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Scranton, Pennsylvania

Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 15:02:08 -0600

Northeast Pennsylvania

I've been frequenting an incall service in NE PA for the past five years
or so.  I originally saw an ad in a swingers magazine that had been
uploaded to a local adult oriented bbs.  I assume they still run these in
the print media.  You phone the madam and she schedules you and gives you
a code name to write down and give to the girls, I think this may be for
accounting purposes as well as security seeing as how the madam is not on
premises.   The rates are good and the service is always excellent.
Recently the price has jumped from $50 to $55 for 1/2 hour full
service and from $100 to $110 for the hour.  Usually a choice of two girls
and you can split the hour with 1/2 spent with each.  Usually older gals,
late 30's early 40's but what they lack in youthfulness they more than
compensate for in attitude and enthusiasm.  Looks wise there have
been some 3's and 4's over the years but the service has always been in
the 8-10 range, and some of the gals are 7's and 8's.  Have only had one
gal agree to anal for an additional $30, but most seem to have an
assortment of toys available and most anything else seems to be Ok for a
small additional fee.  I usually wind up tipping $10 or $20 depending on
the length of my stay, and always feel like I've gotten a bargain.  If
quality of service is more important than supermodel looks you could do
much worse.

Subject: (ASP) Report on Scranton, Pa area Date: 1998/01/03 If you are coming to the Scranton area and looking for Street action, it is not to good. You can find some girls around Linden and Spruce Streets. Just drive down Spruce St. turn right on Franklin, right on Linden and then take the next right on Penn Ave. back to Spruce and you should pass a few working girls there. The selection is not the best but once in a while you may get lucky and find a really nice one. The going rate seems to be $30.00 for a quick BJ but you can even haggle that down sometimes. As for incalls, I haven't found any in my travels but see ads for Escort and masage places that are probably just hand job joints, but I would like to find out if more goes on there. Just watch your money and other valuables as some of these girls will take anything that is not bolted down as they get out of your car. Don't mean to scare you, but just to warn you; you may already take precautions, but it doesn't hurt to remind you. If anyone has info on escorts int he Scranton or Wilkes-Barre area, I would like to hear about their services. When I get too old to look, just bury me right then.

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