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Sao Luis, Brazil

Subject: World Sex Guide: Brazil


I am an european living permanently in Brazil.  The information about
Brazil in the World Sex Guide is quite objective, even a bit outdated.

What is certainly missing in your list is information of the true sex
paradise, the Isle of Love (Ilha do Amor) of Sao Luis.

So here go some tidbits:

Sao Luis is the capital city of federal state of Maranhao. It is located
just off the equator on horhhern coeas of Brazil. It is marked on a map at

In Sao Luis, whoring is natural activity of *all* girls and women from lower
social classes (cca 98% of population). However, the style is different from
most other places in the world. The idea is not 'selling meat' but it is
'looking for a boyfriend'.

It is quite important to understand the concept. You don't buy the fuck.
The fuck is for free and most girls here really love to do it. For free or
for money, it doesn't matter.

The point is that you simply pick up a girlfriend and she goes to bed with
you just few hours after you met her. Then, you decide. You can keep her for
just the one fuck, or a week, a month or for life. It is absolutely up to
you. Each of the girls nurses her dream of a loving man, nice home, lots of
kids, family..
When you fuck a girl and don't decide to live with her, you are expected to
help her to survive. That means to spend some buck.

There are the following options from which you can chose

- Just a fuck
You do it and walk away. Be nice to the girl, don't treat her as a whore. Give
her 10-50 $ and a smile. You may want her again.

- Just a fuck but regular
This is the most common option chosen by Brazilians (and me). Your girl
feels that she is your girlfriend but you don't live with her and leave her
in her place. You don't pay for doing it, you are supposed to provide
regular help. If the help is not sufficient for her to survive, she will not
be just yours. This is that simple.

- Amante (Lover)
The highest dream of most girls. A rich (well, if you are middle class you
are rich) man keep his girlfriend just for himself. The most important point
of this arrangement is that you must rent or buy some kind of accommodation
for your girlfriend and, of course, give her enough money to buy her food
and basic needs.

- Marriage
This is the most unreal dream of each girl. You are the prince on a white
horse if you decide to marry. Most girls not even dream of this chance.

General tips:

1- Don't worry about your age. Even at 60 with a big belly, you may be
attractive for many beautiful girls.

2- Age of consent doesn't exist. You may get in trouble if you take
virginity of a middle-class girl of 18 but there's no problem if you fuck a
whore of 13. Use your common sense.

3- Learn some basic portuguese or spanish, almost nobody speaks any foreign
language. Be wary of girls that speak english they must be whoring for quite
a time or be of higher class.

4- Always be nice and natural. Remember that you are her lover, not a client.

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