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Santa Barbara, California

Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 11:49:49 -0700

> Where do I find them in Santa Barbara?

You might try Haley street... Never tried there but I have heard
(mostly druggies though).

Date: 14 Apr 1996 04:06:34 GMT The Santa Barbara Newspress had a big feature about the scene on East Haley street recently. Most of the hookers there are transsexuals from Mexico. The personals section of the SB Newspress carries lots of ads from girls offering "striptease & massage". They're usually pretty good. Going rate is $100/half hour, $150/hour for incall. You get a nude massage and hand job, and more if they know you. These are all independent private girls operating out of their own apartments, so there's no agency fee.
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 17:22:02 -0700 Subject: Santa Barbara I wanted to share an experience I had with one of the ladies advertising in the personals section of the SB News-Press in hopes of getting some other info about the scene there. I've called a few of the ads before and met with a few of the girls - they usually will see you at their place or have a room at a local motel. Well last week I called a girl who advertises under the name Summer. She described herself as sandy blond, 5' 4", 34C, young, tan and pretty. I always take their description with a grain of salt, but she did sound nice. When we met I was dumbfounded, she was beautiful! We exchanged the agreed upon sum and got comfortable. She was very easy going, not uptight like a lot of the others in this line of work. As the session went on she gave me a massage and allowed me to feel her up, even to the point of some light licking and sucking as long as I kept clear of her pussy. After a while we starting talking about tips and she said she wouldn't do sex, but was open to other things. Well, let me say we came to a suitable agreement and I'm still fantasizing about her. If anyone else has some info about some of the other girls who advertise in the News-Press or other sources I'd love to hear about them.
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 14:20:50 -0600 Subject: Santa Barbara scene I noticed a glaring omission in the WSG information about Santa Barbara. At least during the summer of '97, and I have no reason to think the place has subsequently closed, an excellent place to go was Anna's Touch. It's listed both under adult entertainment and under massage in the Santa Barbara yellow pages; if that hasn't already drawn police suspicion, I'm sure my mention here won't make things any worse for Anna. The price for a massage was $100 for half an hour or $150 for an hour. Full service involved, AFIAK, a $100 tip; I don't know if this was negotiable, as I never negotiated, but I never felt cheated either. If I could have tipped less, I wouldn't have wanted to. I've paid much less for sex, and always gotten much less when I did so. The amount of tip required did not vary with the length of the session. The women vary from week to week; apparently they're from out of town, apart from Anna herself. If you call, Anna will give very accurate descriptions of the women available at the moment. Anna herself is about 40 and fairly attractive; she does domination stuff, though I don't know how well as I'm not into that. I never had a session with Anna. I did try a few others, and as I said, I was never disappointed. My favorite was Diana, who was advertised as 27. I don't know what her actual age was, and don't care; from her body, she could have been 20. She had perfectly smooth skin, was in excellent shape, and had gorgeous breasts (by which I mean perfectly shaped; if you like them big, you'll want someone else. Since I don't like them big, I didn't try any of those women). She was also very friendly and enthusiastic (as were the others I saw at Anna's Touch; they all were also pretty good for conversation, if you like to mix that in with your sex, but none of them tried to use conversation as a way to cut down on the amount of sex). She was fairly tall, which I liked but which might I suppose be a turn-off for some others. Anna's official description of Diana was something like "tall, blonde, slender, and willowy." I saw her three times, and would have seen her more if she'd been in town longer. Other points which may be of interest to WSG readers: AFAIK, nobody at Anna's Touch does anal, and probably most of them do BDSM type stuff if you're interested (certainly Anna has lots of toys on hand, and Diana, for one, suggested playing with them a bit).

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