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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Date: 07-13-2001

Many thanks great site, now I will do my bit and give you some infos about a country I know very well the dominican republic. this is very accurate since i have been living there for quite a while.

Santo Domingo.

If you have time liturally, if you are white, you can ask any girl on the street and have a date, also you can ask the girls directly if they would lile to come with you and under no circumstances it is an offence. and many of times the answer is yes, these girls, mostly found on the main turist street the conde, are opportunists and just hope to find a foreign boyfriend and will be very happy with a tip of 200-300 pesos. about 15-25 us. at night you can find young hookers around the park independencia they are very cheap around 100-200 pesos for everything you want, there are hotels relatively clean around for another 50 pesos. but i would be carfull with what you get, danger, i normaly just get a blowjob wich is always without a condom. now the best thing in santo domingo are the massage salons, all over the city, taxi as well but if you take a taxi, they charge you 100 more because of paybacks. the prices for an hours massage, profesional and very good finished with blowjob without, cost around 500 pesos less than $30 and give the girls a tip in the end of about a 100 so she is happy as well. the girls range from 5 to 10ns. and are normaly very cute, normal girls the family never knows what they are doing they always say they are secretarys or something similar. also all of these girls you can ask, discretly, to meet you after work or on there free day and they will come with you. i have had many good girlfriends like that. if you prefer white girls dont go to the dominican go to the czech republic in my opinion the european dominican counterpart with about the same prices. not just santo domingo is like that you can get easily laid in every little village in the dom.rep. sex is not regarded in the same way. and now the most important, guys, do not mind you fucking there girls they are proud and will always help you. where in jamaika you just might get killed by some jealouls idiot here no worries like that. the only dream the guys have here is to fuck once a white girl and they will always ask you to introduce them to any white girls. dont forget the aids rate is very high here and since the girls are poor they will of course fuck without, but do you have nothing to loose.

Criminality is very small but a lot of pickpockets around so watch your wallet.

Date: 06-17-2001

6/17/01 Santo Domingo.

Just returned from Santo Domingo and had time to do a little "looking around" while there. My time was limited as I was traveling with a group that had no interest in "ladies". I had read about this city in the world sex guide and was looking forward to the visit. The city is still about the same as the older reports. The first night I asked a cab driver about the choices in town and he suggested Le Petite Chateau or Remington Palace or Casa de Modelos. I went to Le Chateau about 10:30 pm and found the place almost empty. It was a little early as the real dancing begins at midnight. This is a very large covered patio, semi-enclosed with many tables and when I arrived - about 12 young ladies sitting, strolling around trying to get noticed. Cost 200 pesos (16:1=$12.50 U.S.) to go in. They tried to sit me in the front row - but I wanted to get a little out of the front so sat in third row where I see the place and get accustomed to it. Some of the girls came over and wanted to get noticed. About half of them were not very interested and were waiting till the action started later. I sat for a while, music going, the girls danced - with clothes on - not very interesting, but this place is about two miles from the center of the city so I decided to just let things progress for a while.

Within about ten minutes I decided to walk around the place a little and one of the girls followed me to the side of the patio. I asked her what happens here? (in Spanish) and she said she wanted $100. I said let me see what you look like and she immediately flashed her big tit to me. Let me touch, rub as she pushed into me. She wasn't very pretty but had big tits. Why not?? Then I got rid of her and walked around a little more. Spotted a nice looking Dominicana across the room and watched for a while. Then she got up and walked over toward my table and I said "Como Esta?" She just looked and waited - kinda shy? These girls will not sit down unless you ask them to sit. I motioned to sit and she was a good looker - (8-9). I bought her a drink and asked her if we could go somewhere and be alone. She said that she would go with me for all night for $100 to my hotel. I remembered my group and said that wouldn't work very well. She said that for 225 pesos we could get a room in the motel next door. So, we did. I had to pay the bar for the drinks and $100 for the girl. She later told me that she gets to keep half of the $100. This motel was set up for the trade. Very interesting. Clean, only a bottom sheet on the big bed, towel for a shower, condom, breath mint, music, various choices for light effects, even a pass through for payment to someone outside. Very convenient and clean.

Wow I had a good time. She was ready for anything and willing. She suggested a shower and it was great. About her - 22 yrs, two kids, jet black hair, hard body, "C" tits, very nice, very clean, I just liked being with her. She had been in the place only about three weeks and still was wearing street clothes rather than the sexy outfits of the other girls. I know, you think she was lying - but I don't think these girls are as hard as the typical girl in the U.S. and her style was much more innocent and honest. So, we did the shower (really great) and then into the bed, lots of good stuff, she was very feminine and I really enjoyed her. Stayed about two hours and she was ready to stay all night. I felt ready to leave as I had to travel the next day.

Then eight days later - after lots of miles and lots of sightseeing - I went back to Santo Domingo and found the same girl. She spotted me immediately when I came in and watched for me to motion to her. I said hello and again- get the room and it was even better now that I knew her and had been through it once before. We showered, relaxed, wow - then she said let's sleep all night and I said OK. She made a phone call and someone came with another top bed sheet and we slept until about 5:00 am when I got restless and told her good-bye. I gave her a $50 tip for her two kids. Something about her that was not "hard" and "tough". I still think of that gal.

Sorry guys I didn't even try any other places but I know that there are other options. I didn't find myself overwhelmed with prostitutes like some other guys reported, but you sure can find them if you're looking.

I was staying in downtown Santo Domingo, so that put Boca Chica out of the question.... I found a place called Casa de Modeles, or House of the Models. It's best if you can speak some Spanish, but you can make do without. Any cab driver will know where the place is (out near the university).

When I got there, there were about 25 women. Stunners all, with every type (body, hair, etc) available. Price is 80 upstairs, or 100 if you take the girl out for the night. I think the price is slightly better if you pay in Dominican Pesos. Drinks are expensive by DR standards (maybe 8 for a hard drink, 4 for a beer). Be careful not to drink anything with water in it. Even the natives don't drink the water in the Dominican.

The women don't seem to have any objection to doubles, and there was a slight discount for the second. The culture is not heavy into blow jobs, so that might be a concern. Also, the women don't have the glazed attitude of real pro's, so, in the words of the old song, treat a lady like a whore, and a whore like a lady.

All in all, absolutely delightful!

Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997

Some more information on Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, accurate as of mid-1996.

General comments:

If you don't speak Spanish, you are pretty much at the mercy of 'helpful' taxi drivers and touts who are very visible near major hotels and sex bars. They want you to have a good time, but you will pay more. They generally want to take you around and expect to be tipped well (maybe $20 - $40, plus they get a kickback from the places they take you). It can be worth it, though, since they really do know the scene well. Stay away from the sex clubs near the major tourist hotels: these are classic high-price ripoff joints, although you can get what you want there, you will pay at least twice of what you would elsewhere.

Santo Domingo is a very safe city for the most part, much more so than New York. In fact, the Dominicans blame all their crime on people who have lived too long in New York City! You can walk around almost anywhere without any fear of being robbed or harmed. But, as always, be cautious (and see the last entry, on the street scene in the Feria).

Safe sex education is well-advanced in the DR, and even the funkiest streetwalkers have and use condoms for intercourse (but not for oral sex).

Another point: Dominican women like to dress up, and you may see apparently unattached women in the lobby of a major hotel or in the casino who looks to European eyes like a prostitute. But she may be a high-society wife in for a banquet! You definitely don't want to make assumptions based on dress... Just say hello politely, if she is working she will ask you if you are staying in the hotel or if you have a date already.

Let's start out with a pleasant introduction to Latin sex.

If you are satisfied with a nice massage and enthusiastic hand job, I recommend the massage place (I think it is called 'Club Relax' but I could be completely wrong) on Lea de Castro, between Cervantes and Pasteur. This is in the Gazcue district, very close to the major tourist hotels. They advertise in the yellow pages and take credit cards. I didn't try speaking English, but I would guess that they speak enough to explain the scene to you. Unlike places in the US of this nature, it is not a rip-off: they aim to please. I think most of their customers are well-off Dominican businessmen who come in regularly. They are open from about noon to 8PM. every day including Sunday The price is about $20 for 45 minutes, $25 for an hour. You get a thorough full-body massage and a hand job ('una masturbacion' as they tell you up-front). There are several girls working at any one time. Some are more enthusiastic than others, some give better massage than others (hey, why not enjoy the nice sensation of your every muscle being relaxed by a nice Latina?). For tips ('propinas') from $7 to $50 you can receive other services. Topless, for example, is about $10. They expect you to touch them some during the hand job, no matter what. I accepted a blow job once, but she didn't want it in her mouth so it turned out to be not much more than a hand job. I have been offered intercourse (and she had condoms sitting next to the massage lotion...), but the girl I really like there (Z*) told me that she doesn't do it, and it would seem to be an unattractive place to get laid, on the small massage tables. In Santo Domingo there are much better choices for actually getting laid, so the massage place is really to have a good sensual experience with a nice girl for a reasonable price.

Now, to get laid, there are any number of establishments, almost all in Ensanche (= 'barrio' in Puerto Rican terminology) La Fe, up Maximo Gomez past JF Kennedy (= Carretera Duarte), near the National Cemetary. There are some clubs on Maximo Gomez itself but the houses are on the back streets, discretely mixed in with a normal and safe working-class neighborhood. These are brothels with a wide range of girls. Prices are high and not very negotiable, about $50 for 40 min to 1 hr there, $100 to take the girl back to your hotel for the whole night. (BTW, all the hotels expect that you will bring in prostitutes, so don't be nervous. I have never done it, since I don't want anyone to be able to trace my adventures, but I have seen plenty of prostitutes with Europeans in the elevators of fancy hotels, and girls that come in to the lobby phones, call upstairs, and then go up. They show ID to the desk. It's expected and handled discretely.) Some places are more expensive still. Some of these places advertise in the Yellow Pages, but the best way to get introduced to the scene, even if you speak Spanish, is to get a taxi driver to drive you around. I had a helpful guide who showed me various places until I found one I liked, a bit cheaper and with pretty and enthusiastic (= more amateur) girls. (Sorry, I don't remember the name.) The hostess sized me up very well, and brought out a nice young single mother (actually, some of these may be married and working with their husband's knowledge). She was very tender and loving, with good technique and a genuine desire to please. If I known she would be so good I might have sprung for the whole night! It was like making love to a young Latina bride with no sexual inhibitions. Obviously, YMMV, and I have seen some girls in these places who look plenty bored.

My final advice is on the street scene. As reported in the WSG, one main center of activity is near the big globe at the end of Winston Churchill (not Abraham Lincoln, as the WSG says), between Avenida Independencia and the ocean, from nightfall until daybreak (in fact you can see some workers still on street at 6am, waiting for one last trick). This is the 'Feria' (Fair) area, set up for the 1957 (?) hemisphere fair, then used for government offices. So, it is abandoned by night (and quite dark), except for watchmen and prostitutes. I took several trips there on foot with varying results. Most clients are Dominicans who cruise in cars, pick the girls up and either go to their own places or down the side streets for a quickie. Based on my experience, that is probably the way to go. The women here are very desperate and 'hard', and I think some are drug addicts. Not too different in fact from Hunt's Point Market in the Bronx. Think about it: it is a lot safer and more lucrative for girls in Santo Domingo to affiliate with a brothel than to work the street, so who ends up on the street? They congregate on the corners and agressively solicit passers-by (almost all in cars). Anyway, their basic tactic for a pedestrian client is to offer him anything for any price (for you anal fans, 'un culito' means 'in the ass', since 'culo' = slang for 'ass'), pay 20 pesos ($1.50) to a watchman, go into little shacks or alcoves in the grounds, give you service while frisking your pockets! Under no circumstances should you go with two women at once, one will be doing you while the other steals whatever you have. And who you gonna call? The message: go with exactly the amount you want to spend, and make it completely clear to the worker that you don't have any more in any pocket. Expect to pay as little as $7 (100 pesos) for a blow job, $14 for anything else. However, I had one good experience in this district, with a single mother (again) who seemed a bit out of place. She was sitting on the corner, waiting for cars, but not agressively hawking herself. Young, black, friendly, conservatively dressed (by Dominican standards) and definitely not a druggie. I sat down with her and we negotiated amiably for a bit, and settled on 250 pesos ($18) for half-and-half. She obviously wanted to go to my place, but as I said, I don't bring workers to my hotel. We went around the back of a nearby building (paying off the guard), on the grass, and she was quite willing and enthusiastic. No attempt to rip me off, and we parted amiably. So I guess my message is: if the girl looks like an addict and a rough customer - she probably is!

Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 Subject: Santo Domingo D

If anybody is looking for herminias nite club in santo domingo forget about it its closed and they are putting up a car wash there have them check out the los minas barrio on the east side of the river osama. its a great place.

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