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Santa Rosa, California

Date: Sun, 08 Jun 1997 02:22:53 -0600

TOKYO REFLEX THERAPY, Santa Rosa Avenue across from the Santa Rosa Adult
Bookstore, Santa Rosa
Room: $30 1/2 hr, $40 45min, $50 1 hr.
Service: $100 full service

Feeling frustrated at the lack of service available up here in Sonoma
County, I was cruising Santa Rosa Ave looking for a street walker when I
noticed that this place was still open at 11:30 pm, so I decided to give
it a try. Mama-san answered and asked if I'd been there before; of course
I lied and said yes. She said I'd have to wait 15 min because they were
busy, so I watched the news with Papa-san. Finally, the girl came out and
led me to the room - a small place with a massage table. She said to strip
and she'd be back after taking my money (I went with the 1/2 hr session.)
The massage started out well, but she got bored quickly, so I figured I'd
see what else could happen. Despite the signs all over the place saying
that "solicitation is prohibited by law and the management," we quickly
agreed to a $100 fuck. She left again to get the condom, as is usual,
although she left the cash on the nightstand. She returned and  stripped.
She wasn't wearing a bra or panties. Sophie is from El Salvador, has
smallish tits and is a bit on the heavy side. She slipped on the rubber,
and began giving me head, letting me play with her pussy. I got her up on
the bed and we did it missionary. She tried to pretend to enjoy it, but I
could tell she wasn't really into it.
Not nearly as good as the places in San Fran, but so far, it's the only
place I've discovered this far north, so if you're in Santa Rosa, give it
a try!

Girls Attitude: 5 [*****.....]
Girls Appearance: 3 [***.......]
         Service: 4 [****......] (No bath or shower, just an O.K. massage
and O.K. fuck)

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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