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   This last time, I decided to try something different.  If any of
you out there have picked up copies of the Spectator, you know that
there is an area of ads titled "messages".  Hmmm, pretty vague.  This
could mean anything, but I suspected one thing.  And, this time, I was
proven right.

   The ad I decided to select was one for a woman named "Sirena".  A
photo was included in the ad, of which I'll have more to say later.
Also included were her vitals : 34b-22-33, 100#, 5'2", very petite to
say the least.  I decided to give her a call, and find out more
information.  That's one thing I've learned, is not to be afraid to
ask for more detail (up to a certain point, mind you!). Her rates were
$160/hr, and $200/1.5 hr.  A bit steep, but I decided to try it
anyway.  It didn't hurt that she has a very sultry voice.

   After setting up the appointment, I was, as usual, instructed to
call from a pay phone when I reached the area.  Again, this was near
Lake Merritt in Oakland.  I've noticed a lot of working girls live in
that area.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Anyway, a phone call later,
and I was at her doorstep.

   Upon seeing her, my first reaction was "Hmph!  She doesn't look
anything like her photo!".  A lesson learned, to be sure.  Her
description did match her appearance, though : Delicate, very petite,
long strawberry blonde hair (down to her mid-back, yum!).  She had
those dark circles around her eyes that spoke of either a hard life,
or drugs.

   Entering her apartment, I was escorted into the bedroom.  Payment
was made, and I was instructed that I should disrobe, and she would be
right back.  After she returned, she disrobed also (solid body, but
slightly saggy tits), and took me into the bathroom to wash my cock
and balls.  We then returned to bed.

   She started rubbing up next to me, then gave me head.  One thing
that really bothered me was that, throughout the session, she
continued to answer her phone instead of letting the answering machine
pick up the call.  Very irritating, not to mention distracting.  After
foreplay, she got up on top (cowgirl), leaning in so I could fondle
and suck her tits.  She was so light, it felt like she wasn't up
there.  Looking at her, with her hair pulled into a single braid, all
I could think of was "God, I hope she's as old as she says she is,
otherwise this could be trouble!".

   After a bit, and slid off, and returned to sucking me off, while
playing with herself.  I swear, she was practically fisting herself.
With her next to me, pointing towards my feet (to give me a close up
of the action), I came, despite having been interrupted at least 5
times during sex.  Afterwards, she took me into the bathroom again,
and cleansed me.  We noticed that only 45 minutes had elapsed, and she
asked if I wanted to watch her put on a show for me, since my time was
not up.  I, for some reason, just felt the desire to get dressed and
leave, though.  I guess that whole phone thing got to me more than I

   In passing, I guess I would have to say that Sirena did deliver
what I though she would, but definitely needs a more "professional"
manner.  Her size and appearance would be ideal for those who
fantasize about very young girls.  Her prices are pretty steep for the
average Joe, but on par with most of the other services like her.
Overall, I would not recommend Sirena, but would not say to stay away
either.  Average describes it best.  If anyone desires to contact her,
as usual, I will respond with her number by email, or just pick up the
current issue of the Spectator, as she is a continuing advertiser.

Date: Fri, 9 Jun 1995 01:25:44 UTC Subject: SF Bay Escort Just want to share a satisfying experience I had with an Escort Service in the South Bay(San Francisco Bay Area) a couple of days ago. Lori is of french extraction, good looking, petite build, relatively big boobs and best of all features a SHAVED PUSSY ! I got the feeling that she really loves her job. I spent $200/ and about 40 minutes. Never once did she make me feel that she was conscious of the clock, in fact I could have easily spent some more time if I wanted to. She gave me a blow job without a condom, one of the better BJ's I have received in a long time. When I told her that I was sensitive to BJ and might discharge, she said "no problem, you can cum a second time", which is such a refreshing change from so many others who tell you what all you can not do with them !! I couldn't recharge for an insertion, but Lori kept encouraging me however, trying various positions. All in all a very satisfying experience. The agency is called Kitty Kat Escort and their number is [censored]. Ask for Lori, tell her Mike sent you.
Subject: Oakland, CA - escort report Date: 11 Aug 1995 03:53:58 -0400 Using the latest "Spectator" magazine (available at most adult bookstores in the Bay Area and on the street in SF) I saw an ad entitled "Adventures of the KATE kind." It featured a seductive photo of "Kate" lying on her side, nicely lit from above. While I am usually wary of photos that purport to show who the woman is, I decided to call. The ad also said "Complete in-call service, convenient location, comfortable and discreet. Longer, more relaxed sessions my specialty." I called around 11 a.m. and Kate answered the phone. She described herself as being 39, dark hair, nice body and emphasized her warm personality. She was very friendly on the phone and had a pleasant voice. Normally, I would not consider going to an escort who is nearly 8 years older than me, but I decided to go for it because she sounded nice and because the price she quoted was $180 for an hour and a half session. Some guys might call that high, but it seems to be pretty normal for a good in-call session in the Bay Area. I've paid more for less! When I talked to her on the phone, I was to call her back an hour before I was to leave for her place to get directions. When I called at the appointed time, she gave me directions to a decent neighborhood in Oakland near Lake Merritt. I had a little trouble finding it at first, but eventually got there on time and found a parking place right in front of the apartment building she directed me to. I was buzzed in and went up to a top floor apartment. When she answered the door, I was a bit disappointed, she looked a bit older than the photo (surprise!?), but she was very cordial and nice. She immediately offered me a seat and a drink. I took a mineral water and she sipped a beer. We then sat on a couch and had a nice chat about ourselves for about 15-20 minutes. She was very intelligent and well-read. I found it refreshing that she would take a few minutes to get to know me a bit before getting down to business. She was wearing a nice sundress and sheer hose. She is slim and has dark, straight, shoulder-length hair. She has a nice smile, but also seemed a bit shy about the whole matter. I found that sorta fun! After the aforementioned, 15 minutes, we decided to go to the small bedroom. She approached me and gave me a very nice hug. As her hands rubbed the back of my shirt, she moved her hips ever-so-slightly against the growing bulge in my jeans. She smelled great and was genuinely affectionate. She then asked playfully, if I was going to keep my clothes on and I took off my shirt as she started removing her sundress. She turned out to have a very decent body for someone who is 39. She removed the dress and some very nice, white, lacy panties. She had thigh-high stockings with garters which I found to be very sexy! Her breasts were a tad small, but relatively firm with nice, round nipples. I removed the rest of my clothes and we sat down on the bed. We hugged as we leaned back on the bed. She proceeded to kiss and suck on my neck and ears as my hands roamed over her tight legs and flat stomach. Her nipples were hard and I gently pinched each one as she kissed my neck. Now, I love to have my nipples sucked and bit. In fact, I enjoy that almost as much as I enjoy receiving oral. She quickly realized this and spent at least 15 minutes biting and sucking my nipples until I was practically screaming with pleasure! All the while, she was moving her breasts, thighs, and hips over my rock-hard dick. Eventually, she moved down to my penis, and proceeded to gently lick and suck on my balls, taking each one into her mouth as she twiddled my nipples with her fingers. She spent about 10-15 minutes on my balls and dick, licking up and down the shaft with her wet tongue. She then took my rock-hard member in her mouth sucking it with so much gusto that I had to pull her off me about 4 times as I felt I would come in her mouth. Even if I did, we probably would have continued until I was hard again, but I wanted one great orgasm inside her! I spent some time kissing and sucking on her neck and nipples and rubbing between her legs as she sucked my nipples again. Eventually, I started sucking on her beautiful twat, drawing out her clit. I then proceeded to use my hand on her vagina lips and clit as she moaned with pleasure. I spent about 10 minutes fingering her clit as she moaned and groaned with ever-increasing intensity until she exploded with orgasm. Now, I know you may not believe that I gave her an orgasm, but the signs were unmistakable. It was a great surprise for me to see her totally let go! She then spent some more time licking and sucking my disk as I tried not to cum in her mouth (although I REALLY wanted to!). She then reached over and grabbed a condom from a small jar beside her bed and as I kneeled on the bed, she sucked my dick some more before slipping the condom over my dick. I lay on my back as she straddled me, gently slipping my member into her wet pussy. She frantically bucked up and down on top of me, twiddling my nipples some more. I then turned her over and pulled her round, firm ass up off the bed and slid my dick into her cunt from behind, watching her vagina lips alternatively swallow and suck on my member. All the while she moaned and groaned and really seemed to be enjoying herself. After a little while, I turned her over again and lay her on her back. I decided to do her missionary style as hard as I could and cum while inside her. I banged into her for a few minutes and she matched me stroke for stroke as I finally shot my wad. We were both sweating afterward on what was a very cool afternoon. She pressed my buttocks into her for a few minutes as my cock became limp. It was truly a great fuck! We lay on the bed for about 10 minutes enjoying the breeze. I took the opportunity to rub her body some more, then leisurely, we both got dressed. She didn't even mention money until after the session and she got me another drink before I left. It was one of the best escort experiences I have had in the Bay Area over the last year. I have had women who were much younger, with bigger breasts and with red hair (my favorite) but this was right near the top! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a relaxed encounter, with a more experienced woman. I'll post more experiences if people are interested. Cheers
Subject: asian woman in Concord, Ca. Date: Sat, 1 Jun 1996 12:17:55 UTC Had a great experiance with an asian woman named "Doe". She advertises in the Bay Guardian and The SF Weekly, check her out!
Subject: San Francisco Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 12:34:01 UTC Unfortunately, your San Francisco section on escorts and massage is very out of date. The best source for escorts and massage are two free weekly papers: the SF Weekly and the Bay Guardian. The SF Weekly has the largest number of ads for escorts and sensual massage. The Spectator has a much smaller number of ads, and it has a lower circulation. I will try to update you in the next few weeks with my experiences. Also, it would help if you put it a plug in your SF section for readers to send you E mail with their experiences.
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 1997 16:29:34 +0000 I have been robbed only once, by an anorexic blonde from Santa Cruz named "Tash" (as in Natasha). She is a true American con girl. Beware. I lost $200 without so much as a feel. She works with another girl named Tia, who sounds like a space case also. They have a real prick-head pimp who likes to make tough-sounding idle threats also. Be careful. Others of interest (you may want to censor phone #s): Shawna 408-939-XXXX pager. Big fake chest, auburn hair, thin, small waist, late 30s or even 40s. Not bad looking for her age, but not a keeper. $180 per hour incall. She is nice, but a bit dopey. Linda 408-370-XXXX ans machine (she may pick up) Bonde, 29, 5'6", 100 lbs. $200 per hour. Camden & Winchester, Campbell. Never tried Jamie (phone is censored.) Call the number for "Kim" (with photo) in the Spectator. They work together. I think Jamie is prettier, but YMMV. Incall in Santa Clara. $225 per hour. Worth it. She is about 5'6" - 5'8", 120 lbs, 28, auburn hair, 34B-28-32 more or less. Very nice, very relaxed. Provides shower. Works from an apartment. Very clean. She introduced me to Kim, who was getting ready for the days work at the time. Kim is very pretty too, but not my type. She is quite a bit smaller (petite). Not as pretty as her photo in the advert. Roxanne (I will send you the pager # later if you want) tall, about 5'10", 135 lbs, big fake chest. Truly orgasmic. Fun for one time, but I will never repeat. Outcall on first try, incall later after she knows you. Auburn hair, about 29 - 30. $240 per hour first time, $180 afterwards. She cums with some work and it is REAL. Really. Suzanne (friend of Roxanne) Petite, black hair, from Scotland (neat accent). Huge fake chest, not really attractive otherwise. Never tried.
Subject: [ASP] SF Report Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 05:52:21 -0800 Jessica (Market/Church) $200/hour Tel: xxx-4102 A real fox. A natural redhead in her early 30's. She's tall (5'9") with 36c-24-36 measurements, long legs and a great ass. She is a dancer with a very well toned and athletic body. She works solo from an attractive one bedroom apartment in a safe area. Jessica likes to receive as well as give pleasure and can be very creative during sex. She enjoys getting off with a dildo while having her clit licked. A threesome with one of her friends can be arranged if that is your desire. Besides her sexual skills, Jessica is also intelligent, well read and a good conversationalist I have been seeing her for the last two years. Very highly recommended. Zoe (Haight/Broderick) $200/hour Tel: xxx-0376 About 40ish, slender with small breasts. About a 6 in attractiveness. She has a good ass, long legs and keeps pussy hair shaved close which I find attractive. She's on the tall side which I prefer since I'm 6' 2". Very sexy voice. The session starts with a massage on the table. The massage is similar to a Thai style "pussy massage" and is very erotic. This goes on for 15-20 minutes. The action then moves to the adjacent bed where more foreplay and the fucking commence. Zoe is into French kissing which is a real plus. You can also practice your proctology skills as she likes fingers up her ass and will respond in kind. She will do anal but that is extra. Zoe is a lady who enjoys her work and it comes across during the session. I haven't seen her in several months because I've been tied up with Jessica (a couple of times literally!), but she is a good lay and recommended. Alexis (Green/Steiner) $200/hour Tel: xxx-4556 Good looking lady in mid 30's with short blonde hair and an athletic body. She's about 5' 6" with 34c tits, strong legs and a good ass. Her session was a little disappointing with uninspired sex and a feeling of her watching the clock. I felt rushed out after cumming. I'm including her because I may of caught her on a bad day. Apparently, she has a loyal clientele. She does have a nice body.
Subject: / Bay Area Date: 13 Jan 1997 17:46:34 -0500 Hello, I'm gonna talk a bit more about some experiences in the SF area. While I do not go to SF much, a year ago, I had a session with woman who advertises as 'Auburn and Articulate' in the SF weekly. She still puts an ad in, so I know she is still in the business. When I went , it was $200. I wish I remember her name, but she is a brunette, about 5'5", decent body, and of good character. The session was a 7 on a 10. While there were times of silent awkwardness (aren't they always?), she gave good head, liked to be reciprocated, and had good sexual energy. The room was okay, the bed didn't squeak, and there was parking on the street. I would go back, but while she looked okay and all, I'm always looking for someone a bit more attractive and with some intellegence. This person has these, but I know there are better ones out there, if you know what I mean.. Last year, I had a session in Oakland with a woman who advertises herself as either Suzy, Rachel, or Michelle. While it turned out to be a nice session in that she could blow the chrome off the fender of a 65 Mustang, I felt the clockwatch and further, her apartment wasn't very clean at all. I'm all for a nice atmosphere in the experience, and at $240, I want a somewhat nice time... There was a ad recently in the Weekly and Guardian on a massage / escort at 558-XXX1. It claimed 'Las Vegas type showgirls', etc. I checked it out in December 96, and found it to be a crock. The location was in El Cerrito, and the fee of $180. The girls were pretty ugly, and while I never ever walked out of a place, I was real close here. I chose the most attractive one possible. She was a young mixture of Thai and French, and she indeed clockwatched and was completely immature in her sexuality and giving. She gave me decent head and was a good fucker, but the experience wasn't the kind I wish upon anyone paying a good fare. Also, in December, I checked out an outfit located in a condo area by Point Richmond. They have been advertising heavily in the Weekly and Guardian at the 234-XXX5 number. I had the opprotunity to have a woman named Chance, who is from Germany, about 5'4", tinted blonde, attractive face and body, and great tits and nipples. She gave a decent massage, talked intelligently, and was also a good head giver. The fucking part of it was good, although I thought she could of thrusted herself harder. I would go back to see her or her friends (Monica, Kim, Sydney), but right now I still want to check out other places.... Last place to discuss today is another place in Point Richmond with a person named Suzanne, who is white, in her 40's, about 5'4". She goes with the ad of Mediterrean beauty with long legs.... nice home in Pt. Richmond..... Suzanne basically is a bit overweight, is small in tit size, shows her age, and isn't a real beauty. The reason why I went to see her twice is that (one) she smoked pot and gave me a few hits, and (two), she spent a majority of the session sucking my dick without a condom. I don't know about you, but getting sucked with a condom on sure feels different than getting sucked without one. I understand the nature of STDS and all, but geez, Suzanne put a lot of younger women to shame. Fucking her was a delight, but it was the oral stuff that made me come back. There was no clockwatching here, and the room was fantastic with a great view of the bay. If she really likes you (and your body), she will invite you to take a few puffs with her. The last time I was with her, I spent 1.5 hours with her rather than the normal hour.... I guess she liked me. I received a note about Jessica in San Francisco and the 626-XXX2 number. I will check her out someday. In regards to Sara in Berkeley, the number I called was 848-XXX3. If I didn't mention it before, she is blond, about 5"9" in heels, in her early 20's, great body, nice smooth white skin, sensual breasts and succulent nipples. Anyone out there, if you can inform me out your experiences in the Bay Area on massage / full service sex, especially in Marin or the Berkeley / Oakland area, leave me a note... I'm also interested if there is anything happening in the Orinda / Walnut Creek area.
Date: 17 Jan 1997 13:20:33 -0500 Like to report on some Bay Area happenings In the Guardian,' Michelle's magic' is good. For $200, Michelle will give you a good time. She is toned and tanned, about 40, tight body, loves giving and getting oral, and is quite sensual. In the Weekly, there is an 848-XXX3 number in Berkeley that for $150, has a couple of European women, Kate and Sarah, who will knock your sox off. There are no inhibitions here, especially Sara, (Danish), in her early 20's, smooth white skin with full nipples, tight body, and good in sexual energy. Does anyone have any info on 'Sunny' in Marin (SF weekly), or these listings in the Guardian by a 'Desiree' (726 prefix) and a 'Lace and Stockings' (601 prefix)? Finally, is there anyone who knows of those who advertise in the 'Massage' section of the Weeky, Guardian, Chron, or Trib, who will begin with a massage and then (for a fee), move it on to sex and oral fun? The only place I have experienced this was at an 845-XXX6 (Berkeley) number. The massuse did the theraputic / sensual massage, and then asked if I wanted to fuck for $50 more. I've been looking and going to to various massage therapists looking for this kind of action, but invariably, it always ends with a hand job. Can someone help me out here?
Subject: [ASP] report on Tanya, San Francisco Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 20:11:15 -0600 My friend, Dick, was showing me the wonders of the Internet one day, when we came across the web page for Tanya, an escort listed under: liked the picture (I would rate it as an 8, although it doesn't show her face) and I do have a thing for Asian women, so I thought I'd give her a try. I called the number listed on her web page and spoke to her. It was a little strange, she said she was having problems with her cellular phone and then it disconnected us. I called again, and arranged an appointment for 11:30 AM. She said to call her from a phone booth near 19th & Taraval to receive instructions to get to her place (I've heard of this kindof screening before). I did as instructed, and was given instructions to her building. Tanya let me in and directed me to a bedroom. I did not see anyone else, although I could hear others and the phone (somewhere else) would ring and be answered by someone else. At first I wasn't sure if this was the same Tanya as in the picture on the web site (mainly because the web site picture did not capture her face), but I seemed to remember that the picture of the woman on the web page had a much larger chest. I didn't ask her, however, if the picture was really her or not. Once I saw her in the flesh, I thought she's more of a 6.5 or 7. Tanya's about 23 years old, has a thick (Chinese?) accent, and a nice build. The first thing Tanya did was to ask me how long I wanted to stay (she previously told me on the phone $150 for 1/2 hr. and $180 for an hour). I told her an hour and gave her the money. She took the money, handed me a remote for the stereo and told me to select the station I wanted to listen to. Then she left and said she'd be right back. I could not get the stereo to work, and when she returned, neither could Tanya (strike two for her technological skills). I told her to stop playing with the stereo, that it didn't matter to me (maybe it did to her, I don't know) She asked me, after I disrobed, to lay on my stomach while she massaged my back. She gently ran her arms over my legs and crotch, then removed her bra and rubbed her tits across my back. That felt good, and I thought this was going to be a slow pleasant lead up to a great fuck! Next she had me turn over and started to stroke my cock, until it was hard, then proceeded to give me a blow job (after putting on a condom). I asked her if I could play with her pussy while she did that, and she immediately moved her ass close to my face, so I could lick her pussy. She seemed to like the licking, but didn't like it when I stuck my finger into her pussy. She pushed her ass away from me then, while still sucking on my cock, but things went downhill from there. Throughout her stroking and rubbing, she was constantly giving a kind of fake moaning, it was almost silly, but I didn't laugh. I was tempted to say "Once more, but this time with FEELING" but I don't think she would have gotten the joke. She mounted me, but only for a minute or two, and then said, "Get on top." I did, but something in her attitude started to make me lose interest, if you know what I mean. After I had been on top of her for a while, she had me get off and proceeded to give me a hand job, for a very long time, but that only prolonged my erection and did not culminate in the desired result. Finally she said, "I'm tired" and didn't want to give me a hand job any more. Tired? And I'm her first appointment of the day? Pity the poor fool who schedules an appointment with her at 5 PM! I suspect she's not all that experienced and is used to guys cumming quickly. She didn't quite know what to do with a guy who can last a long time. Overall, a disappointing experience, which I would not recommend to anyone. I've had better for cheaper from street hookers in the tenderloin (see World Sex Guide's section on San Francisco). If anyone else has experience with Tanya, I'd like to hear about how your experience compared with mine. Better yet, if you experienced someone you really liked, I'd like to hear about her, and how to contact her.
Subject: Amber...San Francisco Bay Area Date: 30 Mar 1997 17:18:00 GMT I highly recommend Amber in Oakland....She gives a great massage and is a real cutie. She is 20, 5 4 110, big real chest (36D) , a tongue post (very funcional for a half and half). Prices vary....Ask her what you get for $150 for a start. The price you get will dictate the price she thinks she can get from you every time. You can reach her at (510) 465-XXX8. She works 3 days a week so consider yourself fortunate when you get her......Write back and let me know what you think. She's a 9.5 (Perfection is hard to find). If she likes you, she'll set up a time for you whenever you'd like (usually after your third visit). Don't let the other girls there dupe you into trying them out...they aren't nearly worth the price.
Subject: [ASP] San Francisco Bay Area Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 21:50:51 GMT Just wanted to give a bit of information from my experience this week-end with: Nasty Private Dances & Escorts whose phone number is (800)340-02XX. I think that they service pretty much the entire SF Bay. I have used the service many times in the past with great success, but not recently. Unfortunately many things have changed. The price was quoted over the phone at $150 plus tips. It used to be $50 more made everbody happy, but the girl said $100 would make me really happy. I guess happy to her means that I get to see her naked. It would take the $150 agency fee plus $150 tip to get a bj. Wow, did the prices go up! A $250 tip ($400 Total!) got you some straight fun.... The girl was absolutely gorgeous, really fun and did let me play with her boobs for a while (the undies stayed on!).... Watch out unless you like to spend money. She hinted that all of the girls were now in this price range.
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 21:32:58 -0400 (EDT) Subject: SAGE info 4 my Spectator story I could tell you the one to avoid. She advertises in Spectator. She has a calling card, which says: "Encounters of the Kate kind (510)XXX-KATE." What a dog... OLD OLD OLD. As you walk in you feel like Salvation Army blew-up. She collects junk... Garage sale freak. I hate myself for not leaving. Some dark side of me said, well maybe she can do wonders, She must be able to compensate that age and looks (or should I say lack of )? She wanted to talk for half-hour, and I could not stop her. I was ready to leave, when finally she moved to the bedroom (with her black cat on the bed, would not leave). She was old, slow, tired, hairy, boring... I could hardly keep a hard-on. I finally came... Did not even take a shower after. First time for me. Ran to my car spitting... I need a faith restoration.
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 22:20:08 -0700 Subject: More info for you Atta : comments on Bay Area experiences. 1997 through about September.. graded 1 (bad) to 10 (excellent). all are my opinions, and info my be dated. Use what ever you can and edit as you see fit. Hope this stuff is useful. Please keep may name out of anythng. Thanks, and happy hunting! -------------------------------------- Suzanne - ad in Oakland trib as "massage by oriental lady". Vietnamese, mid-30s, 5?3" , petite build, very pleasnt. gives great therapeutic massage + provides extras.; OK head (with condom) and has a tight pussy - have had mind blowing cum times with her s-l-o-w-l-y massaging my cock with lotion to an explosive ending - heaven ! works in Oakland near Summit Medical Center, 510-832-2150 Rates: $40 ? hr. & $65 full hr. - Tips: $20-$40 hand - $50-$60 oral - $100 full service. SERVICE - 8 GIRL - 6-7 ATTITUDE - 9 Jade - wild japanese stripper in bay guardian; early 20s, 5? 7", sports new wave haircut and various body piercings (tongue stud, nipple stud, pussy ring), nice body; so-so oral with condom, so-so screw - works out of SF @ South Beach, 415-777-1231, $200 full service hour. SERVICE - 6 GIRL - 8 ATTITUDE - 9 Christy/Doe - asian beauty in bay guardian ad; work out of a private apt in concord - Christy: chinese lady, late 30s 5? 6" little heavy set; excellent BJ with no condom + good screw; after my pre-session shower, she came in to dry me off, and as she moved lower on my body, she sucked my cock to a nice hard erection - very good oral. Doe: chinese/japanese mix, late 20s 5? 5" medium build, session started with a nice shower together, soaping & washing each other while french kissing (almost shot off then), after that, I was a little disappointed, so-so head (with condom) and a so-so screw - she kinda mentally tunes out during the session. Both are nice and pleasant, said they do doubles, 510-827-2908, $200 full service hr Christy SERVICE: 8 Doe SERVICE: 6-7 GIRL: 6 GIRL: 7 ATTITUD: 9 ATTITUDE: 7 Filipina girl - explore fantasies ad bay guardian, but she moves around - filipina, 5?,slender build and nice tits (implants); has a manila bar girl look; first session with her was good - she gave good head (with rubber), let me eat her & 69 her (she got quite wet), and gave me a nice screw (she?s tight). Second time I saw here (different place) she had attitude problems , got off, but I wont see here again; works in Berkley,510-883-1540, $180 full service hour SERVICE: 8 when nice, 4 when not GIRL: 8 ATTITUDE: 7 when nice, 4 when not Tia - naughty newcomer bay guardian ad - guam girl, 5? 6", slender build, pretty face, nice legs - she had just given birth and had stretch marks on her tummy, so-so head with condom, so-so screw, she did get creamy while I licked/sucked her, 510-848-0673, berkely apt , $150 full service huor SERVICE: 6-7 GIRL: 7 ATTITUDE: 8 Julie/Iba - from a bay guard ad, there old place shutdown, but I think theyre still around, and they were great, so I?m hoping they?ll show up again, Julie: chiniese/vietnamese 5? 4 " , mid 20s, slender and busty (implants), session started with a showere where Julie washed me down (nothing erotic, mainly to clean me up), once we got to bed, the fun started, she gave me a back rub, sitting on me so that her pussy rubbed my butt and legs, she sucked my cock with condom, we 69ed,, then screwed in several positions, afterwards, we showered again, just to cleanup. --- This first encounter was pleasant, so I went back again to see her. When I got there, Julie informed me that she couldnt see me and that I?d have to see Iba. At first, I was kinda upset, that I?d been bait&switched, but when I saw Iba, I changed my mind, after the session, I was VERY glad I didnt see Julie (and Julie is good)! Iba: japanese, early 20s, 5? 4", slender build, very pretty face, beautiful skin, the session generally was like the first one, but oh the differences. The first shower was very sexual - we soaped and washed each other while french kissing (like Doe previously!) Iba has nice nipples and they got quite erect as I washed/massaged them. When we got to bed, there was no teasing back rub - we immediately embrased each other in deep french kissing and massaging each other?s privates. I went down on her, and she became very wet and swelled up as I licked her to orgasm (she had very strong , rhythmic, contractions) Afterwards, she rolled over and began to BJ me bareback. Iba is very good orally - she has a lot of mouth action and can deep throat over and over. When I felt I would cum, we stopped and began to screw. Initially entering her was difficult as she is small, but once in, her vagina is larger. When moving in and out of her, there were two wonderful, simultaneous feelings, one the tight portion of her pussy, and two the "wider" part of her pussy working my member. After our session, we showered again, and we started to get into the touching, kissing, stuff again in the tub. At this point, Julie knocked on the door and said that I?d already gone over my hour and that I?d have to hurry up ?.. sigh ?..were working in SF out of an apt near UCSF, $200 full service hr, tel# was 415-661-8092.(?) after note: tried to reach Iba a few weeks later, but the phone # had been disconected., I scan the bay guard regularly, but no ad sound like them. This september, I caught an SF chron article about a busted sf brothel run by an asian women 28 yo whose first name was Julie, I had a strange feeling??..any postings on these two appreciated Julie SERVICE: 8 Iba SERVICE: 9+ GIRL: 8 GIRL: 9+ ATTITUED: 8 ATTITUDE: 9+ New massage in berkley - ad in sf chron, I?d used this place for while because most girls are pretty, but stopped because of limitied service (hand job only with some touching), I tried again recently and had a pleasant experience, I was massaged by a young black woman (name?) so-so looks and body but very pleasant and nice, I thought it would be just another hand ending, when I turned over and she started to massage my front chest & legs she suddenlly bent over and took my cock in her mouth and sucked me to a hard erection then stopped, she massaged my legs some more, the suddenly gave me a BJ to erection again. This switching continued, with more bj time and less massage time, until she was just sucking my dick (she has a nice mouth and could deep throat). When I felt I would cum, I told her, then she poured on the baby oil and slowly jerked me to release, place has a high turnover rate so its hard to rate any one girl, house in berkley near north berkley bart station, 510-540-7534 Rates: $100 full hr. including hand release - Tips: $40 nude, more $ for touching - I tipped $60 for the BJ Stephanie - ad in sf weekly, 20 yo filipina, 5?4" and chubby, but shes still cute, a little inexperienced but learning, I didnt want any oral as she has steel braces (dangerous!), she has the biggest clit I?ve come across yet - when sucking her, I felt this lump growing on her and when I looked down, there was this small red "marble" in her vagina! She seemed to really enjoy oral action,. When we got down to the screwing, she first rode me, then I mounted her. She seemed to get into the sex which turned me on more and soon we were both hot and heavy into it. After awhile, she suddenly looked up and said that we had gone to long and that another appointment was due soon! After rushing to a climax, rushing through a cleanup shower, rushing to dress, I was rushed out. a mixed experience and a bit pricy, works from high-rise SF appt near civic ctr bart, $225 full service hour, 510-819-5479 (note: she uses several different phone nos to reach her) SERVICE: 6-7 GIRL: 6-7 ATTITUDE: 8
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 14:21:02 EST Subject: San Francisco Posting December 24, 1997 (Please don't post my name) Wanted to let the World Sex Guide know that you guys are doing a hell of a service and wanted to give back some information that I have gained while on my travels throught the U.S. San Francisco: Wanted to let everyone know of a little place that I found while surfing the net. I believe the address was Called and tried an add under the escorts section titled two hot blondes or something like that. Gave a call and made an appointment for a late Saturday night around 11PM. I guess this place is really for business guys during the lunch hour cause there was only one girl working that night and it wasn't really crowded. I was given directions to a phone booth in San Rafael (about 20 miles north of San Francisco). Called back and was given directions to go to a home just up the street. When I arrived, I parked in the driveway of a nice little home. The area is very residential and very nice. Not some slum area or anything like that, but then again, the address was in Marin County (if you're unfamiliar with San Francisco, that's where all the ritzy people live) I went up to the door and was let in by this nice looking blonde who escorted me to a room. The room had a nice massage table, a couch, a small lamp, and an adjoining bathroom. The place was clean and well decorated. I was instructed to just make myself comfortable. At this moment she left the room. So I took off my clothes and waited on the massage table with a towel wrapped around myself. Later she came back in the room (her name was Maxine) and asked if I wanted to take a shower. I replied sure and walked over the bathroom and took a shower (by myself) The bathroom was very nice with all the amenities that a hotel would have. Had plenty of towels to use, mouthwash, soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, etc. After I was done, I came out of the shower and she was waiting for me on the couch. She got up and said to just leave the money on the table while she goes and gets ready. Let me back up a little and let everyone know that I was quoted on the phone that at nude full body massage would be starting at $150 and escort would be $250. I opted for the escort option and left $250 on the nightstand and got up on the massage table. She came back in wearing nothing but a bra and panties and boy let me tell you, was I disappointed. When I first walked into the place, she was wearing a nice flowing type of dress so it really covered her ass well, but when I saw her with just panites on, I could see why the dress was being worn. She had a really nice upper body, but her ass was huge and had cellulite all over it. At this point, it was already too late because I already left the money on the table. So I said oh well, and just tried to enjoy the rest of the night. She started to massage my back with some baby oil which felt good because I had a really long day. That lasted for about 10 minutes at which point, she reached under my ass and started to feel my balls and cock. That felt really good. Needless to say, I got a hardon pretty quickly. This little game went on for another 10 minutes or so and I was ready so I turned over. She took off her top and I quickly realized that this woman was in her late 30's or early 40's because her tits were drooping down to her stomach. She put a condom on my cock and started to suck but it wasn't that great. I started to go soft because it really wasn't doing much for me so she started to give me handjob all over again. I got hard once again and she climbe on top. The first thing that I noticed was that she was really loose. I couldn't feel a damn thing while being inside her. I might was well have been just lying on my back with no one on top. She sensed the same and reached behind her and applied some pressure on my penis so that it would rub up against her vagina. That seemed to work a little bit but not a whole lot. I reached up to grab her droopy tits and she removed her hands from them. (I guess she didn't like people touching her tits.) Again, this lasted for about 10 minutes with no real enjoyment so she got off and I stood up and got behind her and did her doggy style. Again, no real friction so she reached down and applied pressure again. I reached around to her front to grab her tits again and again, she removed my hand. To make a long story short, I finally came after about 15 minutes of banging her from behind. (Believe me, it was really hard. Had to imagine some exotic woman I was banging) When I finally finished, she took off the condom and aksed if I wanted to take a shower. I did and she kissed me goodbye before walking me to the door. If you're into older women, this may be your thing. But for $250, I don't think it was worth it. There was another girl that wasn't working that night. In the ad on the web page, she looked pretty good. All it showed was her naked body, (no face) and she looked pretty good in the picture. I may go back, but only to give the other one a try. Good luck to all and happy hunting.
Subject: [ASP] Report on College Cuties, East Bay SF Date: 1998/02/23 Last night I was in the Oakland area and decided to call College Cuties. They have many attractive young women on the web site and I was looking forward to meeting one of them. didn't turn out that way. The girl they sent over, Kelly (or Kelli, or Kellie, etc.) was not as describe. She was just plain unattractive and overweight. I squared up with her by way of a reasonable cancellation fee. As she was leaving, she made a comment about, "It's just not my night; it must be the way I'm dressed." I KNOW that wasn't it. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she goes around collecting cancellation fees from guys who aren't interested. I called the service back to explain what had happened. The operator (female) laughed as if she wasn't surprised and said she would have someone else call me. Needless to say, I decided not go take another chance with the same company. If anyone has had better luck with any of the ladies shown on the home page, I'd like to hear about it.

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