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Subject: SF Bay escort experience/warning

I recently had an unpleasant experience with 'Above All Escorts'
(advertised in The Spectator, San Fran. Bay area).  This is totally
unlike me to do something like this publicly, but I thought I'd
forewarn others who may be thinking of calling this service so they do
not make the same mistake I did or have the wrong expectations.

Here's the basic scenario:

Her ad in The Spectator looked very promising as did her personality on
the phone, but reality was something altogether different.  Within less
than 5 minutes of being alone with her, I sensed that things were not
going to be anything like I expected or what anyone who treats a girl
with total respect can reasonably expect for $250/hr for that matter.
Before things even got started I told her of my displeasure and I
insisted that we "call it off" and that she return the majority of her
$250 fee.  After 5 minutes of arguing (which is not like me *at all*,
especially in this type of situation) she reluctantly returned the fee
(less some "traveling" expenses) and hastily left.

I will not go into any more details (either here or via eMail, so
please don't ask) but I will just say that if you're the type of guy
who is looking for a personable, classy, un-rushed experience, do not
bother with this girl or her agency.  You will most likely be

Also, for those of you who might wonder, I consider myself to be very
experienced and reasonable when it comes to escorts and similar
services.  In 20 years of using services on and off, I have *never*
turned down anyone or reacted like I did in this case.

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