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Sarasota, Florida

Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 16:04:44 UTC

Visited Sarasota Fla two weeks ago.  Great time there.  Went to a
modeling thre different times and met three different girls.  Very
relaxing. They all were gorgeous.  Both of us nude, for an hour
session, all worked up and down and were very enthusiastic.  Had great
head by two and a very erotic titty fuck with one.  Cost $40 for the
session and a $50 tip.  I can highly recommend it.

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 23:37:30 EST Subject: Sarasota Modeling Someone posted info on Sarasota modeling shops. They mentioned they got a blow job at one of the places. I have found these to be just jack-shacks. (Naughty Lady) If you know of any place that provides more full service, please let me know. Thanks

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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