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Date: Sat, 11 Feb 1995 04:52:16 UTC

I.   The San Francisco Bay Area

     If you are looking for sex for $$$, San Francisco is undoubtedly the top
city in the U.S. in which to find it.  Women are numerous on the streets, and
the selection of massage parlors is outstanding.  Here are some general notes
on what I have found in the area.  You can also pick up a copy of "The
Spectator" or the "Pleasure Guide" for about $1 in most adult book stores.
These monthly newspapers are loaded with ads for anything that tickles your
fancy, and even include discussions of where streetwalkers hang out in the
major cities, when police crackdowns are coming down, etc.  If you are new to
the area, these are a must, and some massage parlors even put discount coupons
 in their ads!

    A.  Street Sex:

     AIDS has definitely cut into street sex in Northern California.  in the
mid-1980's, the hot areas would have 20-40 girls working on any given night.
Now, the best areas are down to 4-8/night.  Still there is lots of action to
be had.  Prices are pretty consistent over the entire Bay Area and vary
according to service and the age/looks of the girl. The younger, prettier, or
kinkier, the higher the price (of course!).  My experience is that a blow job
will be $20-40, blow job + sex is $40-70, and anal is $50-100.  50% or less
of girls will do anal.  In San Francisco and most peninsula cities, Thursday
night is vice night.  Don't ask me why, but many girls have told me to stay
off the streets on Thursdays because the undercover cops are out in force.  I
have been out safely on Thursdays, but use extra caution.

	1. San Francisco

   The hot spot in San Francisco is the Tenderloin district.  This is the
area north of Market Street that is bordered by Larkin, Post, Powell, and
Turk streets.  The best action can be found on Ellis and O'Farrell between
Jones and Larkin; Geary is also pretty good between Taylor and Hyde.  It only
takes about 10 min to drive over every street in the area, so if you have a
car, cruise around for a few minutes and figure out where the best girls are
that night.  The girls come in all shapes and sizes; many white, Asian, a few
blacks, and not many Hispanics.  Despite the terrible reputation the
Tenderloin has, it is generally pretty safe.  This is quite close to the
theater district (Geary IS the theater district) and there are usually lots
of people around.  Beware of Larkin above O'Farrell as there tend to be a lot
of rip-off artists and transvestites.  I once picked up a stunning blonde on
the corner of Hyde and Post, and as we walked to her place, her hips didn't
move right from behind.  I said, "Excuse me, but are you a guy?"  He was, and
was I embarrassed!  I muttered something incoherent and ran to my car.  For
more info on the San Francisco street scene, see WWW site:

        2.  Oakland/Berkeley

   Whereas the San Francisco street scene is almost festive in nature, Oakland
 is pretty grim and gritty.  The main action area is on San Pablo Avenue
running all the way from Berkeley into downtown Oakland (about a 5-mile
stretch).  Best action is on San Pablo between MacArthur and Grand, and on
Market between MacArthur and San Pablo.  You might find a little on MacArthur
between San Pablo and Telegraph.  This is a high crime area...lots of random
shootings, carjackings, you name it.  Use extreme caution!  This is one time
you will be kind of happy to see police around, and they generally don't
bother guys picking up tricks.  For a slightly safer area, try University
Ave. in Berkeley between San Pablo and Sacramento, or San Pablo just north of
University Ave.

        3.  Mid-Peninsula

    The mid-peninsula used to be very active, but vice squad crackdowns and
AIDS have cut the population of streetwalkers way down.  El Camino Real is a
main commercial artery that runs all the way from South San Francisco to San
Jose, and this is generally the only place where there is much action.
 Although sparse, with a little patience you can find girls on El Camino Real
in Redwood City, San Carlos, and San Mateo.  Redwood City between 5th Avenue
and Whipple (about a 2-mile stretch) is the best stretch.  The cops DO set up
sting operations and they DO arrest guys picking up tricks, so use caution!

        4.  South Bay

     I am not as familiar with South Bay, but a few areas are worth checking
out.  Downtown San Jose has recently gone through a major renovation, and
this has pushed most of the girls into other areas.  Try 1st and 2nd streets
south of Santa Clara Avenue.  There is an adult theatre (I forget the name)
in this area, and they tend to hang out near there.  El Camino Real around
Lawrence Expressway in Sunnyvale used to have a lot of girls, and has now
dried up a lot, but may still be worth a look.

     B. Massage

     The Bay Area is loaded with massage parlors, with a very heavy emphasis
on Asian establishments.  These are congregated throughout the area in a few
key cities: San Francisco, San Mateo, Oakland, Berkeley, Mountain View, Los
Altos, and Sunnyvale.  In general, the price is much lower in San Francisco
than other areas, simply due to the huge selection that keeps competition
high and prices low. San Mateo places tend to be more expensive for both
entry fee and the tip, but these are very clean, classy operations.  For an
excellent discussion of the Bay Area massage scene, check out WWW site:

        1. San Francisco

     Oh baby!  San Francisco has a wonderful selection of massage parlors,
mostly located in or near the Tenderloin.  These are nearly all Asian
(especially Korean, Thai, Viet Namese), many change names on a regular basis,
and the girls change weekly.  Rarely can you go back a month later and find a
favorite girl still working there.  Entry fee is generally $35-40 for 45
minutes and this includes a shower and a reasonably good backrub.  The girls
will generally do anything for a tip, and typical prices are $30 for a nude
hand job, $40-50 for a blow job, $50-80 for straight sex, and $60-120 for
anal sex.  Only about 30-50% of girls will do anal.  Most places are listed
in the Yellow Pages, so that's a good place to start.  My favorites are the
few on Larkin between Ellis and O'Farrell, especially Blue Sky Spa which
consistently has really beautiful Asian girls that will do anything at a
reasonable price.  Most places like to have you take the next girl in line,
but I always ask to see all the girls (unless I really like the one that
greets me) and they will nearly always comply.  Also be careful of a few
places where you will be greeted by a stunning beauty, led to a room, then a
different (less attractive) girl will walk in to give you a massage.  If she
looks too good to be true then ask, "Will you be the one to give me a

        2. San Mateo/Millbrae

     Because of lax zoning laws, San Mateo and Millbrae are the only cities
in the northern half of the peninsula (other than San Francisco) that have
massage parlors.  A recent law in San Mateo forbids them to use the word
"massage" in their title, so look for these in the Yellow Pages under
"Massage" with names like "Super Tanning and Relaxation," "Asian Gardens
Spa," or some other name like that.  Many are all-Asian or mostly Asian
girls.  The places are very safe, very clean, and generally pretty classy.  A
few even have weight training equipment and sauna you can use.  My favorite
is Asian Gardens, but most are pretty good.  Prices are higher than San
Francisco, generally $40-50 for a 30 min massage that includes shower and
backrub.  Tips will be $40-50 for a handjob, $50-90 for a blow job, and
$80-120 for straight sex.  I have never found a girl in these places who does
anal sex.  Some girls will do nothing other than a handjob.  They often have
two prices for handjobs: $30-40 with their clothes on, $40-60 if they take
their top off, maybe more if they strip completely.

        3. Oakland/Berkeley

     Oakland and Berkeley have a pretty good assortment of massage parlors
that are scattered about, and most are in the Yellow Pages.  Most in Berkeley
are on or just off University Avenue.  These are similar in style to San
Francisco ($35-40 for 30-40 min massage and shower), with a slightly poorer
selection of girls.  Some Berkeley massage places (e.g., Tiki Spa) will give
you a free handjob with the $40 massage if you ask, but the girls don't take
off any clothes and you can't touch any part of them except for fondling
their ass through clothes. Other Berkeley places charge an extra $20-30 for a
hand job.  Not recommended unless you are desperate.  Oakland places will
generally give you the works for a tip: $30-40 for handjob, $40-60 for blow
job, $50-90 for straight sex, $70-120 for anal.  Oakland and Berkeley places
almost never give you a choice of girls.  If you ask to see the girls, the
one who greets you will say, "I'm the only one available right now."  If you
aren't happy with her, come back later.  The best in Oakland is called (I
think) Oriental Spa and is on San Pablo Avenue around 13th-14th streets,
although even there quality is variable and ranges from stunning beauty to
older and heavier women.

        4. South Bay

     There are massage places all over the South Bay in Mountain View,
Sunnyvale, Los Altos Milpitas, and other cities.  Nearly all are in the
Yellow Pages. I have limited experience with these, but prices are $40-50 for
30-40 min shower and massage.  In one place in Milpitas I recently got a good
topless hand job for $40, but I have no other info on this area.

From: (JayHawk) Subject: Update on Redwood City, CA Date: Wed, 28 Jun 1995 07:10:25 UTC In the postings of my JayHawk Reports, I noted that the numer of women working the mid-San Francisco peninsula was way way down from levels of the mid-1980's. The Redwood City stretch of El Camino Real used to have 8-12 women out on a typical night, then it dried up to nothing. A few readers even noted after I posted this info that they thought there were no women out at all. I am pleased to report that activity is returning to this area. I happened to be driving through the area on Sunday (June 25) at about 10:30 pm and saw not 1, not 2, but 7 (!!!) different women out. This included 3 blacks, 2 blondes, and 2 *very* nice looking working the streets in a bikini top and shorts. I checked it out again on Monday night at around 10 pm and found another 6 *different* women out. This could be a temporary lapse in vice squad activity, but the numbers are certainly up higher than they have been in several years. The weather has been very hot here, so that may be driving more than usual out of the house and onto the streets. I didn't pick anyone up as I have long since given up on street sex, so I can't comment on quality or prices. One word of warning. I saw one petite brunette who I am almost positive is a cop! She was dressed a little better and looked a little nicer than the others, hung out by herself (most of the other women were in groups of 2-3), and she didn't seem to be doing anything to attract attention to herself. The others would wave at me, smile, nod...anything to attract attention, whereas this one just paced back and forth up and down the street for the 20 minutes or so that I was orbiting. She also spent a lot of time looking in a pocket mirror and toching up her makeup. She is either a cop, or has very poor marketing skills. JayHawk
Subject: Mountain View Massage Parlor Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 05:09:14 UTC Hi, I went to MV Spa on El Camino last night about 10:30 pm. I arrived about 10 seconds before another guy. He was told to come back later. The woman who took my $40 had a nice smile. She was about 35. Weight maybe 140. Her dress looks like it came from a hospital. I took a shower then went back to the room. I noticed no other customers; place was very quiet except for a TV with low volume. I think I was the only one there. I waited a long time (10 - 15 minutes). Room was cold. Then I heard the woman shuffle towards the room. She walked REAL slow. She gave a very poor massage; her hands had no energy. Then after 10 minutes she left. Again she walked real slow shuffling towards the TV. Then after 10 minutes she shuffled back. By then I was very cold. She asked me to rollover. I did so. She massaged my chest and legs. She asked me if I wanted more. I said no. She said she was not feeling well. "I hope you feel better soon", I said. I patted her on the back while I was getting dressed. So, the place was a total turn off. I'm not going back. I did have a nice massage at Pro Oriental a few weeks ago. The woman had very energetic hands. No sex was offered.
Date: 6 Jul 1996 03:43:53 -0400 There are two wonderful brothels in the bay area. One is International Variety, the number is 415-665-4780. Ask for Isabella. The next best one is Best in Marin at 415-388-1333
Subject: [ASP] Review of San Fran. Brothel Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 16:10:01 GMT Review: International Variety (brothel) Sunset District, San Francisco 415-665-4780 This was my first time visiting such an establishment - but it was my birthday and I decided to do something 'special' for myself. I had seen a VERY abbreviated mention of this establishment in the A.S.P. FAQ on and decided I would make the Loooooooong drive up there from the bowels of Silly-clone valley to try it out. I called fairly early in the morning (10 am) and was surprised to get a human ean on the other end (I was expecting a machine!). The voice on the other end was warm enough to melt butter and about as inviting as I can stand. Her name was Victoria. She asked when I might be able to make it up there and my guess was about 11:30. She told me to go to a specific pay phone (since I was a newbie there) and gave me a number to call for directions. As it is a security measure I will not mention the address other then to say that it is in the Sunset District. I walked to the door and rang a buzzer and was let in. I was met at the top of the stairs by a nice looking (youngish) young lady who ushered me into one of 3 or 4 bedrooms.She was very sweet and saw to my needs (something to drink? shower? etc.) and mentioned that she would send the available girls in one at a time for me to meet. I should mention that the room felt very homey. There was a fireplace (no fire at the time - but looked recently used) a very comfy, large bed with thick comforter, a couple of nightstands, a 'peacock chair' a fairly nice stereo setup with soft music playing. hardwood floors, large antigue armoire, large pillows neatly stacked... all in all very inviting. The first girl who entered, introduced herself... Victoria - the girl I had spoken to on the phone. She was blonde and shapely - very slightly 'Rubenesque' with large breasts (36d maybe?), a very warm smile, deep brown eyes in a short black velvet dress that matched every one of her feminine curves. My impression of her was that she was very sweet and gentle, passionate and obviously enjoyed what she was doing. She asked a few questions and I asked her a few (pleasantries). and she floated out of the room. Lilly was the only other girl working at the time and she followed a few minutes after Victoria. Tall, leggy, a fair sized c-cup (36c maybe?) with a crop top and tight jeans. She was a little quieter and, I suspect, a bit younger then Victoria and perhaps a bit shy. But all in all a very pleasant young lady as well. After she left the young woman that met me at the top of the stairs popped back in and asked if I would like to choose one of the girls. I selected Victoria. It would have been a tough call if I hadn't already spoken to her on the phone, as they were both very pleasant and desireable. I sat in the 'peacock chair' and sipped my ice water feeling my chest beat out a disco rythm and waited for maybe 3 minutes. Victoria glided into the room and asked me how long I wished to stay. I said an hour would be fine and we settled up. The price was $150 for a half hour and $180 for a full hour - all inclusive. I handed her a couple of C-notes (not expecting to see any change). I was much surprised at the end of my stay when she reminded me that my change was on the nightstand... I told her to please keep it as I had come with the intention of spending $200 (besides... she was well worth twice what I paid). After taking the money she asked me to get comfortable and she disappeared out the door. I stripped down and found 'my side' of the bed. Quite comfy, I must say. She reappeared a moment later, shimmied out of the black velvet dress, leaving nothing but black lace bra and panties, came over to the bed and sat down in front of me. She asked if I would like to have her rub my back a bit, and I asked her what she was allowed to do. She smiled and looked me straight in the eye and said 'Anything I like'. She was a bit shy in discussing her likes and preferences (something I always like to ask about) but it turned out she liked basically the same things I liked - especially oral.there was a fair amount of touching and kissing and generally a very warm and sensitive feeling about her. I won't go into details of what ensued except to say it was remarkable. Absolutely the best head I've ever had and the passion level in this woman was non-pareil. I 'cycled' twice during the hour and had a nice 'lunch' between (while re-charging). All in all a very memorable experience and one I hope to revisit soon. I can't say if all of the women there are as talented, warm and inviting as Victoria, but I would be willing to find out. I must say though that I will always return to this girl, she was something else! Cheap at twice the price! --- Paradox
Subject: [ASP] San Jose, CA Date: 18 May 1997 16:00:15 -0400 First St. / Monterey Rd. - South of 280 overpass to about Tully Rd. This area has a few streetwalkers, not many. Unfortunately the competition out there is fierce! If you see a girl that you want to spend some time with, do NOT pass her. It's almost guaranteed that she will not be there when you get back to her. The best times of the day seem to be about 11:00pm to 2:30 am most every night. St. James St. - Near the courthouses There are a lot of prostitutes out there, but I don't think I've ever seen one real female. They hang out by Hamburger Mary's for the most part. I'm not into the cross-dressers (some of them really make you think twice about it though!), but if you are, here's where to find a lot of them. This area seems to pretty much shut down at about 2:30 am. If anyone knows that there are real females that hang out in this area, please post. The Alameda - West of Stockton to about Race St. This is the first time I've ever seen any girls out there. Not many, only 2 telephone booths with 3 girls on the street. This was at 3:30am, so there may have been more out there earlier. If anyone has any more locations, please post!
Date: Sat, 24 May 1997 03:33:20 -0400 (EDT) Subject: MV Spa in Mountain View, CA MV SPA: MV is a easy to find place on El Camino in Mountain View. It must be that the authorities are lax on such places because there are a fair number in the area. I went late on a Friday evening. They close and 12, and I rolled in around 11:30. Upon entering I asked if I could get a massage and the ladies responded that there were only "hot towel" treatments available (perhaps the authorities had become a little more stringent in recent months). I knew it was just a check and I agreed and paid the $40 upfront for the massage, or whatever it was supposed to be. After a shower (which is discretionary), I was led to a clean, but small room. Since it was my first time, I was not able to choose my girl, but I ended up with a sweet vietnamese 24 year old named Avon. She was incredibly sexy and her only drawback was a bit of silicone. After a weak massage (she was eager to acertain my desires since it was my first time), we got down to wheeling and dealing. We agreed on an $60 tip for a blowjob and she left the room. When she came back I received that handjob of my life, plus a excellent (condom protected which I appreciated) blowjob. She got completely naked and climbed on top for 69. To add to the atmousphere, Avon talked dirty the whole time, which was an added bonus. After it was over, I found out what the "hot towel" was all about--she used it to clean me up. I liked MV, although my experience with such places is limited. I live in DC during the winter and find that MV is much more relaxed and comfortable than the DC establishments. They do not ID (which is good in my case) unlike Pro Oriental down the block. Avon offered me a two girl massage with her sister which I will be heading back for next week. Although I was in a simple mood this time around, such attractions will be sure to bring me back. I recommend MV wholeheartedly. The girls are slightly naughty and the place is clean and relaxed. I have a feeling they honor special requests as well, which makes MV a definate return destination.
Subject: Re: [ASP] San Jose, Mountain View, Palo Alto Areas Date: Wed, 09 Jul 1997 20:17:35 -0600 I saw Heather many times several years ago. She is great. As for street action, it can sometimes be found in Sunnyvale/Mountain View on El Camino between Bernardo and Hwy 85. The girls are usually shy, so you need to pay attention and look carefully. Also, there are a lot of non-working girls in that area, so be careful and don't be a jerk. Usually at least one day a week there will be a few girls out. They are usually at the Bernardo/El Camino corner, and sometimes are at the Bernardo bus stop north of El Camino (the Carls Jr side) or at the bus stop near the old Emporium, by First Lady Health Club. As I said, a lot of non-working girls in that area, so be extra carefull.
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 08:42:10 +0800 (SGT) Subject: [ASP] SF_update Venuseyes, on El Camino in Sunnyvale. AVOID, Ugly women with attitudes just want easy money, the better your appearance the higher the price gets ...$100 & up for full service. Vision, on Santa Cruz Ave. in Los Gatos. YES, TRY. I found most of the staff from Spring Hot Tub and Sauna mentioned on 3/12/97 are here. Full service costs $100 generally, only had one girl try to collect more from me and the premises are nicer than their previous shop.
Subject: [ASP] Mountainview CA update Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 14:52:47 PDT [ASP] Mountainview CA update. To our joy, Visage reopened some months ago. I've visited several times, and asked the staff what happened. Each time the answer is the same: "renovations". But it looks pretty much the same to me. They point out supposedly new carpet and benches, but in the low light I see no difference. The service was always reliable, and has even improved. It's bordering on "special". Each time it's a different lady, with different style. Looks are 6.5 to 8, which is fine by me. The older ones are better, as usual. I switched to Pro Oriental while Visage was closed. Let me speak up for Jacki (or however she spells it). Lovely voice, good massage, good touch afterwards, very caring. One time I asked her for one hour, but found that while 30 minutes would leave me wanting more, there is little more to give. Her massage is not better when longer, just more of the same.
Subject: CA Bay Area update Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 15:37:43 PST Visage Relaxation in Mountain View was in the local news this week. It, along with Pro Oriental and one other similar establishment on El Camino (Was it called Jean's? I think so) are in trouble with the police. During July-August 1997 they were subjected to a sting operation, and a couple of the ladies were charged with "improperly touching", "massaging without a licence", and "soliciting for prostitution". No action will be taken yet, but it will be soon. The local police chief said that this happens from time to time, as they seek to keep these places within the law. Interstingly, Niagara wan't mentioned. And it turns out that Visage lost its licence for one month in 1996! AHA! So *THAT'S* why they were closed! All this nonsence about redecorating was not the whole story. May I take a moment to say that the ladies at Visage are consistently caring and conscientious.
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 22:51:35 -0700 Subject: price of pussy on mission blv. hayward ca. Hi im a hooker and I work on mission blv. Hayward ca. my name is Regina, i was astounded to see how much the price of pussy is in india, $3.00. no wonder the indians here are cheap!! The price of pussy $40.00; blowjobs $20.00! So I hope they will wise up from this letter and quit expecting ass for pennies here. Sincerly. Regina
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 23:26:40 -0500 (EST) Subject: Monterey, CA Massage Scene Paseo (on Alvarado St) Price $40 for half hour. Usually three girls on working this place all early to mid 30's and would rate from about a 4 to a 7. Fee is $50 for hand relief, $100 full service, however they skip the oral. The actual massage is poor also. Have called a couple of times and had what sounded like a caucasian answer but it is always asians working. The attitude of the girls rage from poor to average. California Oriental (off of Franklin) Older Koreans, mid 30's to early 40's. The best looking one is about a 6 the worst a 4. The attitudes range from piss poor - you'll get more response from a plastic doll, to average (pretend they are happy to see you). Prices $40 for half hour, $50 for hand relief and $100 full service. This one should be your last resort in Monterey. Bay Therapy Older Koreans also like evey other Monterey place. The attitude here is much better. Would have to give the girls an 8 or 9 out of ten for attitude. Looks are 6-8. This place actually gives a decent massage and you are unrushed. They have two koreans and one young blonde about 25 yrs old. Price $40 for the half hour $100 full service less oral.
Subject: ASP South SF Bay Area Update .. Date: 1998/03/30 Hello, I wish to report on a dissapointing session with a GOLDDIGGER. She uses the nickname Mary, is about 53 tall, 115llbs, is from Vietnam, about 24 years old, 34Bnatural/24/35 with fairly tan skin. The session took place at BROADWAY SPA 1800 Broadway Blvd., Suite 03, in REDWOOD CITY, CA. 650-299-1212 last Thursday 3/26/98. Having seen Mary at ELITE RELAXATION 618 Hollenbeck Ave., SUNNYVALE, CA. 408-245-6569 but never having tried her there I decided to try her now at BROADWAY SPA. After few minutes of caressing my back negotiations started. She demanded 160 for full service saying that is the going rate. After few minutes of my explaining to her that even the best providers I knew from VENUSEYES ROSABELLA such as Tracy, Crystal, Susan only charge 100 for memorable sex experiences she would settle at 120 and wouldnt lower her price under any circumstances. The session was filled with disappointment and I will not try Mary again. Her dark 1 diameter breats aureoli are probably her best attributes that Ill miss. Can not recommend her and suggest that nobody settle for the 100 full service providers unless they are of an 8 or better rating. Provider's name MARY Looks 7 Attitude 5 Service 6 Too many rules, dont touch me here, there ...

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