with some Chinese and one Russian. This is one of the better places in San Francisco. Unlike the Vietnamese places, almost all the girls here are attractive and some make you practically cum just by walking around in their tight fitting outfits. Nice, clean accommodations. Girls to look for: Tina (Korean) and just about anyone else. Apple: located on Mason between Ellis and Eddy, across the street from Chez Pairee strip club. This place is practically all Korean, but they tend to be younger than Korean girls at other places. Very clean and comfortable place. Girls to look for: Jenny, and Angie. Suk Hee: located on Broadway off Kearny. This place used to be the most popular place with the best girls from all over (Korean, Chinese, Southeast), but due to recent local and federal law enforcement busts, and gang-related shootings inside, its popularity has decreased dramatically. As a result, many of the attractive sex-kittens have left the City or moved to other parlors. Girls to look for: Bebe (Chinese) Lee's: On Mission between 8th and 9th Streets. The newest decadent hot- bed in town. Koreans and Thai chicks. The Thai chicks here are hot, but the Koreans look like rejects from other places. Comfortable and clean accommodations.
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 1997 01:20:03 -0700 Subject: San Francisco Please keep my name confidential. I have been to the Apple Massage in the Union Square area twice. The spa is in the rear side of the hotel that used to be the Niko, and is about one block from the cable car turnaround. This place is pretty much like the others mentioned. You are buzzed in and greeted by a hostess, who makes you sign a clipboard and leads you to a room. Most of the girls seem to be in the bak, and they really do not seem to want you top pick out your girl. The hostess takes the house fee of $40.00 for a half hour. Your girl comes in and introduces herself and then you take a shower and return to your room and lie down on the table nude. The girl comes in and gives you either a pretty decent massage, and asks you what you want. You negotiate for a price. Blowjobs seem to range from 60 to 90 dollars, with full service for 120 dollars. All the girls are attractive asians. The first time I weant I had a very attrative asian who really took her time but would not remove her bra (much to my chagrin). The second girl wanted to hurrry through the head, and I left thinking that it was not as good an experience, even though I got some feels of her great tits. If you are staying in the area, the place is convenient and in a generally safe area. Enjoy.
Subject: ASP SF Bay Area Review Date: 28 May 1997 20:45:28 GMT Here are some of my reviews of the local produce. Drew. Advertises in the SF Weekly. Paged her and she responded back promptly. Describes herself as a natural blond with 34C 22 35 and 27 years old. She was scheduled to arrive at 11AM and at 11:15 called saying she was running late. I was considering skipping the appointment, but she said I could shoot twice which changed my mind. When I picked her up at Bart I saw her from behind at first. From behind she was a 9.5. From the front I would say she was an 8, face was not as nice as her ass and the 34C was probably a 32B. I gave her the $200 and we got started. We both undressed and french kissed to get started. She then rolled a condom on and proceeded to start to suck. I played with her pussy which was getting quite wet. When I was close to cumming I suggested we change postitions so I could taste her. I tried to suck her nipples, but she protested and was not very enthusiastic when I went down on her. After a few minutes I got on top and fucked till I came. She was into it a bit more. After this we talked for a few and then she suggested I tip her to do it a second time. I gave her a look suggesting that wasn't part of the deal and she "remembered" she promised since she kept me waiting an hour. Since I sensed she was looking to leave soon I figured it was time to get round 2 going. I tried sucking her nipples again and she was a little more responsive, but she kept complaing it tickled. I then made my way back to her pussy which was definitely wetter than before. At first she seemed like she was tolerating it because it was her job, but after a few minutes I heard a little groan and looked up. She seemed to finanlly be enjoying it. I kept at it and soon she put her hand on my head to push my mouth into her pussy. I noticed she responded when I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy. Her hips started to move and I was able to taste her getting excited. Finally her whole body contracted and she let out a loud moan. Definitely a real orgasm. She then quickly wanted me to do her from behind which I happily abliged. After cumming we laid in bed together, but she has this strange look on her face. I asked what was wrong and she said she was embarressed. I asked why and she said she never has an orgasm while working. Overall I would rate an 8 and would see again Normandy Massage in Shattuck Ave in Berkeley Been there 3 times $35 for massage,$120service for full . First time I saw an attractive blond 34C-, 24- 36 and third time a Japanese woman 34C-24-34. Second time only a black girl was available (not my style).Both times I stayed I got good service and will go back.( 8 looks and 7 service) Other girls I saw were not up to par, but it didn't matter 4's and 5's and I would go back Alouette Massage-University Ave in Berkeley Went in once and left immediately. Both women were butt ugly.
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 1997 21:19:10 -0700 Subject: San Francisco Incall Places Massage Parlor report: Golden Flower in San Francisco is located in an area known as South of Market which borders the financial district. This is a much better location than most massage parlors. It is Korean owned and impeccably clean and comfortable. I visited it early on a Saturday night and saw at least five attractive Asian women. They do not let you choose here, but it is hard to go wrong. The girl I got was from Hong Kong with a beautiful face and great legs. Her English was passable, although she had a very friendly personality. Okay massage, great oral sex, and pretty good sex. The rates are $40 for a half hour and $60 for a full hour, plus $120 for full service. They have a steam sauna also. This place gets a lot of business from the financial district in the daytime and is very popular with Asian men at night. Definitely worth the visit.
Subject: {ASP} Review Nikko S.F. Date: Sat, 05 Jul 1997 10:39:28 -0500 I have just spent some time at Nikko Massage in San Francisco. It's located at 1172 Sutter close to downtown. A girl attended me named Mai. It was the usual $40 door fee and full service in available for $100. I would not recommend this girl. She is very unimaginative and very "by the book".
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 10:51:33 -0400 (EDT) Subject: SF Massage Spa Just visited Sophie's Massage Spa near the O'Farrell theater. Went on a weekday afternoon to avoid the rush. I was fortunate enough to be greated by a gorgeous, Latin lady. She took me to the room and gave me a really nice bath. We got more comfortable on the bed, where she gave me a wonderful massage, beginning with my back side, before moving to the front side. As she did the front side, her long flowing hair would brush my member, which of course, brought him to attention. She was happy to see that. She disrobed and allowed me to massage her for awhile. She would allow me to kiss and suck her big breast (38C), finger her cunt, but not go down on her. We then moved our foreplay into the real action. She started giving me a BJ, then rode me awhile, and we concluded our rendevous doggie style. It was a great day. She was very compassionate, liked to visit, was not in a hurry, very playful, and had a very nice body that was enjoyable to explore. We enjoyed a full hour for only $100. I certainly would return. Rooms are clean, mirrored and softly lit.
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 18:51:19 -0700 Subject: San Francisco Massage Parlors in San Francisco: Golden Flower is located very close to the financial district in San Francisco where it is very easy to park at night. This Korean owned business is impeccably clean and quite large. It features large, comfortable rooms with beds and showers and a separate sauna. Most of the girls I saw were very attractive. You do not get to choose here, unless you are a repeat customer. My masseuse was Linda, a gorgeous Chinese girl from Hong Kong. She has a beautiful face, great legs and is very slender. She gives a mediocre massage, but her oral talents make up for that. She positions herself so you can see exactly what she is doing in a mirror right next to the bed. The sex part was just okay. She moans a lot and acts like she is into it, but it is a little bit too fake. Overall, I highly recommend Golden Flower. Price: not cheap by massage parlor standards: $60 for the room and sauna for an hour, and Linda asked for $120 for full service which really only lasted about 25 minutes. I have heard that most Asian clients only pay $80 for full service, although they go in and out much quicker. Try bargaining harder than me. Incall House in San Francisco: Heaven is near the Haight Ashbury and is the most luxurious incall place I have ever been to. It is a remodeled Victorian with four bedrooms and two ultra modern baths. I was shown five pretty ladies, one by one, and at least three of them were very attractive. Jennifer is a cute blonde with a great body. Donna is a very pretty Asian woman, and Kayla is a knockout black woman. I chose Kayla because she seemed the friendliest and I was not dissapointed. You get the whole works with her and she is a nice person also. She does French kissing, and also offers anal which I am not into. The kissing part was sensational and she is also gives a great blowjob. Definitely worth the $200 for a full hour. Moonlight Spa on Bush street is another massage parlor very close to the financial district and right next a large parking garage. This place has been remodeled recently and is very clean. The big plus about this place is that you can choose your masseuse and they have a great room with a jacuzzi. On a Friday or Saturday night, there are two or three nice looking women to choose from. Both times I was there I chose a very petite Vietnamese woman named Kim. She was great because she really takes her time and gives a wonderful slow and sensual massage. Her oral sex is just okay and intercourse is about average, but she is worth the visit if you like a long massage and much personal treatment. The girls are all very friendly and they act like they really appreciate your business.
Subject: [ASP] SF BlueSky Report Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 13:23:22 -0700 I Visited Blue Sky massage (738 Larkin) last night and thought I'd report on Kim, an extremely cute Thai girl. She stands about 5'3", 115lbs, about 28ish, and has implants that place her in the 34C range. Prior to selecting her, several Viet. girls were brought out... I rejected each since none was above a 6, and seemed quite haggish. Here's the basics: Gave her $40 Took a shower solo while she was out of the room Got a 5 minute massage Paid her $60 more Waited 5 minutes while she conferred w/ mamasan Began the real session... I should mention that speaking a few words of Thai can really go a long way. Since I had been to Thailand a few times, the small talk seemed to really improve the attitude. She assumed girlfriend-mode, at least for the next hour. We began with major kissing and body exploring. She was got very excited, and it proved genuine as I slipped my fingers in her dripping pussy. She blew me for about 2 minutes bare-back... very nice, nothing spectacular. She did take the whole thing in, which has proved to be a feat for some. Then, as she brought me on top of her, I thought she wanted me to penetrate bare-backed. I thought to myself.... this chick is C-R-A-Z-Y! And, as I prepared to halt her and put the sock on, I looked down and thrwapp!, it was ON. Talk about technique! I never even saw that friggin' thing coming! Anyway, we did missionary and doggy. She feigned coming while in the first position (I have to assume that unless I feel the convulsions). Of note... she was very tight, almost uncomfortably so. But, it made for coming in about 15 minutes... earlier than usual. I'd recommend her, especially if you like Thai girls.
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 19:18:08 -0700 Subject: San Francisco Massage Parlors San Francisco Massage Parlor review: Lee's Massage on Mission street near 9th has recently remodeled. It is extremely clean inside and on a Saturday night I saw 8 Asian women dressed in short skirts waiting for customers. At least 6 of the 8 were gorgeous. The sign outside the door says membership required, but that is not true. Just say you have been there before and they will let you in. The room fee is $40 and full service is $120. The girl will negotiate with you, and you probably could bargain her down to $100. Anyway, the girl I had was about a 9 on a one to ten scale. Great legs, nice medium sized breasts, pretty face, and almost slender. She took her time, and gave an excellent blowjob. Fucking was okay. This is a great place to go for a big selection of pretty Asian women in a modern and clean environment.
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2097 07:13:36 -0400 San Francisco, CA Golden Gate Spa on Mission. Hot tub + Full service around $150.
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 13:06:36 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Report from SF trip I just returned from a pleasure trip to beautiful San Francisco and must tell you your guide is most informative and helpful, thank you! Now for my report: From numerous report I thought I might try Sophies first, due to the timing around noon on a Thursday to pickings were very thin, I say two girls there may have been some busy. At the top of the stairs you will pay your $40 entry fee and be let in upon being greeted by the next available hostess, I was not real thrilled with her, older, a bit worn and really not that attractive, said I'd like to see who else is available. Enter a attractive young, a mix of black and vietnamese lady around 20 years old. I thought well if this is it, I'd already paid my $40 so lets go. The routine shower, by myself and she later comes in and starts the massage, rising to the occasion she asks if there is anything else I'd like, we discuss and the $100 tip is set, thought she will try to charm you out of additional. She was alittle to heavy for my liking and not that great a body once disrobed. Sex was good but not great. Thailand Spa: just a block and a half off Broadway near Chinatown. I had been there about four years before and the place had been remodeled and is much nicer and very clean. Downstair after your buzzed in. Met by a beautiful asian lady named Cindy, tall, beautiful set of tits and very nice. Didn't need to ask for another, was very happy with this one. The basic $40 massage fee and then shower, again by myself, and she returns and begins the massage. Again the basic $100 , I tend to go ahead with the $100 offer and not haggle much, it is always taken and I think they apprecaite the no hassle thing. I must tell you this lady was terrific at what she does, first a very exciting and stimulating masasge and while giving head put her sweet smelling pussy right in my face so what could I do, you know. We tried several different position resulting in a terrific climax (added extra $20 tip) and a very satisfied customer, wish I'd gone there first. As I was leaving I saw another very beautiful asian lady leading a customer into a room. If I'd had another day I'd have gone back to see her. Best place I've been to yet in SF. You won't be disappointed. I can't wait to return.
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 1997 14:13:47 -0700 Subject: massage Hi Atta. Here's a review of Face to Face massage, located in San Francisco, CA. Please keep me anonymous. OK, so Face to Face is on the web, at site. There are some photos of some rather pretty females. I was quoted 140 dollars over the phone for a one hour massage. A couple of minor strikes I must mention. The woman I spoke with on the phone said there would be three woman to choose from for my massage. When I arrived, only two woman were available. I chose to pay by credit card and was billed 145 dollars. Where did the extra five bucks come from? I decided to let it slide. The thing that really gets me about a massage service is that the clock starts ticking as soon you enter. I mean you can't get an actual one hour massage. I've never even had a one hour massage. It always ends at about the 45 minute mark. I don't like it, but I think all massage parlors work this way, if not, please let me know otherwise. In any event, I selected Danielle. She was very thin, tall, small tits, round, firm ass, white soft skin, and generally about a 6 on the 1 - 10 scale. She started off with oil and massaged my back, then down my legs and feet and toes back up to arms and hands. She played with my testes. She got on top of me and laid herself upon me, gently kissing me from behind. I was aroused. About 20 minutes later, she asked me to turn over. She then poured oil on my cock and began to massage it. She got into a 69 position and I did my best to suck her pussy through the g-string she wore. I had fun. She then let me kiss and suck her tits, which I did with total abandon. She let me suck to my heart's content. She also sucked my cock a few times (sans condom). She brought me to the brink of eruption several times. I then laid on by back. She got on top and grabbed my cock from behind and made me feel like I was penetrating her. I came in about one minute. She brought me a towel and asked if I wanted to take a shower. I did. By the time I got back in the room, she came back and we chatted a little bit. I think she liked me. And I liked her. There are definitely prettier girls than her, but I liked her vibes. I appreciated that I wasn't rushed to leave or anything, but again, would like to know where can one find a masseuse or parlor where you actually get a one hour massage? I'd say Face to Face is pretty good, not excellent, but not bad. I'd say it's middle of the road. Don't know if there is better. But for what it is, it works. Enjoy.
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 11:45:01 +0000 Subject: info and ? ? re. Golden Gypsy, Normandy, Alouette - services for women I've noticed your site is sadly lacking information for women seeking women prostitutes, so I've been doing my own research. Any additional information is welcomed! I called Golden Gypsy, Normandy, and Alouette, asking, "Do you have anyone who specializes in massage for women?" One woman I spoke with at Golden Gypsy said no; when I called later and spoke with a different woman she said yes, and told me a man's name. When I told her I didn't want a man, and asked if she had any women available, she said yes, she did. She suggested I make an appointment any day of the week two or more hours in advance. Alouette said yes immediately, and told me no appointment necessary. Normandy said no. I called twice, spoke with two different women, and they both said no, and did not refer me to anywhere else when I asked for a referral. I've not yet visited any of these places, but did drive by. Alouette is located in a grungy part of Berkeley, and looks run-down from the outside, but inside may be a different story. Normandy is slightly less grungy-looking from the outside, and is in a slightly less grungy part of Berkeley. Golden Gypsy looked inviting from the outside, and is located in a cleaner-looking area than the other two, although I would guess Normandy is in the safest area (I'm not sure).

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