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Seattle, Washington

Date: 06-24-01    Subject: Link to Seattle information site

I created this guide a couple of months ago and think you might be interested in linking to it. I assume the appropriate place in your guide would be under Washington state. The guide also covers the Vancouver strolls and legal situation, but is primarily written to help U.S. johns headed there rather than locals. Therefore, it may or may not be appropriate for placement under Vancouver as well.

JACKSON'S NOTES: I checkout this site before I posted the link. The guy's done a pretty good job of detailing the sceen in both Washington State and Vancouver. Check it out!

Date: 06-21-01

Finding a provider in Seattle is almost impossible. Forget about finding a cheap, local provider. You have to go to Vancouver for that. Between road trips, check out Ricks.

Yeah, it's just a nudie bar. But I've seen a lot of nudie bars, and this one's definitely the best. Pay $10 to get in and $5 for a Coke. Then, all your dances are $20. Believe me, Ricks is a bargain.

Almost all the girls are hot. They won't get naked when they dance for you, however some will let you suck their nipples. Most will ride you like a showpony. And if you go during a slow time, like Tuesday afternoon, all the girls will come up to offer a dance. If you play your cards right at times like these, you could easily get a hand job. The last time I went, I had to push a girl off me that was strokin too fast!

11332 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, WA 98125
Phone 206-362-4458

Date: 06-10-01

I was in Seattle last week and found a new street walker scene by accident, and I'm happy to share my experience with you. When I left my hotel to walk to a nearby restaurant I saw a beautiful blonde in her early 20s sitting on the curb, apparently waiting for a bus. Upon my return just over an hour later she was still sitting there doing pretty much nothing until a car pulled up in the adjecent lot and she walked over. My prostitute detector went into overdrive and I watched the scene as it unfolded - she got into the car, drove into a nearby alley and went down on the guy. Having not much to do I decided to scout the area by walking a few blocks in each direction and it proved worthwile.

I'm talking about the area encompassed by Denny Way and Westlake drive on one end, and by 5th and 8th avenue in the other direction, just minutes from downtown Seattle. I walked around for about 2 hours as the action appeared from everywhere, pausing to talk to the girls and shop around. I would say that most of them where between 20-28, virtually all good looking and just one obvious crackhead (out of 15 girls). I have this standard speech prepared whereby I make them believe I think they're cops and without much further ado you're either grabbing their breasts or fondling their cunt in the middle of the street (enough to get my joystick hard as hell). Most of them wanted 25-40$ for a blow job and 50-75$ for full service with condom, which is not too expensive. I finally decided on Kimberly, a 21-year old blonde with a nice pair of knockers and full service at 80$.

I had a great time in Seattle !

I drove the stretch of Aurora Ave from the bridge to Denny Way about midnight and again about 8:00am. On a scale of one to ten the sevens were out at midnight and the twos were out in the morning.

The most active street prostitution area in Seattle are Aurora Ave from Denny Way all the way north. Best areas are the first dozen blocks north of Denny Way, a little stretch just north of the Aurora bridge and another spot is just outside the city limits at 145th and few blocks either way.

Date: 11-29-1994

I was in Seattle about a week ago on business and had some free time and decided to get a massage. I got a copy of the Seattle weekly and found that there was a disclaimer about all massage giver having to be licensed by the City. None of the services advertising seemed to have a working phone so I consulted the quick ads on the back page and found one offering a good massage. I called the number and set up an appointment. She did the massage out of her home gave me directions. I asked if it was a full body massage and she said yes. I got to her house and was let into a very warm room we went through the usual preliminaries. She told me to strip and she would be right back. She was an older 45 or so woman with red hair. kind of reminded me of one of my aunts. I paid for the full hour for $60. She gave me a great massage followed by a topless hand finish and then came back and massaged my chest and shoulders. It was likely the best massage I have ever had.

If you are in Seattle check out the Weekly ads on the back. You will not be disappointed

The Traveler

Date: 04-27-1995

Seattle is pretty much of a rip-off for massage parlors. A few are listed in the Yellow Pages. I went to all of them one evening in 1992 and most had some of the ugliest women you've ever seen. I got in a fight with one who was insulted when I asked if there were any other women working. As I was walking away, she yelled, "What d'ya want, Miss America?" One place on American Highway had a white and an Asian working. I picked the Asian. It was $40 entry and while the massage was so-so, I learned a lot while talking with her. In Seattle, everyone working in a massage place must be state licensed, and it is so much work that few girls bother. The girl I had was very cautious, first saying she only did massage, then when I pressed the issue, she wondered aloud about why guys always want extras. She ended up giving me a mediocre hand job for $50. Generally a disappointment.

Date: 04-16-1995

I will be going to SEATTLE later this month or early May. I would be > interested to get information from others about IN/OUT CALL or MASSAGE. I > have read some unfavorable reports about the service scene in this city. > Any insight as to where to look for reputable agencies appreciated. Any > publication suggestions also appreciated.

For outcall try Breathless [number censored]. For massage... there's a million of them out on Pacific Hwy South. For other live entertainment, try the Lust Lady downtown, Rick's out on Lake City Way and Sugar's on Aurora. As for publications, you can pick up Exotic Magazine "Uncovering the Pacific Northwest" at nearly any adult store and a lot of clubs, etc.

Date: 04-27-1995

I don't live in Seattle, but I've traveled there.

I got a newspaper from downtown near some fancy seafood place, and I can't tell you the name of it or anything else. I don't remember.

I called a place called Honey's twice on my first visit.

Both times I enjoyed the company of a woman named Maria, who was about 25yo, petite, latin, probably "a" cup, maybe "b". I was very happy with her.

On my second visit I wanted someone a little more "chesty".

I was robbed. Not literally, but let's say that she forgot to mention that she was seven months pregnant. I couldn't tell how fat she was until she took her clothes off, and by that time she already had my money.

She claimed to have done exotic dancing, but she didn't do any dancing for me. She was amerasian, or claimed to be.

It was so bad I called the service and complained.

I haven't been back since.

[Maria doesn't work at Honey's anymore --Atta]

Date: 05-03-1995

Does anyone have any good spots to hit in the Seattle area? I have been to a few and have been horribly disappointed in all but one. Places to avoid:

Airport Massage: You never know who you are going to get.I went there in august and got a fantastic massage with topless hand release (60 included massage and body shampoo. 40 tip for the rest)I was there a couple of weeks ago ad got a girl with an attitude, lousy massage, and NOTHING ELSE. They were closed for a couple of months so they may be being overly cautious right now. hat still does not explain the attitude.

Carmens Touch (Federal Way):The girl was attractive, the massage was great,nothing offered or implied for tipping. Not sure if it was just because I am not a regular or paranoia over cops.

Nordic Spa (Auror ave N.) Ok massage, attractive lady,no tipping. $45 for 1/2 55 for full hour. Not sure again if the girls are just paranoid or what I have not had these problems in other cities. There has been a lot of press lately about prostitution on the streets. Perhaps this is carrying over to this industry as well.

Airline Health Spa. This is the one place I would recommend. Full service offered after a rather awkward screening by Jade. After passing the interview, everything else was well worth it. Expect to pay 150+ for 1/2 n and 1/2.

If anyone out there has info on some no-miss places to go please post here. I am desperate for some new places to go.

Date: 03-22-1995

Prostitution in Seattle is actually pretty lame compared to when I last lived there.

Stay away from streetwalkers. While there are a few around, the cops come down real hard on them and their customers. This is true all the way from Everret to Tacoma, although you might have better luck. Any streetwalker that isn't ugly is a cop.

There are a bunch of escort services, but they had a series of busts over the last three years that drove most of them away. A lady who used to work for one of them told me that after they were busted, the King County Police got hold of their customer records, with the names, addresses, and, um, preferences of their customers. So they called the customers and told them they were reopening and busted a bunch of the guys. Didn't go to court, just tried to scare and embarrass people. You've been warned. I heard this second hand but don't really want to find out more.

There are a lot of massage parlors. Any place that advertises in any of the daily newspapers will probably do it. For sure anyplace that is open 24 hours. Typically the massage is $40 to $75 and extras are extra. Expect to pay $40-60 or so for a handjob, and $125-$200 for full service. There are probably twenty or thirty places, widely varying both in price and attractiveness and skill of the girls.

_Ann's Sauna_ (really north of Seattle) is probably the best deal. 1 hour massage and body shampoo is $60, and expect to pay $140 for full service. All Korean staff. Most of them are attractive and young. They give good massages, too. Ask for Kim.

K&C health spa in Federal Way is a good deal. Mostly white, attractive and young (to late 20's) women, massages are $60, expect to pay about $200 for full service. Massages are mediocre, one girl says they don't normally give massages.

One other place by Sea-Tac airport, _Airline Spa_, is okay, with really foxy white (mostly) girls. You go in and undress in a common dressing room, you can take your wallet and whatnot with you, they give you a bathrobe, and your hostess escorts you to the sauna, then comes back after a while and takes you to a hot tub, then comes back again and takes you to a private room for the good stuff. Expect to pay $300 for full service. The girls are really cute and some of them actually are worth it. Others are so uptight they might make you wear three condoms.

One other tip. Take a long lunch or something and visit these places during the day. If its slow you'll pay less and usually have a better time.

Date: 06-13-1995    Subject: Sunday in Seattle Report

I've been watching for when and where the street workers are out in Seattle. They've been cracking down and the action is harder to find than it was 18 months ago, but things liven up on Sunday. In the area just north of Denny, east of Dexter. On June 11 between 11:00 am and 1:00pm there were 5 different girls in the area at once. After 1:00 the number thinned down to only one or two in evidence at any one time but overall between 11:00 and 4:00 I counted 9 different girls who were obviously working and two more maybes.

Date: 12-21-1995    Subject: Hookers

Try Capatil hill area seattle you will find some real good hooker,s there who are men turned into weman i think it is called transexhul,s any way if you want good head or vagenel intercorus or annelingus use condom,s i know of 10 good hooker,s who are transexue,nice tyiet pussie real good sergical typ,s and dame good blow job,s i will run you from free to 150 two really nice malato chick,s five good looking white transexuel,s thay are basicly men too laide,s you can pick them up around friday night when all the crossdressrs come out and the dragqaween,s are out on the town. i am a alfalfa farmer and go there in the winter month,s too find a good pice of ass and this winter i have lucked out and have a good looking transsexul takeing care of me knowone here intown or at the swing club can tell the differnce wether jane is male or female she take,s good care of me .And i don,t care wether she was a man in the begging or not i get good head long slow fucking and swinging with a parner who dos not abject that is all that count,s

Date: 02-04-1996

BTW, the World Sex Guide says that the escort services in Seattle are in wane. I can attest that this is not the case. I kind of went on a sex binge that lasted from March of last year until September. I used a service called Personal Touch (they had a web page until recently). The girls were beautiful and most were a total blast to be with. I paid $160 and always got what I expected, sometimes more. The addiction finally ran its course (peaked at 8 girls in 11 days). I've had two girlfriends since (both basketcases) and have finally decided I'm better off without women. It's comforting to know that I can always get laid again without the muss and fuss.

Date: 01-10-1996    Subject: escort services in Seattle

The escort scene here has opened up a bit, although you must be very careful about who you choose. If you try for a bargain, you could end up with a drugged girl that rips you off. Try Honeys, A classy Connection, or Leather & Lace for the best girls. Ask for Barbie, or Candy, both great blondes who do fine service. These agencies are legit, and the girls are always nice, the phone girls are pleasant and helpful, and things usually go smoothly. Unlike some of the other ones I've tried in the past, where you ask for a certain type, and what shows up at your door is totally unlike what they described. Prices run from $160.00 to 200.00 for the regular stuff, and from 250.00 and up for the kinky stuff (dominance available, dungeons too.) There are a few others that ok that i can't remember the names of, but these are generally the best. Look in the yellow pages, don't use the little nickel because they are all ripoffs who advertise there. I am a 26 yo health care worker who has used girls in a number of cities around the northwest.

Date: 03-23-1996    Subject: Re: Where to go in Seattle/Tacoma

Great review, I was in Seattle last summer and could have used the info. I did find the massage parlors south of the airport....Went to two places. One had an older, 30's heavy type woman...but she was good, ever so good....grin

The second place I went to had a nice young, early 20's filly, but she had zero personality, wouldn't let me play with her, and kept her panties on...Wanted extra money to take her panties off...I got my BJ and left...If I knew the name of the place, I would tell you..It was in a strip center,,a few storefronts from an adult book store... Stay away from it....grin bye

Date: 03-25-1996    Subject: Seattle Places

Anthing along hwy 99 that has the word "spa" in it...will provide services

Date: 02-22-1996    Subject: Repost: Bad Experience in Seattle

I'm reposting this because I haven't seen it in the newsgroups, though I've seen one reply to it. However, I got the impression from the reply that the whole post didn't make it. Here we go again:

This is a long post. But it's good reading and will save you $$, aggravation, time, and maybe prevent bodily injury.

On February 15, 1996 I had the one and only (so far) bad experience with an escort service. I've used escort services for several years, in three countries and nine cities, so I thought I knew all the ins and outs as well as etiquette involved. I'm posting this as a lesson to anyone in or visiting the Seattle area.

The agency I called was College Girl Centerfold Escort and Referral. I got a machine and left my first name, hotel number and room number. Later, a girl named Michelle called, saying the "dispatcher said you were looking for someone." This should have been my first warning: I didn't say any such thing on their answering machine. She described herself as a 22 year old blonde, ex-topless dancer/bikini model, with 38C-22-32 measurements, 5' 5" and weighing 105#. Another warning: too good to be true, but I fell for it. Another warning sign: she sounded *very* immature with a whiny voice, but she claimed to be attending college.

Michelle said she'd be at the hotel in 30 minutes. An hour later, she finally showed up. My jaw dropped when I let her in...she looked *nothing* like her description. Yeah, she was blonde, but that was about it. She was about 5' 5", but looked about 125-130#. Sagging tits, I noticed later when she sat down she had a gut, and her face was so plain, even masculine in some ways, that it was clear no one could mistake her for a dancer, or even a model in a Sears catalogue.

We spent the first ten minutes talking. She wanted to check my airline ticket (fair enough, this is standard procedure in some agencies), but didn't ask to see picture ID, or even ask for the fee ($160). This is odd. She started to ramble from subject to subject: why she was late, her dancing "career" at Rick's (a very upscale gentleman's club; I thought, "Yeah...right..." ;-) ), what I do for a living, etc. She couldn't make eye contact. I asked her why she was so nervous. She said she was new, only did this for a month. Still nervous and inexperienced after a month!? Most interesting of all, she didn't call the escort agency to check in. Another warning sign.

She asked me if I wanted to get comfortable. Still no talk of money, a little odd, but maybe she's just being careful. By this time I was trying to figure out how to diplomatically get her out of my room. Then she took off her boots. Her foot odor almost knocked me off the bed! Now I acted. I told her sorry, it's late, I've got an important meeting early tomorrow, I'll give you something for your time, but please leave. In all my years, I've only turned down the services of two girls, and they were pretty understanding, especially when I offered $20 for taking the time to visit. If things don't click, they understand. Not this one, though.

She looked at me in shock, and started to whine that she already called in to the agency on her cellular phone, time was ticking, and I was to pay in full! When I protested, she started to cry, saying the agency takes their cut ($80) whether clients pay or not. This is bullshit. If an agency does this to their girls, they won't be in business very long, the girls will just work for someone else or freelance. You can turn down the services of a girl, as long as you give her something, everyone is happy.

Now she was pissed. She called the agency, ID'd herself as *Trina* (another warning sign, couldn't get her name right) and said she wanted to quit, was fed up, and unless she gets the money, she was going to call security. This got my attention, especially since my business client was paying for my room! I didn't want any trouble. She claimed she was with me for a full half hour before I decided to throw her out. I looked at my watch--only 15 minutes passed, and after the first ten, I was trying to get her to leave. Now I started to piece things together: nervous, no eye contact, didn't follow most standard procedures, lying about her looks and her life, mood swings, and now acting paranoid. She was either mentally unstable, or on drugs, and I didn't want to deal with it. Paying her off to get her to leave started to sound good.

Now the operator of the agency wanted to talk to me. The man on the other end sounded almost as nervous as her. He half pleaded, half warned me that I was paying for her time and I should pay her. Sounded to me like he was as afraid of her as I was. I asked him why he was so nervous. He said he was tired and the girl was a problem. By this time Michelle/Trina was in the other room of the suite, crying and loudly proclaiming her intention to call the cops. I should have called her bluff, but this was getting too weird and agreed to pay the $160. I told the guy (whose name was Gary) I'd pay, and he agreed to send me another girl free of charge.

I called her back and told her I'd pay. She stopped crying, but handed my wallet and cash back to me! She admitted she was afraid I wouldn't pay and was going to take any cash she could find and leave! And this after I offered her car fare plus a little extra! Now I was scared and a little mad. I gave her $160 and told her to leave. She asked why I didn't want her to stay! I didn't want to say that Gary agreed to send me another girl, because I was afraid in her state of mind she'd go ballistic. She finally left.

Mary was the girl promised free of charge. She called and gave a description of herself. When she arrived she looked exactly as she described. Satisfied, I was getting ready to finally have a good time when she said that she expected to collect $90! I told her Gary said it was free. Mary looked at me in surprise. She knew the story of Michelle/Trina and sympathized, since she (Mary) had problems with Michelle. Mary couldn't believe that Gary didn't tell me to pay her. She began to explain that Michelle and Gary were the operators of the service! Mary found out recently that Michelle was hiding calls from the other girls so she could go on them herself!! Mary hadn't had a call in three days and needed the money desperately to pay bills. It seemed that Michelle/Trina and Gary were cocaine addicts and Michelle was going out on calls to support her habit. She was probably on coke when she visited me.

From Mary I learned what a mess the service was and that they operated another service called College Sorority Sisters Escort Service. Mary called Gary but got Michelle/Trina instead. They argued over the deal that Gary and I made. Then Michelle/Trina wanted to speak to me. She pretended that we never met and told me to pay Mary "for her time." I told her about the deal with Gary, and she started to yell and said "I don't care." Mary took the phone and started to argue. It was a real shouting match. Michelle fired Mary. Mary hung up and started to cry. Then she called back, begged, and got her job back. But Mary had to collect something from me. I felt sorry for her: she needed the job and she was working for a couple of coke heads. I agreed to pay her $120, which she had to split with the drug addicts. In return, she stayed for two hours and we had great sex. She promised to see me the next day for nothing. She even left me an ID card as collateral.

Mary left at three AM. She knew that the agency would want the money and want to know why she didn't call in after an hour. She said she'd make up a story. At 3:30 AM, Michelle/Trina called asking me where Mary was and how much I paid her. I tried to cover for Mary, saying I don't remember how much, but Michelle turned bitchy and started to yell. I could hear Gary in the background yelling that he "promised her (Mary) that she could keep it all." Michelle told him to shut up. I lied and hung up.

Mary did come back. But, she said she was going out to collect $150 from a friend and would be right back. She asked for her ID card, saying that it was the only form of ID she had, she lost her driver's licence, and was afraid of having the cops pull her over without some kind of ID. Seattle police can hold you for 72 hours if you're pulled over with no ID. Against my better judgement, I gave her the ID. She never came back.

Well, that's it. Don't ever call "College Girl Centerfold Escort & Referral" or "College Sorority Sisters Escort Service." The problem isn't the girls, it's the management. If you do, give a specific description of the type of girl you're looking for, as far away from blond as possible, or Michelle/Trina may show up. I recommend asking for an Asian girl, because there's no way even Michelle/Trina will try to bullshit her way around that. But, you never know when dealing with drug addicts.

I liked Mary, even though she reneged on her promise of a free night of fun. She needs the money, and she's good in bed, so if you're in Seattle ask specifically for Mary (with red hair). Or call her pager: [censored]. Tell her Dave sent you.

I'd be happy to swap experiences/information with anyone. I'm obviously not a cop, or I would have busted Michelle/Trina. Contact me at:

Date: 05-03-1996    Subject: Seattle Field Report

Let me say without a doubt that the escort service scene in Seattle is alive and quite well.

While in town recently, I called a service named Elliott Bay Escorts. The person who answered the phone was very nice and explained that her girls were all "awesome" and told me about the ones that were available. She described a beautiful 5'5" dark-haired lady in her mid-twenties with a great figure (especially legs) and about 120 lbs. It sounded good, so I agreed to have her sent on over.

When the knock on the door came, I was expecting something less that the description on the phone......but was completely accurate. She was a bonafide 8 or 9 and had a very sweet personality. She proceeded to speak about pleasant things and made me feel very comfortable. When she was sure I was OK, she asked me to unzip her slinky black dress for her, and I could scarce believe my eyes....what a beauty.

We took things slow and had a fantastic time. To add the icing on the cake, when we completed the session, I expected her to jump up and leave asap. When I asked her about it, she said that her customers paid for an hour and that's what they received. We proceeded to enjoy each other's company until the agency called to remind her the time was up.

This was quite an experience. Very passionate, beautiful, and sweet. I gave her a nice tip on top of the $160 for the hour.

If you use this service, be gentlemen and treat them nice. We don't want this outfit to go away. I think Seattle has become one of my favorite cities. Enjoy!

Date: 06-03-1996    Subject: Re: Going to Seattle Soon

I can certainly tell you where NOT to go. Avoid street gals, >they're likely to be police decoys and you'll be arrested. >If you just want to go to a strip club, Rick's seems to be the >best.

Whiles Ricks is a nice establishment, I find it rather too glitzy and expensive. I highly recommend RazMaTazz at Aurora and Dexter for the nicest girls and best value. The management seems to be making a strong effort to enforce the posted prices and the girls abide by them. A few of the girls freelance: ask them.

I agree about avoiding street gals unless you are familiar with the area. Downtown and the airport strip have dried up and all that remains are hardcore hags late at night, Further north on Aurora north of 40th to 145th are some nice looking gals, but vice and patrol cars are very active. Again, be careful.

The Red Lion Airport and Bellevue Hotels have a sort of permanent coitre' of ladies that ply the discos in those hotels. Mistys in particular at the Bellevue one has many Thai and Filipina ladies working the night.

On a more legal sort of hunt, try visiting the nightclubs in the Pioneer Square area of downtown. One price gets you the cover charge for most establishments. Very active nightscene and very promiscuous ladies. I like Doc Maynards. Dance, buy a few drinks and maybe you'll get lucky.

Date: 06-03-1996    Subject: Seattle massage parlors

Here are few reviews:

Kay's Massage in Federal Way

Girl - Francisca Beauty 10 out of 10 Personality 2 out of 10 Service 0 out of 10


Kay's is located on Pacific Hiway South in Federal Way, next door to Holiday Spa (I haven't been their in over a year - good service then). There were three ladies on duty when I went there on a afternoon about 3 pm. The girl that took my back was real beautiful Italian (Fransica). She was very worried that I was a cop and I had to show her a business card (damn I get told I look like a cop a lot). After a shower she proceed to give me a very poor 5 minute massage. She then asked what a normally get at other spas and I said full service with a little pussy eating. She said she didn't do that the first time (full service), but if I came back a second time. She told be she would give me a blow job for a hundred and fourty (BTW its $40 to get in the door). I said that was pretty steep for a BJ and she said it was $200 for intercourse. I asked if we could 69 for $140 and she said OK. I gave her the money and she proceeded to put a condom on me and get on the table. As she climbed on the table she said "no mouth", I said "It's that what 69 is?", she ignored me comment. She gave a piss poor BJ (more hand than mouth and a little painful). When I didn't cum in couple of minutes she said the time was up and she would live me alone to finish. Also she had recently (2 weeks ago) had a boob job so I couldn't touch her tits.

I've been visiting massage parlors for years and this was the worse experience I've ever had.

Recommendation: Go somewhere else or save your money.

Ten Essentials in Renton

Girl - **** (you'll recognize her - the best looking one) Beauty: 7.5 out of 10 Personality 9 out of 10 Service 10 out of 10


Ten essentials is located on Grady Way in Renton (west of Rainier). They seem to be Korean owned. I've only seen three girls working there (2 Asians - **** and I don't remember the name) and a blonde american. **** is by far the cream of the crop. She treats you better than any other place I've ever been (I'm a regular - your mileage may vary). She will help you get undressed, help you dry off after your shower and help you get dressed at the end. All the while treating you like a king. Service is second to none and full service can be obtained for around $100 + $45 to get in. I highly recommend here. The other two girls are OK. The other Oriental treats you like a king also, she just not as attractive (but shes a little hellion ;) ) and the blonde is just your typical full service experience. Nothing special.

Recommendation: YES, YES, YES

Date: 08-24-1996    Subject: Seattle action

Looking for any recent information in the Seattle area.

What I have learned about Seattle...the best thing to do is to look for anything along south pacific hwy in Federal Way....with the Word "spa" attached to it....the prices for the area are reasonable..girls pretty attractive..

Date: 10-29-1996

Ten Essentials, located in Renton no longer has that super sexy Blonde Woman working there that received such rave reviews in another posting. She only worked there for a short time. Now it is only the 2 Korean owners who are older and a little overweight. I did have a really sexy time there for $100 though because the woman I was with had such a great attitude. She only gave me a hand job but did it with gusto and let me come standing up with her kneeling in front of me.

Date: 01-10-1997    Subject: Seattle Update

I read an article in about Kay's Massage. Well the name is now Sun's massage. The girl name Francesa is definetely a 10 in looks, her pesonality is more like a 5. What I'm saying is I didn't have a problem with her at all. Its just expensive there. If your nice to her she's nice right back. Stay away from the tall blond however, she a bitch....

Subject: Pornography

Seattle is one of the few places in the US where you can buy porn showing fisting and scat material. I've also seen "nudist" journals with pictures of nude children on the beach in Seattle bookstores.

Date: 02-12-1997    Subject: Re: Seattle Report

>Spent some time with Natasha of Elliot Bay Escorts. She is about >5'8", about an 8 in appearance with an excellent body. Has a cute >German accent. Articulat and professional. Appears to enjoy her work >and was pleasant to be with. Good at her job. The service called at >the hour limit and did a customer satisfaction check. Fee $160. I >would see Natasha again.

She is about the only decent one at this service, I've seen her about 3 times. The rest is not worth trying.

Date: 02-14-1997    Subject: Seattle

Since there have been repeated posts for info on the Seattle area, and (for some reason) a lack of responses, here's what I know:

There are two main places to look for escort/massage info. The Stranger, which has an inside back page that has tons of ads; and The Seattle Weekly, which carries massage ads and some interesting ads under the headings "Personals" and "Resources".

In the Stranger:

"Sin"--absolutely the best experience I've had. She and a girlfriend did a two-girl show with me and I still get shivers thinking about it. Sin is 22, Filipino, slender with C cup breasts. She looks like a Seventeen Magazine model. Stunningly beautiful; I didn't know they made escorts around here like her. She's a lot of fun, loves to take charge, stays for the whole hour. (Her partner, Claire, was fun, but I'm told she no longer works.)

"Shay"--another Filipino, short, B-cup. Pretty and sensual. I did another two-girl show with her and "Leah" (also advertises in the Stranger--blonde, 19, thin, enthusiastic but not particuarly attractive to me. Worth a try if she sounds like your type). Very fun. Didn't want to stop. Great kisser. (The girls that do two-girl shows, IMHO, are more fun than the ones who don't. Much more adventurous.)

"Xotic College Girls"--run, don't walk, away from this one. Awful. They sent me a overweight redhead named Bobbi. Ugh. About as lively as a car on jacks.

Sin, Shay, and Leah all seem to work through the same guy (at least, there seems to be one guy answering there phones). He also has similar ads for other girls in the Stranger. At this point (although Leah wasn't my cup of tea, she might be yours) I haven't been disappointed. $160 an hour, no extras. Outcall only (the guy tells me that they're working on an incall, but I'm not holding my breath.) If anyone has used "Mia" or "Jordan" let me know---I'm intrigued.

In the Weekly:

With the Weekly, you don't know what you're going to get until you call. Any ad with the words "stress release" or "relaxation" are good bets.

Ambience Massage--this is a trip. Not a full service place, but you get a lap dance, an hour massage--and not a "tweak tweak" massage, but a full body, work the kinks out massage--from your naked dancer, and a wonderful hand finish. Do not ask for more--you won't get it. Ask for Rachel (runs the place--short cute hip chick with great boobs) and Althea (gorgeous Indian girl with a hard, hard body). $175 for dance, massage, and hand finish--you can skip the dance for less, or substitute the dance for a soak in a hot tub. You leave feeling dizzy. Great if you aren't looking for the full service experience. (They've been having "stalker" problems. You may have to hunt around to find them.)

Alexis Secrets--Alexis and her sister Tiffany--both mid-to-late thirties--do incall in West Seattle (beautiful view of the water). It's supposedly a massage service; the massage comes and goes very quickly, and they move on to the fun stuff. Alexis has big, big boobs and a dirty mouth. Tiffany is short and cute with "store-bought" boobs. They do two-girl shows (imagine: two sisters going at you. There's a teen fantasy in there somewhere) and solo work. When I visited Tiffany, I could hear Alexis in another part of the apartment going at it with a customer! $100 for massage with hand finish, $175 for more. Incall only.


I have a favorite at Personal Touch (check the yellow pages under Escorts). Her name is Shelby--mid-thirties, big boobs, blonde. Very friendly and sensual. A little nostalgia here--she was my first escort. She wears a little too much make-up for my liking, but she comes to you very discreetly and stays the whole hour. Enthusiastic---seems to enjoy what she does. Best blowjob I've ever had. $160. Outcall only.

Stay away from: massage parlors in the Seattle area. Every once in a blue moon you find a good masseuse, but they move on fairly quickly. The rest are overweight, under-enthused bores. You're better off spending about the same amount of money on an escort.

Subject: Re: Seattle Report Date: 21 Feb 1997

Didn't catch the first post on this thread but I recently (december) had a great experience with a young lady named Lauren from Elliott Bay. She even let me come twice alothough I did tip her. Total investment $200.

Subject: Re: Seattle Report Date: Thu, 06 Mar 1997

Seattle report:

"Sin" (advertised in The Stranger) Filipino, 5 ft 5, 22 yrs old, 32B, about 105 lbs. Thin, long leg, looks ok, I didn't care for the way she dressed. Quite passionate, did a good job, fun to talk to. $180/hr. May use again, may be not..

"Sunni", through the same service as "Sin". Blonde, 18 yrs old, 110 lbs, 34C, 5 ft 5. Very pretty, wonderful, nice personality, dress well, not very chatty, but quite friendly. Best one I've had. High on my list to see again. She has a tatoo on her arm which I don't care for.

"Natasha" of Elliot Bay Escorts. 5'8", nice body, blonde, dress well professional appearance, very nice personality, very pleasant to be with. I had her over for 2 hours once. Would see again. $160/hr.

The same service has others that I will not see again: Maria, hispanic, 5 ft 5, dark hair, looks like 40yrs old. Jamie, brown hair, 5 ft 6, 120 lbs, nice firm body, bubbly personality, too pushy for my liking, she is an exotic dancer. I forgot the other names, but none of them is worth trying.

"Personal Touch" has a few to avoid also, except one. Rebecca, 19yrs old, 105 lbs, 5 ft 4, 32C, blonde. Skinny, good looking, very bright personality, fun to talk to. Will see again.

Samantha, 22 yrs old, 110 lbs, 5 ft 5, 34C. Nice face, dress ok. Very inexperience, wasted the whole hour without knowing what to do. Avoid. Denise, 23 yrs old, 115 lbs, 5 ft 4, short blonde hair, nice firm body, looks so-so, claims to be a stewardess. Will not see again. Jessica, 5 ft 3, 100 lbs, 32C, redhead, skinny, looks so-so, drabby dress. Spent the whole time telling me about her problems, am I her shrink? may be I should've charged her! Will not see again. Michelle, 19 yrs, 5 ft 5, 36B, dark blonde, ok face. The agency said she was 125 lbs, it's more like 140 lbs, 36-36-36. Also claims to be a stewardess, but if she works for the agency 6 days a week, when does she have the time to fly? Spent the whole time telling me how bad the other girls are. Definitely avoid.

Subject: Re: Seattle Report Date: 8 Mar 1997

Had a most enjoyable date with Leah, who advertises in "The Stranger." She's young (20) and blonde, with a terrific body and a winning personality. She had a genuinely sweet disposition and seemed to enjoy herself. Leah charges $180 for an hour and she stayed the whole hour. A previous post described her as "thin," but I found her height and weight proportional. She's a nice person and very plesant to talk to. I told her I'd be posting this.

Date: 15 Mar 97    Subject: Contribution for Seattle, Washington

I recently had the opportunity to visit Seattle on business. From reading here in the guide, I called Elliot Bay Escorts when I arrived. At first, my call wasn't returned and I called a few others (they didn't call back either). I was bummed. I had thought that things had changed in Seattle and it was going to be a boring week of business.

However, the phone rang about 10PM or so and it was Alex at Elliot Bay returning my call. She asked if it was too late or I still wanted to see somebody. I asked who was available. She sent over Natasha. She was advertised as blonde, but her hair was more red (she later told me that she colored the hair from its natural blonde). Natasha was pretty tall, about 5'7" or 5'8" (I hope I remembered correctly) with lovely long legs. I think she was 23. She is very beautiful and sweet. The price was $160 (all inclusive). It was a little nervous for a while as Alex told her to be very careful (apparently Alex had other calls from the same hotel and that made her a little anxious). She checked my driver's license, my plane ticket, my business card, etc. I asked her (as a verification) which agency sent her over. She answered "Cosmopolitan?". Apparently Cosmopolitan and Elliot Bay are one in the same. Natasha and I had a VERY good time and I said that I might call back later in the week. Certainly worth the money.

Two days later, I called the Cosmopolitan number on the card Natasha gave me (both Cosmopolitan and Elliot Bay are in the phone book) and asked for Natasha again. She came over and since I was a repeat customer, we were pretty relaxed. We talked for quite a while about my work, her going to school, etc. We talked for so long that when we finally got to business it was a little rushed and not quite as enjoyable as the previous time. I don't think it was Natasha's fault, but I didn't have the foreplay time that I wanted.

Anyway, I asked Natasha who else from Cosmopolitan she could recommend to me? She thought about it, described a few of the other women at the agency, and came up with Jamie as a recommendation.

So the next night I called Alex at Cosmopolitan and asked if I could see Jamie that night. We agreed on a time (9:30pm).

When Jamie knocked on the door (she was a little early), I was absolutely floored by her. She has dark hair, about 5'4"-5'5"?, and a perfectly formed body. I didn't ask her if she worked out, but she must... She kinda reminded me of Yasmine Bleeth from Baywatch.

A little talk and then we retired into the bedroom for one of the best times of my life. We did all sorts of things (use your imagination here). Jamie certainly enjoys her work.

Afterwards, while I was gently scratching and massaging her back, she told me how she used to dance at the Mons Venus in Tampa, her experience at a bordello outside of Reno, as well as dancing at various other cities around the country. Jamie is very intelligent and sincere. When the topic came around to computers, she asked "Did you find us on the web?" I asked "Do you have your own web page?" and she answered "No, the prostitution stuff on the 'paranoia' site. I'm the 'dark haired girl' in a posting for Seattle." I told her that is where I got the Elliot Bay recommendation and I would sent in my own comments (which you are now reading).

Unfortunately, my trip came to an end before I could see Jamie again or any of the other girls at Elliot Bay/Cosmopolitan.

So, run (don't walk) to your travel agent and go to Seattle. Enjoy the city and the restaurants by day and Elliot Bay/Cosmopolitan by night. I can't wait to get back.

And guys, as a point of etiquette, take a shower before the girl comes over. Both Natasha and Jamie are too classy for a smelly snob. They were clean and fresh, you should be too. Also, after the 'deed' don't just get up and go to the bathroom or just lay there. Be nice to them, talk to them, after all, they are real people too.

Hi to Jamie and Natasha! Thanks for Alex for running such a professional business. She was always prompt to return my calls.

Subject: Seattle Date: 21 Mar 1997

*Saw the posts for "Sin" and tried her. Tall, thin, beautiful Filipino, small, perky breasts. The last post didn't like the way she dressed---what was great about how she dressed, though, was that she didn't dress like an escort; she wore a long "hippie"-type dress with very little make-up. She looks like a model--very rare in Seattle escorts. We met at a hot tub place and she looked/acted like she might have been my girlfriend. It's nice not to walk into a place with an escort and have everyone raise their eyebrows. Job-wise, she's great. Long legs, beautiful face, full lips, and a great attitude. She definitely enjoys her job. Highly recommended. $160 (I think she's advertising at $180 now).

*The massage scene in Seattle has all but died. Tried Ann's, Euro-Touch, and Lake Serene in Lynnwood---at all three, a very unattractive woman answered the door. When I asked to see someone else, two said no one else was there, and one got pissed. Hey, pal, it's my money. I left. Also tried Renton Massage (short fat girl-ack) and Ten Essentials in Renton (all Asian, not too bad...nobody there that's a knockout, but they work hard). The places around the airport are closed. Fingers in Fed Way is closed. And the strip mall places in Fed Way are rip-off joints. Sigh. Enough to make a grown man cry.

*There is a incall massage place in Bellevue that advertises in the Weekly (I think the ad reads "Relax with Sensuous Women"). $100 for first visit--after that they give you a ticket which gets you in for $70. My masseuse was "Flora" -- mid-thirites, short blonde with nice breasts. The massage was fun--she used feathers and fur gloves--very sensual. Seems like the women there are having a great time. Very relaxed and casual. I didn't get full service--french was $80 more. Since I prefer incall (hotels and hot tubs are expensive and hard to explain if someone sees you) I'll probably go back.

Any other Seattle/Portland info--especially incall--is greatly appreciated.

Subject: Seattle Escorts Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997

After being here for ten months and using three services, I can say that Personal Touch is the best. See Paige, Denise, Rebecca and Taylor. Paige and Denise do two-girl calls, they genuinely like each other, and the result is one *hot* session.

Grab a copy of The Stranger, a free alternative newspaper. It can be found in some of the free paper kiosks and also in the adult stores. Check out the Adult Services section for ads of independents.

Subject: Seattle Report Date: 4 Apr 1997

Street action: I have no idea where the girls are today. Occasional (as in once in every 5 to 10 drive-bys) girl or two on 99 nearing the Battery Street Tunnel and north of Sea-Tac Airport. Quite often so nasty looking in both body and face that there is no temptation to stop. Note that the there is both a nightwatch group and vido surveillance near the airport, so don't keep looping around.

Massage Parlours: Others have posted that north of Seattle is getting pretty grim, I don't travel that far. The Renton businesses and Maggie's in Burien at least provide full-service. Don't look for beauty queens but some of the women are at least personable and proficient. We're looking $120-180 for total fees here. The Federal Way strip mall businesses are very expensive, especially considering there is no improvements in looks. There should be competitive pricing too, since at one point, three consecutive units in one building are massage parlours. Some of the places very near the airport are rip-offs in that (at least if they don't trust you and they haven't trusted me) they just pretend (in that they are imcompetent) to massage you for about 15 minutes and then say they are through. Not familiar with Eastside (Bellevue) massage. The exception is the one previously covered recently. I believe it is currently called the Meditation Station, but previously went under the Ultimate Life Church. Previous long-time girl friend had worked there for some time. Jack-off is covered in "admission" or "donation" anything else is between you and the girl. Some do nothing else, others are real pro hookers, others still might give you full-service and the time of your life for nothing additional. Will report on independent operators in the next post.

Subject: Seattle "Gentleman's Club" Date: 10 Apr 1997

Called an ad in the Stranger for "Gentleman's Club"--they are running a $140 special this month. Not worth the money. The escort they sent (Cindy? Sydney?) was very paranoid--wouldn't do more than a hand release. The other escorts may do more, but she was described as "their best". Save your dough.

Subject: Seattle In-Call Reviews Date: 12 Apr 1997

Here are a few reviews of ads in the Seattle Weekly. As I've neither sought nor received permission of these ladies, I will leave out the phone numbers. Anyone with a Weekly will know which ads I am referring to.

Body Tantra with Joy. Joy is probably mid-40's and quite frankly looks it. $125 for 1 1/4 hour service. Erotic hand job with safety gloves on. Neither requested nor offered anything additional (don't think she would). Only goes top-less. Believe or not she french kisses (strange considering the gloves). Actually enjoyed her company but for the $ and what you get I'll pass.

Massage, steam etc (760-xxxx). This bland ad is by Laura, a long-time friend. She is short and slim and pretty. Can be a space cadet at times and get moody. Probably upper 30's by now, brunette. Full service available (exact price ? as she claims I get a real discount) will guess in the $150-200 range (total).

Massage in deluxe studio, downtown Renton (772-XXXX). Abby, another older woman, 40 to 50 range, gives a topless 'real' masssage before a 1/2 BJ & Handjob finish. $100 cost, finish wasn't bad. Decent body considering mileage I guess, but a little old for me. Neither requested nor offered more.

Ultimate Relaxation with Claire. Claire is probably in her 30's but has employees. Sidebar: Claire is into S&M and has a dungeon downstairs. When I first arrived she screamed you're late. In fact I wasn't. She was nasty until we realized an S&M customer with the same first name was scheduled at the same time as my massage. Then she explained the attitude was service related. I was given Evonne (maybe 5-7, looks about 18, great slim body with nice boobs. Excellent full service, she really worked hard. Cost $220, and she wouldn't bargain.

Melissa @ 528-XXXX. Melissa runs business and girls, I don't think (and hope) she actually works. Offers hand-job massages for tips only and assisted showers (hand-job) for $60. Conned by a stupid office prank (it was my birthday) I was led there after a long lunch. Only girl working is young and good looking. May go back to try to convince her to free-lance for more $$.

As stated in a previous post, I would like to know if anyone can direct me to Diane, previously of Maggie's Studio. I woould much appreciate it.

Subject: Seattle Review/Info Date: 15 May 1997

"Lexis"---advertises in the Stranger. 5' 7", brown hair, nice body. Two great things about her: she dresses very casually--short sun dress, glasses, little makeup--so as not to draw attention to herself; and she is extremely passionate. Likes to take her time. Highly recommended. $180/hr.

There have been a few posts wanting info on Leah, Sin, Shay and how to get a hold of them. You'll have to find the reviews yourself, but they can all be reached two ways:

1. Each has independent ads in the Stranger classified section. 2. They all work for Heads Above the Rest, which also has an ad in the Stranger. Lexis works for HAtR as well.

Heads Above the Rest might well be the best agency in Seattle. The man on the phone is courteous and helpful, and every escort I've had through them (including Leah, Sin, Shay and Lexis) have all been attractive, professional, discrete and lots of fun. Their two-girl shows are the most fun I've ever had. IMHO, you can't go wrong with this agency.

le lux

Subject: Seattle Summary Date: 9 Jun 1997 15:41:01 GMT

My last post to the group here (getting married!) so this will be sort of long.


Massage--tried Shogun in Bellevue near Factoria. Dingy little place, one woman working (Asian--about a 5). No full service. Don't waste your time.

Also tried a service in Woodinville--they advertise in the Stranger under Body Work (the ad says "Personal Service--$100-200"). It's an incall in this woman's house--she doesn't do the massage. After a thorough check of my ID (including drivers license, video rental card, costco card, you name it) she took my money--$200 for "deluxe service"). I was then escorted to a big jacuzzi tub to soak until my masseuse arrived. Very relaxing. After 15min in the tub my masseuse arrived--blonde, decent body. The hostess then escorted us into our room--big, plush 70's decor--turned on music and left us to our own devices. Good massage with a disappointing hand finish--I was expecting more for $200. My masseuse explained "that's all we do with new customers". Nice of them to explain that AFTER the massage, but equally my fault for not asking. Not bad, but if you're gonna go, set the prices and ground rules first.

With that, here's my top 5 experiences in Seattle--if you're coming to town, you can't go wrong with these:

1. Two girl shows from Heads Above the Rest--did this twice (Sin and Claire, and Shay and Leah) and both will stick out in my mind as the most fun I've had. Expensive, but they make it worth it.

2. Lexis (also from Heads Above the Rest)-- almost like being on a real date. A fun, smart, sexy girl.

3. Alexis Secrets--two sisters do massage and so much more. Try the double--yes that's right, both sisters at the same time!

4. Ambience Massage--I think they're called A Touch of Silk or something now. Not a full service place, but the girls are pretty and the massage and finish are top-notch.

5. Shelby (Personal Touch)--best BJ in town, in my humble opinion.

That's all, folks.

le lux

Subject: [ASP] Caution; Seattle Patricia Date: 25 Jun 1997 04:41:30 GMT

Do NOT call Patricia she advertizes in the Stranger as a nurse. She is running a scam with her boyfriend! she will not deliver on any promises. Take your money and runs. The guy wait outside and threatens to call the cops and or use force. I suspect she will change her name. She has long blond hair about 5'5" 120 lbs and is 34C my guess is 27yo. Beware.

Date: Mon, 18 Aug 1997 15:27:10 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Contribution to Seattle WA. Sex report

I spent the last few months thoroughly analyzing the Seattle Metro Massage and Outcall/Incall scene....My "investigation" <smile> follows:

The Federal Way Massage Parlors...used to frequent...has really gone money can be better spent elsewhere...

I began to try the advertisements in Seattle and Eastside Weekly...Found a few good ones...Lana... under the heading of "relaxation" was quite superb...nice body..well read..i really enjoyed the time i had with her...i will go back..

A relatively new one in of Shattuck Road...the name i cannot readily remember..the beautiful lady's name is absolutely angelic beautiful; face..but a tad overweight...but performs her tasks very well...this girl lives to please..

I can't think of anything more right off hand <excuse the pun>, but the two months..<and coming up short of bankruptcy> was a good time...the better ones seem to be in the Seattle Weekly and Eastside Weekly publications...I didn't try any escort services...just the weekly publications....

Happy Hunting....

Date: 19 Aug 1997    Subject: Seattle Rip-Off

There is a tall, slender blonde hooker called Diane working Aurora Avenue North between 8:30 and 10:30 in the morning. I had two car dates with her and was satisified with the services both times: a no-rush BJ for $35.00. The third time I dated her, I brought her home. After she left I was missing a Walkman, a porcelain figurine, and a diamond ring. Be advised.

Date: 31 Aug 1997    Subject: Seattle info:

Well, I'd wish to add a little about the Cosmopolitan/Elliot Bay escort service. A previous post said that Maria is in her mid-40s and not worth it. My experience with Maria was pretty positive. I would say that she is in her late-20s, early 30s. She is 5'3", 110lbs, black hair, probably between a B or a C cup. Her body is between thin and average, and very soft. She had a very relaxed, very friendly demeanor, not pushy at all. I had a massage followed by a half-and-half, $160 for an hour. The massage was light touchy stuff, the blowjob was above-average to excellent. The actual act was average. Maria didn't leave right away, but stayed and chatted until my hour was up. She seemed ready to leave without asking or hinting at a tip, but I gave her $40 anyway. Rating: Looks : 7 out of 10 Personality: 9 out of 10 Sex: 6 out of 10

Subject: no more Honey's: Seattle metro escorts service Date: Sun, 07 Dec 1997 19:02:12 -0600

more info about Honey's escorts service. i moved into seattle area early 1997. i read a few posts about Honey's in WSG and used their service several times early in the year to about summertime. Got ok to good service [and i mean 'full service'] at times. Like i said, i didn't call them for several months until about a couple weeks ago, about mid November. i called stephanie [the gal who runs Honey's] and got appointment with one of the girl which she described as blonde, 19, georgeous and has a really nice figure for $160. ok, things went well so far, did not detect anything suspicious while i was talking to stephanie. Anyway the girl came over, can't think of her name at this time. Here came the first dissapointment, she's blonde allright, age may be in early 20 but definitely not georgeous and does not have a nice body and she should loose some weight. We talked for awhile, she has ok personalities. Then she asked for the money and put it away in her purse before we proceded into the bedroom. We took off our clothes to get comfortable and that's when she told me that she would do only stripping and masturbation for me and nothing more and that there is no refund. I argued that i had full service before in my previous calls with other girls. She told me that full service is never ever in their policy and that the girls that i had before did full service on their own. I think that's full of shit although i didn't say that. So, she proceded to stick her fingers in her pussy and told me to jack off by myself, she wouldn't even going to touch me. I couldn't get involve at all, the fact that her pussy doesn't look good and her sagging tits don't help either. After few minutes, i told her she could stop and leave. What a big dissapointment, i was really pissed. After she left, i called Stephanie back and she insisted that her girls never provided full service. So, consider this as a warning, if you read earlier posts in WSG and want to give them a try for full service, don't. They just won't do it or at least not anymore. They still advertise in The Stranger for escorts and dancers. If you think you can be happy just a strip dance, go for it, otherwise, look somewhere else. And if you decided to call Honey's, be also warned that Stephanie doesn't really give you the precise descriptions of the girl either. To me, this experience is a total rip-off.

Subject: Hot time in seattle Date: Sat, Nov 1, 1997 2:00 PM


I've been following the paranoia web site for some time and appreciated the great posts from other guys. I'll throw in my two cents worth about Seattle. I decided to follow up on some of the incall services described when I was in Seattle on a recent business trip and found that as of October 1997 some things are changed and some still great.

First I checked out the ads in the Stranger and in the Weekly and found that Leah, and Sin, and Shay are no longer advertising under those names. Maybe they are using other names or maybe the moved on.

I made an appointment with Shelby at Personal Touch but she wanted me to be back at my hotel one hour before the appointment to answer the phone and confirm. I couldn't be there one hour ahead so I called her message service and said so and that I would definitely keep the scheduled appointment. I was there in my room on time and good ole Shelby never showed and when I called the message service the guy there said she did receive my message. I can only conclude that either has all the business she wants or is just plain rude.

Much better service from Alex and her gals at Elliott Bay! First I made a date with Jamie and found her exactly as described in other posts. Lovely, age 25, slim, brunette, great body, $160. for an hour was quoted by Alex for everything however Jamie hinted around about a tip for her which I didn't offer. Other than this little issue Jamie was gentle, eager, a good conversationalist, and tons of fun. would see again.

Even better was the next night with Courtney from Elliott Bay. She's blond, age 20, great chest, shaved, creative, she enjoyed her work immensely and so did I!

I'm ready to move to Seattle and patronize Elliott Bay on a regular basis! Alex runs a clean, courteous, professional operation with the finest ladies I've seen despite my years of using escorts and parlors in various US and Candian cities.

Subject: Seattle Scam "Honey's Dancers & Escorts" Date: 1997/11/21


Made the unfortuate decision to try Honey's escorts and dancers which advertises in the back of the Stranger. Honey's also have separate ads for Jordan (36DD-24-34 a blond) and Ginger (a redhead) in the Stranger. The girls do not provide full service, just erotic dancing. I suspect that most of the other ads in the stranger also donot offer full service.

Subject: Seattle "A-Classy-Connection" Date: 1998/01/09

Summary: "A Classy Connection is a rip-off". is a very well organized site. However, I recommend that you stay away from them. Note: they are not the same as "A Classy Connection Fantasy of Renton".

I asked to see Monica. I don't think her photograph on the site matches the lady, though the lady they sent was attractive and matched the vital statistics (height, weight, etc). I guess it is possible the photo is of her.

I became concerned when I arrived at their InCall apartment and discovered a massage table and a loveseat -- both set up like you would expect at X-Otic Tans.

It soon became clear that they are charging Escort rates ($200) for Lingere Modeling. I left after paying a $40 "traveling charge" that wasn't disclosed on their web page.

That is quite different from "Kat" who worked for "Heads ...". Kat didn't even count the *gift*. She just moved into my arms. <sigh>

Date: 17 Jan 1998    Subject: seattle

Just had a disagreeable experience I thought I should post. With an agency called "Honey's". It was 160 and turned out to be nothing but an "erotic dance" from a not too attractive girl. She is listed in the Stranger under the name "Jordan", but she also uses a lot of other names too. She told me that she was about half the names in the back of the Stranger. She told me that this is all that Honey's offers as they have "gone legit" as she put it. So my advice is to ask the agency if it is Honey's, then don't go. Might try some other activities in a month or so and then post it.

Subject: Seattle Date: 1998/01/19

Tried A Classy Connection ( twice. Did not see any of the girls on the page either time. First time was an outcall and the girl did only a hand release. She was new to the service so I figured, OK it's just the girl. Next time, tried incall. Went through the whole rigamaroll with calling from a phone booth nearby to get final directions, etc... The girl did the usual ID check and collected the $160 fee up front. She asked If I wanted to "start" with a massage - OK - After about 1/2 hr she asked if I wanted a dance - self service OK, but "you know that no touching is allowed..." No, I said, I didn't know that, I thought that the fee covered full service and that the last girl at least did a hand job. "Oh, no, she said. We're strictly legal..." Fine. I'm not in the mood to argue so I just go with the dance. On the way out I noticed a king/queen bed in the other room, although the place appears to be strictly business - no one lives there.

So, I'm confused. Is it just me or does anybody else have similar experience? The web page seems to make the distinction between "escort" and "exotic dance" services, there are all the usual precautions associated with a full service experience, and there's the bed....

I plan to avoid this service in the future. I heard rumors that Honey's (adv. in The Stranger) and A-Classy are one and the same (true - anybody know?) and that some of the ads in the local paper "The Stranger" for in/out calls are actually with this/these service. Does anybody know which of them are? I'd really like to avoid a repeat non-performance (neither of the girls are in the ads, either).

Will be in Seattle next week and am looking for alternatives. Any recommendations? I've used both Cosmopolitan and Personal Touch before - I've seen recent posts putting up Cosmo as the successor to Heads (which I never tried) - but how about Personal Touch - are they still around? Any other leads?

Also - the bust reported on Heads an isolated thing or have there been others? I hear Seattle has a new mayor that the local enforcement might be trying to impress...

Subject: Seattle Review/Repost Date: 1998/01/24

December 1997 Went to Cyrstal Spa in Federal Way. Saw reasonably attractive girl (forget name), but was totally unenthusiastic and would only do it in the missionary position (said it hurts if she does the other positions). Paid $200 plus the foor fee for full service. Not recommended.

June 1997 - Ten Essentials in Renton on Grady Way. My second visit with Mia. Pretty Korean. 30s, nice large breasts, pleasant face, somewhat overweight.E Overall I'd say a 6.E $45 at the door, $100 tip included full service, including allowing me to eat her pussy. Very sweet. She seemed to enjoy herself and showed me a good time as well. Even brought me a cup of mouth-wash afterwards. Got the same treatment about 6 months earlier, that's why I went back. I recommend.

Went to some other Renton massage place first (Highlands Spa?), just for variety. Didn't like the looks of the women who I was assigned to, so I said "no thanks". She got pissy and said "And what do you think you are - God's gift?" I replied, "No, but at least I don't charge" and left. I don't think I'll try there again.

Dec 1996 - Jan 1997: Nichole. Advertises under escorts in yellow pages under Executive Escorts, I think. Met her at her Eastside apartment. Performs a telephone interview and meets somewhere neutral first so weirdoes need not apply. Knock-out body. Nice large breasts. Brunette. So - so face. Late 30s maybe. She is a sexual dynamo, really wild. You can tell she really enjoys sex - it's definitely not an act. Saw her three times in two months. $175. I recommend.

October 1996. My only time picking-up a street girl wasn't bad. Was a week night around 9 PM on Aurora near 105th. Went to her room near a local hotel. $50, full service with a reasonably attractive African American woman. Have cruised Aurora many times since without seeing her, or many other ladies for that matter. Has anyone else had better luck?

Aug. 1996: Met Jessica at Tubs. Redhead. I think a review in the Seattle WSG described an encounter with her. I had a somewhat better time than he did, although I thought she was a little too passive. I called an ad in The Stranger advertising a $150 session before 8 PM. The guy on the phone described 3 ladies and I picked Jessica. Nice breasts (36C or so), pretty face, young (~22). $150, plus $15 for tub for full service, including allowing me to eat her pussy. Not bad, although clearly not in the league with Mia or Nichole.

Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998

Seattle .. on Aurora Ave notrth between 75th and 145th there were about a half dozen street hookers between 10pm and midnight, all of average looks.

Subject: Seattle: in call recommendation and non-recommendation Date: 26 Feb 1998

There's a couple ads in the Weekly for an incall place in an apartment downtown (one of them says something like 'Busty Babes'). For $160 you get to masturbate, absolutely no contact at all.

For a recommendation, the incall place mentioned previously (Meditation Station) in Bellevue is still there. Flora is very short (5'), very busty, nice woman. Kim is also nice, even bustier, but a little on the heavy side. Pretty much everything is available. Avoid Ann, unless you have a fantasy about sleeping with your chatty high school english teacher.

For escort services, Madonnas (they have a web page) is fairly good. A head above the rest is no more, unfortunately.

Date: Thu, 5 Mar 98    Subject: Sex-guide submission for Seattle, WA, USA

On a recent visit to Seattle, I called Brown Sugar Escort Referrals from an ad they had in the Stranger. I had tried calling a few others but didn't get an answer (it was a Saturday night and my favorite Cosmopolitan is closed on Saturdays).

I asked for an African-American girl and they had one contact me (I forget her name). From her description, she sounded great. However, as one might expect, she certainly didn't live up to her expectation. She had saggy breasts and a small belly (from a recently baby I'd guess).

When I had talked to the dispatcher on the phone, I thought I had heard "clicks" that might indicate the conversation was recorded. When I asked the girl about that, she called the dispatcher and they both tried to assure me that the clicks were just their phone system and they didn't record any messages.

I was still a little leary of the whole situation so I asked if she'd "do something a cop wouldn't do" (like screw first and pay afterwards). She said no. I did ask if I could "pat her down" and she let me do that.

I then paid my $185 and started taking off her clothes. She wasn't very agressive and didn't seem to get into much. I sucked her breasts while she gave me a hand-job. After a little more manual play on both our parts, she produced a condom and I climbed on. One of the most boring fucks I've ever had.

She whined herself a $30 tip and I just wanted to get her out of there.

Subject: Seattle Ripoff! Jade 206-545-9599 Date: 1998/03/24

God I know better!!! Hadn't been ripped off in a long, long time until tonight. It didn't feel right and I went ahead.... should have followed my instincts.

Do NOT patronize ad in The Stranger:

"The Ultimate in Asian Beauty!" "Jade is 5'4" #115, Call for appt. day or night, in or out" Phone number 206-545-9599. For incall, they opperate out of an apartment at 7th and James.

$160 gets you a no-contact, lingrie show that lasted all of 15 minutes! Jade said she had danced in Houston previously. Although very beautiful, she didn't even dance worth a crap. She no sooner took her top off when she got a 3-minute call. Girls act real innocent it's the person's fault who runs it..... That's BS .... the girls are part of it and perpetuate it. Got pissed and tried to get a partial refund... hah, fat chance.....

Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 Subject: Seattle info:

I tried to follow up on some of the recent posts listed in the Seattle edition. Unfortunatly, every woman I tried to contact from the listed escort services had moved on. Instead I tried the listings in The Stranger. I called on an ad for Bobbie. It turns out she works for an escort agency called A Classy Connection. She told me over the phone that her picture was posted on the internet at I went there and viewed her picture. I was taken by her beauty. I called back and booked an appointment with her. She has an incall location in the "U" district. It turns out she looked nothing like her supposed picture. Instead of being 5' 8" tall and an athletic build she was about 5' 4" and over weight. I'm not saying I wouldn't have been interested otherwise, but she completely lied about her appearance. Needless to say I told her no thank you and left after paying her a $40 cancellation fee. I truely feel that they were posting pictures found elswhere on the net and saying they were their women. I would stay away from A Classy Connection.

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