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Seoul, South Korea FAQ

Date: 14 Mar 1997 23:37:05 -0500


Having made a few trips to Seoul, I thought the following FAQ would be useful
to you business travelers who can make it to Asia.  The best times of year to
go are March-June and Sept-Oct.  The rest of the year it is either horrible
hot and humid or horribly cold and damp.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Seoul Kimpo International Airport is about 45-60 min from
downtown and there are shuttle buses that run quite often for about $10 that
get you into the center of town.  If you are on a business expense account or
are otherwise well-heeled, I suggest you stay in Central Seoul in the City
Hall area.  There are several 4-star hotels including the Hotel Lotte, Plaza
Hotel, and President's Hotel.  All are quite expensive, running around
$200-300/night.  If you are on a budget, you might stay in It'aewon (see
below) where the Hamilton Hotel is nice for around $100, and there are also
lots of lower priced dives in the area for $30-50.  As always, you get what
you pay for.

MONEY: As of this writing, the exchange rate is around 840-860 won to the
dollar.  Tracking prices gets a little tough.  The easiest way to do quick
math is to drop three zeroes and add 20%, so when a girl says she is 100,000
won, that's $100 + 20% = $120.

GETTING AROUND:  The subway system is excellent and easy to follow (all
stations are numbered), and only costs about 50 cents, but it closes at
midnight, which means you need to be on the train by about 11:30.  When you
enter the subway, find the station you are going to and buy a ticket from the
ticket machines for the amount indicated (400 won for most stops).  Keep your
ticket until you exit because it has a magnetic stripe that you need to run
through a machine to exit.  Some key areas, like It'aewon, are not close to a
subway station, which is a bit of a problem at night.  Cabs are generally
very inexpensive and you can go pretty far on $5-6.  The problem is that
taxis are in short demand, and some drivers will likely try to rip you off.
 There are two classes of cabs: the grey cabs are "economy" cabs and the
black cabs are "deluxe."  There is a relatively small price difference, and
the deluxe cabs are easier to get, so IMHO this is the way to go.  After
about 11:30 pm, it really gets tough to get a cab.  Go to Seoul Station or a
major hotel if you have any hope of getting one.

WOMEN:  Korea has some of the most beautiful women in the world.  Walking
down the sidewalk I would be stopped dead in my tracks every 10 seconds by
yet another gorgeous girl with a knockout body, although the vast majority
seem to be a tad flat-chested.  Still, just walking the streets is an erotic
pleasure.  My impression is that outside the major business hotels and
business areas women (and men) do *not* particularly care for Americans, and
given the rowdy GI presence this is understandable.

STREET SEX: Seoul's street sex is, in general, for the very desperate, the
very drunk, or the geriatrically inclined.  The main area is in It'aewon (a
marvelous shopping district during the day).  Find the Wendy's restaurant and
you are in the right block.  The women are all aged 50-70!  Needless to say,
I didn't ask the price.  I spoke with one briefly who told me that I won't
find any young girls on the streets, that I need to try the bars.  It'aewon
is not on the main subway line.  You need to take the Blue Line to station
28, then take a cab ($4) or bus (50 cents) to It'aewon.  There is a street in
It'aewon called "hooker hill" that is a bit hard to locate.  I have never
tried this, but am told there are women in this area in the evening, but I
have no idea what quality.  If you want to look, ask directions to the
Hilltop Motel in It'aewon.  It sits at the top of the street(s) in this area.

There is an area on the outskirts of Seoul where women sit in glass windows a
la Amsterdam.  I have never been there, but have been told that they
generally do *not* service foreigners there, that this is only for Korean
men.  I would be interested in some additional reports on this area.

BAR SEX: The side streets off the main drag in It'aewon have jillions of
bars.  Some are large discos that cater to American GIs, while others are
little holes in the wall.  Watch out for the GIs!  They get really rowdy and
drunk and will pick fights with anyone who happens their way.  I had a nice
long talk with a GI there who said that the Koreans are never the problem,
it's the Americans.

Many women work out of small bars.  I was wandering up one street when a
flashy Korean woman stepped out of a bar and yelled across the street to me,
"Hey honey, come here!"  I walked over and she asked me into the bar.  As
soon as I stepped in, she quickly closed the door and pulled a shade across
the door, even though there were a few other guys drinking in the bar.  I
looked around quickly to make sure I wasn't about to get mugged.  She was a
little too plump for my tastes, but somewhat cute and busty.  It turned out
that she worked in the bar serving drinks.  She interrupted me a couple of
times to go get one of the other guys a drink.  She offered me a beer for
3,000 won ($4 U.S.), then wanted me to buy her a drink.  Her drink was 10,000
won ($12).  I started to get up to go, but she literally pulled me back into
the seat, threw her leg over mine, and started to rub my thigh.  I figured I
wouldn't get out of there without buying her a drink, so I shelled out 10,000
won.  It was already pretty late and I wanted to cut to the chase, so I just
asked her how much for "short time" (quick sex, as opposed to "long time" or
all night).  She wouldn't give me a price, just kept saying how much fun she
would be.  I had already decided I wanted out, so I used my standard
line...tell her I want to do anal sex, she says no, and I walk.  She doesn't
say no, but says, "I do anything you like honey, but it expensive."  Ah,
we're getting close to price here.  She finally said I would have to buy her
10 drinks to get her out of the bar.  I said, "so you want 100,000 won ($120)
for short time" and she said, "Oh no, that just get's me out of bar, I cost
more money."  I could see where this was going so I said, "Look, I only have
about 100,000 won on me, so I better go."  She then said, "You want whore.
 Find them on street.  Much cheaper."  There may indeed be really gorgeous
girls working the bars, but they are probably an astronomical price, since
this babe was no great shakes.  My GI acquaintance told me that some bars
have old women who will approach you, rather aggressively, and offer young
girls for short time.  I never saw one of these (unfortunately).

MASSAGE: Many barbershops have women working in them who will give handjobs
along with a decent massage.  Note that there are separate men's and women's
shops; only the men's have what you want.

TURKISH BATHS: These are different than the barbershop massage places, and
will be clearly marked as "Turkish Bath."  You will find these scattered
throughout the city, and many nice hotels even have them.  I checked two and
the price in early 1997 was 120,000 won ($150) for both.  This is quite
expensive for a bath, brief handjob and backrub, but it is an experience you
should try once.  Here is my one experience.  I found a place at one of the
more up-scale hotels in Central Seoul, and I apologize because I don't
remember the name!  The girl I gave the money to was drop-dead gorgeous, but
when I was led to a room, another, much less pretty girl came in.  She was
nice, maybe a 5-6, but I wanted the 9+ who led me in.  I politely said that I
would prefer the other girl, but she feigned a lack of understanding of
English, and after a few minutes of trying to explain, I gave up.  By the end
of the session, I realized that her English was just fine; she just didn't
want to lose the customer!  She started to fill the tub, asked me to get in,
then dropped a sealed 1-pint carton of milk in the tub with me.  This is
getting odder by the minute.  She had me get out and lie down on a vinyl
table and proceeded to wash me off, including a VERY thorough washing of my
most sensitive parts.  She then excused herself, turned the lights off (there
was a little light coming through the window in the door so I could barely
see), and I could see that she was stripping off all her clothes.  While I
was lying on my stomach, she poured oil all over her breasts and began to
massage my feet and legs with her breasts.  She even "scratched" my feet with
her pubic hair.  She gradually worked her way up to my back, running her
tongue all over me as she went.  This was, needless to say, a highly
remarkable and arousing sensation!  She then flipped me over, started on my
feet again, and worked her way up to my chest.  If you figure out your
anatomy, you realize that her crotch is now sitting right on top of mine.
 She then slide back a little and gave me a truly magnificent hand job,
moaning and grinding her crotch into my leg the entire time.  It was an
Oscar-winning caliber performance.  Afterwards, she washed me off some more,
took out the milk carton (now warm from floating in the hot tub), and rubbed
the milk into my skin all over, then rinsed it off.  She said, "Milk massage
good for skin."  She finished by giving my hair a shampoo.  An expensive, but
highly erotic experience.

HOTEL GIRLS: In Central Seoul, some girls work the lobby and bars of the
better hotels.  A good place to start with is the Hotel Lotte just around the
corner from the City Hall subway exit.  You will need a room, so this is a
problem if you aren't staying in the area.  Starting around 10 pm, several
girls will show up in the lobby and just hang out.  The night I looked there
were about 6 working, ranging from 5-8 in looks.  I picked the best looking
one, named Su Mi, who I would rate as a 7 face and 8 body.  Actually, if she
removed all her makeup she would probably rate an 8 face.  (As an aside, many
very pretty Korean women put tons of makeup on, put dark liner around their
lips, and it makes them look just ghastly.)  She wanted 200,000 won, but very
quickly came down to 150,000 ($180).  We went back to my hotel, she asked me
to shower, then she showered (separately, unfortunately) and gave a
first-rate blow-job followed by excellent sex.  She was very friendly, spoke
good English, and gave a fine performance.  Certainly recommended.

SUMMARY:  Seoul is a mixed bag.  It is, in general, quite expensive to get
laid compared to the Philippines, Thailand, and just about everywhere else in
Asia.  It is on par with Japan, which is consistent with the high costs of
everything else in these two countries.  If someone could report on "hooker
hill" I would be interested in hearing if this offers any reasonable
bargains.  Happy Hunting!

Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 07:14:56 -0500 Subject: World Sex Guide; Country; Korea review submission. Review: Seoul Korea By: Redd Skeleton Let me start this file by saying that I have lived in Korea for one reason or another for more than a few years. I was there as a student at Yonsei University, and then later working for an American Company in Seoul. I have also spent several summers there vacationing while a student in the states. During this time, I have had the opportunity to see in great depth the prostitution scene from both a foreigner's viewpoint, and in some way a Korean's view. I am an American, white, etc. In this first section I will describe some of the different places of prostitution I've seen there, while in the second section I will tell many of my experiences in somewhat of a chronological order. The dates of my stays in Korea range from 1988-91, summer 93, then 95-96, and most recently a short visit in the summer of 97. For each of these experiences, I'll include the date, details, price, and as best I can I will describe where in Seoul I got lucky. If you have any questions, you can post them to but I cannot guarantee that I will reply very quickly. When I talk about an area, refer to the list here for a definition of it and directions. Mi-A-lee: A district north-east of downtown a little north of Korea University, described in other posts here, where mostly Korean men visit. This place is many blocks long, with a vast number of "shops" which all have glass fronts. In each of these shops sit 10-20 women all dressed in traditional Korean clothes. All taxi drivers know the area if you pronounce it as it is written, are drunk, and are going there at a relatively late hour. Otherwise, they may think you are trying to say something else, since many people don't go there in the daytime or very early evening. Even if you are not seriously entertaining the idea of a "visit", it is certainly worth seeing once. The women here are very nice, professional, and not too concerned about the time. The experience includes, usually, a 15-30 minute "show". That is, you and your friends each choose a girl in the front room, and then are led up to a private area. All the girls, and all your friends, sit in one room and the girls serve you fruit and beers. Then, they do little sex tricks, such as eggs, billiard balls, dart balloon shoots, and a favorite of mine, calligraphy with a brush inserted. Quite an art! The show can last for quite a while, as long as everyone coughs up a buck or two after each trick. Besides, the beer and fruit are included in the cost. When all is done, the couples then head off to private rooms and the business begins. I might note here, that on many occasions, while showing friends the place, I was allowed to go in and enjoy the show while not myself getting a girl. I simply wait while the sex goes on. If going by subway, take the "Kirum" station (station #17 on line #4, the blue line) exit and follow the drunks. Not at all difficult to find from the station, as it is only a 3 minute walk away. 588 (pronounced in Korean: Oh-pal-pal): This district is immediately next to chonnyangli train station, and is named after the bus in Seoul which goes through the district. The word "588" has also evolved into a vulgar word relating to sex, much like "fuck" (For Un-Carnal Knowledge) has in the English language. Can get there by subway, it is the 7th stop from city hall on the Red line, line #1 (station name "chongnyangni"). A bit cheaper than Mi-A-lee, and the girls look a bit sleazier as well. But generally a decent place. Easily accessible, and open most times during the day. Not as averse to foreigners as Mi-A-lee, but certainly not as welcome as I-Tae-Won, discussed below. I'll point out here, if you are approached by 60-70 year old women, they are simply recruiting you for young girls in their employ. I've tried this several times, and not too bad at all. As with other places described here, prices will be fully discussed in the "experiences" section to follow. This place carries no shows, and the girls all have their own rooms. It is a simple transaction; come in, wash, do the deed, and be gone (with some details omitted, but to be included in detail in the next section). This may sound impersonal, but it is far from it in actuality. (the girls customarily put a music tape in before anything happens, you listen to that music the whole time, and then take it with you when you leave. *As if I'm gonna put that on and sit around with the family later!!!) I-Tae-Won: This is the entertainment district you are most likely to go to first. Any foreigner visiting Seoul really should go here for several reasons. First, this is the shopping area where you'll find most of the deals you're looking for. Leather, Shoes, Suits, Watches, Luggage, Various Clothes, and a whole train-load of crap you'll be far fetched to find a use for. Second, there are a great number of bars here which cater to western tastes. The beer is reasonably priced, a luxury you won't easily find elsewhere, and some dancing, etc., with Korean women. A lot of American women also hang out here too, but they are either whores to the Japanese visitors, or are simply stationed there with military families. Good luck getting lucky with one of these. This area is located only minutes from one of the largest American Military bases in Korea. This can be both good and bad. The good part is, American GI's are not paid particularly well, hence keeping the prices reasonable. Bad because there are often rowdy, uncultured guys around (not saying all military folks fit this bill, but generally) who can make an otherwise pleasant evening a bit more like a rough club in south LA. Third reason you'll need to go here, and the one we've certainly enjoyed :), is the "nightlife" apart from the many clubs and bars. The prices here are not the cheapest in Seoul, but are quite reasonable. There are some things to watch out for, however. Mainly, never buy a drink for a girl expecting to get ANYTHING more than conversation while she gulps down her whiskey-colored-water. Also, the prices for the fun vary greatly depending on military pay-day. As I understand it, GI's are paid on or around the first and 15th of the month (confirm this with any of the guys there). This means that in this area of Seoul, prices are best right before a pay-day, and the absolute worst immediately following payday. Another consideration; unless you are absolutely bent on paying for your fun, you should consider simply picking up a girl in one of the larger clubs. If you're halfway decent looking, and can hold an eighth-grade level conversation, you should be able to meet someone there, particularly if you are not military. This will result in a whole night for little more than the cost of a local shit-hole hotel, about 30-40 dollars. And the girls will not be drilling 40 times every day. I've found this to be my best bet, mainly since the girls to be picked up in bars are often cuter than the ones to be bought outside. Also, make note that when I say "in bars", I mean the bars which resemble American bars, not the little side bars which are fronts for various services. As I understand, there is now a subway station open there also, it was nearly finished when I was there in May 1997. This should make it a bit easier to get to, but keep in mind that all public transportation, with the exception of buses, closes at midnight (get on by 11:30). YongDung-Po (six subway stops on line #1, red line, from city hall going in the direction of Seoul station) This is an interesting area. I have been there many times, but rarely went into any of the "shops" there. The subway station there is also the basement of a large department store. Exit the department store, cross the main street, and look for the direction the drunks are headed. A small note, if you find any difficulty locating the drunks, you must not be white. I've found being white an extremely powerful magnet for drunks wanting to embarrass both myself and them. The solution? Get shit faced yourself first (I know, it's a terrible curse, but what the hell, huh?) This place seems to be the "poor-man's" solution for built up sexual tension. Not that the cost is any lower than other places, but the folks going there seem to be a bit lower class, and drunker, and a bit more rude, than other places I've listed. There is really no need to go here unless you happen to already be quite close, and aren't up for the taxi fare or subway ride to the other areas. There are a number of beer houses in the area, but they are of the typical Korean type, requiring a large order of fruits and dried nuts before ordering beer. If you are looking to bargain down the price, this is your place. Don't go in the prime of things, though, like late evening or early early morning. Late afternoon deals here are to be had, for the fellow willing to short-change his pleasure by beating the girl down $10 bucks or so. Room Salons: These can be found in many areas of Seoul. They are open from mid-morning, through early the following morning. The cost is extremely high, and the sex is limited to some hand-jobs, a bit of tit shows, and a lot of conversation. It doesn't matter much, though, as these places are mainly catering to Koreans and you will not easily find English speaking women. I've had a few times worth mentioning, but as a foreigner you should concentrate more on other avenues of pleasure. Massage Parlors (Anma, or Sauna): When pronouncing "sauna", remember it is three syllables. (Saw-U-Na, but don't pause between syllables). These are all around Seoul, and are much like a Turkish bath, discussed in greater detail by other posters. I have really enjoyed these quite a bit in the past. One particular reason, they are basically a public bath, where you can get a nice shower, relax in a hot room, and watch a little TV for under $10. That is without the woman, mind you. Saunas main source of business is as I just described, but many do offer additional services. Expect to pay around $100 for sex, but it is pretty decent. I like going here because for $10 you can relax for 3 or 4 hours in the middle of a hot and humid (or dry and cold) day and if the girls happen to be exceedingly striking, you can also try that as well. When asking for any service, DO NOT ask for a massage, as these are typically given by 70 year old blind women. This has a tendency to erase any sense of eroticism I may have built up. You should request either a "date", or "service", and be sure you are understood. At the very least, you can always back out before something gets going, and you should experience no real problems. Street Walkers: This, in Seoul, is basically non-existent. Even if it did exist, you would have a hell of a time knowing who they were, as many Korean girls like to put on excessive make-up and dress like prostitutes. The only "street-walkers" you will see are the girls sitting outside their "rooms" on stools, and even this is clearly in areas you'll know as red light districts. This list is certainly not comprehensive. There are many other small districts, usually cheesy and oftentimes not such good-looking women. However, you can be reasonable certain to find something outside of many of the older train stations, but your best bet is to go to one of the places I have described earlier. Part two of this file will mainly describe some of the experiences I have had, so you will know pretty much what to expect in each of the places.

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