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Seoul, South Korea

Subject: Recent turkish bath experience in Seoul, Korea

To update your guide for Seoul Korea

Went to the Capital Hotel in I-tae-won, a district in southern
Seoul in Nov 1996. Downstairs, they have a turkish bath (follow
the signs from the lobby).

Besides the turkish bath, the hotel is otherwise 'normal', in a
reasonable area. The rooms in the Turkish bath are nice, clean,
well equipped..etc

For 140,000 won (about $180US), I got a nice massage, and to my
surprise (for a turkish bath), sex with the girl who was around
25 or so. Her looks were about a 9 out of 10 and she was very
friendly and sweet. Note that Korean girls (or this one anyways)
do sex very "energetically".

During the massage (with her hands, and with lotion on her breasts
going around your body), she let you touch her where you wanted, so
long as you were gentle. During sex, you could touch as hard as you

I am not convinced the sex is normal service for foreigners though,
as she had remarked that I was younger than her other clients, and in
good shape, which may have made her more willing.

Subject: A very bad experience in Seoul, Korea. Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 14:29:21 -0000 As you know, the most beautiful East Asian ladies are in korea. They are taller than Japanese and whiter than Chinese. According to your informations, I have ever been there 3 times. The latest sexual travel to Korea was Jan. 28/1997. But this time, I got a very bad experience in Seoul! That night, I and my friend were walking through a 4-stars hotel near Iwha Woman`s University. Suddenly, one Korean man came to us and asked us whether we want to massage. He said there are many beautiful, young and sexy ladies in their store. And the point is: Including Karaoke, massage and intercourse only cost 50,000 Won per-head.. Yes, it was very cheap if no monkey business! After we arrived their "store", we found it`s not a massage parlor but a borken Karaoke bar insite the end of an unknown dark lane. In the beginning., we did wanted to leave that fucking strange place as soon as we can. But after the waitresses showed up in front of us, we both changed our mind and started to expect we will have nice sex with them later. These Korean beauties sat beside us, opened whisky for us and fed expensive fruits into our mouths.............but they never talked about the business what we wanted to do. We started to feel very strange and tried to leave there. At This time, 4 strong Korean men came into the room where we were in and showed us the "menu".......... Yes, we paid about 500 US Dollars finally-that`s the whole money we had that day. Well, I think we were still fortunate in this case. We just lost money, but we have learned: Never try to get cheap sex in such developing countries, if you have any economic sense!
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1997 17:23:59 -0800 (PST) RE: Seoul Add the Capital Hotel in Itaewon to the Turkey Bath list. The Taegu info generally applies.
Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 16:54:11 -0400 Subject: Seoul, Korea I was just in Seoul, Korea in March, 1997. I checked out Iteawon a bit, and it wasn't worth it. What I really wanted was to see for myself the "Glass House" mentioned in previous postings. Being an Asian-American, I figured I might get lucky. So with business wrapped up, I hailed a cab in Iteawon and after repeating "Oh-pal-pal" and "Meh-Ah-Lee" several times, the driver seemed to understand what I wanted (what a relief). The trip was a good 45 minutes drive thru the usual traffic mess. He stopped right after an underpass (fare was 7000 won, so bring some cash) and I immediately saw a few mamasan sort of queueing at the entrance of a dark housing complex. One mamasan greeted me then quickly pulled me away from the taxi, allowing a Korean John to jump into my taxi. I then followed her inside the entrance and saw a row of small town houses. The area was not well lighted, but in no way disturbing with all the mamasan around. My mamasan opened a sliding door to her house, inside of which, I saw three pretty girls sitting on the floor of a bright room with wall to wall mirrors (that's what they meant by "glass house"). All the girls dressed in the same Korean costum, all made up to look like a grown up doll (cute, but unusual). I'd say they all ranged in low twenties, scoring 7-9 in my book. I tried in vaine with my English and her Korean to find out what the service and cost were. No luck there, so finally, she pointed to my wallet. Desperate, I let her looked into my wallet and picked out about $65USD. I was a little nervous when she saw my US bills, but that she didn't say anything about that. Now, mamasan didn't ask me to pick a girl (any of the girls would have been fine, so I didn't resist), but instead, she took me upstair into a small room with a small table. A few minutes later, one of the three girl came in, with a pepsi, some dried fish and cherry tomatoes to snack. I drank a bit of the pepsi, but skipped the rest (why wait, right?) Not being a communication expert, she decided that we ought to move onto the next phase by grabbing my arm to go to another room. She led me to an even tinier room just barely enough for a single mattress. She told me to lay back and take off everything. She went out and came back in with a few wet towels and a condom. Bingo, I thought. She undressed (nice tits and very little pubic hair), kneeled down and proceeded to clean my penis with the towel. Then she sucked it for a minute, then slipped the condom on, and rode until I came. She cleaned my penis again and she proceeded to dress and left the room before I even finished dressing. Overall, the girls looked good, the price dirt cheap compared to what others experienced, and the service, well, efficient. I wish I could speak some Korean so that I could find out what the proper price is for a less hurried session. Definitely worth coming back for a second.
Subject: [ASP] Seoul Report May 1997 Date: 12 Jun 1997 20:39:49 -0700 I made numerous trips to Seoul prior to discovering the WSG & ASP. Along the way -- through trial and error -- I made some worthwhile discoveries. I embarked on my most recent visit in May with print-outs of the WSG in hand -- my first such experience in Korea. This post will offer a collection of relevant past and recent experiences. Please note that some places requested payment in Korean Won and others accepted (quoted) U.S. dollars. 1. HOOKER HILL. Walk along the right side of the main street in I-tae-won, away from Young-son Army Base, and make a right at Inca Coffee (I believe an establishment called Dump & Koch is right above Inca Coffee). Walk one short block and make a left onto the alley after the Lucky Club -- that's where it begins. As you proceed up the hill, you'll run a gauntlet of clubs, club girls and old ladies. BTW, all those old ladies that approach younger men throughout I-tae-won are actually "marketing representatives" for various young working girls. If they succeed in making an arrangement for you, they'll request a "tip." Some of those mama-sans (and young ladies) start contacting prospects in the late afternoon. Near the top of the hill on the left is the BOSTON CLUB. The club serves drinks at the bar, but also has bedrooms in the back. Standard price: $100. Miss Lee, a veteran of the club, has gained some weight during the past two years, but is still okay looking. She gives good head and has some good moves. The club also seems to attract a steady stream of sweet-looking younger girls to work there -- I met one at the door on my way out at the end of my last visit/session with Miss Lee. Order a drink for yourself and the girl of your choice. After about three sips tell them why you're there. I'm a regular so I sometimes skip the preliminaries. Some of the other clubs in the vicinity, on the same side of the street as the Boston club, offer similar services, but it's best to immediately put your cards on the table and let the girls know why you're in the neighborhood. Otherwise, you might buy a lot of drinks and make zero progress. Some girls on the hill work out of the hotel diagonally across from the Boston club. They can be relatively direct in approaching prospects in the neighborhood. I have seen some good looking women working throughout that street. 2. CAPITAL HOTEL/TURKISH BATH. This place was great. During two visits, I had sessions with Miss Oh and Miss Ka (pronounced Cha). Both girls had killer bodies. Ms. Ka had a passible face and Miss Oh had a better looking face. Each young lady had her own special technique which made my visits well worth the W150,000 that they now charge. Apparently, this place is open 24 hours - another positive. I want to find more of these places in Seoul. PLEASE post more information. 3. BARBER SHOPS. I had terrible luck with barber shops on this trip. I'm only mentioning them so that others might avoid these places. I visited one in the vicinity of the YMCA (I unsuccessfully tried to find the places listed in the WSG/Seoul post of 23 Aug 1995); and one near the Namdaemun Gate (not far from that neighborhood's market). After combing the neighborhood around the YMCA, I found only one barber shop offering the appropriate special services. Facing the YMCA, I made a left onto the first alley on the right. I made my first right and found a place in the middle on the block - on the third or fourth floor. The young attendant looked like a plain-faced hefty farm girl, but had reasonably good technique. Not worth a return visit. The shop near Namdaemun Gate is diagonally across from Seoul station and two or three long blocks north of the Daewoo Building (close to the Severance Building). That plain-faced attendant was older and also hefty. When I shot my wad, some of it landed on the left shoulder of the attendant's outfit. Despite the language barrier, she made it clear that she was unhappy with my marksmanship. She even took a mock swing at me as she muttered in Korean. Perils of the trade - she should anticipate such unintentional occurrences. DEFINITELY not worth a return visit. BTW, attendants will also shave your face with a straight razor if you so desire. After getting nicked twice at the first place I declined at the second. 4. HOTEL LOTTE LOBBY. I succeeded in finding a girl here. It's best to arrive after 9:45 p.m. Stroll around the cab stand and look just inside the doors. It's a fairly discreet location. Actually, I had stumbled across that spot after walking throughout the lobby for about 40 minutes and not spotting any prospects. Apparently, girls who work at Lotte Department Store (attached to the hotel) try to supplement their incomes with some after-hours activities. The girl I met girl quoted $300, I countered with $250. Unfortunately, this girl looked much better with her clothes on. To her credit, she gave decent head and had a tight pussy. She wasn't very skilled in slipping on the condom. Ouch! 5. OTHER PLACES. On a previous trip, a friendly barmaid wrote down the location of one of the red light areas in Korean. A cabby quoted W10,000 to take me there from I-tae-won, I accepted. That was a good move on my part as the driver played tour guide and personally vouched for my character at prospective establishments. On my only visit ($140), the girl I selected (I had a choice of two white-gowned girls) was either too inexperienced or afraid of foreigners. She did not give good head. Also, I really had to struggle to slam the salami in there, which eventually added to the excitement once I finally shoved it into her petite pussy. My cabby charged me W20,000 for the return trip. I agreed because he had been quite helpful and I was tired. 6. I-TAE-WON BARS. On my first (failed) attempt to find Hooker Hill several visits ago, a Korean cutie-pie lured me into a hostess bar on the nearby street (I continued straight instead of making a left after the Lucky Club). I bought a lot of drinks and ended up going back to my hotel with my hostess after closing time. She had a drop-dead gorgeous hard body, big tits (which is how she initially lured me) and a nice personality. We had fun at the bar and an intense night/morning of passion afterward. I basically got lucky. Unfortunately, that bar -- the Runway -- has apparently closed and I never met that girl again. I would be interested in hearing about worthwhile hostess bars in I-tae-won or other parts of town, if they exist. 7. ESCORT SERVICES. All three of the escort services previously listed in the Seoul yellow pages seem to have closed. They are no longer listed in the phone book. This is unfortunate because the best of those establishments, World Productions, offered high-class beautiful girls at premium prices. The last time I successfully contacted them, they sent me an athletic 9+ girl with a great body, sweet breasts, beautiful face and perfect skin. She also had a great personality. And, she was not in a hurry to leave the next morning after multiple sessions. That girl gave me her home phone which is now disconnected. She probably got married. On almost every occasion, two of the agencies that I regularly contacted sent attractive or very attractive girls. I would be interested in learning about the fate of those escort services or if readers have any information about other similar services/agencies. They provide a convenient & efficient option on long, busy, grinding business trips that involve numerous stops in Asia -- especially for short times. Bang your escort, then go back to banging on your laptop.
Subject: Hooker Hill Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 21:32:02 -0500 Saw your article on Seoul and Hooker Hill, and thought I'd let you know that your experience with the "Flashy Korean Woman" who called to you from a bar could have been on Hooker Hill. Full of GI's, loaded with bar girls requiring W10,000 drinks - a dramatic change from 1975, as with everything in Korea now. There _are_ store-fronts with hookers on display, but these are almost exclusively for non-round-eyes. Of course, there are exceptions, and credit cards are happily accepted. Next time you get over, take a bus/train to Tong-du'chon by Camp Casey and take a stroll down memory lane - shoot the breeze with the GI's, get to know a couple of them, and enjoy (heavy traffic patterns notwithstanding). I went up from Seoul in October or November 1995, with the first snow flakes curling around, and was offered girls by several Mama-sans (old GI speak - Japanese is not PC now) in the middle of the afternoon as I shopped and just had major flashbacks. Didn't take any of them up, but if you're looking for availability, it's there. But you're right - there are some of the most beautiful women in the world in Korea. And many of them would like to get to know English-speakers if you want to cultivate deeper relationships - Korean women are awesome wives if you are looking for marriage. Lots of good people there - much to enjoy.
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 00:54:35 -0700 Subject: Hooker Hill (Re: Best place to get a good case of clap or herpes. ) Been many years ago, about 8 to be exact but I'm pretty sure it hasn"t changed that much. I was stationed in Yongsan for about 3 years and I used to work in the sportsmans club in Itaewon. It used to be close to the bottom of hooker hill. Don't know if it's still there, but if it is be sure to tell Tom Casey I said Hi. Hooker hill is definitely to be avoided. It's a sex trap for stupid G.I's. Trust me I know.
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 18:40:58 -0400 Subject: Seoul experiences Your information on South Korea is somewhat helpful, but more is needed. Maybe you want to add this after deleted my identifying info. I have been to Seoul twice - in Fall '96 and Summer'97. On the first trip, after having checked out a "three pole" barber shop, and finding the girls most likely on the program but a bit below my standards I left and found a "two pole" shop. Here I got the thereputic massage of my life from a somewhat cute somewhat young Korean lass, but no handjob, no nuthin'. This cost about $60. I was rather dissappointed, but chalked it up to experience. How do you in fact determine what sort of services can be expected from these ubiquitous barber shops? Anyone have the decoder ring? Any specifc recommendations? I later went to a Turkey bath, or steam bath. These can be hard to find if you don't know where you are going, but I have found the taxi drivers to sometimes understand the code words "massagee" or saw-oo-na (sauna in other words), or Turkey bath. This was to the right of the Hilltop Hotel (on the south of the Han River). The cost was high - about $160, but I lucked into a girl whose body type is exactly what I desire. She was very very slim, with small petite breasts - a true waif for you connoisseurs. She gave an enthusiastic soapy rub down much like described by the other Turkey bath reports, and a great sensual handjob. Nothing amazing but I love the little waif types (there are many in Seoul - the women are amazingly thin) so she gets extra points. Not much else happened on my first trip. On the second trip, I found another Turkey bath. Here the girl wasn't as hot, but we ended by fucking, which seemed like her usual procedure. Price was about the same. By the way, I was not able to bargain it lower, even though I had since learned how to try to do so in Korean. Any information from anyone about whether one can bargain in these places? Later in the week, I took a long walk from Insadong to Itaewon, and met a somewhat cute woman, amazingly short, close to Itaewon. We spent time walking and talking (even with her broken English) and had a couple of drinks in a coffe shop. While we waited for her bus, we kissed and it was clear she did not want to go home. So we climbed the hill and found a place to make out. We did not consummate the act, since I had no condom, but she would have if I had been stupid. The next day she came to my hotel and we went for it for a few hours that afternoon. I got the sense she was a rather inexperienced girl, but it was still rather fun of course. I don't know how common it is to pick up bored office girls in Itaewon, but as a Westerner, this is a place to go if you are interested in trying, since the girls interested in such action might also go here. By the way, on my previous trip, like Jayhawk I found Itaewon entirely lame for commercial sex action. Although available (e.g. some lady on the street on hooker hill set me up for sex in a safe looking apartment, but the girl who arrived was not that great so I left), I think most of the bars will be far too much moolah. My best find was definitely oh-pal-pal (say the "pal" with a soft "a", not like the word pal meaning friend). oh-pal-pal means 5-8-8 in Korean and is a glass window type area mainly geared for Koreans. Unlike earlier reports, I found I could score here. True, the majority of the girls would not go with me. However, on a less main street, I found a house with a very cute roughly18 year charmer. We negotiated (I didn't try too hard since most of the other girls I tried to make contact with would not go) a price of about $120. You really should learn the Korean numbers to make negotiating work, but probably a piece of paper and pencil would suffice. In the back a serviceable condomless bj followed by me fucking her cute body while she smiled a school girl smile made it worth the price, at least for Seoul. Right after that, I found myself on the low street of oh-pal-pal (the places with the less attractive girls) and being drunk, went with a girl who was too fat (but still cute in the face) but would take $40. She was angry that that is all I would pay and argued with me but it was sort of fun to fuck her while she was mad, sort of like a rape fantasy - you experienced whore mongers know what I am talking about. There were some places with even lower level girls than this, and I did not check them out that much since there old ladies are in from\nt rather than the girls. These places probably are good for the cheap raunchy set, but I would say you might need to be careful. After this I walked around the area a lot and saw many 7-9s with a few 10s - the bulk of the place is at this quality level. Most I think would not go with me (however I was out of money then and did not try hard), but if I was up for it I could have found more action. SO, oh-pal-pal is not totally out of the question for foreigners after all. I should note that I talked to some Korean men and found that the usual price for full service should be yuk man won (or 60,000 won, so about $75-80) where I had paid 100,000 won for the first top notch girl. What is in action here is peer pressure. The girls would mostly tease each other about going with a Westerner. However, a few will relent to an over-priced deal, and be able to brag about that. In any case, I recommend trying oh-pal-pal for an interesting adventure and change from the usual Turkey bath routine. To get there, just ask a cab driver for oh-pal-pal and when he seeks confirmation, say "servi-suh girl" ("service girl" said with a Korean accent and he should get the point). Anyone else please report your experience so we can benefit from each others "research."
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 18:07:59 -0400 Subject: hooker hill seoul I went once to this place, the girls were 6 to 7 in look. $50us for just fuck no oral, place dirty. I also visited tongduchon, a city located 2hrs from seoul. mama sams are on streets and take you to the girls. prices from $30 to 50.
Subject: Seoul Update Date: Tue, 02 Dec 1997 07:57:30 PST Recent currency devaluation has made Seoul a better place for asian pussy! As of 12/1/97, the rate is 1150 won/$1USD. The Korean Herald reported about a month ago that the area formerly known as "little texas" has all but closed up due to local politics and an emerging new market district. Oh well... This is a true story. My printer cartridge dried up while trying to print a WSG post, so I decided to trek over to the nearby electronics market in Yongsan-gu to buy a replacement. Never found the store because I ran into a block that contained the familiar "glass windows" known for showing off the young asian l-asses ;-) (what a nice play on words) Wow...was I surprised to find something like this so close to home. Forget Itaewon...too commercial, hardcore (in the bad sense), and expensive. This new area is located just adjacent to the Yongsan station. Lots of beautiful girls. For 60,000 won, you get to spend a good hour with the lady of your choice. Condomless bj, then a ride that'll send you to the moon. Still wish I could find a three-holer in korea. I can always wish, right?
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 17:02:36 +0900 Subject: Frequent Seoul Experience I stumbled across this web page and after almost two years here in Seoul, I'd never experienced a Turkish bath. With the won in the cellar, the thought crossed my mind. I called the Kaya Hotel, located near Namyong station on the red line and asked for a price. They quoted me 90 dollar won, but when I got there it was actually $90.00 dollars. I thought what the heck and paid the in Won at today's rate around 140,000. The girls chuckled and giggled to themselves. I saw a tall one, maybe 6 feet at least and very beautiful. The counter girl escorted me in the quite comfortable room and as I was taking a shower, the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but she was quite young and beautiful. This being my first one ever, didn't know what to expect. She came over and told me to sit on this stool. I sat and she began to scrub me from head to toe. Had me stand up and scubbed my balls and ass. She was reluctant to scrub the anal area. Hosed me down and dried me off. Very beautiful. The reason that the girls laughed is because they probably don't get to many black men in there. Besides these places are off-limits to GI's. Don't ask;don't tell right! She laid me down and massaged me dryly for a while. Then she proceeded to turn the lights down and take off her clothes. Nice tits, especially for a Korean woman. Nice petite and tight body. Pubic hair was nice and bushy. I thought I was in Paradise. I was. She poured this mixture of lotion and water over my back and ass. Then she put some on her tits and front. She proceeded to massage my back with her nice round tits and now very wet pubic hair and pussy! She sounded like she was enjoying it, but it's hard to tell because everything was hot and wet! She turned me over and turned her ass toward my face and proceeded to do the same thing. I couldn't help but to massage that nice small ass and hairy wet cunt. I'm six one and two-hundred fifty pounds, so to have this young sweet thing rubbing that pussy all over me was a sight to not only feel, but see! She started jerking me off, and I started pleading with her that I had a condom. Didn't know if the fuck was included or not. We had small talk while she was massaging and I was friendly and kind to her, so if it wasn't I was hoping for a Christmas present. She pulled a Korean condom out of nowhere it seemed and proceeded to carefully put it on. Kinda small and foreign looking, but it was on there pretty good. She then wrapped her lips around my wrapped cock and the warmth was sensational. Still didn't know if a fuck was included and I told her that I wanted to be inside of her. She sat down on my cock and proceeded to fuck me. Couldn't get much going. Most Korean women won't pounce up and down on your cock like Americans. She said change ee in her broken english accent and we changed postitions. I was now on top and she started moving her hips and getting into it! She started sucking my nipples and pinching them. It was great! I was balls to the wall. She suprisingly handled me prettty well. I don't have a twelve inch cock, but Korean men are supposedly very small. I still couldn't come and really didn't want to. I always masturbate before I go to such places, this way I get my money's worth. Some women get upset, but if you fuck them good then it's usually okay. We changed again to doggy style. This was even better! I started pounding her deeper and she tried to position herself so I couldn't go all the way in, but she couldn't resist or deny me. I now heard somewhat loud sounds from her mouth. I almost came and then realized that I have overstayed my welcome and that she would remember for a while to come. I pulled out and jerked off all over her while she sucked my nipples! For 90 bucks it was a nice Christmas present for me. I will be back. Maybe next time I will tell you about my experiences in Mokpo, Korea. For around won 30000, you can get short times from women around 5 on a scale of 10. I would like to answer questions from anyone interested but need to maintain my anonymous postings for various reasons.... Thanks for your great web site! Will visit regular.
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 06:12:12 -0800 (PST) Subject: korea Atta, Wanted to post an update on sex in Korea. This is about the red light districts that Korean guys frequent. I have been living in Korea for the past year, so have taken the self-imposed grand tour of glass houses in Seoul several times. Still the best IMHO is mee-ah-lee for several reasons, one of which is you rarely see any mafia types hanging around as in the other red light districts. For those on a budget like me, take the blue line subway for 450 Korean Won ($1 1600 Won these days due to Korea's economic woes) to Kirum. Exit at the furthest stairway ahead, validate your ticket, turn to your right, make the next right (about 30 yds. ahead) and climb the stairs and look to your right. Mee-ah-lee consists of two long, very narrow, slightly winding alleyways that go for a few hundred yards. Basically, two long rows of glass houses with 5-15 girls in each. As in earlier reports about mee-ah-lee and oh-pal-pal, most of the girls (at least the cream of the crop) won't go with Westerners. Occasionally, but somewhat reluctantly they will. I've found that the more I go there, the more houses are willing to let me in. Going rate these days is 60,000 Won, about $39. A real bargain. Best time to go is when they open at about 8:30 p.m. till 10 p.m. This is before all the drunk Korean guys show up, and on a slow night, due to a holiday or whatever, more houses will be willing to let you bang their girls. I'll describe last week's venture, a typical evening. I got there at 8:30 and entered the second alleyway of houses. I always smile and say, "Ahn-yong Hah-say-yo" (Korean greeting) to the mamasans as they control the girls and are the ones who let you in. Sometimes you may pick a girl who doesn't want to service you, but once the mamasan tells her to, she will comply. Only once did I have a girl who threw a temper tantrum, and mamasan returned my money. Anyway, the first few houses, no dice. After I had walked about 30 yards, the first mamasan grabs my arm and pulls me into the house. Most houses have the front curtains closed these days because of the police (although I haven't seen a policeman there in months), so you can't see what's available until you enter. There were 6 girls, not the best available, so I smiled and started to head out. Mamasan blocks my path, tries to pull me back in, and I whisper "baby" in her ear. That implies that I think they're too young. That won't offend the mamasans, and they'll let you go. If you were to say "ugly" or something insulting, they'll likely cuss at you, and you've ruined your chances of getting in next time around. Rarely do you see they a Westerner there, so they'll remember your face. Always remember to smile (fake it as I do) and be friendly. I left and ventured on down the alley. Also note that the more times you pass by the same house in the same evening, your chances lessen of getting in. I always need more than a few quick seconds to look the girls over, so I start talking to mamasan in order to buy time to glance at the girls. About 10 houses in that alley were willing to let me in. I finally found one toward the end that I liked, so I picked the best girl out of the 10 or so there, and we went upstairs to a room where mamasan collected the money and left. These rooms are for eating, drinking and socializing, and consist of a foot tall oriental table and maybe a cushion to sit on. The girl left and brought back a small tray of strips of dried fish, some cherry tomatoes, and peanuts. Dishes can vary from house to house and many times include sliced fruit. Typical also is the girl will bring a bottle of beer and a bottle of soda. At this place the girl asked in very broken English if I wanted to see a sex show. I said "yes" and she said "tip," implying that I should tip the show girl. These shows are always offered to Koreans but it was the first time in many outings it was offered to me. The girl came in and quickly went through her routine. I remember her sticking a party favor in her vagina and it making noise, and also her inserting an egg and cracking it, the contents of which were deposited into my beer glass. She shoved it in front of my face wanting me to drink it, but I politely declined. I tipped her 10,000 won and she seemed happy and left. Her show lasted maybe 5 minutes. Since my beer was undrinkable, I motioned for us to go to the other room to fuck. In these houses, the actual fuck rooms range from something the size of a refrigerator box to a larger room with normal bedroom furnishings. If you get one the size of the aforementioned box, the girl will have her own room that she sleeps in, which you won't see. Well, we got the box, and she told me to take my clothes off while she left the room to get some wipes and a condom. She returned, slipped out of her dress (in each house the girls wear matching long dresses which look nice but can hide their features) revealing her firm B-cups, and well-rounded but firm ass. She was about 5' 2", standard height. She had a nice, tight body. I prefer larger tits, but usually if you get a Korean with big tits, her ass or face suffers. Her ass made up for any flaws she might have had. Overall, a good 7-8 on the looks scale. Pretty face too. She wiped off my dick, told me to lay down and wiped my chest as well. Then she started at licking at the top of my chest and worked her way down to my dick. Meanwhile, I'm gently rubbing a finger on her cunt and sneek a whiff to ascertain whether someone's been there earlier without a condom. Seemed O.K. She sucked my dick without a condom which was risky but fun. I'd give her a 7 for technique. She puts the condom on, and as many Korean girls do, stretched it over my dick and pulled down on it, instead of rolling it on. This had the effect of slightly bending the head of my dick. I made a slight readjustment and she mounted me. She used lube, but was fairly tight nonetheless. After a few minutes, I motioned for doggy style, my favorite. Her ass was from heaven. Many Oriental womenl tend to have flatter asses in general than Western women, but not this one. I was in awe. I didn't last more than a few thrusts. She cleaned me up, I grabbed her ass one last time, and left. Total outlay was 70,000 Won for about 40 minutes. I gotta get back to see her. Oh-pal-pal is the same price and you can get there on the red line subway. Get off at Chong-yang-ni. Exit and the glass houses are behind the huge Lotte department store. It is somewhat less friendly there and you're likely to see some mafia types hanging out although they won't likely bother you. Most will give you a dirty stare, and some will say a few cuss words in Korean, but just ignore them and continue on. On the plus side, the girls wear standard hooker garb, so it's easier to see what they look like. Also, the curtains aren't closed, so you can look from a distance. I agree with a previous posting that the stunners won't go with Westerners, but I've gotten girls in the 7-8 range. Not too many though. Of course there are plenty of lesser quality girls you can easily get, but why bother. Don't pay more than 60,000 or 70,000 Won. Also, the girls don't bring out the snack tray either. I think of Oh-pal-pal as Mee-ah-lee Lite. Less classy. On the Southeast side of town, now serviced by a new subway, is the Chon-Ho-dong red light district. Once you exit the subway and are on the main street, look up for a blue sign hanging from the streetlight that says "Amsadong." Follow it, as the other cross street is just as large and you could go in the wrong direction. Go 1 block, cross the street and stop to orient yourself. Look to the left and across the street is a corner gas station. Turn right on the sidewalk and you'll see a new large building on your left and a short guardrail on your right preventing pedestrians from walking on the street. Walk just past the new building on your left and turn left onto the street/alley. Walk maybe 50 yards and you'll start to see the glass houses. I've found the best time to go is from 6-8 p.m. Earlier and not many girls are out, later, and the cops are all over and the place is shut down. The girls are still inside behind the curtains, and occasionally will motion you in if a cop turns his back for a moment. For some reason the cops are there every night from about 8 p.m. till 3 a.m. Maybe the mafia didn't pay them off. The only good thing about Chonhodong is on the far alley from where you enter there are some houses where the girls look really young, if that's your style. Maybe that's the reason for the police presence. I only go to Chonhodong if I happen to be in the area. There are a lot of restaurants and clubs around there too, even a Popeye's chicken outlet. South of the river also is Yongdungpo, also available by subway or bus. Haven't been there for a few years and don't recommend it as the girls tend to be lower class and there are low-lifes (read: Mafia) all over the place. If you just gotta go, go with a Korean. To the east of the American Army base at Yongsan is of course Itaewon. I don't waste any time there. Hooker Hill as well as the main street have plenty of "you buy me drink" girls who just want your money, at 10,000 Won per drink. If you do get lucky and get one to go to your hotel after work, you'll already have spent a lot buying her drinks. Also, I believe some one referred to Miss Lee at the Boston Club on Hooker Hill. She's been there since 1989 (when I first met her) and will go with you to the back room in the bar for 80,000-100,000 won. She's unattractive in my book and is nutty in the head. There are much better pickings at the places mentioned above. Lastly, on the west side of Yongsan and a few blocks south, is a small redlight district across the street from Yongsan subway station. There is a main alley/street going through a two block area of glass houses, with a couple of small alleys on either side of the main alley/street. This place is, IMHO only worth a visit if you're really bored or can't figure out how to get to Mee-ah-lee. Only the ugly older women in the side alleys will ususally go with Westerners. The stunners on the main alley won't even look at you. For Koreans only. One time a mafia type snuck up behind me and jabbed a car key in my side. Didn't see him coming. It's really not a dangerous place, but always watch your back. The barber shops have really gone down in terms of a good time, with most wanting 40,000 or 50,00 won for a handjob by a 35+ aged woman. Again, if you just can't find Mee-ah-lee...... If you haven't figured out by now I'm on a tight budget, I am. This is why I go for the best bang for the buck. Can't afford picking up expensive hookers in the large hotels.
Subject: Seoul Date: Sat, 04 Apr 1998 04:44:11 PST I live in Korea and have seen but did not visit this place in Seoul. My friend showed me this place. Take the subway to Blue stop 17. Cross the road near the construction towards the red lights. Walk down the alley and get ready for the surprise of your life. There is a maze of about 30 shops. All the shops have from 3 to 20 girls sitting on the floor in very nice dresses. The rooms are filled with very nice furniture--looks like heaven. My buddy said they take you in the back and give a little show while giving you a beer or two. After the show, you pick out the girl you want. All prices are on the door---60,000W (about $45s) cash and 70000W with a credit card. The place for selection and class.
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 09:19:24 CST AP reports that an American pastor wants to change the custom of calling whorehouses "Texas". The, he argues, demeans the state of Texas. The article states that two of the best known brothels in Seoul are "Miari Texas" and Chonhodong Texas after the neighborhoods in which they are located.
Subject: [ASP] Report: Seoul Korea, April 1998 Date: 1998/05/01 First, I would like to thank a number of posters to this newsgroup that provided valuable information to my recent trip to Korea and to Japan. I am an American business man who has frequently traveled to the Far East. I do not speak Korean, but speak reasonable conversational Japanese. I spent seven days in Seoul beginning April 17, 1998 and 6 days in Japan the following week. I carried with me print-outs of various post to this newsgroup from the World Sex Guide for Japan and Korea posted primarily in 1997 but as far back as 1995. I will post my experiences in Japan in a separate report. Many of the previous post wrote, very accurately I might add, about It'aewon, Hooker Hill, and a few other popular spots. I was very interested to learn how much things may have changed during the economic crisis in Korea and other Far East countries. As one poster reported, getting to It'aewon is not difficult. Take the subway on the Blue Line to the Samgakchi Station then a short Taxi ride to It'awon. All taxi drivers know It'awon. I only cost about $2.50 and the subway is $.50 (450 won) from almost anywhere. I was staying at the Ritz Carlton Hotel which was quite exclusive. However, I later changed to a suite at the Intercontinental. To find "Hooker Hill" (although it is not really called that and the locals did not know it by that name) look on the main street of It'awon for Cowboy Club or the Cowboy Bar (Cowboy Club is on 2nd floor and the Cowboy Bar is on a corner. You are then close to the street with Inca Coffee shop on the corner which has Dump & Koch on the second floor. There was also a lot of street construction in that area while I was there. From the main street go up one short block. "Hooker Hill" is the street on your left. Many bars and clubs are on Hooker Hill. There is no longer a Boston Club that I could see. At the top is a Hard Rock Cafe (in no way associated with the chain we all know). Other post tell you a lot of detail about the clubs here. They are actually not the cleanest or safest. One local advised me to stay away from there because the girls go with anyone and mostly cater to the local military. Instead of turning left and going up Hooker Hill you can turn right and go down past the small shops to the bottom of the hill. There are two 'Barber Pole" massage parlors at the bottom and to the left. I did not try any of these places since I was there during the afternoon and did not like their reputation. I was approached by a local old man who spoke reasonable English. Oddly enough, he advised me not to indulge with the girls there since some were too old and not clean. He suggested another place but said it was for local Korean usually, unless you went with someone. Since he said it was a short Taxi ride and I had plenty of time I thought I would check it out. I cost about 2.00 by taxi and is at the train stop called Yongsan. Directly out of the exit to the Yongsan train station you would cross the street and go to the right to the first street (about 100 feet). Turn left and go one block. Then go down the street to your right. You will see the beginning of the "window" ladies where you can pick and chose. There are about three or more blocks of window girls on the streets parallel to this one further from the train station and are arranged by Class A, Class B, and Class C girls. The closest to the train station are Class A and the most expensive. I started out at the Class C street and worked my way up to the Class A. Actually, I quickly passed the old hags in class C and found a young Korean girl in Class B that struck my fancy. She was about 22 or 23 and a nice face and body. I would give her about an 8. The rest in Class B rated about a 6 or 7. Since time was getting shorter and I had an evening dinner arrangement, I decided to go with this lady. My old man companion talked with her then she held up five fingers, meaning 50, 000 won ( $38). I had anticipated a higher price so did not attempt to negotiate and accepted the price. She beckoned me into her little room and asked for the cash first. I gave her the 50,000 won and the old man asked if I could give him money to go buy a beer. To get rid of him I gave him 10,000 won ($7.50) because that was the smallest bill I had. My time with this girl, although satisfying, was rushed. No shower, condom all the way (I would not have it any other way). I could do whatever I wanted though. First she orally put on the condom and started with a BJ and a hand job. She then let me fuck her until I was finished. All the time, however, I felt a little rushed and they had no shower facilities. (Read my other report (to be posted soon) on the following week I spent in Japan which was much nicer). When I left the old man was still outside waiting. He walked with me while I headed for the train station. While I was there I saw another American trying to find a lady but they would not go have anything to do with him. He tried several times with no luck. The old man did not intervene and he said he not Korean will not have any luck. Actually, he was younger and better looking than I. Finally, I passed the Class A block and wished I had gone there first. I saw some nines and at least one 10. The girls were dressed a lot more classy, were younger on the average, and very pretty on the most part. The old man said they usually cost $200 but I think that was very overstated under the current economic conditions. I did not ask for a price but believe 100,000 to 130,000 won would suffice ($75-100), recognizing of course that this was still afternoon and no-one appeared busy. I would have definitely chosen one of the Class A's. She had a long body fitting dress, hair put up, no excessive makeup, and looked ready for dinner at the Ritz Carlton. Would have even been worth $200. As I was leaving I stopped at the corner store and bought the old man and I a cold beer and asked the old man about oh-pal-pal (meaning 5-8-8 in Korean for the window district frequented by Korean's and known by all the taxi drivers and discussed in other post here). He laughed and shook his hand back and forth as to disagree and said "too expensive and too far". Feeling I had gotten my $37 worth, I then proceeded to the Yongsan train station for my ride back to the hotel. The following day I met a sensational Korean girl at the Airport, who is 24 years old, very pretty, and not a Hooker (she was a Airline Stewardess). I took her out to dinner that night and had a wonderful time. We still keep in touch and I hope to see her again sometime.
Subject: Seoul Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 13:06:54 +0200 I have lived in Seoul for two years during the eighties and revisited in 1996. During those times I sampled some of the commercial sex on offer. Although I do not claim to be an expert I think I can fairly judge some of the aspects. As I was there as a student the first time I was not able to taste of the expensive services. Browsing through the reports of this area I could not help but feel that the majority of the writers have been ripped off in varying degrees. Problem is of course not being able to speak Korean nor having the aid of a knowledgeable guide. As I speak Korean it has probably been easier for me; also, my Asian looks helped some. During the eighties 588 was an affordable area. Just entering the streets next to the old Boolim Hotel you would get dragged in by the girls in front of their working places - most of them one- or two level sheds. The going rate was a 10.000 won at first to get 15.000 won in 1990. I am not sure but it must have been around 11-12 $ US at that time. I hit upon a very nice looking girl one of the first times I came there. She called herself Song Hwa. She was rather tall, had a nice smooth face that laughs a lot (probably because of my then rather clumsy Korean), long tan colored hair and a slim body, nice small breasts (a handful each). The first time I was with her she immediately proceeded to strip off my pants as soon as we were in her plain small "working place" (Korean style: no bed only quilts). While she was helping me taking my feet out of trouser legs she nibbled my still flaccid penis. This of course caused to come to attention immediately. She then licked her way up towards my nipples to end the journey in a long wet French kiss. During this activity I shed my upper garments and drew her to the floor with me. She untangled herself out my arms and stripped. I saw a cute pussy: two nice swellings coming together in her happy slit topped with just a tuft of coarse, straight black hair. I just gazed at the fine pattern her little bush made on her inviting looking hill of Venus. She proceeded to swoop down on my now rock hard cleaver giving the head a full tonguing. Not with the tip but using the full width of her tongue she stroke rather roughly. It made me arch my back; it was pleasure very close to the edge of pain! It was one of the few times that I almost came during a blowjob. Song Hwa could have gone on forever if at one point I hadn't stopped her. The only thing I then could think of (if you could call it thinking it was more like a unrepressable urge) was to ram it up her joy trail and let go, just let go. I pushed her on her back and entered her almost in a frenzy. I shot my wad after the third or fourth stroke. It felt it must have ended somewhere near her tonsils so violent was my orgasm. In a state of concious unconciousness I sagged on top of her floating in blissful nothingness. This is Nirwana. I now fully understood why sex is also called the "only way for men to become gods". She just let me lay there on top of her with my still erect penis in her. This happy union was put to an end when after a while the mamasan called out to her from up front. I disengaged and let her wash me. Still a bit groggy I dressed, paid her and after a sloppy French kiss I managed to get to the street. Many a time during my stay in Seoul I went to Song Hwa and never one time was I disappointed. During those encounters we tried almost everything except anal. I don't go for that. She had most tasty pussy I ever ate. Of course I tried other girls in oh pal pal, and was rarely disappointed, but none came close to her in technique or enthusiasm. If I had had the means I would have liked to spend a night of raging sex with her. We hardly ever talked, just fucked. The last time I went to 588, a lot had changed. The rate had shot up to 50.000 won for a short time. Many girls would retreat as soon as they noticed I wasn't Korean and the one I found willing was worse than the worst fuck I had in the redlight district of Amsterdam. The difference was that Amsterdam was cheaper!!
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 01:05:02 EDT Subject: Toko-ri Bar List Location: 25 mile North of Seoul on MSR 3, any cab driver in TongDuChon will know where it is, if you can't say Toko-ri just say Camp Hovey. Hours of Operation: 6:00pm-1200am m-th, 4:00pm-2:00am f-sat, 4:00pm-12:00am sun COST: $140.00+ for Overnight $ 80.00+ for Shorttime Phillipino women in Korea are NOT obligated to do short or long times. Whatever you do, don't let 'em smell the green you got. The girls in Toko-ri see this as a contest to empty your wallet. Count on buying at least 3 "ladies drinks" for about $15.00 ea. Clubs all have the same hours and same prices it is just a matter of you finding one you like. Clubs: The Grand Illusion: Nice looking girls of the small asian variety. Music is Dance The Sunshine Club: Ok, Music is Metal The Rose: I didn't like the place or the girls but worth a check. Music is R&B The New Seoul Club: Lots of fine girls, good dance show, music is rock The Ace Club: Lots of fine girls, awesome full nude, lesbian dance show, music is rock, and my favorite, ask for Soo-young. The Circus Club: Boring Dance show, world famous (at least in the Army) midget. Music is whatever Ahjima wants to hear

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