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Santiago, Chile

Subject: Santiago, Chile

I was disappointed in Santiago.  The hooker scene was lousey.

When I arrived, I had a hotel near Centro and took a walk my first night.  I
learned that Centro is a commercial district and dead after business hours.
The area around it is also dead.

I found a taxi and asked for a recommendation for a good restaurant, and the
driver told me that the dinner/entertainment area was in a different area and
he would take me there.  It was about 15 minutes away on the other side of the
river and had many restaurants and cafes.  After dinner, I walked around and
found a few bars and discos but the traffic in and out was all couples.

I was completely disappointed at that time, so I looked for a taxi and saw one
with the lights on and the driver asleep.  I knocked on his window and he sat
up and opened the door.  I told him to take me to my hotel.  I speak Spanish,
so I had a good conversation with him and found some important things.

1.  There is a glut of taxies in Santiago.  He said that there are more than
there are in New York City.  Since I had business, we made a deal for $ 50 per
day.  He would take me to my first appointment in the morning and take me to
all the others.  He would wait outside and take me to the next.  After work,
we would return to my hotel and at about 9:00 he would pick me up and take me
to dinner.  He would also be there until I was finished for the night (about
3:00 am) and drop me at the hotel.  Not a bad deal.

2.  He took me to 3 clubs in my 3 nights.  He told me that they were rip-offs
and to be careful, and he was right.  I wanted to check them out, anyway.  The
places were all the same.  Bars with girls who wanted you to buy drinks (You $
about $10, them about $20) and they would promise to go with me after another
drink- then another.  They also had private rooms for "table dances" for about
$ 40.  Did not take a table dance because the drink pressure from the girls
was not very enticing.  I figured that they would want a tip for each piece of
clothing removed.

3.  After I would become totally disgusted with the club, he would take me to
a brothel.  The brothels do not have signs or names and you could not find
them unless you were local.  In each one, he would go to the door and talk to
the doorkeeper, then come back and tell me it was OK.  I would go in and the
boss would greet me and offer me a beer and have me sit on a couch.  One at a
time about a dozen girls would come in dressed in lingerie, greet me, tell me
her name, then kiss my cheek and leave.  The girls were 5-9.

When all the girls had passed, the man would return and ask me if there was
one that I wanted.  I would choose the girl and she would take me upstairs to
a small room.  Payment was about $ 100, plus $5 for the drink, for an hour
before going upstairs.

The girls did not have great technique and were very businesslike.

4.  I did not see any street hookers, and my driver did not know of any area
where there were street hookers.

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