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Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Ga.

Bars - Big Johns down near the Gas Terminla on the river. Girls range
from decent to knock out but no touching. They will get naked on the
stage for the right tip. The place looks run down from the outside, bt it
is safe.  Kit Kat Club on the South Side is full of dolls. they range
from 8 - 10s. Drinks are expensive and they do not allow any touching.
Great place to start a night.

Escorts Services - Full Service is $125 - 150.

Arron's Girl Next Door, When she arrived she did not match the
description supplied over the phone (big surprise). She was a little on
the heavy side with long blond hair. She charged $125.00 for a great
message and half and half. She let me get off twice and completed the
message after the action. Very vocal and energetic. Would see again.

Jeans Escorts - Full Service $100. This info is from several years ago.
Called and within the hour had Jean at the door. She was tall(about 5'10)
great body. She wore blue jeans and a white tee shirt which accented her
great body. Her hair was sandy blond and she had a light red birthmark on
the left side of her face.  Once we got comfortable after a little chat,
she collected the fee and asked me to get undressed.  Onece I was naked,
she danced and stripped for me ( very very well) . As I said she has a
out of this world body.  She worked slowly up my leg to my dick and
proceeded to give me one of the best bj's I have ever had. At one point
she stopped and went to the sink to fill her mouth with warm water and
ythem went back to sucking my rod (that was out of this world).  After I
had receovered she said for $30 she could stay another thirty minutes,
which I quickly agreed to. She then climbed on top of me and rode me very
slowly. She was not rushed our pushy. She continued to chat and inquire
as to my comfort the entire time. Jeans has since closed, but if anyone
runs across her I would like to know where she is. The red birthmark is
marks her easy to remember. Would highly recommend.

Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 22:09:28 -0400 (EDT) Subject: [ASP] Savannah, GA Info Information on Marcia's Escort Service (912) 352-2166 in Savannah, GA. I had never used this service before and called them around 9:30 on a Friday evening. Price I was quoted was $150, and I was offered a choice between a 28 year old strawberry blond or a 22 year old girl with black hair. Since I like 'em kind of young - I requested the 22 year old. I asked if she was thin, and Marcia indicated she was "around 120 lbs.", and described her as "a little black-haired girl." About an hour and a half later, the girl did arrive (she had to call from a payphone and couldn't find my place even though I gave her excellent directions) and she was not as described. She was about 5'7" and 145-55 lbs. with a poochy belly, and appeared to be either Hispanic or Hispanic/Black. I was unhappy she was not exactly as she was described. I considered asking her to show me what she had, but I decided she was not exactly what I wanted and asked her if she wouldn't mind if I called for another girl. She spent about 12-15 minutes in my apartment trying to get ahold of the agency, and we made a little chit-chat while I sat on the couch and she sat in a chair across from me. The longer she stayed the more I liked her personality, but just as I decided that maybe I would ask her to stay - the agency finally called back. I was then told there would be a $30 service charge for the callout, and they would send another girl. As the girl left with thirty dollars, she said it would probably be another hour before a thin white girl arrived. It got to be 15 minutes after midnight, and another girl never showed up. I called back, and another girl (supposedly Marcia, but not the Marcia I spoke with earlier) said that the second girl was not answering her beeper... she kept paging, and paging, and paging her, but there was just no answer. At this point she said nobody is probably available for the rest of the night and suggested calling another agency, even gave me some phone numbers. Having to be up early the next day I decided to call it quits, sans pussy and $30 lighter. Not a lot of money to lose, but expensive for just a look. Advice when dealing with this agency is to be very, very, very specific about what you want - and maybe then they can deliver.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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