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Schenectady, New York

Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 01:25:51 -0400

I haven't seen any listings in the Guide for the NY State Capital
District, so you'll be pleased to know that the worlds oldest profession
DOES exist here. Unfortunately, it's being cracked down on harder than
ever now. The mayor of Schenectady has even gone so far as to try to ban
strip clubs (unsuccessfully), so it's not the most congeneal atmosphere.
The streetwalkers for the most part are minorities, and can be found on
State St between Broadway and Swan St. They walk with an exagerated arm
swing so they're easy to spot which is good and bad. You can see who
they are and who you'd consider approaching, but law enforcement knows
who they are, too. Pricing ranges from $10-$20 for french to $100+ for
greek. No two women have the same pricing, and they'll all try to take
you for as much as they can get. Mugging risk would be higher than in
most places if not for the already pervading police presence in the
Incall services are limited in Schenectady. Of the massage parlors and
spas, only a small few provide sex services, and they have to be
approached rather obliquely to avoid scaring them into just giving you a
backrub and sending you on your way. These are further from downtown
Schenectady and the "Stockade", where the streetwalker are found, and
with one exception, they are all clean and the girls are slightly above
average to exceptional in looks and ability. That one exception is less
concerned with police interference, dirtier, with girls of mediocre
talent and looks (most if not all of whom are substance abusers), but
their pricing is MUCH lower - closer to that of a street walker. Prices
vary from shop to shop, but are generally in the area of $25 for a half
hour not including the tip. Most girls have a tip schedule similar to
the streetwalkers' pricing, but some have been known to ask for up to
double that amount.
I'm still just breaking the surface of the are's outcall potential, but
it looks promising. With the mayor's action against gentlemen's clubs, a
number of girls have taken to dancing for their own select
clientelle...usually "favorite" customers from when they worked at the
clubs. They are difficult to find and contact, but it's worth the
effort. From time to time, some will place a one week ad in a local
paper or post flyers in the area's adult novelty shops for personal
entertainment services. The ones who advertise "full services" are
usually the best way to go. Of the local escort services, only one to my
knowledge provides any kind of sex services, and they are under scrutiny
by law enforcement. I have only minimal knowledge of outcall pricing,
but have yet to encounter a fee below $200.
Not the best environment for the sex industry, but Schenectady is proof
(if anyplace is) that the industry will not and cannot be totally
prevented or stopped.

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