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Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Date: Sun, 28 Apr 1996 08:42:46 UTC

Santa Cruz is the 2d town in Bolivia, most of the year it has
a hot, tropical climate.

Prostitution is available 24 hours a day.

Street hookers (incl. transvestites and homosexuals of both
sexes) can be found at Plaza de Estudiantes and surrounding
streets. For 20 dollars you can get a pro here for the entire
night, and if you liked it 100 to 150 dollars for an entire
week would be considered as generous. Action starts between
7 and 8 pm and goes on all the night, except sundays.

Any taxidriver (but specially those working for a local cab
company called El Elegante) would be happy to fix a girl
for you during daytime.

Currys restaurant is a night club with a floor show of
questionable quality and about 50 girls of highest quality.

Prices here for a lady starts at about 50-60 dollars. Currys
opens at 8pm but no real action takes place until 10,30pm.

Another nightclub is called Mauna Loa, but it has gone down
and I should say: stay away from it!

Whiskeria La Paraba opens about 9pm and offer 8 - 10 ladies
of different looks and sizes.

You can be cheated by servants in night clubs and bars. However
it is very uncommon that a girl steels or cheat you. Most are
happy to be in your company. Money matters are always negotiable.

Santa Cruz shall naturally not be compared with places like
Rio de Janeiro. But its not bad either. You can have some
good sex here and entertain yourself in a champagne style
but on a beer budget. Good luck!

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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