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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Date: Tue,  6 Feb 1996 07:56:57 UTC

Let me tell you a little something about my experiences in Sao Paulo,
Brazil. This information is accurate as of Sept. 1995.

During my recent trip there I stayed at the Sao Paulo Hilton (everyone
knows where it is). From there just walk left to the first street and
then make another left about half a block to a street knows as Rua Bento
Freitas. There immediately go right and walk a block or two. You'll see
a whole bunch of bars with sexy women willing to please you. There'll be
no trouble finding them, once on the street men from the bars approach
you to try to get you into the place. The women are not only physically
beautiful but kind and sweet, and I guarantee you'll be absolutely
tickled to death.

Drinks are expensive, so my advice is not to stay too long, just find
the girl you like, chat for a while, negotiate a price (about $50 for
full service), pay the bar tab and take her with you.

You know, during my trip one of the business people I went to see over
there told me Brazilian sex workers are among the few in the world who
actually enjoy their work. Naturally I thought he was kidding. Well,
based on the beautiful gal I had that night, I can only say the man's
observation is right on cue!


Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 03:51:06 UTC Subject: SAO PAULO, BRAZIL I WOULD recommend a place called Kiltz, just off Avenida Paulista in the middle of the city. Ask a cabbie for directions. It costs $10 to get in (includes one beer and was full of absolutely gorgeous women, all "on the program". There was a trapeze behind the bar featuring a beautiful, tanned Brazilian girl with long golden hair and huge tits. The main room is full of low, comfortable sofas around a small dance floor, with a live sex show coming on every hour. The girls here are beautiful, typically brunettes, with a few black girls, a couple of fake blonds and one gorgeous Asian. The patrons are mainly wealthy Brazilians and other Latin businessmen. I was the only gringo there. Drinks are not cheap (about $12 each), but the key is linger over the one included in the cover price, find a nice girl (approach them, it's not program) and negotiate a deal. They'll all tell you they are "on the program", and that it will cost $100 for all night. Judging by the girls I saw, I'd say it was well worth it. Take her to a motel (she'll know one - about $20 for the night) and indulge all your fantasies. If you hang around till closing time, you might get one to do you "off the clock". I was approached as I left by a good looking brunette, but she wasn't my type. I know she would have done me for less than $100. I don't know if condom use is mandatory.
Subject: Sex in Sao Paulo, Brazil Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 03:31:18 UTC All the daily newspapers carry columns on classified ads' pages under the general title of "Relax". You will find there all kinds of girls. Programs vary from 40 to 300 dollars, depending if the girl is a TV commercial actress. (One dollar equals one Real). Normal prices are around 100, a bit more (130) if she goes to your hotel and you also will have pay for her taxi fare (around 20). Or you may go to their place, generally a normal house or apartment in a residential quarter or building. You can talk freely on the phone, or, if you don't know the language, ask somebody to do the talking for you.
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 1997 03:47:52 -0800 Subject: [ASP] Brazil Trip Report Sao Paulo I arrived in Sao Paulo on business after a brief trip to Rio in which I fucked about 6 times in 2 days. My dick needed a break. Although I was not on the beach, I found the women here even more sexy. They even win back the 1/2 point deduction I took from the women in Rio for their unshaven legs and rough feet. These women were polished, all the way down to their pedicure. Nevertheless, after such a fantastic experience in Rio, I was not prepared to have my nose opened as it was in Sao Paulo. Again, being alone, and not necessarily knowing where to find things, I ventured out on a walk. I ended up at a boite (boates or casas noturnas in the yellow pages) on Rua Nestor Pestana on Friday night. There are about 3-4 on this short street that runs into Av. 9 de Julho in the Bela Vista part of the city. Admission was $20, which included 1 drink. This was a strip club come night club. I sat down with my drink at one of the low sofas surrounding the small dance floor to scope out the place. The women I initially saw ranged from 6-8. After a few minutes, I spotted a lady in a tan halter and skirt that looked like it was made of chrochete. We made brief eye contact and she began to slowly make her way around the outside of the sofas towards me. She paused in the aisle a few feet behind the sofa. I asked her to dance, which we did, and I quickly established that she spoke no English. My Portuguese was not good enough to really establish a good level of communication, but I thought she was stunning. She was about 5'8", nice shapely breasts, brown shoulder length curly hair, sexy hips and phenomenal legs. When I saw her smile, she solidified her 10 rating. The music stopped, and she told me it was time for the show (one of the strip shows that happened about every 20 min.). As I sat down, she disappeared. The strip show was your basic strip show, but I did notice two TVs, one on each side of the stage, that had porno flicks playing. As I came near the end of my beer, I walked around, and was greeted by a girl in a blue bra and skirt who asked me to dance. She was about a 6-7, but next to her was her friend who was breathtaking. All three of us danced,and I tried not to be rude by ignoring the one who asked me to dance, but my attention was on the other. She was about 5"10, (over 6' in shoes) brown skin, doe eyes, and a shy smile. She wore a body hugging dress with two thin straps that revealed a beautiful pair of natural D-cup breasts. This dress was long enough to barely cover her panties in her crotch, but would rise up just enough when dancing to reveal the top of her sexy black stockings. Can you imagine how sexy the legs on this beauty looked? She had the complete package - I don't think I've seen a more beautiful woman. I believe her name was Aliciana (couldn't hear too well with the loud music). All three of us sat down at a table in the corner, and this is when I got my first signal. The waiter came over and asked for my drink order - I began to pass, but the ladies then ordered champagne. I could have cut my losses then, but I was too intrigued by Aliciana, so I ordered another beer. The waiter brought back an ice bucket full of beer and champagne. Turns out the drinks were $15-$25 each (which I suspected), but I still let it happen. Shortly thereafter, the first lady I met came and joined us (call her Elena although I can't remember)- apparently another friend. Although none of the ladies spoke English, and I very little Portuguese, I used some high school Spanish to stumble through conversation. As the evening progressed, we danced and drank and watched the shows which progressed from strip shows to lesbian acts to Samba to a comedian, and I grew ever attached to Aliciana. Several times I sat in the booth with Elena on one side and Aliciana on the other, with the other lady next to her. They remarked about how handsome I was, which definitely held my interest. Aliciana gradually became more physical with her nestling up under me, kissing, groping, and me feeling her breasts through her dress. I made several overtures that I wanted to have sex with her, but she was not responding. I grew increasingly frustrated as the night went on because our language barrier was really acting as a barrier to this negotiation. I had read that not all of the women in these clubs are "on the program", so I then began to think I might just be getting lucky. She was not a dancer at the club. We stayed until closing 4-4:30. Aliciana told me she was going home. I told her I wanted her to come to my hotel, but she said no. I asked her why not, then she went to find Elena. Now I was worried - I had just spent nearly $200 for all of the liquor we drank, and I might not even get laid. Elena came back and said to me that if I wanted to take Aliciana home it would cost $150. I said ok and after she changed clothes, we left and went back to my hotel. I noticed when I left that all of the women were lined up at the bar - I suppose collecting their share of the drink tabs they helped generate. Nevertheless, I couldn't wait to get Aliciana home and fuck her. She was sexy even in jeans and a regular top. Her body was beautiful naked, especially her breasts, which were accentuated by succulent nipples. I worked my way down to taste her pussy, and I proceded to eat, bringing her to arousal. Her hip motions and the way she grabbed my head let me know it was working. We switched positions and she gave me a decent blow job (sans condom). We fucked in quite a few positions before I finally came while fucking her from behind. She wouldn't let me stick it in her ass, but I didn't mind because her pussy felt really good to my cock. I went in to the bathroom to clean up, and when I returned, I was shocked to find that Aliciana was dressed and was preparing to leave. I expected that she was going to stay longer - even if not all night. For $150, I definitely did not expect a wham bam thank-you mam. I also noticed while I was in the bathroom that she left me a little present - she apparently was at the end of her period. The pussy didn't have any peculiar odor or taste, and there was no sign of blood on the condom when I pulled out, but the thought suddenly began to gross me out. I also was pissed that she never hesitated when I went down on her to signal me that it wasn't the time to engage in that activity. For the first time in Brazil, I felt unsatisfied - especially almost $350 later. I managed to convince myself that while I did allow myself to be taken by local standards, I would have easily spent $350 for a woman of this caliber in the U.S. in a city like NY, LA, Dallas, Chicago, etc.. In addition to fucking one of the most beautiful women I've ever met, I also enjoyed a night out in a nice club, got controllably drunk, and was joined, fondled, and treated like a king by 3 beautiful women all night. I could live with that. There is a lot of pussy to be had in Sao Paulo. I would advise trying to get the scoop on these places before you allow the $$$ to flow like I did. It also helps immensely to know how to speak the language. I heard the legendary place in Sao Paulo is a place called Club Fota, but I couldn't get info on the address or the low down. If anyone knows, please post. Also, beginning around the corner from this boite, on Rua Augusta at Roosevelt for about 1 mile up to the Caesar Park Hotel near Avenida Paulista, there were about 75-100 street walkers that definitely looked good enough to fuck, suck, or whatever. Most of these women looked to be working out of apartment brothel type of houses, some worked in saunas, massage parlors or other boites that were spread up and down Rua Augusta. Don't know the prices, but the traffic flow was pretty high so I take it that this was a pretty well known spot. Good luck in Sao Paulo.
Subject: [ASP] Brazil report I: Sao Paulo Date: 18 Jul 1997 22:16:36 GMT I found myself in Sao Paulo on business and turned to the WSG for information, but found precious little there. I'll try to be a good citizen and offer what I can. I stayed in the Centro area of town, just a block off of the Praca de Republica. This park is within blocks of three of the major "red light" areas: Rua Augusta, Rua Nestor Pestana, and Rua Bento Freitas. I'll describe each in turn. All are very close to the Hilton hotel, though I do not recommend staying there. Rua Augusta begins where it intersects with Avenida Roosevelt. It's a fairly rundown looking area, although there are a couple of nice looking hotels interspersed in the neighborhood. Along this street there are numerous places with signs indicating "Sauna/Mista," "Relax," and/or "American Bar." These are all euphemisms for brothels. Most of the action is in the area between the 300 and 900 blocks of Rua Augusta, and especially in the 600 block. The places appear to open around noon and close around 2. I peaked into many of these places and was not really impressed with what I saw. In most cases you can enter with the agreement that you will buy one drink, usually at R$5 (reais) --$1 US roughly equals R$1. For an additional R$10 you can use the sauna facilities--none looked very appealing. And for anywhere between $50 and $100 you can have one of the women working there take you back to one of the cabinas for about 40 minutes. I took one look at the rooms and decided I wanted nothing to do with them. They looked as though the sheets hadn't been changed in a month! I was also generally unimpressed with the women in these places. I only found one that I was willing to negotiate with. She was a cute 20-year-old who was willing to come back to my hotel and spend the night for a reasonable price ($120). It was worth every penny. Outside on the street there are a fair number of streetwalkers in the evening after 10 pm, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. The area is kind of run down; I don't recommend that you stroll around too long unless you're with a group. All in all, I was quite disappointed with Rua Augusta. Rua Nestor Pestana begins just two blocks from Rua Augusta, and is a small curved street with a few clubs and saunas. The main action can be found at Kilt (266), Cocktail (189), Skorpios (231), and Vagao Plaza (247). Most are nightclubs that charge a R$15 entrance fee that includes one drink. Additional drinks are very expensive, and the girls working there, many of whom are very beautiful, will push you to buy drinks for them and their friends. Be careful, the tab can build quickly! Here you will want to negotiate a price with the beauty of your choice and head to your hotel. If you want her all night, make sure she understands and that the pice is for all night. I found the women here to be asking higher prices--$150 for a couple of hours. I was generally able to negotiate for $150 for all night. I also spent a lot of time making my choice. The big city prostitutes of Sao Paulo seem less warm and friendly than the girls of Rio. Just a few blocks away is Rua Bento Freitas, which runs smack into the side of the Hilton. Along a three block stretch there are a number of nightclubs (boites) and a couple of Sauna Mistas which feature some good action. There are also quite a few street walkers working this area, some absolutely gorgeous. These scene here is much like Rua Nestor Pestana. All in all, I was not impressed with the sex scene in Sao Paulo. It lacked the fun and variety of Rio. There is nothing in Sao Paulo to compare with Rio's Help Disco. I think the beautiful ones gravitate to the beach communities in Brazil. I would not go out of my way to visit Sao Paulo (crowded, noisy, polluted), but if you find yourself there, hopefully this information will be of some assistance.
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997 01:45:51 -0300 Subject: Sao Paulo-Brazil Hi, I've just read about your your experience in Sao Paulo, and I regret to inform you that you've been had. I'm 29 and was born in Sao Paulo, and Kilt is just for tourists. Next time you come around try Cafe Photo or Antiquariu's. They cost less than Kilt and the women are even more stunning. Take this advice from a local.

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