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The following was posted a few months back.
I know nothing of the poster or any of the characters providing
the comments.  If anyone has any comments to add, please post.
(I did take the liberty of deleting the places that I know have
closed down)

========================== on with the show! ================================

This is of interest mostly to the SF Bay area, but this site does not recognize
that distribution area.  It is from a local BBS, translated from DOS to MAC to
Unix, so formatting problems are at least possible :-(  Enjoy -- note the
disclaimer :-)  They also post a review of the local strip places, which I may
upload later if there is interest.


Bubbles will add to this as she continues "researching".  Much of her info is
from customers and other girls (2nd hand).  For legal reasons, please consider
the following as fiction, for entertainment purposes only, and any resemblances
to persons either living or dead is a figment of your deranged, and crudely
warped imagination.

Last updated 4/10/94

EL DORADO, 4898 El Camino #203, Los Altos.  $40 for a half hour, tips
accepted.  This is a relatively new place, which already has an established
Korean clientele.  As a result, you might not get in during peak hours, and
tips are expensive ($80 for a nude hand-finish).  However, for the right tip,
full service is available.  The place is clean, but the rooms are very small,
may account for the fact that they have floor-to-ceiling mirrors the length of
them.  Mirrors make a room appear bigger, you understand.  You're met at the
door by a perky little young woman, who ushers you into the massage room.  A
minute or two later you are joined by a somewhat older, slightly less
attractive masseuse, wearing an outfit which includes pantyhose which appear to
be bulletproof.  Don't let this deter you, though.  After she has signed you in
and collected your $40, she returns in a lab coat with a zipper down the
front.  Closer inspection will reveal that all she is wearing underneath that
are skimpy panties.  Though there is one of those annoying little towels on the
massage table for her to put over your butt, will ignore it completely and give
you the kind of massage you had in mind when you went there.  One tip: when she
asks you if you have been there, ALWAYS say "yes".

SALON PLUS, 810 San Antonio Rd.  (near Leghorn) Mt.  View.  $35 half hour,

NEW DAY HEALTH SALON, 39168 State Street, Fremont.

TOP BODY CARE SALON, 40900 Fremont Blvd.  #8, Fremont.

CITY LIGHT HEALTH SALON, 357 N.  Lake Dr., San Jose.

VISAGE RELAXATION, 1062 Castro St., Mt.  View is located about a block and a
half on the other side of El Camino from downtown.  It looks pretty sleazy from
the front, even sleazier from the back (plenty of parking by the dumpsters) but
inside it's about average.  All the women are 30+, Asian, but not bad-looking.
And they give an excellent massage...and extras.  $40 for half an hour, $60 for
an hour.  Tips are whatever you feel like giving for services received.  If
you're lucky, you might not even have to ask for it -- she may just start in
without  asking.  Mastercard & Visa accepted with ID, and this is the first
place we've found which lists the 10% extra charge for credit cards right on
the price menu in the front lobby.  They didn't have their hours posted, but
you can call them at (415) 988-8887.

NIAGARA MASSAGE is located half a block north of Castro on El Camino in Mt.
View It doesn't have an address on the sign out front, but probably is 910 or
912 El Camino.  This place is huge, at least 10 rooms, and since it's brand new
it is very clean.  There is one men's room with three showers, so expect to run
into other customers.  Considering that this storefront was designed and built
to be a massage parlor, they did a miserable job.  There is no running water in
the rooms, the beds are hard (a THIN futon over a wooden plank) music is piped
in too loud from a central location with no volume control in the room, the
lights are too bright, with only on/off settings.  The staff appears to be all
Korean.  $40 half-hour, $60/hr, cash only.  Tips are solicited in the first few
minutes with the girl telling you "no sex".  Clothing stays on, and pantyhose
is worn like body armor.  The massage sucks, too.

SILKY'S, Second Street just north of State Street, Los Altos.  Another new
massage parlor, this one looks high class (both the facade and the location)
but it's the same price as most of the others -- $40 per half hour, $60 for a
full hour.  Cash only, though.  It's very clean, the rooms are large and
mirrored, with comfortable thick foam mattresses.  There are an amazing variety
of girls here, including a tall redhead, a petite but stacked Japanese woman in
her 40's, and a skinny Black woman.  If the masseuse accepts tips, she'll smile
at you and say "tips are appreciated" as she grabs *your* tip.

PRO ORIENTAL, 1398 El Camino, Mt.  View.  After a few months of paranoia,  this
place has finally become a pretty good place to get off.  The women range from
stunning to plain, Korean to Vietnamese.  They don't have a big enough staff,
or enough rooms, so don't be too surprised if you get told to come back in an
hour.  But *do* come back, it's worth it.  Tips start at $40, cash only.
Massage is $40 a half-hour, $60 1-hour.  MC and Visa grudgingly accepted.

MV Spa, 1620 El Camino, Mt.  View.  This a new place, just north of Tony Roma's
(in fact, you can park behind TR's for a little anonymity).  It's another
Vietnamese joint, staffed by unattractive, somewhat neurotic women whose idea
of a massage is to rub you as hard as they can.  Makes a guy feel like
laundry.  $40 for half an hour, $60 full-hour, tips start at $40.  Visa, MC
grudgingly accepted.

SCANDIA MASSAGE, on Murphy in Sunnyvale has gone tits-up, and has been replaced
by a strictly legit place called His & Her Massage Therapy.

SALON PERFECT, Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road, just across the Saratoga line from
Sunnyvale.  Call (408) 257-7905 for directions.  It's hidden in a business
center just past the funeral home on the north side of S-S Rd.  Call for
directions.  $40 half-hour, $60/hr, weekends it's staffed by a couple of
middle-aged Oriental women who give a good massage but don't take tips.

LILI Health Studio, 4906 El Camino Real #7, Los Altos.  This place is a little
tricky to find.  The entrance is at the back of the building.  You need to go
Los Altos on Jordan, and turn left into the second driveway (the first driveway
is for the Columbus Restaurant).  The entrance to Lili's will be on your left
about 20 yards.  There are some amazing tits on a couple of the staff, and they
do good work, but tips can be high.  $40 half-hour, $60 1- hour.  Visa or
Mastercard, and they take tips on the credit card, too.  Lili's has short hours
10-10 M-Sat, closed Sundays.

JUNE'S SPA, located at 1495B El Camino (next the The Karate School) Two
advantages to the place are a huge parking lot in the back, and a back
entrance.  $40 for half an hour $60 for an hour.  The staff is mostly homely
30-ish Koreans, but they give a good massage.  At least one of the girls takes
tips, and at least one doesn't.  You have to ask.

MARIA'S, 913 E.  Lewelling Blvd., Hayward.  All we know is what they said in
their Spectator ad: Open 11-11 M-Sat, VISA, M/C, AMEX.  Oriental & American
masseuses.  (510) 276-5319.

EXECUTIVE SPA, 1308 Bayshore Hwy.  #160 (rear entrance) Burlingame.  Visa, MC.
9-midnight, 7 days.  This place is allegedly brand new, we haven't had a chance
to check it out yet.

KIWI SPA, 1743 S.  El Camino Real, 2nd Floor, San Mateo.  Visa, MC.  Also brand
new, advertising American & Oriental girls.  Open 10 a.m.-midnight, 7 days a
week.  This place is weird.  It's on the second floor of a furniture showroom,
half a block north of where Hwy.  92 meets El Camino.  The time we visited,
there was one middle-aged plain-looking Caucasian woman, and one late-20's,
plain Oriental woman.  It's a little spooky, because they have TV security
cameras watching you climb the stairs as well as at the front door, and a
motion-sensor turns a light on when you get to the door.  It looks like they
take probably tips, but they weren't attractive enough to make us want to
sample the merchandise.  They charge the standard $40/half hour, $60/hr with a
10% surcharge if you use a credit card.

FIGURE SHAPERS, 21020 Homestead, Suite #2, Cupertino.  Corner of N. Stelling
Rd.  (on the other side of Homestead, Stelling becomes Hollenbeck).  Yet
another Vietnamese place, from the outside it looks like a legitimate place
that does body wraps, nails, tanning, etc.  And they actually do have some
legitimate female clients.  But their main business is massage, $40 for 40
minutes, $50 an hour.  The girls range from young & cute to 40's and
used-to-be-cute.  They give an acceptable regular massage, and are very careful
to let you make the first move for the special services.  There are huge
neon-colored signs in every room proclaiming that they don't offer any sexual
services, and if a girl solicits, you must report it to management.  So the
negotiations are done in mime, with the door locked.  Tips vary widely
depending on the girl, but $40 should get you a hand job.  They take Visa &
Mastercard for the massage, tips must be cash.
[Figure Shapers has closed. --Atta]

USA (formerly VIP) Spa is the massage place at 15 S.  Bayshore in San Mateo
(the one with the sign on top of the building alongside 101, just past the 3rd
Street exit.  They actually have a Jacuzzi and sauna, which you can use as part
of the $60/hr service.  It's a very clean and classy place, and the tip scale
is accordingly pricey.  They don't even consider less than $60.  But you can
put it on your Visa, or Mastercard - they have stopped accepting American
Express.  All the Thai girls seem to have left, and there are now older
Vietnamese women working there.  Tips are high, and the quality of service is

TO YOUR HEALTH SPA is on El Camino just south of Regstorff, in the same
shopping center as Sherba's Auto Parts, offers a massage and shower for $40
half-hour and $60 an hour.  The masseuses are Vietnamese and American and
sometimes offer "extra service," and if you tip them $100 or more, their
clothes come off, and so do you.  The ones who don't offer extras have an
attitude so large that you won't even think of asking.  A sparkling clean
place, they take Mastercard & Visa.

ROYAL SPA 302 E.  4th Ave., San Mateo is worth checking out.  Though they
advertise that they have Oriental and white masseuses, they are all Vietnamese
girls.  Prices are $35 a half-hour, $50 an hour.  They take Visa and Mastercard
for the base price, but cash for the tips.  "Extra services" are readily
available.  If you tip well, you're in for a real treat.  $60 can get a breast
massage (her breasts all over your face, chest and dick) and $100 gets you the
rest.  Many of the girls have a lovely way of stroking your balls with their
fingernails while you are lying on your tummy.

MISS LOU'S STUDIO, 1308 Old Bayshore Hwy., Burlingame, Suite 211.  This is
upstairs in the building behind the Hyatt Cinema.  The place has showers and a
sauna, and is clean and well-kept.  They take Visa and Mastercard, massages are
$30, shower/sauna by itself is $15.  Extra services depend on your masseuse
is.  A good way to tell is to squeeze her ass after you're told to roll over
onto your back.  If she is one of the willing ones, she'll ask if there's
anything else you want.  If she isn't she'll tell you that SHE's the one giving
the massage around here.  The girls range from pretty to pug ugly.

TENDER TOUCH, Mission just south of Decoto in Union City.  Only 3 rooms, a very
shitty shower they accept MC and Visa for the $80/hr basic fee, but tips MUST
be in cash.  They run a $20 off coupon in the Spectator, so buy a copy for $1
before you go.  All the available girls meet you in the front parlor, and you
get to pick the one you like.  Most places if you don't ask for a specific
girl, you get whatever slut is next in line--usually the least popular one.
The girls here will ask if you are a cop.  It is also a good idea for you to
ask them, too.  I met the lady cop who busted them, 2 years ago, and she is a
real sexy woman.  I think she enjoyed working there more than she enjoyed
busting them.  Anyhow, tips are accepted once you establish you are a private
citizen, and they range from $80 for a nude massage to...well...whatever you
and the girl agree on.  Prices shot up late last year (it used to be $40 for
your basic massage) and the girls have gotten uglier And much more greedy.

THE SPA, San Mateo, on 3rd just east of El Camino.  Very spacious, well-kept.
Almost elegant.  Lots of girls, $35 for half-hour massage.  Some rooms have
private showers.  Very clean place, and even the older ladies that work there
are pretty sexy.  This place caters to business types, so the girls are very
wary of first-timers (who may be cops).  After you've been there a few times
you may offered "extras," but don't hold your breath.  Bank cards and American
Express accepted.  These folks close at 10 PM.  This place was recently bought
by some Vietnamese, and though there are still some white women working there,
now a few Orientals do, too.  This place used to be all-white, which is what
made me notice.

ASIAN GARDENS, which use to be INTERNATIONAL GARDENS, Amphlett near Peninsula,
San Mateo is now mostly Vietnamese, but still pretty good.  There are usually
two girls working at a time, they take credit cards for both the massage and
tips (but prefer cash tips).  $40 a half hour, $60 an hour, and tips start at
$40.  If they offer you the two-girls-at-a-time special, go for it!

BANGKOK MASSAGE, Larkin and Eddy, San Francisco is a pretty good place to get
laid.  The massage is only $30, and the girls will go all the way for another
$50.  They'll even put the whole thing on your bank card.  Despite the name,
most of the girls are Vietnamese or Chinese.  Rooms have private baths, and if
you're lucky the girl will bathe you before and after the massage.  Ask for a
"hard" massage, and you will get a nice legitimate rub, which turns erotic and
light-touch after about 15 minutes.

SINGAPORE SPRINGS, O'Farrell street, San Francisco.  This is one block uphill
and one block East of Bangkok.  Here the girls are all Vietnamese, massage is
$30, rooms all have private baths, and "tips" are very affordable.  A nude hand
job can be as low as $30.  There are some very pretty young girls here, but
also a couple of old tarts.  Again, a hard massage soon turns into a hard-on
massage.  These folks prefer their tips in cash, though.

From: Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 01:01:09 UTC Randy Farang's continuing travels through post-election San Francisco... Empire Massage: Empire massage is located at 428 O'Farrell, near the Japanese tourist ghetto that borders Union Square. This puts Empire in a safer area than most Tenderloin area massage parlors. Not surprising given its location, Empire primarily caters to Japanese tourists. The girls are almost all Korean (although a few claim to be Japanese), and many speak some Japanese. Although Korean girls are certainly not unusual in massage parlors anywhere in the U.S. (particularly in the Los Angeles area), most massage parlors in the tenderloin area of San Francisco have a greater selection of girls from Southeast Asia (e.g., Vietnamese, Thais, Laotians, etc.) Reflecting the buying power of its cliental, prices are higher here. The basic charge for a massage is $50. Most other Tenderloin massage parlors charge $40. For full service (blow job and intercourse), the girls will start the bargaining at $150, and few will go below $120. In other Tenderloin places (e.g., Sophie's, Blue Sky, etc.), full service prices run about $100 for all but the most beautiful girls (who will sometimes insist upon $120.) Empire is often busy at night, and when it is, Gaijin may only reluctantly be allowed entry. The girls are more wary of whites than Asians, and more elaborate session of question and answer were formerly required to establish that a Gaijin was a not vice cop, although this has lessened dramatically in the post election era. But don't get the impression that Empire is all bad. Empire's Japanese cliental not only drive up the prices, they also drive up the standards. Many of the girls are very attractive. On average, the girls are better looking than the girls available in most other tenderloin massage parlors. There are more girls available here than most other tenderloin massage parlors (excepting Sophie's.) During the day, there may be five girls available; at night, as many as 10 girls. The girls generally don't rush, and they are quite proficient in the sexual arts. Blue Sky: Blue Sky is located on the other side of Tenderloin, on Larkin between O'Farrell and Ellis. As with Sophie's, it is an easy walk from the Mitchell Brothers (see Randy Farang's earlier report.) Blue Sky generally has about three to four girls available. Many of the girls are older, and the quality varies considerably. On some days the place is filled with hags; on other days some real beauties may be available. If you don't see what you want when you first walk in, ask to see all the girls available. If you still do not see what you want, leave and go to one of the parlors in this area. There are plenty of massage parlors in this part of town.
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 1997 16:29:34 +0000 Atta, First: great site, keep it up (so to speak) Second: please no email to me unless you exercise a high level of discretion. Do not mention my name or email in any posting of this information. Third: down to business: All comments are regarding San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA A. massage I have been a "regular" at Visage since I discovered your post about a year ago. Great place -- no hassles, always full service. See Joanne, Ann, Mary, or Tammy. All are great and have been mentioned before. $40 at the door + $100 inside. Tammy has taken a liking to me and gave me her pager number :) :) :) Some news: Visage was raided by MV police 2 Jan 97. There were no arrests. They are very spooked now. All sessions are necessarily rushed now. Tammy said the police entered both the front and the back and opened all room doors. She said as a result, the number of girls at Visage has dropped to 4 from 6-8. Sad. Tammy also said Sunnyvale, CA, police raided VenusEyes on El Camino Real in Sunnyvale (I was never there). They made arrests (both providers and customers). She also said that "Excellent Salon" in San Mateo was raided and closed. I tried unsuccessfully to get into Niagara in MV. They were evidently too paranoid to even let me in (I was well dressed and have short hair). They kept telling me to come back later. (Yes, I tried several times) I tried to obtain full service in other places with marginal success: 1. Excellent Salon in San Jose (south Bascom Ave). Same price at the door: $40. Vietnamese place, only 1 worker. They advertise in the Bay Area sex weekly, Spectator, so I thought for sure it would be a full service place. Nope. I did get a free, topless handjob, though. She has a small chest, but it is 100% real and feels great. I provided a $20 tip anyway. She told me to return and to call first. When I did, she had a full service provider ready for me. $80 to bang a fat, late 30s Viet woman, "Rosa". I was horny, so I did it anyway. She gave me her phone number and address afterwards. No thanks. I am interested in whether other choices can be had. 2. Victorian Massage aka "the Ladies of Massage". Strictly a massage place, and a very good one at that. My provider was Camille, a 20 year old hispanic girl with a great body. ABSOLUTELY no touching, but they won't tell you that until you have emptied your pockets. I got smart and stopped early. Their massage was truly wonderful, though. $60 at the door. Don't give a penny more. San Jose: on Union at Bascom.
Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 09:02:43 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Santa Rosa Massage Parlors Atta, Thanks for the update on massage parlors in SF area...really great!! I'm into sales and so travel through the Bay Area frequently and have started using your recommendations. A friend mentioned a place in Santa Rosa, Tokyo Massage. So I stopped yesterday, 4PM, and was greeted by Mama. Showed me 2 girls, one was a knock out, gorgeous face, long black hair, and big breasts. So I selected her, Alex. Went to the room, $30 for half hour, thought boy is this reasonable. Alex came back and started massage on me which was really nice. After 10 min, she had me roll over on my back and started to massage my chest and arms. All I could think of was fondling her huge tits and fingering her snatch. When I placed my hand on her butt, she p;ushed it away and said "no, no". I asked if I could enjoy a nice BJ or better yet, some half/half. She said no way and left. Major bummer!! I really wanted to taste those huge tits. I'mnot sure what the word is on Santa Rosa, but it appears this place may only be massage only, even though by all appearances it was a good place for special services.
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 19:10:16 EST Subject: Golden Flower Massage.. Dear Atta; Great site. please keep name confidential. I use to live near The Golden Flower Massage. Golden Flower is a massage palor in the South Beach - south of market area ( just south of market street and the financial district ) I lived in that area for 4 years and frequented many of the spa's in the area. The place has several bedrooms and sauna's, of which are kept fairly clean and professional in appearance. For a repeat customer ( I like things that are familiar ) Golden Flower is great, they really know how to treat a repeat customer ( they also remeber you, not by name, but by face ) and greatly show their appreciation for your repeat patroniage. This shop is owned ( or at least operated ) by Korean's. Although you can't pick your "partner" the first time you visit, you can ( as a repeat customer ) choose by name the girl you want. I suggest Kim or Linda, I moved from SF 2 years ago so they may not be employed there presently. Both give excellant pre- massage teasings which really help to get things in the mood, and they give a good impression that they really enjoy their job. If you are pleasant with them it goes alot further. Of the two Kim gives great head w/ condom ( she will also give hand and tit jobs w/o condom and allow you to cum all over her (36c - 36d) tits. Linda is on the other hand a better lay and will, after a few times let you do her up the ass if the mood strikes her. Prices 40$ 1/2 hour, 60 hour + tip : usually 120 for full serivce ( this can be reduces down to 80 - 100 for repeat customers, and they generally let you stay longer than the hour if you have to run over the limit..............
Subject: San Francisco Massage Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 20:51:03 PST Just got back from a 4-day massage binge around downtown S.F., the third trip of my ongoing five trip series. I've learned a lot from many great reports in the WSG. However, I've noticed some subtle differences between experiences reported in WSG and experiences that an average Asian visitor would expect from these parlors. For example, at competitive establishments like The Golden Flower, Empire, and Lee's, Asian customers are rarely asked questions like "you want massage?" and are never turned away at the door. The first thing mama-san do when she opens the door is to try to figure out who you are. Japanese and foreigners(Whites,Latinos) generally start at least $20 more than Chinese and Koreans. The standard for the latter two is $130, payable at the end of session. No negotiation for tips or half hour/one hour, etc, and full service required.( I tried to ask for just a BJ once and she said "sorry, we don't do like that" and proceeded with full service.) Asians get to choose every time at any place! The reason foreigners aren't allowed to select at these places is because a lot of high quality young girls are reluctant to give foreigners full service, as a result they would end up with a regular massage. Some factors contribute to this unwillingness include higher risk of exposure to alcohol and HIV. This is especially true at Lee's where sometimes they feature cameos of semi-celebrities from Korea, and appointments are always necessary for a loyal fan who likes to meet his favorite star up close and personal. In other words, the girls who are off limits to foreigners essentially make these three places less inclusive to races other than Asian. At other places, however, I don't see much of a difference between Asians and other races as far as the course of any session is concerned. It depends on the girl I guess, and every girl has her own informal procedure that she follows day in and day out with every customer. The extent of variation between one half and half and another cannot be too great, as long as customers do not nit pick about the girl's service or make a federal case out of the time limit, which I think are probably two of the main hassles popular(all) girls try to avoid. Anyways, here is my two cents on S.F. Massages: Golden Flower : Howard and 2nd St. Just south of Market Street. Huge lobby, big place. Squeaky clean through out. Private shower in every room. Been to one of the VIP room once, had to take about 6 steps from the shower to the bed! About half of the girls are 8, 9 and 10's on any given day. No selection or parking in the daytime, best time to go after dark. ********** Empire : A stone throw away from the S.F. Hilton on O'Farrel Street. Small lobby but very pretty girls. Some gorgeous Asian-American girls there at times, some Chinese girls, but mostly Korean girls. Girls coming and going a lot at this place. Do not go late at night when streetwalkers are out; quality of girls tends to go down when hotel activities go down. ********** Lee's : Mission St. and 9th. Big lobby but not big enough. Always at least 15-25 Asian men sitting around waiting for something. Mama-san calls up customers by appointment numbers. Very clean and always busy. 2 to 5 girls waits on couch if you are lucky. EVERY girl has a great body and a pretty smile. They are young and just want to have fun. Highly recommended if you know the ropes. ********** Suk Hee : On Broadway in the middle of Chinatown. Tiny lobby, small rooms. This was still a Southeast Asian place in the summer. But mostly Koreans as of December. Not recommended for now because the people in there just don't care. About 8 or 9 girls sitting around a small room in their underwear playing Asian dominoes. God has not been kind to their faces. Linda, Bebe, and Erica are all gone. Maybe they will be back next summer. ********** Dragon : Mason St. Behind the S.F. Hilton. Big lobby but small rooms. Changed the name from Apple massage but nothing else. Took a peek in December, still all Korean girls in early and late 20's ranging from 5 to 8. The girls boast themselves as new to the business. Although many of them do seem like new immigrants and inexperienced. Will try on next visit. One good memory from Apple: Discovered layers of sticky residue over her pussy and my condom as I pulled out. Learned a bit later she came 5 seconds before I did. Memorable sight! ********** Fuji : Eddy St. One block from Hwy 101. No lobby. Despite the Japanese name, all Vietnamese girls. Groups of 3 or more will be asked to come back later (God knows when!). Seems to be very popular with the local Vietnamese kids. Free shower by your girl in a tub, in a dim but a small room with a double sized mattress and lots of mirrors. You'll see what I mean. Rule of thumb for this place: Do not go for the first girl who greets you or tries to take you to your room. Ask if you can come back later and more sexy girls will come out from hiding when you first rang the bell. Always claim you've been there before. $40 for half hour, $80 more for full service. ********** Remember, dress nice and always walk in with a smile. Repeat customer rules. The trick is to be nice enough to the girl to become friends with her and make her feel comfortable with you, she will return the favor. At this point anything is possible and a nice conversation turns into love making, which is a much much more liberating experience than a quickie, which is what massage parlors invariably offer to 90% of their customers.
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 10:46:39 CST Subject: San Francisco, CA Seven Held In Prostitution Sting (SAN FRANCISCO) -- Seven people face charges, after being picked up in a prostitution raid on a San Francisco massage parlor last night. It happened at Sophia's Spa, which has been busted for prostitution in the past. Police say they're NOT just cracking down on such establishments because of prostitution. They say they other crimes... including extortion... may be taking place as well.

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