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Date: 2 Dec 1996

913 (Formerly Maria's Bodyworks, Hayward, Calif.)

This was my second visit to this long surviving place conveniently located at the 238 exit onto 14th street.... a stollers lane. The place is on Lewelling, about a block off 14th, with parking in front, and in the back it appeared.

Maria's used to be a traditional "massage parlor" where aledgedly full service was offered. In July or so, it changed, and advertising itself as "913" which is its street address.

The first time I went here, part of a holiday weekend, I was offered a choice of two ladies, and chose the skinny one, a black lady, Jacqeline (spelling?). The other lady was also black, but light with blond hair, and a bit bigger The bit here is for the cover charge of $60 you watch X-rated movies in the room nude with the lady. Tipping brings extra services.

Jacquline nude was thin, nice ass, but flabby small tits. Pretty face with pierced nose. Pleasant enough. She didn't wait for negotiations. She started rubbing my nipples with baby oil then went immediately to my johnson. Felt good. I told her so. And asked her to do that with her mouth. She did, without a condom.

Usually, this alone doesn't "get me" but the stress of that week showed, and I was ready to pop and did.... mostly onto her cheek. Note that no price was negotiated, but being the gentleman, I left what I thought was the right amount for service rendered. Turns out, that was the right amount (although some would think I was overly generous, no doubt.)

Went back, again on a holiday weekend, Saturday night. Two ladies AGAIN, Star, a large black woman, and Shar-day or Sade or whatever, a pretty, mid-sized, bosomy black lady. Into the room. Took a shower (cold, but I probably didn't work it right), reclined on the mattress on the floor, and Shar-day came in, got nude, and sat down. She informed me that for the $60, we would watch the movies, no touching, but that more was available. I asked for guidance on pricing, and she informed me matter of factly of the schedule: $40 hand, $80 oral and for $120 I could have sex. I asked if for the $120 I could get some hand, some oral too, and maybe she misunderstood me and thought I wanted three orgasms, but said no, that would be extra. I asked for a hug before I could make up my mind, and chose oral.

She left, came back with the condom, and tried to put it on my flaccid member. I told her to go slow. After we rose to attention, she placed it on and gave serviceable, if un-inspired head. I stopped her and said I wanted to look at her. Reluctantly, she lay back and allowed my hands to roam. But when I went to suck her nipples, she matter of factly told me that my tip didn't include that. Jesh!

So back to the oral minstrations as I watched the movie. She stopped and asked me if "it" came yet? I told her I would tell her when, and gave her specific instructions. I asked her to suck my nipples which gets me off, and she said she couldn't do that. Jesh again.

Finally, I did come, got dressed, and left. Perhaps I didn't work hard enough to develop rapport with this lady, but her matter of fact ness, get it doneness was not the loving experience I had hoped for, but, hey... live and learn.

In the little conversation we had, I had the impression that two girls are on shift each time, and she knew Jacklyn from my last time, and named the other girl who was there as well the first time, leading me to believe that perhaps the four of them were it!

Well, enough of 913 for me.

Earlier, I tried Beautiful Spa in Milpitas. Pretty, but also detached woman serviced me, but not very inspired. Full service was $120 with $40 admission for a half hour. Gotta find better places around here!

Subject: SF Report Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997


International Variety (19th Ave/Taravel) $180/hour & $150 for the half Tel: 665-XXX0.

In-call house operating in the Sunset District. I visited this place for the first time last Monday. Two call system for first time clients but after that its pretty friendly. I arrived about 12:30 and ushered into one of the three bedrooms of the second floor apartment. Two girls available. Lilly is a tall, leggy brunette with medium length hair, 36c tits and a good ass, about 22 years old. Tonya is Thai and also in her early 20's. She's 5' 1", curvy body with 36c tits and a great ass. She also has an alluring smile. I selected Tanya for a half hour session. The session was reasonably satisfying but rushed. She gives good head without condom periodically peering up with a nasty "I want to fuck your brains out" look in her eyes. Other aspects of the sex were routine. She apparently doesn't like her nipples sucked and discourages it with her body movements. Too bad because she has large very firm nipples. I also tasted a slightly stale flavor while eating her pussy, as if she hasn't douched recently. This was a turn off. We then had sex with Tanya on top facing me. After popping she washed me off and gave me a short sensual massage to end the session. This place has potential. The talent is young and the atmosphere friendly.

Best in Marin (Mill Valley/Tiburon) $200/hour & $150 for the half Tel: 388-XXX3

In-call brothel located in an quiet upscale neighborhood. Operates out of a modern three bedroom condo. Comfortable beds and good shower facilities. Usually 3-4 attractive college age ladies. Reliable and enthusiastic full service which can include french kissing depending on the girl. Ask for Chloe or Sylvia. Recommended.

Date: 5 Jan 1997 Subject: houses in sf and marin

In regards to houses in San Fran, theres about four. Inter Variety is the best however not very clean. Theres one on the Embarcedero near South Beach, definately cleaner and the ladies are nice but not as young or pretty as Inter variety. And theres two within two blocks of Golden Gate Park, Richmond and Sunset side, however not as much variety as the first house.

In regards to Marin, people tell me its very hot right now, meaning the man is watching and sounds like ready to pop someone, so beware.

Subject: Nob Hill - Lingerie modeling Date: 18 Jan 1997T

Located at 629 Taylor.

This is NOT a full service joint. A private session is $40 for 20 tips.

Like most places, the girls here do different things. If you look gross, they will not even touch you or give you the option (I've been told- I wear a suit always).

Tip Options: $40 for modeling, $80 for topless lapdance, $100 for full nude lapdance. This is where everygirl does different. Some girls can dominate...some will do "handywork"...some have no more options. You are invited to get as comfortable as you'd like. there is tissue next to the couch if you'd like. YES, this place is exepensive, but is in a safe neighborhood, the girls are all cute, nice personalities, mostly caucasian, and I wouldn't worry about disease or drugs here.

Girls I've been with:

Vanessa - the best-...Can't keep her form you since she is the regular there. She's 36, Native American, light eyes, 5'4", brunette, 32B. She'll get on the floor with you and be very gentle. She likes her tits sucked. She'll kiss you. No touching her privates but she'll let you place you lips anywhere else or very close if she thinks you are safe. I take triple sessions with her for $300. She likes soft jazz.

Chloe - at least a 38DD - a 21 yr. old Russian gal with nice bongos, light brwon curly hair . She can dance too. She will do a handy for $160. She's about 5'8" as well.

Lily - About 35, Phillipino, long brunette hair 32B breasts. She was my first here. She was the one who gave me the lay of the land my first time there. She gave me a firsttimer discount $120 for a handy.

Divine - AVOID this gal. She doesn't touch you and seem into herself. SHe's blonde and has a nice looking body. You can touch her but definitely keeps her distance. A rip off......I offered her extra and she said it does nothing, but she'd take it.

Nadia - AVOID...A bust too. She's about 20, looks cute and bubbly, but is not very good at all. I told her what the other gals do and she said she didn't need to do that. She had lots of lingerie for me to see her in and I could touch her almost anywhere, but she couldn't help me with anything. At least she was more friendly than Nadia

Subject: San Francisco Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997

Visited Silk Stockings last night. This is a new in-call place near Golden Gate park (19th Ave/Irving). Rates are $200/hour and $160 for the half. Three girls available per shift. Age range from 18-23. Two large bedrooms with canopy beds and hardwood floors. Rooms are attractively decorated and very inviting.

After entering you are offered a drink and led to the bedroom where girls introduce themselves individually. I found selection of girls mediocre. Liz and dianna are very young (18 & 19) with average looks. Gabriella is 23, big busted with an attractive face and good personality. I selected Gabriella. After undressing I relized she is big boned and quite large around the hips and lower body. Not the physical type I am usually attractive to. She is about a 4-5 in looks and an 8 in personality.

The session is full service with BJ,69 and fucking in various positions. She is a nice girl with an upbeat demeanor, but nothing spectacular about her sexual technique.

Silk Stockings has been open about six weeks. The competition in the city is pretty tough. I dont know if this place will survive unless they stregthen the quality of talent.

Subject: RPT: S.F. Area Incall Date: 14 Mar 1997

A nice place with several different ladies. The phone is (510) 848-0673. Fee is $150 for the hour. Full Service establishment.

The last time I was there I met "Pam". She is not the youngest but quite attractive (if you are really into the 18-25 y.o. or covergirl type stuff another girl might be more to your liking) But if you like a nice unhurried session with someone who *truely* enjoys what they do and are definitely enthusiastic... Pam is your girl! She truely seemed thankful of our time together (a true rarity). I guess the bottem line is I left having truely enjoyed myself and looking forward to the next time I could see her.

Oh... She is probably about 34B-24-36. Petite... Appx 5' 1"

Have Fun!

Subject: report on San Francisco incall service Date: Sat, 17 May 1997

Dear Free Thinkers and Lovers,

Here is my personal account of a good incall service in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California...

Genevieve [(415)XXX-4017] Dark hair, dark eyes, 5'6". 21 years old. "Type": 1/2 French and 1/2 Jewish. $200. 34B-25-35? 120 lbs.

I saw this attractive girl in January of this year while using an incall service near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. When calling this service a very friendly man or woman answers the phone. It seems that many of the girls who work here are very young Asians. I hear there is also a nice Russian girl...

Having an affinity for French features I made an appointment to see Genevieve. She has long, straight hair that somewhat recalls the models of the 1970's; and beautifully exotic "French" eyes (the outer corners a bit down-turned). She has long arms and long legs, and is slender in a cat-like kind of way. It was after the holidays so she had gained a bit of weight around her tummy (which she seemed apologetic about), but otherwise she was very fresh and young-looking. I loved her creamy fair skin...

We got together in one of the backrooms, which was beautifully and tastefully decorated in a Chinese motif with candles and paintings. I chatted a lot with Genevieve, who is a bit wistful and detached. I found myself very drawn to her. She put on an Enya CD which created a mystical atmosphere and turned off all the lights except for the candle...

We undressed, and I lay down on the bed. She put a bit of astroglide INSIDE a condom and put it on me. She gave me nice head, and I loved how her long hair looked and felt. After about 10 minutes she got on top of me and we fucked very passionately. I loved how the bed squeaked slightly and how this college-age girl breathed and panted so deeply...

I did not come at that time. Instead I pulled out and asked Genevieve if I could go down on her (using saran wrap for a dental dam). She was relunctant to have a customer eat her out, so I asked her to use an egg-shaped vibrator I had brought as a gift...

She loved the sensations from the vibe, but expressed some misgivings about coming. But I reassured her to "feel it" and "let go". I so badly wanted her to come--and she did. She had such a wonderful look of release and serenity on her face that made me melt...

In a little while I was ready to fuck her again (this time doggy- style) but feeling so turned on I climaxed outside of her. When I came she gave me a very warm, deep, tight hug...

Overall this was a wonderful experience. In spite of Genevieve's slight remoteness, she was a proficient lover. I loved most of all her youthfulness and the fact that I felt a connection with her because of our conversation. I don't know if she is still at this incall service that seems to specialize in young and slender ladies, but if she is any indication of the talent pool there then this service is worth a look! (They put out several ads in the S.F. Weekly regularly...)

Girls Attitude: 8 [********..] Girls Appearance: 8 [********..] Service: 9 [*********.]

Thank You, Scorpio

Subject: Review San Francisco Date: Mon, 26 May 1997

International Variety continues as one of the best bets in the Bay area. I had another very pleasurable experience with a charming lady named Robin last evening. She about 22 years old, 5' 6", blonde hair, pretty blue eyes and 115 lbs. A slender model type build with soft milky white skin rather a dancer hard body type.

The hour started with a light massage and body rub, and some equally stimulating conversation. Robin is a recent college grad and is intelligent, interesting with an endearing down to earth personality. After approximately 20 minutes of mutual body massage we are both sufficiently aroused to continue on with an array of events which include kissing, french and sex in a variety of positions. Robin is very enthusiastic and has gotten very wet during both of our encounters. I can state with some confidence that her orgasms were not faked.

The session spilled over the allotted time with is unusual for International Variety. It was a great evening. One caveat about kissing. She either has to feel very comfortable with you or you need to cum a couple of times (bad pun intended) before passionate kissing may be reliably expected.

International Variety is located in the Sunset district on Taravel and 19th Avenue. (415) XXX-4780.

Subject: Re: REQ: International Variety in SF CA Date: 31 May 1997

I have read good reviews posted here on International Variety > and I am inclining to give it a try. Is it an incall or outcall?

International Variety is an incall brothel, one of the most reliable in San Francisco. They've been in business for at least three years.

How much should I bring?

Bring $180 for a one-hour session. Half-hours are $140 or $150 (I can't remember). For only $30-$40 more, go for the hour. The fee is complete for full-service. I have never been asked for a tip. On the other hand, I have always been so inclined. Therefore, you might want to bring along an extra $20-$40 for the lady in case the spirit moves you, especially if you plan on seeing her again.

If incall, what's their address?

It is considered the height of poor form to publish the street address of a brothel. If you pay them a visit and decide to post a report, please do not breach their confidentiality by including the address. They are located near 19th Avenue and Taraval in the Sunset District of San Francisco. As a first-timer, you will be directed to a nearby pay phone where you will call them again for directions. This is referred to as the "two-call" system--first call for an appointment, second call for the address. On subsequent visits, depending on how busy they are, you may be permitted to skip the second call and proceed directly to the house.

I have read two different I.V. phone numbers. > What's their phone number and who should I talk to?

To the best of my knowledge, both 415-665-XXX0 and 415-731-XXX9 ring to the house. Unlike many incalls, there always seems to be a "live" person at the other end of the line. The girl who answers the phone is likely to be working that day. She will describe the available girls (usually only three). One of the descriptions will be of herself, but she won't let on which one unless you ask. If you are particularly interested in one of the girls you read about in ASP, ask if that girl is available. If she's not, the girl on the phone will usually be so kind as to tell you when she is available. Many girls work there only a few days each week. You are not required to reserve a specific girl before your arrival. In fact, newcomers are encouraged choose their date after suitable introductions have taken place, one at a time, in your assigned room. However, if you have your heart set on a particular girl, by all means book her, or you might miss out.

Do I need to make an appointment or what's the proper protocol, if any?

Appointments are necessary. On your first visit, you have no choice. On subsequent visits, even though you know the address, be a gentleman and call in advance. There is usually a girl available on short notice.

Any suggestions?

Annabelle! You can read my review of 28 Mar 1997 in the DejaNews archives. The other girls I've read about, with the single exception of Tanya, also seem like wonderful choices to me.

Thanks in advance for your replies!

You're welcome, and let us know how it goes.

Subject: Review: S.F. I.V. A bad experience Date: 1997/07/01

A bad experience at International Variety:

For the most part, many of the reviews I have seen here about I.V have been very favorable. Based on these reviews I have visted I.V 4 times in the past. I find these reviews pretty much accurate and I have had a good time there except for my last visit.

This past week I called and made an appointment. The girl told me who was available.... Amber, Faith, and Allie. Faith and Allie being new "hires" (so I was told). Right away I should have sensed something different.. the girl was not as friendly as the other girls I talked to in the past. She seemed to want to keep the conversation short and to the point, not very friendly at all.

Anyways, after making the customary 1 hour confirmation I showed up up promptly on their doorstep at the appointed hour. I had asked for a lineup and so I met the three girls on duty. The two new girls were in their early twenties, Faith had blonde hair, couldn't tell exactly what kind of body she had as she was wearing a loose robe. Allie had curly brown hair, very nice body and wore a revealing teddy. Amber is in her late twenties, brown hair about average all around.

I settled on Allie and took a shower. From the time I walked in I sensed a wariness that I had not felt in my previous visits. Is there pending police action I don't know about? Allie acted nervous which I attributed at first to being new. After the shower I settled into the room and the house madame walked in to check me out I guess. I have no idea what caused this paranoia. I remained polite and patient even though Allie seemed to take a long time to get ready, even for I.V. Finally she walked in and then she mumbled something and walked right out! The madame showed up a minute later handed back my money and said they couldn't help me!!

I was too stunned to protest much but I should have seen something was up. I don't know if a customer incident or police action has made them so paranoid but their attitude sucks. I know I will think long and hard before I consider going back there. I had no complaints about I.V. until this visit. If someone can enlighten me as to the cause of their piss poor customer relations I would appreciate it.

Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997

Now that Int'l Variety is shut down, I'd reccomend a little cat house in Berkeley. 510-XXX-0673 -- full service @ $150./hr not as plush as IV, but servicable. The girls I've seen are 5 - 9's -- Paula, an Aussie, was incredible -- unfortunately, she's back in Australia at last check.

Subject: San Francisco incall Date: Tue, 09 Dec 1997

Hi, I would like to give a few reviews:

Frankie: South of Market area- very pleasant and nice. Clean place and what a behind. Usual price of $160 for a half and $200 for a hr.

Stephine: Civic Center on Market- Asian a bit heavy but nice. It seems she has been walked out on a few times because when I went, she asked if I wanted to stay.

Tianna Lee: works out of the same place as Stephine and cost is $250 to whats you want to pay. Asain 5-7 about 120 lbs. Her hair was shorter than the pics on her web site. Felt it was quick and fake.

Pam: South of Market Embaradero- nice body however she is about 40 plus years old but knows what she is doing.

Someone had asked about a lady near the Presido- Megan. I saw her about 3- 4 years ago and shes about 5-08 and 130 plus lbs. Very well educated and articulate. I think she could workout a bit though- don't we all need that?

Theres a new place that just opened in the City. Near Nob Hill and if anybody has info please post. They sound like they only have three ladies there right now but the person who answered the phone sounded pleasant.

Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997

Try Jamie's place in SF 564 6669 small upscale incall

Subject: SF Review: Whisper Club Date: 1997/11/20

I'm not comfortable posting details, in light of recent busts, so let's just leave it at this: had a VERY good experience at Whisper Club in SF; it's not a rip off. Beautiful women. Please don't write me asking for more details. Thanks.

Sir Pego

Subject: Review:SF-Luxury in the East Bay Date: 1997/12/13

This place advertises on and they have 2 telephone numbers 510-234-1218 and 510 234-6075. There is several girls that work there but I cannot remember the name of the one I saw but her picture is not on the web site. Amanda, Amy, and Martina have their pictures on the site and the girl I saw looks more like Amy than any of the others but was a little bit heavier with red hair, really smooth skin, was Italian, speaks with a slight accent, and is really curvy with nice natural breasts. Charge is $180 for an hour and is full service. The girl I had was unenthusiastic and gave an average massage then let me have her nice breasts and she kneeled over me with this bored look on her face. Tried my damnedest to get her into it but it was no use. She told me I had a great body and asked if I work out (its kind of obvious but not overly I guess) but everything was very run of the mill. She did give pretty good head. Well...after I did her breast a while and could not get her excited I offered her a massage and she almost fell a sleep I think so I started with my tongue on the inside of her thigh. She told me I needed saran wrap if I was going to do that. I thought I'd comply in hopes that I could get her excited. Saran Wrap (I thought to myself, this is different but maybe I could spark some enthusiasm) is really stupid but what the hell. Tried to get her excited for about 10 minutes with saran wrap separating my tongue from her. She told me I had a great tongue but still no excitement - I can usually make a woman climax with my tongue but I could barely get a peep out of this girl. So I let her tease me then she got on top and inserted me. After a couple minutes I asked if I could get on top. She let me and after about 2 minutes she told me I had to finish. I paid for an hour, entered the apartment at 2:10, she had me shower even though I just showered before coming over and it was now 2:45. She said we have to finish up so I could shower and leave. What a bunch of Bull! So I finished showered and left. This is definitely one of the worst services I ever had. Will never see this one again and before you schedule an appointment here ask if saran wrap is needed. I asked her after what the deal is with the saran wrap and she said she is afraid of getting herpes or something else. She was at least educated enough to realize that HIV generally cannot be transmitted that way. She wouldn't kiss my neck or touch my bare skin anywhere with her lips. I would not go so far as to say this was a rip off but it sure was bad.

Looks 6+ Attitude 3 Service 3

Subject: Review SF, Art of Desire-Natasha Date: 1997/12/19

Art of Desire 9/11/97 Natasha - SF Waterfront 415-777-1231

There are two new reviews in the Dec 16 edition of the BAPG for Art of Desire, an incall brothel located near the waterfront in San Francisco. One is a positive review of Natasha, a 24-year old English blonde who is described by the reviewer as being average in looks and body, with great personality and service. I saw Natasha at Art of Desire in September and was very disappointed. Her service was perfunctory--basically just going though the motions with no enthusiasm at all. I can't say anything bad about her personality--but only because her personality was almost non-existent. She shared nothing about herself and wasn't the least bit interested in knowing about me. As for her appearance, I'd say her face average, but her body well below average. Natasha is overweight and about as far from being "toned" as one can be. Caressing her butt was like kneading a fast-rising bread dough. So, if the look and feel of a Pillsbury Dough Girl is your ideal, Natasha is your babe.

The session with Natasha was on my third visit to Art of Desire. The other two girls I saw were well worth the $200/hour full-service fee. Unfortunately, neither is working there any more. Jade is now an independent and can be contacted at 415/560-3603. The other girl moved to New York. If you want to check out Art of Desire for yourself, I recommend that you avoid Natasha and try perhaps Victoria, the other girl whose positive review appeared in the same issue of the BAPG.

Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998

Dear folks The place in Mill Valley (near SF) that you mentioned in passing at 388-XXX3 was shut down by the police in early Jan. 98. International Variety had moved to Mill Valley in Mid 1997 and it might have been closed also by the police, it has not been open for awhile. In the newspaper article on the front page of the local Gannett daily the Independent-Journal (which carries many expensive classified ads for "adult" services) on Jan.10th it mentioned that the places were advertising on the "net". The only place that I see both places mentioned is on your site. Please be very discreet. Best Wishes

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