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San Francisco:

Haven`t been there in a couple of years, and the place changes
quickly. From what I understand they are making more of an
effort to curtail hookers; using decoys in some cases. Still
pretty easy to separate out the real ones from the slimy undercover
pigs.  IMo you have to be real careful here about aids; insist
that a rubber is worn for all phases of activity. You can get
aids from open cuts on you hands or anywhere if these cuts come
into contact with sexual excretions-be careful!

The women and the men pretending to be women can be impossible
to tell apart. But they always had a demarcation street in the
tenderloin district such that the female impersonators stayes
on one side and the women on the other. Also, it has been
my experience that when in doubt you should ask point blank:
"Are you a woman?" They will always tell you honestly.

Stay in the tenderloin area. There are hookers in the mission
district, but almost without exception they are i.v. drug users
and at higher risk to be aids carriers. Also this is a rough
area; lots of crime and police hassles.

You can usually negotiate a pretty good deal with the
street whores; some of them are as classy and beautiful
as anything you`d get from a call girl operation. Prices
start at $40 and go up. You can rent a cheap hotel room
for $20-$30 bucks or go to a nearby sauna rental place
for around $10.

Many of these girls have pimps and are crack or other drug abusers.

You need to be careful when a women is working through a pimp.
Never go to the room a woman chooses, if you want to be safe.
and your in doubt.

My experience is that black chicks will rip you off sooner
than white chicks; I'm not trying to be racist, but that's
just the way it is.

Make sure you have a clear understanding of what your are
going to get for what service before you pay. Try not to
pay all up front if possible (which it usually isn't).,

The easiest way to avoid decoys is by doing the following:

1)if your driving ask her to get into the car before talking
money or sex. If she won`t she's either very paranoid or a cop.

2)I prefer not to drive but to pick them up in person on the
street. That way if the cops decide to start this bullshit about
taking your car away,like they do in Portland and some other
places, they won`t have anything to take away.

3)Ask her to touch you somewhere that a cop wouldn't
(like your dick, *before* you talk money or sex.

If she won`t do this, she's probably a scum sucking pig.

If she passes these tests, 99 outta 100 shes not a cop.

If you want to be really sure to avoid entrapment and other
problems, tape record the conversation.

Several others have written about picking up whores in
SF bars. They may be right, but most of the bars I`ve been i
in, this was not so easy, if your heterosexual, cuz there
are mostly gays and transvestites in the tenderloin bars (suprise

The best nights are the weekends for variety and choice.
Daytimes the really hungry hookers, drug addicts and less
attractive/expensive ones work. It is easier to make a good
deal during the day cuz hookers are less busy as well.
If you can wait until about 4 am you are also likely to make
a better deal cuz the gals are looking for their last trick and
want to go home. Ditto for rainy or cold days.

The best way to judge the gal is how she responds to you
at first. Is she friendly? Is she willing to spend a minut
or two talking to you? Will she negotitate? Does she want your
business? If the answer to these is yes, then you've probably
got a good girl (but not always).

Of all the towns in the U.S. SF has the best supply of hookers.

For a really hot strip show, visit the Century Theatre. You
will often find porno stars doing shows there; its worth
the price. Admission is reduced during the day. IMO, this
joint has some of the hottest strip shows in the U.S.; you
can get real real close to the girls. Lap dances are alwo
available if you get off on that sort of thing.

Well people enough for now. BTW anyone want to start
a franchised fuck service, say, maybe McFuckmes?
Maybe we could improve the service nationally; lower
the prices? (You deserve a fuck today, at McFuckmes)
little bit of poor humor here (very poor). Bye.

Subject: Dual massage Date: Sat, 9 Sep 1995 23:21:34 UTC Well, I finally had the opportunity to experience a long-time fantasy of mine: the dual massage. For those who don't know, this consists of having a pair of women (or men, I guess, though I haven't seen/heard of that yet) work on you at the same time. Seeing how that was something I had been thinking about for awhile, I decided to take a look into this. Prices for this kind of service around the east SF bay area seem to be fairly standard; about $120 for 1 hour, tips are taken. One note to make is tips are doubled; if the usual full service is $100, count on paying $200. Parlors also offer this service, though not all do. I have no idea what the price would be at an establishment, though my guess would be $70-90 for 30 minutes, tips on top of that. I'd rather deal with individuals, rather than see money going to the owner instead of the worker. The ones I decided on advertise in the Tribune/Argus/Herald (all the same classifieds anyway) under the names Sage and Summer. I talked to Sage on the phone. She sounded very nice indeed, and scheduled an appointment. Directions were given, and, to no suprise, landed me near Lake Merritt in Oakland, where there seems to be a high concentration of independent sex workers. I was given a suite number, rather than being instructed to call from an observed phone. I have noticed that the younger workers seem to be more trusting in that way. Has anyone else noticed this? Arriving at the location, I knocked, and was asked to return in about 15 minutes, as she was still with a client. I, personally, don't like this, but I wasted 15 minutes somewhere, being in a relaxed mood at the time. I returned, and was met by a petite (under 5' 4"), shapely, and very cute black woman with the most beautiful smile. Boy, was I glad I waited! She introduced herself as Sage, and informed me that her partner was running an errand, but, if I wanted, we could start and she'd join us when she got back. I opted to wait, so we spent some time chatting and watching TV talk shows, god love 'em. From talking with her, I learned that she was in her low 20s, while Summer was a few years older (but still low 20s). Where Sage had reddish black hair, Summer was more of a golden blonde. Summer was also taller, with bigger hips and breasts. Well, after awhile, I decided that we should start without her partner. Just then, Summer walked in the door. Her complexion was lighter than Sage, her appearance not as cute (IMO), but still a beauty. I was now thanking God that I waited. The massage was basically standard fare, but, let me tell you, being worked on by 2 women is something that you will have to experience at least once. They alternated between firm and light touches, very nice. When I turned on my back, it was obvious that I was enjoying myself 8^D Staying with the program, they continued to alternate touches, slowly working to a constant light touch, centering on my crotch and chest. My hands were free to roam, so they did, exploring thighs, breasts, asses, everything! Summer removed her shirt and bra, and began feeding me her nipples as Sage stroked my cock with more vigor. They would switch every so often, so I was experiencing a variety of sensations. Needless to say, I came soon enough, and they kept at it, trying to make me hard again! Maybe when I was younger, but certainly not this time, but I still enjoyed the attempt. Since my hour was not up, they asked me if I had any aches that they could work out for me, which was a nice change from the "you-got-off-now-get-out" attitude of so many workers. After a bit of chat with both of them, I dressed reluctantly and prepared to leave. I responded with an emphatic "Yes!" when asked if I enjoyed myself. They felt bad about having me wait for Summer (I ended up waiting about 1 hour), so I was promised a "special treat" on my next visit. And I'm sure there will be one! Sage and Summer gets a definate top-notch recommendation from me, as well as a "definate repeat" mark. The price is up there, but this time, you get at least what you pay for, probably more. Just remember, as always, YMMV. The Bay Area guy...
Date: Dec 96 The spectator reports that San Francisco operates a "school for johns" which allows first time offenders to remove the conviction from their records. Costs $500 for an all-day class, similar to traffic school, and focuses on the health hazards of postitution and its negative impact on sex workers and neighborhoods. SF police claim that none of the 200 men who have attended the school so far have been rearrested.
Subject: Re: Hookers in San Jose Date: 15 Apr 1996 01:06:34 GMT The streetwalkers on 3rd and 4th were mostly drugies and trans. The girls all moved to the parlors in MtView, San Mateo, etc.
Date: June 1996 The private girls advertising in the papers cost about $200 for full service in San Francisco and half that in Berkeely and Oakland, the quality being the same.
Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 01:05:39 -0400 San Francisco - CA Beth Speaks Greek Not to be recommended. Multiple condoms, enough lube to grease a 747's main gear and fucking cats everywhere. If you really need to go in the outdoor, this is an option, but at $200 for a bad looking unenthusiastic cat freak, I've got to imagine there's better out there
Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 23:10:16 PDT I went to Mitchell Brother's O'Farrell Theatre and it was $35.00 to get in. It has been 2 years since I've been here, so I forgot how expensive it was to get in. I immediately went in to the Copenhagen room and got mobbed by 2 gorgeous blondes who shoved their tits in my face. It was quite nice. I was the only one in the room, so they were all over me. I ended up with one of the blondes jacking me off for $100.00. It was quite nice and it was quite a turn on to have people peeping in, trying to figure out what was going on. She had implants, but they were nice and not overly huge! She used lubricant and a cheap rubber, but she rubbed my dick on her tits, so I came quickly! They had Ashlyn Gere as their feature, and that was nice too. She put on quite a show. On the way back to my hotel, I walked down O'Farrell and remembered from the WWSG that girls often hang out along my path. San Francisco has the most beautiful women on the street, unlike my home town of Chicago. Much better than anywhere in New York also! (I spend 3 days a week in NYC). I picked up a 19 year old redhead, with a perfect body. Let me tell you, with the good looks, comes high prices. They all wanted 100 just for basic service and they all wanted to go to a local cheap hotel. I said no way, we go to my 4 star hotel. A few even walked away. I later found out that the nice hotels in S.F. have been cracking down on customers walking in with girls. Either way, I'm not about to let myself get setup at a cheap hotel, and I'd rather be safe than sorry. I ended up paying her 300 for 1/2 and 1/2 and her body was perfect. She didn't kiss on the lips, and was very clean. I liked it, but at the same time, I like to have girls who do the "dirty" things. Anyways, I'm here for 3 more days, so more info to cum! Chester
Subject: [ASP] San Francisco Fund-Raiser Date: 3 Jun 1997 22:32:06 +0200 An entertaining article from today's San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. Ms Goodson (aka, Qadisha of San Francisco) has email ( and a web site ( for those thinking about taking her up on this or similar offers. Maybe if 20 of us got together and all chipped in $7,500. Nah. I do, however, suggest to Teri that the encounter take place in the Lincoln Bedroom instead of a Nevada brothel. Seeker -------------------------------------- San Francisco Chronicle, Tuesday, June 3, 1997, Page A14 CALL GIRLS OFFER ROLL IN THE SACK AS FUND-RAISER Steve Rubenstein, Chronicle Staff Writer A San Francisco call girl has an offer for anyone with $150,000. It's tax deductible and involves 20 women. "You're going to have the time of your life," said Teri Goodson. "And you're going to be exhausted." Goodson is the founder of something called the Pretty Women Committee, a fund-raising arm of the National Sexual Rights Council. The council seeks to get underage, amateur prostitutes off the street and leave the field to experienced professionals. For $150,000, said Goodson, the donor may "sleep with the entire committee." The committee numbers about 20 professionals, including herself. The donor and the committee will be flown to a legal Nevada brothel and the encounter will last as long as the donor wants. The committee will volunteer its services. The donation is tax deductible, Goodson said, to the extent allowed by law. Goodson said the council selected $150,000 because that was the amount that reportedly entitled Democratic Party donors to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House. "We believe you should be rewarded with more than the fun of sleeping in some dead president's bed," she said. The council, based in Washington, D.C., seeks to legalize prostitution and improve working conditions. "You can take this as a joke, but we're serious," said National Sexual Rights Council chairman Elliot Shaw, a Florida attorney challenging that state's sex laws. Shaw told a reporter that it was "time to get the state out of the bedroom." Goodson, 40, is a business student who has operated a San Francisco escort service for 12 years. Technically, she said, making the offer probably violated pandering laws but she was "willing to take the chance." According to Goodson, a gift of $150,000 entitles the donor to "the time of his life with the best in the business, including me." "Public radio has these fund-raising drives with premiums all the time," she said. "This is better than getting a coffee mug." For $250, Goodson said the donor gets a T-shirt and a kiss. So far, there have been no takers at either funding level.
Subject: Re: [ASP] INFO: Silk Stockings in SF CA Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 06:55:00 GMT >A couple of pennies on using Silk Stockings Escorts I tried some time >back last year... > >I called them up for an escort and the operator asked what my name and >phone number. I told them the information so she proceeded in looking >it up in the phone directory. I told them that I'm unlisted and then >she hung up. > >I called again a couple of months later. I managed to get someone to >call me. She asked what I do. I told her what I do and she responded >that I'm too good to be true and then she hung up. > >Was my cologne bad over the phone? I answered honestly and kindly what >they asked. I know they're being very cautious but this is ridiculous. >Does anyone out there have this kind of experiences with them? There's >nothing special about them. I just thought it strange. I wonder if it's >different now. I was going to give them a try-again soon. I'll be >sharing more memorable moments on other outcall services later. > >Simon, the Yellow Page Runner A better suggestion is Sassy's Escorts. All of the girls are eager, cute, honest and give you good full value. Ask for Tara, Lise, or, if you prefer attractive black women with slight attitude, Taylor. The numbers are 415 332-0833 and 510 299-0989. Post your experience if you can. (Even the dispatcher is nice).

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