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Santa Cruz, California

Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 12:31:06 UTC

Open prostitution can be found along a 2 block strech of
Barson Street off lower Ocean leading to the beach and boardwalk
Girls are hungry for work...half though are doing it for drug
money as the area is the center of crack and heroin in the
Still, its so open.
I go for good hand job...around $20 to $30 or a blow job
never pay more than $40..and only than if you want to fondle
a while.
The unique thing about Santa Cruz prostitutes is that many
have developed a "new age" philosophical bent on life
and are willing to talk about their take on life if you want
to listen.

Subject: Santa Cruz, CA info There are basically two sources for paid sex in Santa Cruz: streetwalkers in the River Flats/Beach Flats area and independent in-call workers. There used to be a number of thriving massage parlors in town but they were closed down years ago. THE STREET SCENE: There is a fairly thriving center of streetwalkers on Barson St., east of Ocean St. (River Flats). If you take the most common route to Santa Cruz, Highway 17 from San Jose, be aware that Highway 17 becomes Ocean St. when it enters Santa Cruz. Simply continue south on Ocean St. (toward the beach and boardwalk) until you come to a stop sign (note: stop sign, not stop light). Take a right and you are on the section of Barson where the prostitutes and drug dealers hang out. If you take a left from Barson onto Riverside Ave and cross the bridge over the river, you find yourself in Beach Flats. Taking a left onto Leibrandt Ave. takes you into the center of the sketchiest areas of town where you can also purchase sex and drugs. The women that work these areas tend to be very desperate and the vast majority look like they've lived hard lives for quite a while. Only occasionally have I seen one that was attractive. The experienced tell me that sex can be quite cheap from these women ($20 hand jobs, $50 straight lays). On the other hand, I know several people who have done safe-sex/HIV outreach in these areas and have come to know the scene pretty well from the inside. These people tell me that most of the women working are IV drug addicts and many have some kind of sexually transmitted disease (from oral herpes, to hepatitis, to HIV). It is safe to assume that anyone you pick up is infected with something or the other and you should act accordingly. A note for Bi and Gay men: As far as I know, all the prostitutes in this area are women and all the men you see standing around are drug dealers. If you are a man and proposition one of the fellows you see on the street you are far more likely to get insulted or assaulted than laid. Be especially careful if you venture into the Beach Flats. The crime rate here is the highest in the city and the police patrol rather aggressively sometimes. In my experience, the police assume that anyone in the Beach Flats is up to no good. Also, be aware that several of the streets in Beach Flats have been closed at one end to cut down on just the sort of thing that you are looking for. Look out for the "Not a Through Street" signs. THE IN-CALL SCENE: You can find listings for sex workers in The Great Exchange, an auto- listings type weekly that you can pick up for free at any convenience or liquor store. Look toward the back of the paper for the simple name and phone number listings under the heading "Massage." Prices and services offered vary, but last I checked a blow job and a straight lay went for between $75 and $100. I have also seen ads for Santa Cruz prostitutes in The Spectator (the San Francisco Bay Area sex weekly). You can find a number of dominatrices listed here. My sense is that the women who advertise here are of higher caliber and price than those who advertise in The Great Exchange. I've tried to contact one (who said she was an aerobics instructor) many times without success, which may be a testament to her popularity and quality. I've had two experiences (both contacted through The Great Exchange): "Cindy" was medium height, curly blond, fat with huge tits. She was missing a few teeth and it looked like her biker boyfriend had beat her recently. We negotiated $75 for half-and-half, but I told her I had had enough after the hand job and she gave me $20 back. She was very sweet actually, but not at all sexy and I got the impression that her boyfriend had forced her into this line of work. Not recommended. "Desiree" was short, long black hair, with a very tight dancer's body (apparently she teaches dance professionally). For $150 she danced nude, masturbated, jacked me off and gave me a good massage (one hour total). She was very professional, seemed to enjoy her work and was very nice. However, she interrupted things twice to answer the phone and once to talk to her bodyguard who knocked at the front door. Her ass was very firm, but when I fondled her I noticed that there were hard lumps in it. She then commented that this due to the immunotherapy treatments she was receiving. She was meticulous in her safe sex procedure, but the thought of her being infected with something or the other didn't enhance my mood. She was not a good actress and her dance act almost made me laugh a few times. Not recommended. WHERE NOT TO GO LOOKING FOR SEX SERVICES: Any ad for massage that you see in a Santa Cruz paper (other than The Great Exchange) is for legitimate, therapeutic massage and the same goes for any fliers you see posted around town. There are many great masseuses in Santa Cruz, though, and in my experience your $50 will be better spent on an hour-and-a-half massage than on a fifteen minute hand job. There are several hot tub businesses that offer massage and public tubs/saunas. The masseuses are entirely legitimate and none of the other patrons are there to sell themselves. If you proposition someone, you are going to be thrown out, asked never to return, and have your name put on a list of unwelcome customers.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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